Aunt Beth

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I'm David now 28. Long Story short, when I was 11 my parents died in an accident. I came to live with Aunt Beth (Mom's younger Sister) and Uncle Ken. Beth was 27 at the time and couldn't have any children after a bad car accident 2 years before. I lived with them till I went to university. After finishing university I married and moved to the city for work, keeping in touch with Beth and Ken. Ken was a state policeman and 8 months after I start work, he was killed by a drunk driver on the highway. The drunk crashed into the patrol car and it then hit the barrier and flipped over it and crashed down the side of the highway. The drunk was also killed bya guide post going thru his windscreen and hitting him. The other policeman with Ken was left with 2 broken legs and several cracked ribs. Aunt beth moved to the city and stayed with me and my wife Karen 26 who was pregnant at the time. We both work and Beth kept house for us, after the birth of Cheryl my wife went to visit her parents for 3 weeks. I couldn't get away due to work, a couple of days later I got up very early to finish off some work. After I finished I was walking down the hallway I heard moaning coming from Beth's room. I had a look in to see if anything was wrong and saw that Beth was masturbating herself. I was a bit shocked at first, but as I closed the door Beth seen me. She said " If you were a good nephew you would help out your very horny Aunt". I didn't know what to say, then Beth came over and took hold of my stiff cock. Saying your cock wants me, I hadn't sex in a while and it would help out my Aunt so I had sex with Beth and we slept together till Karen returned. A month later I was laying in bed reading, Karen was feeding Cheryl when she said "How did you like fucking Beth while I was gone". I almost had a heartattack, "You Know" I replied, "Yeah Beth told me on my return" she said. " You see I'm bisexual and Beth and have been having sex together for months, I seduce her when you were working of town". I didn't know what to say, then she said "We both want to include you into our love making and now that you've been fucking Beth we can". I said "Your not mad at me for fucking Beth" I replied. " No, we planned it" was the reply. So we been having regular sex together since and Karen is now 4 months pregnant.

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