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A large man
genre: gay
Levy and I met in the sauna at my gym. He was a large man, maybe 6’6”, and close to 300lbs (mostly muscle with a slight gut). He had dark, African skin, short hair with a clean line up and a beard that looked like it was straight out of the movie “300”. He didn’t shave but kept his body hair well groomed and he had a single tattoo of...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by xxxbottomboixxx
This is how the fantasy goes
genre: bondage
I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn before nightfall. In advance, I had made reservations for a handicap room as these rooms have a nice big walk-in shower and me being handicapped as well. From inside one of the bags that I had packed, I pull out all of the interesting toys that I brought. I set up everything on the table, the night stand and the...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by big_bruno
genre: bisexual
For about six years I had only experienced sex with men. I enjoyed being seduced by older men in my teens and the amazing thrills they gave me would never be forgotten. Total strangers taught me to suck cock and swallow cum, to fuck men, to be able to have cocks fuck me, and of course they loved to suck off my young cock. I will always be...
wrote on 2016-05-30 | by OldCumDump
Growing up nudist you get to learn about sex
genre: incest
I grew up with a sister mom and dad. everyone was always nude, me and my sister were tought at a very young age to be comfortable with out bodys and clothing was optional, me and my sister would swim at a lake we had on our 160 acre property so we could be nude all the time, our parents thought it would work out better if we lived in the...
wrote on 2016-05-29 | by me
Taking the Edge Off - Part 2
genre: incest
What it is to be a mother! And at that, a mother who one day, like it was nothing, insisted that her highly strung virgin son practice sexual intercourse pussy. It was unplanned. It just happened by some strange train of thought after it became apparent that Michael couldn’t control himself enough around girls to have a relationship with...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
Taking the Edge Off
genre: incest
‘Look, it’s really no big deal. You’re getting stressed out for nothing,’ Karen dismissed, cutting him off. It had taken long enough to get her son Michael to open up about what had gotten into him lately. She was instinctive enough to know why. He was a little past that age now at 18, but he hadn’t had much luck. All of his friends...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
After A Long Day
genre: straight
I’m just on the ferry heading back home. I’m thinking lots of coffee – maybe via an IV drip – and a slice of pizza or two. But mostly I’m thinking of what will happen post-caffeine and sustenance while I’m suggesting all this to Dan, who’s closer to home and already done for the day! As I walk through the door and drop my day job...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
Wrestling my stepsister
genre: domination
My stepsister Amy and I were very close. Our parents got married when I was 14 and she was 15, and we became instant friends. We loved all the same things - video games, basketball, making fun of dumb TV shows. Our parents had expected some awkwardness with two teenagers suddenly living in the same house, but they were pleasantly...
wrote on 2016-05-25 | by Bastige
Dancing with Shannon
genre: lesbian
My friend Shannon is really pretty. She is a true red head. She has a sprinkle of freckles across her cute face. Her lips are full and she has an enchanting smile. I am half Native American (my father) and half Greek (my mother) I have dark Native American skin and even darker nipples. I have long jet black hair. Most people think that I look...
wrote on 2016-05-22 | by majfred
Doing it in the woods
genre: lesbian
This crazy, wonderful thing happened to me last summer. It happened when I went camping with a friend, just before school started. I thought I'd write about it. I hope you enjoy it...Kala * * * * * It was late summer when I was invited to go camping with my friend Debra and her parents. Debra and I attend the same high school and we shared a...
wrote on 2016-05-22 | by majfred
Older lover
genre: straight
Thick. Juicy. Delicious. The first words that come to mind when I imagine the woman I've been dreaming of getting my hands all over for the longest time. The thought of her lips wrapped around the tip of my throbbing cock with suction that would rival that of the strongest vacuum on the market. Her tongue wriggling and writhing like a ferocious...
wrote on 2016-05-19 | by JamesReady25
The never ending sex story
genre: gay
I saw her for the first time a long time ago when she was young. I had not seen her again till this day . So I am down at this local park where alot of teen age k**s hang out . Yea some of them are thugs and some are just stoners and then there are your preppy folk that come down to the park . They usually have there dog walking them . Well this...
wrote on 2016-05-17 | by fatcockofwv
Basic training
genre: voyeur
It was a quarter till nine in the morning and I was running late. Well, not really. I was just in a hurry to get to the health club. I'd volunteered to be an instructor in 'free weight training' a couple of months ago, and I'd found it was something I never regretted. This morning for example, I had an appointment with a new chick that had just...
wrote on 2016-05-17 | by Toiletdream
Office fun
genre: gay
I've always had this "office" fantasy -- where I'd get to have some good 'ole man-to-man fun at the office. So I posted an ad that basically said that I was looking for some oral and wank fun ... and looking to do it at my office after everyone had gone home for the day but before security done their evening rounds to lock up. I was surprised...
wrote on 2016-05-14 | by guyinnor
Go round
genre: group sex
It was a beautiful spring night, and he walked hand in hand with his new wife, enjoying the smell of new blossoms and a low fresh breeze. He was nervous, though, and he felt the same tension in his wife. “Are you sure you want to do this, honey? We can always go through the adoption route. Who knows, maybe the doctor is wrong?” “Sweetie,...
wrote on 2016-05-13 | by nighttonic
Massage and fisting
genre: fetish
I was working in a country town alone and at a loose end one evening, so I phoned a lady who I had previously met through a reply to her internet advertisement. Ann usually calls by my motel; she surprised me by inviting me to her home for the first time. I took a bottle of wine with me. When she greeted me at the front door I guessed my earlier...
wrote on 2016-05-12 | by Kezza
My first SPH experience
genre: first times
So when i was 20 in college, I was still a virgin. I ended up meeting this very pretty girl (Laura) which I found out had a huge crush on me! So I thought this was my chance to pop my cherry. We started hanging out over the following weeks and started to get to know each other better. Up until this point I assumed i had an average cock and that...
wrote on 2016-05-07 | by threeinchdicklett
Mom son engaged
genre: incest
It is evening at kolkata summer time...inside the flat this things goes on... Mita and raja are mother and oson..mita is widowed for 5 years.age 42.works in a bank. Her son raja is a student of collage.age 20.they live in a flat of kolkata near jadavpur. For outsiders they are like normal mom son..but inside the room they acts like...
wrote on 2016-05-04 | by arpan
The offer
genre: group sex
Harry Potter was tired. Being an Auror had been his sort-of goal at school, but after fighting a guerilla war against the Voldemort regime going around and picking up d***ken louts in Knockturn Alley just wouldn't compare to the thrill of chasing down horcruxes. And the paperwork... nobody had warned him about the paperwork. He apparated to his...
wrote on 2016-05-03 | by goodall
genre: straight
That was this summer. I had very long relationship and last year i got ridden of it. So I sex occasionally wit various girls till then. One night this September I was very very tired of everything. Job went finally better and some private investing also, but I had being working for 14 hours a day at time. It was About 1 am in the morning and was...
wrote on 2016-05-01 | by Wolf
The blindfolded taste of lust
genre: gay
His eyes can't see a thing. His complete body is submerged in darkness, the same pitch black from where the odd faint noise gently bursts into distant echoes; footsteps in the kitchen, glasses clinging, the door opening? Closing? She had told him to undress, very kindly she had said it, almost with a smirk, and fully clothed, she had watched him...
wrote on 2016-05-01 | by LusciousSkin
How I found my first big black cock
genre: trans
Well I guess I will start by telling u about my self. My name is Tony I am 6'2 270(just a beer gut) 6"c and I like to dress Up like a Slut. I have lots of Tattoos the reason I use to shave my body, and no one knows I do this in my day to day. It all started when I took my frist Cruise. I was going on a week long one with 3 sea days. On the...
wrote on 2016-04-28 | by Tony
A question caught me by surprise
genre: incest
"So, what's the deal with you and your sister?" The question caught me by surprise, enough so that what promised to be a perfectly executed head shot ended with my character being fragged by a tank instead. "What do you mean?" I asked. I hadn't the faintest clue what Nick was talking about. "I dunno," Nick replied. "You guys seem...
wrote on 2016-04-26 | by brianbigdogsmith
Gates of hell at work
genre: fetish
I was in my office and just doing some work. I was rock hard at the time with my gates of hell rings on. It felt great. I have a pretty private office. So no one is going to see anything or really hear anything unless they would walk in. I was just doing some work, as I said before, but also I started to play with my cock head a little. I was...
wrote on 2016-04-23 | by sbmax
Instructions for Slave: Part 2 My lovers meet
genre: domination
My slave walks in with eager stride and downcast eyes as asked of him. He is holding his lead up high, pink shiny cock displayed against masculine tummy... I get up and take the leash... I walk him in, and place him standing squarely in front of my young female lover. ...
wrote on 2016-04-19 | by Calamitygin
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