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Making and breaking of a cuckold - 22 The dinner party
genre: domination
I eventually skulked back to the pool area and found Max and Gemma had returned and were chatting with the others. I went and knelt before my Owners and awaited instructions. They ignored me for 10 minutes then Mistress spoke, "So faggot, you stink. Go and kneel by the pool". I did then Gemma sauntered across and stood in front of me. She...
wrote on 2016-02-24 | by subfootstool
Bad son
genre: incest
Chris knew he was in trouble as he sped home, knowing that he'd stayed at the party way too late.....and not only that but there was alcohol on his breath and and panties in his pocket. He didn't care anymore, his mom was way too strict. His cavalier attitude was mostly in part because he was drunk, but it didn't matter to his mother when he got...
wrote on 2016-02-23 | by Anonomous
My gay neighborhood
genre: gay
All the names in this story are purely fictional.Let's start: I am 5'9 and I work out a lot. I have slept with a lot of girls, and I thought that I was straight, but that allchanged that one fateful day.My twin brother had come home from his job, and I could tellthat it had been a bad day. I asked what was wrong, and he said that he had gone...
wrote on 2016-02-22 | by Snore
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 21 The rest room
genre: domination
I returned and poured champagne for them all and they had a few more whilst they chatted away. I knelt discreetly awaiting instructions, then was ordered to massage Empress Christine's feet as a "show of gratitude" for her paying attention to me. Empress told me I was definitely in the 10% of "male peasant trash" who only existed to serve...
wrote on 2016-02-18 | by subfootstool
Couple obsessions
genre: threesome
I have obsessions. I have compulsions. I suppose everyone has them but not many of us act on them. I do. Every chance I get. I obsess and compulse on being gang banged, or on anonymous sex or on sex with young guys (sometimes girls too). I get into bondage and being f***ed and sometimes on violent sex. I get really crazy on sex with couples....
wrote on 2016-02-15 | by FirstT
Female Dominated relationship agreement
genre: domination
This contract is for the benefit of the assertive Wife, married to a husband who has proven incapable of rendering sexual satisfaction to Her, either through absence of penis size, inadequate endurance, premature ejaculation, or lack of attentiveness. It will enable the assertive Wife to live an OPEN sexual lifestyle, and will obligate the...
wrote on 2016-02-15 | by Prissy
Secret black lover
genre: cheating
I met Robert thru a mutual friend Carol. At her parties Robert and me usually would find each other and have a good time. We talked about everything. He knew about my husband working for a months away from the house from Carol. Robert came straight out asking me if I needed company. I knew what he was asking. We started out meeting at coffee...
wrote on 2016-02-10 | by Theresa Hanson
Deadly obsession
genre: straight
An original story by David Flint-Copyright by David Flint Greg Mantell and his girlfriend Amanda Proctor are in the kitchen of their apartment preparing for the day with their breakfast,their coffee and so on.Amanda is busy at the counter preparing her breakfast of bagel and spread.Greg comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her and...
wrote on 2016-02-08 | by David Flint
Wild need to cum
genre: first times
The first few months of college were a blur of new experiences, friends, and concerns. Here I was just an 18 year old virgin intent on keeping my purity until the right person came along. But as months passed I not only saw more sexual sights and things done at parties and in dorm rooms but on the lawns of the campus and at pledging events. I...
wrote on 2016-02-07 | by New months
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 20 The interrogation
genre: domination
I was dragged along by my leash and paraded in front of Christy and Mark, ordered to wiggle my arse then cock my leg like a dog and pretend to take a piss, then ordered to kneel at the ends of their recliners, at their feet. To say it was a source of great amusement to them would be an understatement. I felt deflated as I looked at them, so...
wrote on 2016-02-04 | by subfootstool
Watch myself in the mirror
genre: masturbation
I love to watch myself in a mirror. I lie back propped with pillows so I can watch my fingers working my pussy. My breasts are large so I love to make them bounce or press them together in my left arm while I play with my pussy with my right hand. I rub my clit and pinch my nipples till I get my pussy all wet. I love to watch that clear sweet...
wrote on 2016-02-02 | by Girly
The perfect attitude
genre: funny
1. I'll Swallow it all, i love the taste 2. Are you sure you've had enough to drink 3. Im bored .. lets shave my pussy 4. Shouldn't you be down at the bar with your friends 5. Iv decided to stop wearing clothes on around the house 6. Id rather watch football and drink beer with you than go shopping 7. Lets subscribe to hustler 8. Would...
wrote on 2016-01-31 | by Ashley
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 19 The bar B que two
genre: domination
Mistress Gemma beckoned for me to tend to the bar b que and I could hear them all talking. Miss Christy asked a question, "So Gemma, how's it going this whole cuckold thing? Are you and Max happy?" "It's fantastic Christy. I've completely destroyed peepee as a man, and with Max's help I've stripped out all his pride and dignity, and totally...
wrote on 2016-01-28 | by subfootstool
genre: masturbation
For awhile I was rubbing my cock with my blanket until I found out that it feels better when I have my palm under the blanket. For a long time this was about the only way I jacked off. After awhile, I was tired of washing my quilt almost every morning and I wanted to try something new. That's when I started jacking off with lotion, pretty much...
wrote on 2016-01-25 | by C Bedding
Gang-raped by Dolphins
genre: zoophilia
My name is Annabelle and i'm 18-years-old, and it's a few days before my 19th birthday. I'm a freshman in college and the year is turning out good so far. A 2-week spring break has begun, and after all those exams and study sessions, I just wanna sit back and relax. I'm planning on taking my speedboat out into the deep ocean. It is a beautiful...
wrote on 2016-01-22 | by Victoria
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 10)
genre: incest
4 years later... The next four years were the happiest time in Eric's life. His job was great, his lover and daughter was even better. They were truly friends and lovers. Their relationship had progressed to the point where Melinda had moved into her father's bedroom but kept clothes in a spare room for show. They slept every night together and...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 9)
genre: incest
The sexual relationship between Eric and Melinda continued and even accelerated over the next several months. Melinda was almost insatiable. It was as if she were trying to make up for the high school years. The two of them had had sex almost everywhere possible, and in every position. However, there was one thing that they hadn't done, but...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 8)
genre: incest
When Melinda awoke the following morning, the bed beside her was empty. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 am. She crawled out of bed and a white nightgown with spaghetti straps to put on and then went downstairs. As she walked into the kitchen, she saw her father standing at the stove fixing breakfast with a spatula in his hand...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 7)
genre: incest
Over the next few weeks, Eric and Melinda continued their liaisons. There was no longer any hesitation on Eric's part. Somehow, he had rationalized that since they were not actually having "sex" it was okay. However, he knew in his heart that there was no difference. Eric continued to show Melinda what a woman needed and what a man liked. It...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 6)
genre: incest
Eric and Melinda decided to go to their favorite restaurant that night. Eric was ready early, waiting at the door for his daughter. When she came down, she was wearing a very short skirt with high heels. However, on top, she had on a dark sweater that buttoned down the front with a white blouse underneath. The top looked like something that a...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 5)
genre: incest
The workweek was very busy for Eric. He had to work late several nights and he brought work home with him. Melinda had the books from her new school to read, so they didn't have time to talk about the events of the weekend. Neither of them knew what to say to the other anyway, so it was a good time to assess their feelings. Eric felt guilt...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 4)
genre: incest
Eric waited in the living room for his daughter to come down so they could leave for the State Park. When he saw her this morning, there was nothing to indicate that she knew what he had done. She smiled sweetly at him and they talked about all the normal things. He figured he had gotten away with that one but he knew that he would have to be...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 3)
genre: incest
Several days later, Melinda was home alone. It was a warm afternoon and she had just finished cutting the grass in the backyard, so she decided to take a cool shower. She went into the bathroom, leaving the door carelessly open and undressed, then stepped into the clear glass shower stall. She flipped on the shower, gasping as the cool water hit...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 2)
genre: incest
The following morning, Melinda saw her father sitting in the kitchen, reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. There was a very uncomfortable silence as she got herself a cup of coffee and sat down. The light of a new day made everything seem different. They each blamed themselves for what had happened. "Dad...." "Melinda...."...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 1)
genre: incest
Introduction It had been 3 years since Melinda Parker's beloved mother passed away. While she misses her mom a lot, it was no more than her dad did. Their life had been ideal--living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and nice schools. Everything was just about perfect until her death. Amanda Parker had been diagnosed with Leukemia, a blood...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
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