Company Property (Part8)

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Kelly inserted two flaps from an inhaler device into Clair's nostrils; "Breathe it in," she ordered softly; "You may feel light-headed and then be out for a few minutes; don't be concerned."

As Clair breathed in the gas, She watched the sunlight filtering in through the high windows of the clinic. Feeling a surge of excitement mixed with nervousness, she would learn some deep secrets about this place today, And the thought thrilled her a little.

"What's wrong with me? " She wondered, "I'm getting horny just thinking about the terrible dirty secrets I'll be exposed to! I've changed so much!"

Deciding that it must be due to the drugs she ingested in her Food, "Food? Really!? It's literally a gallon of warm sperm every day, and you love it! Geez, Clair, You are a dirty farm whore!"

She thought the last part involved trying to chastise and humiliate herself, but it only excited her more. A few minutes later, Kelly greeted her with a fresh mug of slightly yellow liquid.

"I want an honest opinion. You are something of a connoisseur by now, and I know you get only the best sperm, So this new mixture is right up your alley; please give it a taste and let me know what you think." Kelly seemed sincere in her request.

Clair eagerly accepted the cup and wasted no time sipping it. At first, slowly, then with a smile, she finished the fluid with a big gulp of satisfaction. "It's heavenly," she told Kelly with a milkshake-mustached grin.

"Excellent!" Kelly remarked, "I've added some of the larger animals together with the modified men; I think this will meet the Doctor's standards nicely!" Admiring Clair up and down, Kelly remarked, "The Doctor should be very proud of you, His finest creation, Perfection of the female form. It'll be fun working with you."

Clair smiled as Kelly raised a baby wipe to her lips and removed the crusty chode from her face, "Now let's get you cleaned up, little girl; we have an exciting day ahead."

Following Kelly, the head veterinarian, through the maze of corridors, Clair couldn't help but notice the sheer size of the male animals housed within the facility. Great Danes towered over her, muscular bulldogs with imposing statures, and the horses were an incredible sight, monsters 10 feet high at the shoulders!

"Are these animals part of some special breeding program?" Clair asked, her curiosity piqued by the extraordinary sizes.

"Breeding, Gene splicing, Drugs, and a little black magic," Kelly said in a sexy voice, emphasizing the Magic."

"Magic? Ha, I get it. It does seem a little supernatural," Clair responded.

"Blind Girl," Said Kelly, "How do you think the Doctor treats and modifies women to accept cocks the size of trees? Without damage, without tearing, and without pain? The man has tapped into forces beyond science. It'll become more apparent as the day passes. Look at what he's done to you; I've seen the before and after pictures of you. A beauty before, true, but now you seem almost ethereal. You've only witnessed a small part of his power; He's saving you for something big in more ways than one."

Clair felt a shiver of fear down her spine, which only fed her the excitement about knowing more.

They arrived at a room that seemed to pulse with energy. The air hummed with the soft murmurs, and Clair's heart quickened with anticipation as they stepped inside. Cages lined the walls, each containing a woman on all fours. From blonde to brunette, all shades of skin and ethnicities, all lovely and young, but Clair understood now that age meant nothing here; The Doctor could bring an older woman back to her youth.

Each woman silently waited patiently for her turn. Dr. Kelly gestured toward the cages with a proud smile. "Welcome to our testing program. Here, we keep the females used to hone the breeding skills of new and newly modified males. I need you to change out their feeding bottles; they get the low-grade sperm we milk out of the rejected human males. Their sperm is still very healthy, but their use is limited; either they didn't take to the procedures, or only their testicles were affected."

"So I take it their penises didn't grow?" Clair couldn't believe she just asked that, but now that she had, She was interested in the answer.

"Yes, some men, mainly the white men, Don't react the right way to treatment. Their wives might bring them in demanding we give them a 12-inch cock, and the poor little fellow just ends up with basketball size gonads. They need to be milked regularly, so the wife will drop off the husband for a few weeks or, in some cases, sell him to the company; we keep them hooked up to the milking machines; it's a good way to keep the feeding bills low. The sperm we collect feeds all our common work females, and we bottle some blends up for the wives of very wealthy men."

Clair smiled at the thought of a man being hooked to a cow milking machine, "I guess the guys get accustomed to constant orgasms after a while," She said with a cute, coy tone.

Dr. Kelly laughed; "It's all men care about, but then again, Deep down, the women all want to be in a state of ecstasy all day also; that's the primal drive that Dr. X has unleashed in every female the company owns, You included." She looked Clair over approvingly, " I have heard you are a good girl and do what you're told; that's why the company has such high hopes for you; today, they want you to help out and observe what makes this world of ours tick."

Kelly pointed to the cages of young women stacked three high along the wall; "All of these females need their feeding bottles changed; you'll find the fresh sperm dispenser over in the corner; please make sure they get a full dose."

Clair snapped and removed an empty bottle from the cage of the lowest-level girl on the right. She walked over to the machine and read the instructions.

"It's all straightforward," She thought, " I just slide off the top and insert the bottle, Then press the button labeled "Full," like my coffee machine back home. Back home?" She pondered, "I guess my home is here now, I'm a slave in a world of depravity, But I like it; crap, I'm such a trashy slut!"

The machine chugged thick fluid into the container until it reached the "Full" mark, then stopped. Clair slid out the bottle, slid the nipple back on, and walked over to the cage to re-insert it.

"Here you go, honey, Fresh food," Clair chirped.

The girl in the cage looked at her with doe eyes, "Thank you, mam, I'm hungry, They had me fucking a bear last night, and he worked me hard; I'm starving," she said, hushed and timid.

Clair was shocked and asked, "Was he at least kind to you?"

"No, Mam, He held me down with his jaws around my neck and pounded me; the more I screamed and cried, the harder he went. He was so strong and massive, But I made him feel good. I always do my job the best I can, and I can't help but come no matter how humiliated I am."

Dr Kelly chimed from the end of a large desk, "Don't talk too much to them, Filly. These females are designated test subjects; They aren't allowed to speak for the most part. That one is being used to train a giant grizzly, and she has a few bumps and bruises to show for it. We gave her a level 4 upgrade, so he can't hurt her sexually. We had to because the Master enhanced the bear's penis to a pretty incredible size; he is very possessive and violent when he takes her. The more she yelps, the more excited he gets. It's quite a sight to see her little body under him as he pounds away; she passed out a few times but gets to rest today while more procedures are performed on her mate."

Kelly looked down at the terrified girl, "So much more fun for you to have, dear; the big bad bear seems to like you. Don't worry; Dr. X will be done with him soon."

The frightened woman latched onto the nipple and began slurping the sperm.

"These females have been treated against damage and for the basic beauty mods. The Doc likes clean beauties, even for the dirtiest tasks. They have no body odor, and all their functions have been corrected, But nothing like the extent of your mods; you are one-of-a-kind."

Clair felt a little pride knowing she was held in such regard. "Thank you, mam," she said as she continued the feeding process with the other women.

Some of the slaves said thank you as she filled their bottles; an Asian woman was crying as Clair refitted her bottle, "It's ok honey, They aren't hurting you."

The woman looked at her with tears in her eyes, "I'm going to have sex with a gorilla! I'm so scared; help me, please."

Clair was shocked, "A gorilla? Really? well, at least they have rather small penises, and they'll keep him from hurting you." Clair tried to smile and assure her she would be alright.

"That one is going to train Sampson, The largest gorilla in captivity; The doctor has given him a giant cock to match his size, As big as her leg!" Kelly thundered so the girl could hear her, "Her pussy is going to be allowed to stretch permanently, She wasn't treated completely, so she won't be harmed or in pain, but the aftermath will be a large gaping pussy." She laughed sinisterly, and Clair assumed there must be more to the story with this girl. "Her father tried to defraud the company, So this is his payment; we have others in similar situations; she should be thankful; it's just a gorilla; at least he's close to human; there are more extreme ways to go here. The Doctor wants to keep those two together permanently; Sampson has a voracious sexual appetite."

Clair frowned at the woman, "Why did her father risk such punishment?" His daughter is now a bestiality slave. What an awful person."

Dr. Kelly laughed again, "Many females here were just sold to the company outright; money is a grand incentive; of course, they must meet our standards; the Doctor can be pretty picky in these situations; he won't consider the unattractive for even the most severe depravities. After a while, the females come to love their positions; for example, you seem to be taking to your new life quite well; look at you, perfect little body and the face of a goddess."

Clair looked down at her body. It was terrific; she was a walking sex doll, and she loved the effect it had on men.

"Some of our properties are here because they have assaulted the company, Not a family member or spouse. The Sleeve is here for fitting, and the Doctor himself is further enhancing her mate. They're a special project test he's developing. She worked for the company. Miko: I think she was a Special Assistant to Film Productions. Investigators found she had been planning a certain blackmail, and the company stopped it specially. Now she is a permanent article of clothing for a genetically enhanced monster; it doesn't pay to harm the company, And besides, Nobody who worked with her liked her, So everyone gets to mock her as she is violated; great fun. I'll introduce you to her later."

Clair was startled at the information and had a thousand questions but thought better of asking them, "I'll most likely find the answers eventually; no reason to make them think I'm calling into question the actions of my owners."

"Get number 4 out, and let's get her to a training room," Dr. Kelly told Clair. It's a dog for a change, number 4. He's been treated and is still a little violent, so get ready for a ride, little puppy." The last part of the sentence was said in a laughing tone.

Clair unlocked the cage and helped the pretty thing out. The woman was young and had a nice petite body. She was still slightly bigger than Clair,

"Hook her to the leash, "You can lead her and just follow me," Clair did as she was ordered, "There we go, honey; you get to play with a Doggy today."

The girl looked at Clair and asked, "I was with a goat before. Will it be much different?"

"I don't know," Clair responded, "But from what I've gathered, He'll be much better endowed than a normal dog."

The frightened female nodded her head and shuddered her tan nude body as she followed, pulled by the leash. As they entered the hallway, Clair could hear the barks and yelps coming from a room to the left; two middle-aged men and a young female assistant wearing a lab coat stood by the door.

"Is this the bitch for Duke?" Asked one of the men, smiling. Dr Kelly turned and put a hand on the frightened girl's shoulder.

"Yes, He sounds a little worked up; Duke knows it's feeding time! We have a juicy snack for him for being such a good boy." Kelly said in her deviant, joyful tone.

The two men stared intently at Clair, "Who's your new helper, Doc? I ain't never seen anything like her before."

Doctor Kelly slapped the man's hand down just before he could feel Clair's bottom. "She's a top Filly. Hands off! She's learning a few things before the Doctor decides where she goes, right?"

The older man rubbed his hand, and the two looked at each other with shock. "Top Filly? Wow, that's a first for both of us. Gosh, look at her, Perfection."

Clair smiled at them and handed the Doctor the leash.

"This is Duke's lunch for today; give her a good feel-up if you wish; she's just a test female." Again, her voice was cheerful, and the men wasted no time grabbing the woman, their hands meeting every curve and crevice.

The poor test female was rubbed and felt as she looked at Clair, "Little girly, Duke is going to claim his bitch and ride you like a train; she's nice; I like her long curly hair, Tight little ass is nice too."

Doctor Kelly asked the girl in the lab coat if she had the lubrication, and she held up a white jar, "Yes, mam, It's mark three."

Kelly looked at Clair, "Will you please apply a generous amount to our test female."

Nodding, Clair took the open jar from the assistant. The men were holding the woman and told her to get down. She obeyed by going down on all fours and arching her back to allow access to her privates.

"Nice," The older man said as he rubbed the girl's belly," Wish I had one for myself, Hell, I'd take one that's been us up in testing, Still hot, Just been fucked by everything."

Both the female assistant and Doctor Kelly burst out laughing, "Do you think a used-up test female would even feel you during penetration? We'd need to drug her to keep her from laughing every time she saw your little white worm cock!".

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