My younger sister and me part 5A


Next night before starting mynareation part 2, I told my sister " you know my eldest sister will never reveal her sexual desires and actions. When I was 14 and she 20, our dad had gone for one month to chennai for taking rest as per his doctor's advice. You and other two sisters and younger brother continued to sleep in the first floor. Our eldest sister and me slept on the floor of verandah in the ground floor. It was our eldest sister's idea. One midnight zi woke up. She was sleeping keeping her face away from me. Her saree and underskirt were raised upto her knee and were curled up. Her portion from knee to the feet were in a position similar to the leg of a chair. I knew if I insert my right palm I wi be able to touch her upper thigh and lingerie. Making sure that she was fast asleep I inserted my right palm. Even the air around her thighs were extremely hot. I moved my palm slowly fro her thighs upward. Unexpectedly my palm touched her buttocks. She was not wearing any lingerie.I carefully inserted my palm into her asscrack. The area was surrounded fully by black, thick and bushy pubic hair. I never had any pubic hair in those areas. I moved my palm to and fro which was a thrilling experience. After five minutes I stopped my activities..After two days I woke up again in the midnight. That time she was sleeping on her back with her saree and underskirt raised upto her knee.Making sure that she was fast asleep, I raised the saree and underskirt upto her upper thigh and kept my right palm on her pussy surrounded by black, thick and bushy pubic hair. It was extremely hot. I kept my palm on her pussy. After about five minutes she woke up. I deliberately did not withdraw my palm. She must have thought I did it during my sleep. She removed my palm and slept. In the coming one month I continued my activities at least ten times. She never woke up. Do you think she never realized my sexual activities? I am sure that she knew it and enjoyed. Even I know she was expecting my naughty activities and deliberately planned our sleeping together. " My younger sister commented " yes,brother she is very cunning and I fully agree with your opinions. " My younger sister continued with her second part of the activities. She started " I had a desire of having 69, but since my husband did not do it I kept quiet. As per his suggestion, I jumped over him and took missionary position. He guided me in inserting his sufficiently huge cock into my pussyhole. We nade to and fro.motions until his cock cummed into my pussy. After cleaning we slept." Next night as per my suggestion she kept the portion from her waist to the feet on the floor. I took the same position behind her. After fondling she made my cock huge and fully erected. I pushed it into her asscrack and nade to and fro.motions until it cummed into her pussyhole. " She enjoyed it and commented " My darling brother, it was the first time somebody is fucking from behind. I extremely enjoyed it .Then we slept.
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