The Neighbours

Written by , on 2018-03-28, genre straight

I'm a retired widower 62 average buildand have no children, I live at the end of of dead end street. There is a storage facility across the street with no entry from my street. 11 months ago the house beside me finally sold at auction and then after 4 weeks of renovations, 2 women middle thirties moved in. I first met Clare a week later while working in my garden, she came to the fence introduce herself. She told me that her partner Jane was a lawyer and they had just moved into the city from yhe west coast. Clare is a accountant and works from home. She invited me for dinner to met Jane, I accepted and had a very nice dinner with them. We liked similar things like chess and reading novels. I told them I had a large library of novels and history books, another passion of mine. So we all became close friends, then one Saturday Jane mention that she and Clare were lesbians and were married. I had already surmised that, but had not asked. I replied that's good and tried to change the subject to chess. Jane then asked if I was put off by the fact that they were lesbians. I replied "No I don't get involved in personal relationships of others as it's none of my business". Jane replied " Most people feel uncomfortable at first, when they first find out". "It's not a concern to me" I replied. So we played a game of chess, we all got on very well together. Then 2 months ago they both came over on Sunday morning and asked if they could have a personal talk with me. I replied "Alright" and we all sat on the porch. They quickly got to the point that they both wanted to have children and didn't want any problems with donors or friends who donated sperm. They asked if I would like to father their children, I was unsure and said "That I was honoured but unsure and would have to think about it a bit". They replied "Take your time no rush". After they had left I thought of my late wife Marge who was unable to have children and had wanted them so much and couldn't adopt, due to her health problems. I also thought it would great to have children, but didn't know I could fahter them. I went to my doctor for a checkup, asking for sperm check to see if I could have children, not telling him why. Went the results came back, I was able to have children. So the afternoon the results were back I went to them and agreed to father their children. They were both happy that I was willing, then I said "It might take me a while to masturbate enough sperm to get you pregnant. As I haven't been doing any masturbating for sometime". "No worries" they replied " We will help you and we want you to insert your sperm straight into us". I replied "You want to fuck the both of you". "Yes, you might as well get some fun out of it and it will help to make us all closer as a family" they said. So over the next couple of weeks we had sex together all 3 of us. A few weeks later Clare was pregnant and week later Jane was also pregnant. I installed a gate in the backyard connecting both yards and we spend most of our time together and they still give sex a couple times a month and are talking of another child each after the birth of our first children

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