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Broken Family
I come from a broken family, my parents divorced when I was 10 and I went with my father. I didn't see my mother again, last June I done one of those DNA tests. As far I knew I didn't have any siblings and as my father had no close relatives. I want to see if I had any cousins. My father passed away 4 years ago, I'm now 38 and widower with 1...
genre: incest
wrote on 2019-02-16 | by David
Farm Visit
I grew up in the country and went off to university and after stayed in the city to work. Last year I returned to the family farm for a family wedding. While there I looked around to see how much had changed. Not much a all, while I was out and about I came across aunt Wendy 53. My mom's younger sister and now a widow, uncle Jack passed away 2...
genre: incest
wrote on 2019-02-06 | by David
Got Drunk at Family Wedding
Long Story short, I went alone to my second brother's wedding. I wasn't a groomsmen, as it wasn't certain I would be able to make it. My other brother and the brides 2 brothers made the groomsmen. It was at the last minute I was able to attend the wedding. I had a great time at the wedding, a lot to drink. I woke up next morning in a motel room...
genre: incest
wrote on 2019-01-07 | by David
Moms Diary
I'm David 24 and work as a loans officer in the local bank branch. I live with my widowed mother Leanne 46, my father passed on 4 years ago after a car accident. My mother is my ideal woman and I judge every woman I date by how they compare to her. Late last month I was cleaning up after painting some rooms in the house. I knocked over her...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-12-30 | by David
Making Porn with my Sister
I'm David 24 and my Sister Cheryl 22 are both unemployed, We live together in a small apartment. Cheryl moved in with me last may after losing her job, I lost my job last month and as there is no work available. We decided to make extra money making porn films with my camcorder. I found an ad in a porn mag I had and I put it to Cheryl and she...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-12-14 | by David
Aunt Grace
I'm David 42 divorced, I live with my mother Rachel 64 widow since my divorce. Recently my mother's sister Grace 57 came to live with us, her husband Grant had died in a car accident. She sold their home and moved to live us, as there were no family near her. Grace is good looking for her age and as I found out has a big sex drive. Rachel goes...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-12-04 | by David
Gated Community
I'm David 29 single, I inherited a house in a gated community from my mother. She was 39 when I was born and my father was 45. He died six years ago heart attack and my mother died last December from kidney failure, due excess alcohol. I also inherited enough money, property and shares to keep me comfortable for the rest of my life. I'm not a...
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-11-30 | by David
I got my Aunt pregnant
My mother's sister Grace 36 single lawyer, had just broken up with latest boyfriend. I've always had a crush on Grace and decided to cheer her up a bit. I'm David 23 single carpenter by trade. Grace was the youngest of 5 children in my mothers family, my mother being the second eldest. My mother was the only one of the siblings living close to...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-11-25 | by David
Trick or Treating
I'm David 29 single of solid build, workout often and play a lot of sports. I own an apartment in a large apartment complex. There are lots of single women and single female parents in the buildings. I live off a large trust and I'm a qualified pilot and engineer. I sometimes work to keep my skill levels up and rent a plane. I just relax mostly...
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-11-21 | by David
I got my Mom Pregnant
I'm David 20 Long Story short, my mother Jane 39 came home drunk from her work Christmas party. I arrived home a couple minutes after from working the late shift. My dad left years before, so its just me and mom. I was going to go out with a friend, but they had rung and cancelled on my way home. So I decide to stay in, I found mom going to...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-11-18 | by David
After the Accident
I'm David 32 married 2 children 5 and 3, my wife Pamela 30 was in accident early last year. A car crashed into a store my wife was working in and was trapped by her legs. The old lady driver had blacked out and run off the street and into the store. Pamela had to have several operations and left in a wheelchair. Pamela's mother Joanne 48...
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-11-16 | by David
Bird Watching
I met a girl named Lucy 20 single, she lived with her mother Rachel 39 single never married. Lucy was slender and only 4'8" with glasses, Rachel was also slender and just over 5 feet tall. I'm David 24 self employed plumer solid build 6' 1", I had job at supermarket with blocked drains. That's where I met Lucy and after a couple of days I asked...
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-10-29 | by David
Aunt Ruth
My Aunt Ruth 36 is a lawyer, single and little overweight. She is my father's youngest sister and has been too busy with her career to get married. So I was told by my mother, I was off to university and would staying with Aunt Ruth. I arrived the weekend before starting university and settled in. I didn't see mush of Ruth as she worked long...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-10-22 | by David
My Cousin
Early last year I was in a car accident and was left with 2 broken legs. I was in hospital for just over a month, on my release I returned home. But had to get around in a wheel chair, we are a well off family and my mother Grace decided to hire someone to look after me. She picked my cousin Jane 25 who was looking for work at the time, Jane is...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-10-21 | by David
My Mother My lover
Short story, I run a good size business. An since my wife died 3 years ago I've been feeling really horny. My 2 children are at university and rarely see me, I was advised by a friend to get personal assistant. He has a 25 yr old and a couple of months later his wife caught him bed with his PA, They are got a divorce and he could lost most of...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-10-09 | by David
Drunken Night
Early last year I and my sister were at the same party out in the country. She had come with her boyfriend now ex boyfriend and had an argument and he left her there and went off somewhere else. I was there alone, I wasn't in a relationship and just went along because the hosts were old friends. Robyn 23 my sister started drinking a lot, as her...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-10-08 | by David
Taking Advantage
I'm David single and I fully admit I'm a real bastard. I take advantage of anyone for my own personal pleasure and personal profit. So in 2008 I'm out on the west coast having a good time at the companies expense. When it suddenly crashes and I'm unemployed, I have never saved money only spent it. No more expense account or anything else, so...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-10-06 | by David
The Wedding
I freely admit I'm a arrogant person and I think that's okay. Last April I had to attend the wedding of a cousin Laura, I really didn't want to go. But my mother said If I didn't go, that her and dad would have me transferred to the remotest place in the family company. So I attended, I went alone and was seat next to aunt Jane 43 divorced nice...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-09-03 | by David
After the Divorce.
I'm David 50 widower 3 grown children who have all left home. I sold the family home after my late wife passed away 2 years ago and downsized to a 2 brm cottage. My sister Jane 41 got a divorce from her husband Luke, she found him in bed with his business partner's wife. They have 2 children both a university, so after the divorce Jane came to...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-08-31 | by David
Sex Addict
From when I hit puberty I have wanted to fuck. But I didn't get lucky for a while and only then because Aunt Harriet was so drunk and thought I was someone else. She was 48 at the time and divorced and I was the only one at home when the cab dropped home and I had to pay the cab driver as she didn't have any money. I used the money dad had put...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-08-15 | by David
Personal Assistant
I'm David, I would like to say a self made man. But like Donald Trump I inherited my father's money. But I increased it and didn't look back, my father Robert was 43 and had a fling with a girl who worked for him. Her was Susan then 17 and she got pregnant and that's where I came from. My father didn't marry her, but made sure she was looked...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-07-24 | by David
Keeping it in the Family
By keeping it I mean the Family Wealth. After immigrating to this country back in the late 1700's, my ancestors made a fortune and wanted to keep it in the family. So they only married family, family is anyone up to and including third cousins. They didn't marry sisters or brothers or first cousins. My older brother married a second cousin. My...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-07-08 | by David
My Aunt
My Aunt Rachel is 38 widowed and has 1 child Robert 19 and he's in the army and posted overseas. Rachel lives on a remote farm in a small valley among the foothills. I'm David 24 single youngest son of Rachel's brother Mike. I went to help Rachel on the farm in march this year. I am good with engines and other things, a sort of all round...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-07-05 | by David
The Inheritance
I'm David 29 single, a only child. My parents had me in their early forties and they had both passed away in their early sixties. My only other relative was Elizabeth, my mother's mother and she passed away in march last year. I inherited a large amount of money and property. Including an old apartment building, it was 24 rented apartments and...
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-07-02 | by David
My Sister
I've always been shy and reclusive, I didn't make friends easily. But I was very good with computers and started making my own computers in my early teens and writing software programmes for computers. On finishing university I was hired by a software company and was able to work from my home. I have a 3 bed 2 bath ranch style house, I purchased...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-06-30 | by David
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