I'd to marry to get perfect home site

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Wanting a change in my life I decided to move to the country to live well away from the city noise and chaos. At 36 (single) doing great career wise and able to work from home, never a Ladie's man by any stretch of the imagination. I'd come to accept never marrying and had used hookers for sex ever since I was 23. But I wanted a special home in the country and not average in any sense. I wanted a great view and a quiet isolated area; I could and would travel to the city for sex when I wanted it. Just by chance I found my ideal homesite and as it wasn't for sale, but I made an offer anyway. Back in the local town the owner a woman in her late sixties wasn't interested at first, as I was leaving, she told me. I and my family should look elsewhere, I responded I'm not married. Suddenly I was called back and asked several questions, like was I gay. I said no, I'm just too boring for women, I guess. She then shocked me and asked straight out if I would marry to own her rural block. I was shocked and asked her why she wanted to marry me, I don't was her reply. It's my daughter you would've to marry, shocked again why me. She told her daughter was ultra quiet type a great cook and would a great mother if given the chance. But the local yokels weren't the type for her daughter (33), I thought what else is wrong with the daughter, is overweight or ugly or both. Then the daughter arrived home, well she wasn't ugly or overweight. Maybe by a pound or two and worn thick glasses, I'm no Addonas myself, about 6 pounds overweight plain looking and also wear glasses. I got bit of a shock as I felt my cock start to stiffen with idea of marrying the daughter. But as it was cold my overcoat hid any bulge that appeared. So, I asked why your daughter would marry a stranger like me. Because I tell too was the reply I got, with that called to her daughter and when appeared she said I want you to marry this man. The daughter replied yes mommy and the mother then turned to me and asked is it a deal. I just nodded approval and I was now engaged, and they say the country areas move at a slower pace than the city. Not in this case, it was the middle of January, and we were married first week of February. Without paying a cent the land was mine with conditions of course, nothing I wasn't agreeable too. Main condition was at least 2 grandchildren and another no divorce for 12 years. I was my wife's first lover and got her pregnant by April, we live with her mother as my home is being built. We will all live together still at my new home when it's completed. My wife and I get on very well I believe, and I firmly believe I made a great deal. My wife provides me with sex whenever I want, all I have to do is ask.

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