Company Property (Part9)

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Instantly, The two men retracted, "Yes, mam, for sure."

Doctor Kelly then pointed out that the company's projects aimed to expand women's freedom to experience the ultimate pleasure, not to appease the average little male.

"You two should be content in watching the perversions, a definite benefit for the men working here."

"I know, Doctor And we are thrilled to watch; I wouldn't give up this work; the best job I've ever had, "He slapped the prone girl on the bare ass and rubbed her while he added, "It's just nice to dream sometimes."

Doctor Kelly told Clair to hold the leash and bring the whimpering girl into the padded room. As the light blue door opened, the creature who waited for his prize emerged: an enormous Black and gray Great Dane.

"Oh my!" Clair said, startled. He's quite the puppy." She looked down at the woman, shaking a little in terror. What a beautiful male for you; I'm sure he'll be a total gentleman and treat you well."

The assistant was rubbing more of the lubrication cream on the prone female's body, "This will make sure he doesn't scratch her up, And of course, she's got plenty of lubrication on her pussy," looking at Kelly, "She's all ready, Doctor."

The Doctor entered the room, and one of the men ran in to unchain the immense Great Dane. "He's got her scent, Doc. Look at that thing grow—big as my arm!"

Clair was in a trance, staring at the equipment Duke was packing. She licked her lips as the appendage grew before her eyes. All the women felt the magnetism of the powerful male in the room.

"You see, Our little bitch is getting wet just looking at her stud, And it seems our Filly isn't immune to the situation." She pointed to an embarrassed Clair, who could finally shake off the tension's effects.

"Don't worry honey; Even I get hot and bothered when a specimen like this is around; Duke gets his pick of the litter when it comes to females."

The assistant bent down and unhooked the girl's leash, "You're so lucky today. Crawl over and let him sniff you. I will be filming your coupling today; the council will love the updates on Duke."

The timid female crawled over to the monstrous hound, Duke was twice her size, and his penis nearly hit the floor.

"Good girl", The Doctor said, "He's getting worked up."

Duke pulled hard at his collar, and the man holding him back strained to control the beast, "Duke! You're going to get that little girl. Look at how scared she is! Your cock will get her yelping under you, Duke; break her in, boy. She's your bitch now." He let the dog go.

Clair was surprised the dog didn't just plow into the female and take her instantly; instead, he nuzzled her. She twitched and gasped as the cold nose probed intimate areas. Occasionally, he would nudge her into a new position. A large dark tongue protruded from his mouth, and he began to lick every inch of the girl's quivering body.

"Oh, she likes that, Duke; look at that, her little nipples are hard." Clair noticed the prone woman's body reacting to the tongue bath from the dog; her back arched a little more when he reached her rear end, Duke drove his muzzle into the pussy, and she let out a squeal as the dog lapped her wetness. As she watched the mating, the assistant began snapping pictures from all angles, "That's great; we'll send these to your family. They've been asking about you, and we want to show them how much you're enjoying being a test slave."

The Doctor chuckled; Clair was astonished at how much the very professional-looking woman enjoyed her shocking line of work.

The female before her was gyrating her hips and experiencing a high state of excitement as unwavering Duke laid claim to his little bitch; his tongue worked feverishly on the petite crevis between her legs, preparing her for his massive dong. Hanging heavy between his legs.

The other man, who had been silent, asked the Doctor if he should get the pillow, and she nodded; he opened a bin at the side of the room and pulled out a round padded, firm pillow. "Let's get this under you bitch, Duke is going to be riding pretty hard, and we don't want you to collapse under his weight."

The panting girl managed a "MM, okay, sir." He slid the cushion under her waist, positioning her well-licked behind at a good angle for the next step.

Duke needed no coaxing as he mounted the writhing female. Clair was skeptical if the penis would even fit inside the poor woman, but after a few attempts, an audible "POP" could be heard, and the girl went limp; Duke was in and began pumping his prize for all it was worth. She lifted her head and turned to try and look at her invader. Eyes soft and weak, Duke lowered his nuzzle to her face, and the two began to make out with their tongues; the growls from Duke were drowned out by her moaning and guttural whines of pleasure.

"Look at him go!" The older man said excitedly. "She loves that huge meat pipe; I knew she would; what a little puppy slut!"

Duke's pounding became more rapid and robust, "You see how he's growing a large knot?" The Doctor asked Clair, "He'll force that into her, and they'll be locked together while he comes, but of course, with his enhancements, Duke can orgasm a dozen times per coupling."

Clair bent down to witness the knot, It was the size of a large grapefruit, and the dog was pressing it into the convulsing girl's pussy as she let out a scream of orgasm; the knot popped into her, and Duke looked up as he filled the bitch with his sperm.

"Excellent!" Doctor Kelly exclaimed, "He's well seated, and not a drop spilled. You can see her little flat belly is protruding now that it's full of sperm."

Watching in awe, Clair couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of the girl, "She seems to have given herself fully to him; it's so hot."

The Doctor bent down to talk to the dizzy female, "You two lovebirds get to spend the day together. When lunch break hits, many people will be here to watch. You are doing great. I might even keep the two of you together as mates. You can keep him warm on long nights. We hate to break up a matched pair."

The girl's eyes cleared at the thought of being a permanent dog bitch mated to a gigantic Great Dane, and fear once again filled her as she heard the great animal give out a roaring growl, nipping at her neck while he powerfully began pumping, again, and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. A look of serenity overtook her face as her body limply submitted to the onslaught.

The old man, who was at this time rubbing the bulge in his pants, Belted out, "Oh hell Doc, She's in love; look at her; Duke got himself another bitch for life, Lucky fucker, I think they belong together."

The Doctor watched the man rub himself, "I agree, Don. They are a perfect mating couple. I can see you approve by that little bulge in your pants. Keep her under him till noon; then Duke will need a rest; she can sleep chained to her mate; give her water and a bath first."

Both men were visibly excited to know they would bathe the girl. "Yes, mam, We'll get the little whore all spruced up for her stud."

Clair studied the girl who had given in entirely to her situation by now; she was now smiling, and a look of pleasure had softened her big brown eyes,

"How beautiful. She's in love."

The Doctor opened the door and motioned to Clair to follow. They walked out into the hall and looked one more time at the girl on the floor being railed by the giant dog.

"She's quite lucky, Filly," said the Doctor, "You see how she changed when Duke took her? The Master has figured out women; he knows what they desire and gives them the life they want. These test subjects are a tool for our end goal, but that one shows promise. She's been elevated to Duke's life-mate."

Clair responded, "Yes, Mam, She is fortunate to have such a skilled lover; Duke is an amazing specimen." The Doctor's face gained a large, caring smile.

"That's one reason the Doctor has taken such a liking to you; you're so open to this world, and understanding the company will improve your life. You'll enjoy this next visit, The Milking Room!; I always have some fun there."

A large sign indicated the "Milking Station training room" at the end of a long hallway. Kelly turned and informed Clair that this was a room used for the men who had an adverse reaction to the treatments.

"Testicles grew, but their penises stayed normal size. The milking process is intense. After, some will return to normal, but after a few weeks, they'll need to return to be milked. We sometimes supply a surrogate male while the husband is here To take care of the wife's needs. And it's quite a popular option for them, Given the fact our loaners are hung black men."

Clair nodded and said, "Oooh, I understand why that might be a popular choice; who are the surrogates?"

The Doctor thought momentarily, "I guess you've met one of them, Tyrell, the masseuse. I hear you enjoyed his service a few days ago; imagine having him at home; bored housewives don't mind giving us their husbands for a week or so in exchange."

Clair again felt a minor course of embarrassment. "Yes, ma'am."

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