Neighbours become Family.

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Years ago when I was 18, my mother Susan then 38 good looking with great figure. Moved to an Island to live after dad had past away from cancer. We were well off before his death, but he also had a large life insurance. We had holiday home on the Island and this became our home full time. Mom just wanted to get away from everything. The closest neighbours were a mile away and we had a shelted cove on our property, which dad had sand brought in to make a beach (130 tons) and with the large trees around the edge of the cove for shade. It was a perfect place to swim, out of sight of everyone. Next to us on the Island was Mandy 40 divorced and her daughter Jane 17, Mandy looked and acted like the character Karen from the sitcom Will & Grace. While Jane was shy, very good looking with glasses. Mandy and Susan became as thick as thieves as the saying goes. I enjoyed life on the Island and had a couple of relationships nothing serious. About 6 months after moving to the Island full time, I came home from boating with some friends and decided to go for a swim.Mom was on the mainland shopping, so I was home alone. I went to the cove and walked straight into the water and when I turned around there was Mandy sunbathing naked on the sand just around a little bend in the beach from where I entered the water. She just said " How's the water". I replied " It's great", with that she got up and entered the water and swam over to me. We talked for a little bit, then I felt her grab my cock and then she said " I'm horny, how about you David". I got an instant hard on and didn't have to say anything. After having sex on the beach and showering together, she left and I made a snack and sat and watched the TV. Susan got home a couple hours later, I was taken aback when she said " Mandy said your a great Fuck". Then she continued to tell me that Mandy and her were also lovers and they had both decided to fuck me. So you have to do me sometime soon and now seems are good a time as any. So Susan grab my arm and lead me to her bedroom and we had sex. The next Susan rang Mandy and short time later she arrived and the 3 of went for a swim. We had threesome under the trees after. Later they continued to play with each other, then they said "How about you marrying Jane, Mandy continued saying Jane is shy and needs a lover. I know she likes you and we all could live together here. Also me and Sue aren't on the pill and so it is very likely that 1 or both may get pregnant to you. It would be better if we were a family, due to the small community of the Island. I was a bit shellshocked at first, but had a fantasy about Jane for a while. All I could say was "How do I get Jane to have sex with me, she so shy". Mandy and Susan said " We will all seduce her together and you will marry her after that you promise". "Yeah I promise" I replied. Two days later Susan, Mandy and Jane had picnic by the cove. I was away as ordered, after thet layed under the trees drinking wine and talking. They got Jane a bit drunk and got her to go swim naked with them. Soon after I arrived and join them in the water naked, I swam straight towards Jane and soon was fondling her with the help of the others and later I had sex with her on the beach. We all shared Susan's bed that night and next morning I was left in bed with Jane and had sex with her again. We had lunch together and then Mandy said " You will have to marry Jane now won't you". Jane looked shocked and then showed relief, when I said "Yes good idea". Two later Jane and me married, she was pregnant and so was Mandy. Susan got pregnant later, it didn't show up in tests till 2 months after the others. That was 40 years ago now, I have 7 children and 4 with Jane. I still with my 3 lovers and still enjoy sex with all.

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