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Great Aunt Beth
I'm David 27 now, a high school drop out. Eight years ago I got in to trouble and my family got me out of it. But there was a condition attached, I had to go and work on Great aunt Beth's farm for 2 years. I hadn't seen Aunt Beth since I was 8 or 9 and she was a very formidable woman and was dreaded by the whole family. Great uncle Bert 70 had...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-05-21 | by David
Travelling with my Mother.
I'm David 29 single average build, I've got my own online business that is not huge. But is a steady earner and I can travel and do all my business online. So when my Grandfather had an accident, I was able to go with my Mother Cheryl 48 to visit him. I'm a only child and mom is divorced and dad left years ago and remarried and doesn't want to...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-05-10 | by David
Breeding with my old Teacher
Long story short. I'm David 26 average a carpenter. Back when I was in high school I had a crush on my english teacher Miss Russell. Who was 26 at the time, I didn't have courage to try anything with her at the time. After I left high school I went into carpentry and I got really good and was able to buy my small house at the young age of 22....
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-04-23 | by David
Aunt Beth
I'm David now 28. Long Story short, when I was 11 my parents died in an accident. I came to live with Aunt Beth (Mom's younger Sister) and Uncle Ken. Beth was 27 at the time and couldn't have any children after a bad car accident 2 years before. I lived with them till I went to university. After finishing university I married and moved to the...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-04-02 | by David
Neighbours become Family.
Years ago when I was 18, my mother Susan then 38 good looking with great figure. Moved to an Island to live after dad had past away from cancer. We were well off before his death, but he also had a large life insurance. We had holiday home on the Island and this became our home full time. Mom just wanted to get away from everything. The closest...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-03-31 | by David
The Neighbours
I'm a retired widower 62 average buildand have no children, I live at the end of of dead end street. There is a storage facility across the street with no entry from my street. 11 months ago the house beside me finally sold at auction and then after 4 weeks of renovations, 2 women middle thirties moved in. I first met Clare a week later while...
genre: straight
wrote on 2018-03-28 | by David
Cleaning Lady
I'm 29 single a average guy. I was transferred to the east coast my company and having never been there before, they arranged everything. They got me a 3 bedroom house only 10 blocks from my new office. A house because the company branch was in the western suburbs. They also got a yard service to maintain the yard and a shaded pool and a...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-02-02 | by David
I'm David 26 and after finishing my law degree a year ago. I started work with the family firm, I'm just a junior and don't get much in the way of court cases. Drink driving is most I get and some assisting on other cases. I'm the youngest of 2, my sister Clare is 29 and also a lawyer. So is both my parents and 3 of my grandparents, all except...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-01-09 | by David
Family is best
I'm a 61yrs old male a bit over weight divorced and was living alone on my 200 acre mainly pig farm. My wife divorced me 12 yrs ago and she remarried 7 yrs ago. We get on better now we are divorced, but hardly see each other. Except at family events, our 3 children are all grown and have families of there own. March of last year my sister Susan...
genre: incest
wrote on 2017-12-08 | by David
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