Fell on my feet

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I'm a high school dropout, left school at 14 and started travelling. My father was an abusive alcoholic and he got worse after my mother died. Not that she was any better, she also drank as much as my father. So, I left no brothers or sisters and got work here and there. Tall for my age, but skinny I passed myself off as older and took any job I was offered. I'd got a job with a fencing contractor and ended up back in my hometown for a job and I was then 18 and had filled out sum and being tanned and I wasn't recognized by anyone. I found out my father had also died about 15months after I had left and so I didn't have to worry he might recognize me anymore. Working for the contractor I learnt to drive machinery and improved my job prospects. Just before I turned 20, the contractor sold his business and retired, and I decided to move on again. Working here and there as was normal for me. About 2 years later I met a nice lady who was 52 widowed and ran a small hobby farm (15acres), not that she needed too. She was quite well off financially but preferred the quiet country life to city life. I was looking for work and she was after someone to fix her boundary fencing. I was at the hardware looking for work and she came in asking if they knew anyone able to fix her fences. The hardware owner knew of no local available at the time and I said I had worked for a fencing contractor. So, I got the job on trial and after fixing her property's front fence, got the job to fix all the fencing. Also able to do building maintenance and other things, the job became permanent. I lived in a small bunkhouse (9' by 9') for want of a better description, hardly enough room to spin a cat, all meals in the house. But as time passed, I'd become thought of as reliable and was trusted. Then at Christmas 2022 it snowed heavy for the first time in years, confined to the farm as the dirt road to town was too slippery. Then too muddy when the snow melted after a few days. I worked about the farm as usual and then one evening at dinner she asked me to stay the night with her. So, I did, and it became a regular thing for me to sleep with her. I liked the sex with her, and she liked it as well. On one of her daughter's visits. We'd a threesome and about month later the daughter (27) came to live with her mother fulltime. She and her boyfriend had broken up, they were having trouble before previous visit, and she decided to forgo all the hassle and returned to live with her mother. On her return, my sexual services were also used by her. Whether by accident or on purpose she would get pregnant in October 2023. Marriage wasn't required of me, and sex is still with the both of them. No need to take precautions as she is pregnant. As far as the locals know we are in a relationship, they aren't hiding her pregnancy and as that how it is now. I really fell on my feet with this job.

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