Aunt honey/stepmother beautiful hairy redhead bush

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First time eating getting head and sticking in the sweetest pussy I had ever ate?? I was around 9 and already I guess that I was hanging 6 to 7 inches? According to her aunt honeys almanac!! I woke up because I had to pee dreaming I was standing in front of the toilet but in fact I was still on my bed on the floor started to pee but woke up in time was strutting a piss hard on and barely could go beings I was so hard ? Anyway we lived in a two stories log cabin just the bathroom light was on so when I got to the bathroom I noticed the light from the Crack of the bathroom lit enough of her bed to notice she was naked and playing with my future pussy it was squishy sounding as she worked that red bush into a frizzle?? I couldn't help but watch her push her plastic hollow prick shaped dildo in and out all of a sudden she was getting up so I played like I just was shutting the bathroom door and bam she pulled the bathroom door open and came in naked she sat on the toilet seat and started to pee spread her legs so I could watch her pee motioned me closer to her and reach down and grabbed ahold of my one eye monster and started jacking the one eye warrior and b4 long I need3d to cum so I put my left foot between her legs and the other on the counter around the sink while her mouth was open shoved it down her throat and let those spawning salmon go down her throat she belched a cup bubble then said yummy? Well I wasn't done grabbed her legs shoved my tounge between her tasty hairy pussy lips and licked till she gave a uhhhggg I'm Cummings then I started fucking her right on the toilet seat ... the crazy thing was it was like I new what to do even though it was my first for everything ?? Then we went to her before and kept going at it like two bunny's in the field?? Well I finally came two more times once down her throat and another in her sweet hairy honey hole !!! After that I went back to bed and when I got up stairs my female class mate who was staying with us woke up and asked me what I was doing I told her and she got horny asked me to show her what we did well Kim was young as me and very tight but we got er' done auntie got my cherry and I got Kim's? Kim said it hurt but felt really good and she loved me that was in the summer time 1979 everything was fine and all was mine that fall we moved and auntie honey separated from uncle because he was to mean I teased aunt honey that mine was better thats why we moved ... till I write again ya'll don't rub to hard you girls and don't go blind you boys

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