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Little flower
genre: first times
The way she walked around the house with such little clothes on, made me loose my mind. Was she teasing me? Or maybe she didn't notice she was doing it. I don't know, but the way her small waist, and her perky butt shifted as she walked, made me think about the things I would do. But of course, she didn't want to rush into "those things". She...
wrote on 2016-07-01 | by Rubhan G. Smith
Turned my Mistress
genre: trans
I woke up, groggy, in a world of bright lights and fuzzy shapes. I couldn't move properly, my arms slopping about like sticks. I turned my head, trying to focus on the world, but it just slumped to the side. 'Good, you're awake,' Came a sultry voice. I heard loud clicking and out of the corner of my eye I saw a hazy black shadow tower above...
wrote on 2016-07-01 | by waraxe13
Death of the hero
genre: bondage
A Hero's death need not always be literally. As the old saying goes, you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villian. But in doing so a Hero is dead anyways. Gone are the morals and the justice. No longer are they a role model for the youngsters. Often they don't even maintain the same appearance or name. So in...
wrote on 2016-07-01 | by Rhy
First vaginal double penetration 2
genre: group sex
She sat on his face and started to suck on his dick.Well in no time at all he was rock hard and ready for more. He told her he wanted to taste her super sweet pussy cum!!! She moaned and said that if he kept doing what he was doing that would happen very soon!!! Well she wasn't k**ding because in no time at all she was creaming all over his...
wrote on 2016-06-26 | by luvcuntlickingsluts
First vaginal double penetration
genre: group sex
21 June 2016 Fantasy Story for My New Friend From Canada (for Susan P) Thought about this earlier today while chatting with one of my new online friends about a few of the things we hope to be able to do to, for, and with some hot sexy girls!!! We talked about sharing the girl(s) and some of the options that could open up. One that we...
wrote on 2016-06-25 | by luvcuntlickingsluts
genre: bondage
Paula looked at the slip of paper in her hand again. No, there was no mistake, this was the right address, but the place was looking kind of closed down. It was, or rather, it had until recently been a bar, but now both windows were covered in plywood. But the door was slightly ajar. She entered, calling out a testing “hello..?” There...
wrote on 2016-06-24 | by Ortsal
Enjoying the glory holes
genre: gay
I hadn’t been to my favorite glory hole for a few weeks so when the opportunity arose I jumped on it. I was Salem and decided I would check out one of the few glory holes while I was there. I pulled in the parking lot and there were only a few cars. I figured it would be a loss cause but decided to go inside anyway. I walked around and all the...
wrote on 2016-06-23 | by eaglefree
genre: voyeur
I went to a sushi restaurant with two of my cool girl friends that had the sexiest short dresses on. We were just hanging out and eventually they both got really d***k. We went back to my car because we decided to start heading back home. When we got in the car, we started arguing because they wanted ice cream and all the ice cream shops around...
wrote on 2016-06-22 | by wouldapproach
Giving her a good soaking
genre: masturbation
It had taken long enough to organize, but it was worth it. Finally she was there, lying on her back, her white thong already darkening where it pressed against her wet, ready pussy. But we weren't here for pussy. No, the 6 of us, footballing mates from a Sunday league side, were here to fulfill a fantasy - hers and ours - that centered on...
wrote on 2016-06-19 | by FunC
No sermon while on this month
genre: group sex
Joan and I have been married for more than twenty years. Our love life is still maturing. Other than acting out and verbalizing our respective fantasies, we have remained mutually exclusive. I think that a threesome with the right other man involved would be something which Joan would find habit forming. She claims this is something that she...
wrote on 2016-06-14 | by Bingville
Watching Anita taking care of herself
genre: masturbation
Barely two months after moving to L.A., I suffered some injures in a car crash. Nothing bad, but I was supposed to stay in bed with some broken ribs for at least one month. One week later my sweet Ana confessed me she was getting horny and we should do something, because she needed an urgent cock to satisfy her and calm down her. I was still...
wrote on 2016-06-11 | by Anitaslut44
Anita y el personal trainer caribeño
genre: voyeur
Recién casados con Ana nos habíamos instalado en un pequeño departamento en el centro. Mi dulce mujercita decía que se veía pasada de peso y por ello comenzó a hacer ejercicio casi diariamente en un gimnasio cercano. Iba con Marina, una antigua compañera del colegio secundario. Una tarde en casa levanté el teléfono y encontré que Ana...
wrote on 2016-06-08 | by Anitaslut44
The lingerie models
genre: group sex
It was a Saturday night and my wife, Clare, and I had invited our friends Dave and Susan round for a few drinks. We had known them for over 20 years and we always had a good laugh whenever we got together. They arrived around 7:30pm and brought a nice bottle of wine which we all knew wouldn’t last long in the hands of Clare and Susan. Luckily...
wrote on 2016-06-08 | by AnyDayNow
The customer is always naughty
genre: straight
I used to work in a lot of different places. One job I still do is fixing computers. The pay is good and usually an average client needs you to work for 10-30 minutes. Son on a good weekend you could earn a full week's salary, while working for 6-8 hours over two days. Most clients needed me to come to their home and look at whatever was wrong...
wrote on 2016-06-06 | by Galfa
Wedding Night – Olive and Liam
genre: first times
*Olive’s story… Olive was a sweet little femboy standing in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready. His makeup was completed and his large beautiful dark eyes shone brightly as he examined himself. His true love waited on the other side of the door. The man was taking Olive on a special trip tomorrow to get married. But the wedding night...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by tankengine123
A large man
genre: gay
Levy and I met in the sauna at my gym. He was a large man, maybe 6’6”, and close to 300lbs (mostly muscle with a slight gut). He had dark, African skin, short hair with a clean line up and a beard that looked like it was straight out of the movie “300”. He didn’t shave but kept his body hair well groomed and he had a single tattoo of...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by xxxbottomboixxx
This is how the fantasy goes
genre: bondage
I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn before nightfall. In advance, I had made reservations for a handicap room as these rooms have a nice big walk-in shower and me being handicapped as well. From inside one of the bags that I had packed, I pull out all of the interesting toys that I brought. I set up everything on the table, the night stand and the...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by big_bruno
genre: bisexual
For about six years I had only experienced sex with men. I enjoyed being seduced by older men in my teens and the amazing thrills they gave me would never be forgotten. Total strangers taught me to suck cock and swallow cum, to fuck men, to be able to have cocks fuck me, and of course they loved to suck off my young cock. I will always be...
wrote on 2016-05-30 | by OldCumDump
Growing up nudist you get to learn about sex
genre: incest
I grew up with a sister mom and dad. everyone was always nude, me and my sister were tought at a very young age to be comfortable with out bodys and clothing was optional, me and my sister would swim at a lake we had on our 160 acre property so we could be nude all the time, our parents thought it would work out better if we lived in the...
wrote on 2016-05-29 | by me
Taking the Edge Off - Part 2
genre: incest
What it is to be a mother! And at that, a mother who one day, like it was nothing, insisted that her highly strung virgin son practice sexual intercourse pussy. It was unplanned. It just happened by some strange train of thought after it became apparent that Michael couldn’t control himself enough around girls to have a relationship with...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
Taking the Edge Off
genre: incest
‘Look, it’s really no big deal. You’re getting stressed out for nothing,’ Karen dismissed, cutting him off. It had taken long enough to get her son Michael to open up about what had gotten into him lately. She was instinctive enough to know why. He was a little past that age now at 18, but he hadn’t had much luck. All of his friends...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
After A Long Day
genre: straight
I’m just on the ferry heading back home. I’m thinking lots of coffee – maybe via an IV drip – and a slice of pizza or two. But mostly I’m thinking of what will happen post-caffeine and sustenance while I’m suggesting all this to Dan, who’s closer to home and already done for the day! As I walk through the door and drop my day job...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
Wrestling my stepsister
genre: domination
My stepsister Amy and I were very close. Our parents got married when I was 14 and she was 15, and we became instant friends. We loved all the same things - video games, basketball, making fun of dumb TV shows. Our parents had expected some awkwardness with two teenagers suddenly living in the same house, but they were pleasantly...
wrote on 2016-05-25 | by Bastige
Dancing with Shannon
genre: lesbian
My friend Shannon is really pretty. She is a true red head. She has a sprinkle of freckles across her cute face. Her lips are full and she has an enchanting smile. I am half Native American (my father) and half Greek (my mother) I have dark Native American skin and even darker nipples. I have long jet black hair. Most people think that I look...
wrote on 2016-05-22 | by majfred
Doing it in the woods
genre: lesbian
This crazy, wonderful thing happened to me last summer. It happened when I went camping with a friend, just before school started. I thought I'd write about it. I hope you enjoy it...Kala * * * * * It was late summer when I was invited to go camping with my friend Debra and her parents. Debra and I attend the same high school and we shared a...
wrote on 2016-05-22 | by majfred
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