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Using the ex wife
genre: straight
So, my ex wife is having a tit job reduction done soon, going from from an F to a D and she wanted some pictures taken of her tits as they are now. I decided to offer to take them for her in exchange for keeping copy's and also threw in getting some shots of her ass into the mix seeing as she is also going to be losing that big ass too. Now we...
wrote on 2017-05-01 | by xerosheartx
Kinky bdsm
genre: bondage
Morning had faded to early afternoon by the time Mandy crept into the shower. When she emerged, she found William was gone and Beth had been tied to the kitchen table. Rebekka was feeding her g****s and tormenting the bound woman with her fingers. Jerome was sipping tea, watching the tableau. Her own lover, Sandra, stumbled with bleary eyes...
wrote on 2017-05-01 | by stardustnymph
Fucking my best friend
genre: straight
This is based on a true story, So i hadn't seen my friend in about 6 months due to us both being busy and to my surprise she got engaged so she rang me to let me know she was coming to see me to celebrate. well she arrived we had a few drinks watched TV when suddenly we start talking about who's stronger which lead to us wrestling in the middle...
wrote on 2017-04-28 | by pussylover102
First Interracial Experience
genre: first times
This is about my first interracial experience as a teen, black on white, the awe and envy of the size of the black boy’s cocks, the mocking at the first time sighting of my small white cock, my humiliation and ecstasy of the interracial episode. This was the start of my life journey of interracial sexual pleasure be it gay, bisexual or...
wrote on 2017-04-26 | by victorsev
Anal Alice
genre: incest
Alice curled up in the bed and tried to sleep. She was finding it hard, knowing that her brother would soon be in to share the bed. This was the first night of the new sleeping arrangements. Money problems had caused them to downsize their trailer into a smaller one. Previously they'd had three beds -- a double for her parents, a single for her...
wrote on 2017-04-24 | by sexykamel
A young and old encounter
genre: straight
My name is Maggie, I am 19 years old, have long legs, blonde hair down to my waist, and large breasts. I would like to tell you of an experience that happened to me not to long ago. You see, I used to help out an elderly o.a.p gent by getting his shopping for him. Well; one day I came back from the supermarket with his supplies for the week, and...
wrote on 2017-04-23 | by azara19
Seduced by an o.a.p.
genre: straight
My name is Martin. I recently turned 18, and drive an old pick up, because it's all I can afford at the moment. Last Saturday, I went along to my local car boot sale, and happened to notice an elderly lady interested in a wardrobe on one of the stalls, but she did not have anyway to get it back to her house. Sensing an opportunity here to make a...
wrote on 2017-04-22 | by azara19
It had to happen this way
genre: first times
Hi, my name is Carl and my beautiful wife's name is Ann. We have been married for almost four years now and I must tell you our story. Ann is 22 years old and just a living doll. I am 3 years older than her, but we were sweethearts in school. We both share the distinction of being each others first and only lovers. She takes care of her body and...
wrote on 2017-04-20 | by GregM
One black cock after another
genre: gay
I was away at college and stayed there for the summer as I had a good job. I had just purchased a car and as I had gone by a strip of all night porno shops downtown in the business district several times, I decided to pay them a visit on a Saturday night about 3 A.M. after the bars closed. I was 21, raging horny and dying to taste a hot cock in...
wrote on 2017-04-18 | by reesielover
For Ms S
genre: lesbian
You are lactating because I have been sucking the milk from your tits several times a day for several months. We are on vacation at a nice resort and decide to spend the afternoon relaxing by one of the pools. You are wearing one of your favorite bikinis, one that hugs your tits especially tight and typically draws lots of looks from both men...
wrote on 2017-04-17 | by xoos
Car pick up leads to sex
genre: fetish
I knew the blonde outside the supermarket by sight as she lived in our road and we exchanged greetings. She was queuing for the taxi at our supermarket. Three big bags were by her. I caught her eye. "Lift?" "Great. Thanks". "Dump your stuff on the back seat", I said getting in to the front. She did and threw in her coat too , opened the door,...
wrote on 2017-04-16 | by DirkDastardly
Ruth's night
genre: fetish
We settled down for a while to relax and have a couple of drinks and to let Ruth recuperate from her ordeal when it was soon time to head for bed. I told Ruth to get into a nightie and panties and a pair of stiletto heels while I stayed nude. In the bathroom I was about to take a leak when I thought about how my wife Carmen took my piss in her...
wrote on 2017-04-12 | by railfannut
Surprised he's black gay
genre: gay
He was gay and I was newly reborn as a bi-sexual man. He was black and I am white – very white – although I do tan fairly well when I get a chance to expose my flesh to the sun. I was in my forties when I met him. We connected on line in a forum that no longer exists. I think it was called "Pink Pages" or something like that. It was a...
wrote on 2017-04-12 | by 425olds
Make mommy cum
genre: incest
http://fas.li/lve7Q Beth had always been close to her mother, the pair had been inseparable since her father's death 9 years ago. Beth's mother never re-married, nor dated much for that matter. Her job kept her pretty busy and often she was not home when Beth went to bed at night. She didn't mind though, she had weekends with her mom, and that...
wrote on 2017-04-11 | by moneysex23
The end of the night
genre: fetish
Hearing the car leaving our driveway, I now heard footsteps in the hall. The club members had enjoyed themselves and left, and now I lay there in the dark and the quite of the living room, restrained to the table, my legs and stiletto heels spread by the bar, and clamped behind my ears. My wrists restrained, the low dull vibration from the...
wrote on 2017-04-10 | by voyeurclub
Sometimes a girl has to take things into her own hands
genre: funny
I turned and looked in the mirrors. I saw me, pleasing these two guys. Me, Marie riding and sucking, giving pleasure, and receiving more in return. I came so hard that I couldn’t ride as the orgasm was too strong. Lee started to fuck me from underneath as Anton continued to fuck my mouth and rub his cock on my face. For over 12 months Brad...
wrote on 2017-04-07 | by Samar_xxx90
Bree Is In Control
genre: trans
I rang the doorbell. I look up and see the camera. Suddenly, I feel her eyes on me. Assessing my physique. I view myself as a fifty year-old man that looks like he just broke into his forties. Regular gym visits and an active life keeps me in good shape. But I’m not obsessed…until now. I can’t get her out of my mind. Bree is beautiful...
wrote on 2017-04-07 | by Claude van Feinbode
Have Lips We Travel
genre: fetish
The sheen in her eyes only turned warm mocha brown how she loved sipping her coffee but time was passing and she would pay her dues. She was the cosmetician and selling Caron French perfume in Bloomingdales Did he only have eyes for Robin's lips so modern like blues clue her locked inside his Sherlock smile could talk beneath her wings? He...
wrote on 2017-04-06 | by Robin Carretti
My new best friend Bianca
genre: lesbian
I'm a twenty eight year old white female, five foot nine inches tall, a thirty four C, twenty three thirty five figure, Blonde and working in a bank and am still single, although I've had my share of fucked up relationships. I just can't seem to get what I need out of a relationship from any of the men I've dated, so I am the last of my...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by KirstyB
Paki love black taxi
genre: group sex
Tanzila and Seidah chatted away merrily as the car drove through the gates of the restaurant car park. Both women were really excited at the prospect of a fun filled Muslima hen night of food, games and laughter. Being hijabi girls neither drank alcohol, although there would be drinks for kuffor colleague ladies that were coming from Tanzila's...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by asainslags
My husbands birthday
genre: group sex
It was a Monday morning and after dropping my daughter off at crèche I went to the mall to shop for a birthday present for my husband. His birthday was the coming Thursday. Walking around the mall I soon found myself in a gadget store, where I bought him a new flick blade knife. Not knowing what else to buy him, I bought myself a pair of...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by lauren003
The day I met a real life slut
genre: bondage
On the road again. I was traveling back from a day on the road and as usual found a quiet lane to stop for a bite to eat, the sun was out the day was beautiful and as I ate I noticed a girl walking towards me with a very short summer dress. As she got closer her dress was being caught by the summer breeze, she was making no attempt to hold it...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by zibbles
Taste of glory
genre: incest
On the ride up northbound Interstate 95 from South Carolina to North Carolina you will come up on a club called “Exotic Angels”. “Exotic Angels” bills themselves as the “The one stop shop for all your Adult Toys and Entertainment needs.” Now “Exotic Angels” is a business like any other. They need to advertise in order to bring...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by MICHELLEK111
Sweaty pleasure with Adrian
genre: gay
I'm bisexual and have one ( not sure if call it fetish ) however it is stronger than me and I was probably born this way. For sure it is stronger then me. I live and worked in foreign country for few years without any sexual contact just satysfying myself watching sexy boys and girls exercising in gym or sitting in hot sauna, How much I'd love...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by Patrick
Wrong Place, Right Time
genre: gay
There is a popular saying: wrong place, wrong time. And for a moment or two that was definitely me. I was waiting for my son to finish football practice when I suddenly had to take a piss really badly. I rushed across the street to the gas station, headed directly to the washroom, struggled to get my cock out in time (barely made it) and...
wrote on 2017-04-01 | by 425olds
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