Family Island

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Brief history. My family has owned an island for generations and was a large family group when it was first acquired. Over the generations we slipped in numbers due to war, illness and some becoming priests and nuns. So, by the time my father had me it was just him and his sister and their parents. My parents had only me and a sister who died young (7). My mother passed away when I (Kenny) was 15. (cancer) which had stopped more children being added to our family. I was 2 years older than my much-loved sister and my father passed away when I was 23 and at university. My father's parents had both passed before I was 13, so it was my aunt and her 2 children and some relatives on my late mother's side. But it was my aunt and her children I was closest too. Her husband had died when I was 17 and she never remarried. Her children were attending the same university as me, the younger 22 was Rachel and a quiet girl who I saw the most. Her brother Graham 25 joined the military after university and died in a training accident at 29 (2019). My aunt died in late 2018 (stroke). I'd finished university 2018 and doing very well and Rachel had just finished when her brother died. We saw each other a great deal and kept each other company. Then 2020 the pandemic threatening I decided to retreat to the family island and wait it out. Rachel also thought it a great idea and we started getting everything we thought we would need. Once everything was ready, we headed for our island and settled in. The island had everything connected we would need and within days of our arriving lockdown started to be enforced. We had food for about 6 months, mainly dry and tin food could catch fish to supplement our food. We had alcohol but it wasn't a great amount, so we didn't indulge ourselves by drinking. We kept busy fishing and gardening and other things to keep from getting too bored. But we did get restless as we were confined to an island unable to leave. While swimming one afternoon we got frisky, I'll call it and we went almost too far. She sucked me off and I licked her out, no penetration. We hadn't got condoms or any other preventative method to stop a pregnancy. But as we had become sexually active with each other, we were tempted to go all the way as they say. Finally deciding we could and then stop become I cum inside her. The first time I managed to withdrawal before Cumming. As I did the second and third times as well, with successfully avoiding leaving my sperm inside her. We became complacent and during one night of passion I failed to withdrawal in time. Once we had failed in stopping leaving sperm inside her, we decided not to bother anymore. I would cum inside every time after that no attempt made not too. We were going to deal with what ever happened later, as it turned out she didn't get pregnant till about month or so later. Just before the lockdown ended and we decided to see what the tests showed first before making any decision on actions for us to take. The tests showed no problems with the child and so we married interstate and live as man and wife with our 2 children, a girl born in 2021 and a boy born in 2023. We always got on very well together and still do, very happy with relationship.

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