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My Sister
genre: incest
I'm George now 24, when I was 18 I had move in with Sister Linda then 26. My Father had left our Mother when I was 3 and Linda was 11 and Grant was 7. We never saw or heard from him after that. My Mother died after complications after surgery and I moved in with Linda. Linda worked in a Lawyers office as a receptionist. Grant was in the Navy and...
wrote on 2018-04-16 | by George
First time with my sister (story)
genre: incest
This story is based on my real life fantasies. It was a normal day. I am a senior in high school living with my sister (let's just call her Julia). I came home from school one day to find my sisters room door open. I walk in to find her sleeping half her body covered by the blanket. I sit there and stare for a moment looking at her body. my...
wrote on 2018-04-07 | by Thetaboohero
I wish my older sister Jenni would have sex with me, just once
genre: incest
When I was 18 years old I started feeling sexually attracted to my older sister Jenni. It started one afternoon at her swimming pool when I saw her in this tiny little bikini. I was 18 she was 26. And OMG! I never realized how attractive she was and what an amazing body she had! I swear that whole afternoon I couldn't stop checking her out! I...
wrote on 2018-03-23 | by James Egbert
A week with Karens sister.
genre: zoophilia
Tracy looked down,I nuzzled her,She let me tuck in but I could tell she was worried. Ginni was still in hospital, Karen had brought me out on my third weekend and we had found Gini very unwell, Karen had taken her immediately. Tracy had showered and dressed normally,she was talking but not much. I chose to get into my doggy suit to comfort...
wrote on 2018-02-24 | by Ginnisbred
My friend's sexy mother and sister - 2
genre: lesbian
Part 2 I was busy fucking my friend's sexy mom in a doggy position while her daughter -my friend's sister- entered the room and screamed in shock: "What the fucking hell is going on here? Mom?!!" Her name was "Naazanin" and she was 7 years older than me. They usually called her "Naazi". Naazi was a beautiful single girl, and I think she...
wrote on 2018-02-14 | by Shaadmehr
My friend's sexy mother and sister - 1
genre: first times
I was 18 years old when I first found out one of my school friends' mom and sister's high sexual intentions toward me. My name is "Shadmehr" and my friends called me "Shaadi", which has some points in it. The point is that I was a boy but the nickname they called me was a girls' name and that was due to my outstanding handsome face! I'm now 32...
wrote on 2018-02-04 | by Shaadmehr
My hot sister
genre: incest
My parents were just pulling out of the driveway heading off on a weeks vacation. They hadn't had a holiday in about three years so they were really looking forward to getting away and having some time to themselves. My sister Hannah and I had been left alone for the week to look after the house. I was really looking forward to this time –...
wrote on 2017-12-06 | by money8023
Helping sister in law
genre: incest
My wife and I are blessed, the kids we wanted we got, we wanted a boy and a girl and we go them our first try. I know not everyone gets that lucky. This story about such a thing. My younger brother was a woman's man, he always got whatever chick he wanted. He is almost 9 yrs younger than me. When he finally decided to settle down he found this...
wrote on 2017-11-23 | by NadineShannone
Sister Dearest
genre: incest
I'm Reg. My parents are both deceased and I have only have a sister Grace no other close relatives I returned from aboard 7 months ago and got a 1 room apartment. I'm 27 and 5'11" 98lbs. I play sport a lot to keep fit, I'm no superstar far from it. Just as I moved into my apartment, I received a call from my sister Grace 29 5'4" 57lbs nice body...
wrote on 2017-11-20 | by Reg
Sisterly Love :- Unforgettable Experience
genre: incest
In everyone's life there is always one unforgettable experience which they remember for the rest of their lives...I too had such an experience which I m about to share.. So my Sister is 3 years older than me and God! She is so Sexy and Beautiful..I always had some feelings for her which I never told her...Not feelings of Love But the feelings...
wrote on 2017-10-31 | by The Lost King
Mother & Sister
genre: incest
I'm now 34 and am still recovering from the Accident of 10 years ago. But I can now walk, even if it is with 2 canes. I was in an accident in the family's scrap steel yard. I standing near they were moving scrap and when it was dropped, part of it hit a piece rail and it catapulted a piece of scrap that hit my back. I was badly injured and was...
wrote on 2017-10-02 | by Mike
Sisters catch me (story 2)
genre: masturbation
This takes place a month after my first story. I remember my mom was at work. Me and my two older sisters were at home. 1st things 1st its hot Were we live. So because of this I was just in my boxers the whole time. My older sisters were in skirts that you could barely see there underwear and they were in sports bras (make sense, they were...
wrote on 2017-07-23 | by Rayisbae27
Me and my Sisters
genre: incest
It has only been a week since my parents passed away. I am 20 and my sisters are 19 and 18. My house was robbed and my dad was murdered while defending our house. My mom was raped, beaten and killed. All three of us sleep together because they are scared to sleep alone. We sleep in our parents room. 1 night i woke up to both my sisters Brooke...
wrote on 2017-06-05 | by BiggyBry
Sister in law
genre: voyeur
I have been married for about 6 years and have recently moved back to Colombia. My wife and I bought a flat and decided to refurbish it in order to move in. We came to stay here for a few years so my sister in law came to visit to spend christmas with us. We don't really get along too well, but we try our best so that my wife doesn't get upset...
wrote on 2017-02-06 | by davidw
My hot sister and niece
genre: incest
I am tony.40yrs old.muscular.have a good 7 inch a womaniser.fucks different girls every day.never got a steady gf.i have a little sister Sherin.35yrs old married.busty with 36dd tits and a big round ass.they have a daughter Alexis 18yrs old.with a perfect body.34b tits and a round butt.they lived in another part of the city.we visited...
wrote on 2017-01-17 | by Iya17
Sister fucker
genre: incest
This is a story about me and my big sis.i am ryan.18yrs old.with a slim body but with an 8inch sister is Marsha.i call her M.she is 26yrs old.with 36dd tits and a huge butt.she was always a bitch.running around the house in skimpy clothes when our parents wasn't home.i saw her naked often in her room.she never closes her room door when...
wrote on 2016-12-28 | by Iya
Brother And Sister
genre: first times
It was a normal Saturday evening. My mom at work and my sister watching TV. Sometimes I'd watch it with her just like today. I walked into her room and sat on the bed next to her. She was wearing a light blouse with no bra. Her beautiful breasts were very visible. She leaned on my shoulder and her tits lowers on my chest. "Maybe we can have some...
wrote on 2016-07-05 | by Jane doe
Wrestling my stepsister
genre: domination
My stepsister Amy and I were very close. Our parents got married when I was 14 and she was 15, and we became instant friends. We loved all the same things - video games, basketball, making fun of dumb TV shows. Our parents had expected some awkwardness with two teenagers suddenly living in the same house, but they were pleasantly...
wrote on 2016-05-25 | by Bastige
The bribe of my Sister
genre: incest
My name is Sandra, aged 35 housewife, living in a village in Tamilnadu, India. Now I become a prostitute not professional but like to go and have sex to a few. It happened one day, when my hubby was upsonded due to a mistake done by him and was wanted by a government officer. The officer came to my house in search of him and he questioned me for...
wrote on 2015-12-26 | by Sandra
Girlfriends 18 year old sister
genre: threesome
It has been awhile since I have had a really great sexual experience. I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some motional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don’t get me wrong, she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair...
wrote on 2015-05-24 | by Taldo
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