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The new law
genre: fetish
Good morning, this is Ken Hagan reporting. As of midnight prop 403b went in to affect. For those of you who don't know about this law we have with us today, Mr Eric Goodman. Thank you Mr Goodman for coming Please call me Eric Well Eric let's start from the beginning. What is this law and, how will it affect female's rights It will eliminate...
wrote on 2017-08-31 | by Billy No
Mom does wife's duties.
genre: incest
My name is Jim. I was 25 at the time of my divorce. I had found out my wife joann, had an affair with her boss and the baby she was pregnant with was his and not mine. To say I was crushed, was an understatement. I was spent three days of hell as I had told her too move out of our home and had to watch her and her family, move all of...
wrote on 2017-08-28 | by Hunter Gage
A naked walk in the country
genre: exibitionism
After my walking naked and flashing in the park. About a week later I had a new idea. To take a long nude walk in the country. I know some people that own a lot of land about a hour and half drive north of where mom and I live. I call them and they give me the OK to be on there land. They also give me the code to the gate lock. I started out...
wrote on 2017-08-27 | by Susan
Public flashing
genre: exibitionism
About 2 weeks after I took my naked walk in the park at night. I came up with a new idea. To try some public flashing during the day light hours. I have a dress that opens down the front. Easy to take off and put back on quickly. I went to the park at about 11:00AM. During this time of the day I will not by accident flash any kids. I park my...
wrote on 2017-08-27 | by Susan
Mom comes to live with me
genre: incest
Ty was a smart young man, at 25, he had made a nice nest egg when he and two college friends sold their .come to the much larger company. He had bought a nice piece of land and built a nice little home on it. He never told his family about the windfall, he simply told them he got an incredible deal on a bank for closing. He knew enuff to...
wrote on 2017-08-23 | by Ty Maxemous
Ashamed but happy
genre: cheating
Hi my name is Kelly.I have 2 boys both in there early teens and a husband who's always at work.My husband is gone a lot cause of work and doesn't spend much time with me and the boys.So I never thought about cheating on my husbamd at all always was a loyal wife.So about 2-3 years ago my kids joined this roller hockey club,the coach was really...
wrote on 2017-08-23 | by Kelly
Backcountry bondage
genre: bondage
When I was in high school I meet my future boyfriend now husband, John. I have two love's in life. Getting naked in public. And bondage. Even as a little girl I had dreams of someone taking me out into the woods. Ripping off all my clothes, tying me up and leave me there. I see people looking for me and they can't find me. I would tell John...
wrote on 2017-08-21 | by Susan
Naked walk in public part 3
genre: exibitionism
After my last walk I wanted to try to get a little more public. Take a little more risk. After some research on line, I got this idea of taking a little walk in a downtown parking garage. After some late night and early morning checking. I found a great location in downtown. This parking garage had no cctv or security patrols. This location was...
wrote on 2017-08-20 | by Susan
Fucking my cousin Carolina
genre: incest
Ive liked my cousin Carolina for a long time. She always wore a tight pair of jeans or leggings. I always looked at her ass. Wanting it. I love her laugh and the smell of her hair. She kinda liked me too. She would always try not to stare when I got out of the pool and it was always awkward between us. Like if I was the guy she liked for...
wrote on 2017-08-15 | by Cousinfuck
A naked walk in public part 2
genre: exibitionism
After my naked walk. The next week I was thinking of talking a second walk. This time I was thinking of walk down the alley behind our home, cross the street to a city park. I was thinking of a test walk first. On a Tuesday morning at 1:00AM. I began my test. I wear a black bra and a black thong panties. If any one see me my hope is they think I...
wrote on 2017-08-15 | by Susan
Grandmother gets her way, part #2
genre: incest
The next morning, I woke up late. As I started to come to, I noticed Jenny my faithful golden retriever, lying on her bed down beside mine. Jennie's a good girl, iv raised her from a 3 week old pup. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I thought back on yesterday, and gram and Sandy. It was quite a day! Grama, seem like a whole new person, to...
wrote on 2017-08-15 | by Ty Maxemous
A naked walk in public
genre: exibitionism
This is a true story. All my life I have been a nudest and a show off. My mother told me stories how she get me dress. And I would be naked five minutes later. When mom would take me swimming at a local lake, I would not wear my swim suit top. I would take it off. I knew people we're looking at me. My mom was very open about sex and nudity. She...
wrote on 2017-08-13 | by Susan
Grandmother gets her way.
genre: incest
Hi, my name is Mike. I'm 35 now, but this took place many years ago, when I was a teenager. My grandfather had died in a accident, and my already wealthy grama, became even richer from a law suit and settlement. She was 60, but very healthy and strong.Gram had told my mother to sell our house and move in with her because of all the room she...
wrote on 2017-08-13 | by Ty Maxemous
Having fun?
genre: lesbian
Hey my names mia, I'm 18 and I go to a local collage. And I'm in love.. with the girl of my dreams too, her name's malak she's beautiful she has long glamorous brown hair which she usually keeps up in a messy bun. She has beautiful green eyes, the type that you can stare in for days on end. She has a very curvy figure and for that reason she...
wrote on 2017-08-12 | by sexygirl19
The Garage
genre: first times
She was dancing when she saw him. What was he doing out tonight? She turned away and tried not to look at him, her pussy was moist from just seeing him. Why did he have this effect on her? She went to the toilets and checked herself in the mirror, her tanned body looked good in the black dress and her legs looked amazing with her heels on. She...
wrote on 2017-08-11 | by agunna
I am a special guy GayMaker
genre: domination
Let me start out by saying Skip is not special...he is convinced that he somehow bumbled in to his predicament, but honestly he followed a well designed path that yields the same result every time...a guy naked and on his knees, his dick is hard and drooling, and he is agreeing to everything and anything I tell him to get his mouth on my dick....
wrote on 2017-08-09 | by 425olds
Latoya's return
genre: straight
So you all remember Latoya, the singer who looks like Misty Stone? Well, we were supposed to go camping with friends, but they pulled out. So, having the weekend free, me and Latoya opted to go hiking. Latoya showed up at my house dressed in jeans, a half shirt, and she was wearing one of those old plaid shirts the grunge freaks wore in the...
wrote on 2017-08-09 | by pornfan1976
A wolf pussy
genre: zoophilia
(These are the story of two of my original characters) For three years now, Sean had been living with Volk, a red, beautiful, earless wolf with horns. She was the only witch in the whole second world that agreed to help cure sean. Many years ago, a ghost decided to fuck a human, and that's how Sean was created. In the second world, there are...
wrote on 2017-08-07 | by iusbj
She let me fuck her mom
genre: incest
Ever since my wife Kelly said, her mom was coming to stop for a few days and they were going to the spa, I have done nothing else but think about her in a sexual way. I’ve knowing her for nearly thirty-five years and fantasized about her from that very first meeting when Kelly took me home to see her mom Jenny when I was f******n. Kelly said...
wrote on 2017-08-06 | by nckboy
Sisters catch me (story 2)
genre: masturbation
This takes place a month after my first story. I remember my mom was at work. Me and my two older sisters were at home. 1st things 1st its hot Were we live. So because of this I was just in my boxers the whole time. My older sisters were in skirts that you could barely see there underwear and they were in sports bras (make sense, they were...
wrote on 2017-07-23 | by Rayisbae27
Mom lets me masturbate
genre: masturbation
Just a few years ago when I was 18, My mom was giving me a haircut. Now just to be clear; she isn't a barber, she just knows how to cut hair. Every time she gives me a haircut I have to be in my boxers while she cuts them to avoid getting hair on my clothes. Now this one particular day I had no boxers and I was going commando. I had no shorts...
wrote on 2017-07-16 | by Rayisbae27
An interesting horny Friday
genre: masturbation
Friday morning I went to Caitlyn's house to go through some of our varsity work together. On arriving I could see she wasn't her happy self so I asked her what's wrong. She told me her and her boyfriend had a big fight last night but they had sorted it out although she was still a bit upset. I gave her a big comforting hug and told her not to...
wrote on 2017-07-13 | by canev8
Kira calls me back
genre: lesbian
I was nervous after I hooked up with Kira... Nervous it would change our friendship, but it hasn't. It had been about a week since the wedding and we were still texting regularly, the only difference is now we joke about have sex again. In the pervious week I had hooked up with that blonde bridesmaid (the one who tried to sit on my lap), lets...
wrote on 2017-07-12 | by BigJohansen
My inappropriate mom
genre: incest
All true - nothing made up. My parents were divorced when I was in first grade. I spent my elementary school years moving from apartment to apartment and school to school. My mom raised me as a single parent although she did occasionally have boyfriends that would support us through tough times. Looking back, my mom did things I don’t think...
wrote on 2017-07-12 | by spermleaker
I guess I'm a cuckold
genre: cheating
Recently after my wife was at work I was looking through various Xhamster photo sets and came across photos of my wife and I didn't take them. She was trying to hide her identity but with the search parameters and if you take photos in our own bed room I'm going to recognise it, if it was a hotel room I would have missed her initial photo, they...
wrote on 2017-07-12 | by terryyar
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