Company Property (Part5)

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As Clair felt the warm deluge cover her body, She orgasmed once again, moaning as Jacobs continued glaring at her.

"Good girl, You get payment for doing good work around here. He eagerly made sure to inspect the coating of sperm running down her body. 

She finished sucking the remnants out of the pulsating tip and snapped out of her trance, Pulling her lips away from the monster. "Oh nooo, I couldn't stop it. The only thing I could think of was his cum. How is it possible? I'm not like this." She pleaded with Jacobs. 

"As I told you, Women are easy to manipulate, Just give up a huge cock, and they melt. You got him all over you, Plus you got a huge load in your little belly, Good show too, I enjoyed watching, Your little pussy is wetter than a river rock during a rainstorm filly, It's dripping." 

Clair closed her legs and turned beat red with humiliation. She was still holding the shaft firmly, and Jacobs noticed her little hands had begun petting it again, like trying to comfort an animal. 

"You can't be that shy, baby. You're still fondling that thing like your favorite stuffed teddy bear." 

Clair looked at the cock in her hands and lovingly placed it down onto the bucket, Patting the top like the head of a puppy. "I just wanted to calm the poor man and make him feel comfortable," She said, trying to pass off her passion as charity. 

"Oh, you made him feel good. I'm sure he'd do about anything to spend more relaxation time with you." Jacobs said with a chuckle.

Clair stood up, dripping with the milky fluid. 

"You need a good cleaning filly. Help me quickly, and we'll get you to a wash area. Go grab two black plugs from the office, and I'll get the lube. We must secure those two Ponygirls before they pass out from being so close to this here, Ponyboy." 

She had a dumbfounded look on her slimy face. Blue eyes stared through milky drips as her wobbly legs began walking the short distance to a door labeled "Office." 

When she opened the door, an Attractive woman dressed in stylish Equestrian attire yelled, "Stay on the plastic, You're covered in cum, and I don't want to deal with the carpets again. I.D. number?" 

Clair looked at herself and took extra care to stay on the rubber floor mat, "F33, mam". 

Shocked, The woman looked at her, "F? You are a Filly? Why are you covered in Ponyboy cum?"

Without thinking, Clair responded, "I was sent to deliver two ponygirls, and Mr. Jacobs asked me to help milk the stallion. I guess it got a little messy." 

The woman laughed and looked Clair in the eyes, "It got messy? I can tell by the ring of dried sperm around your mouth that the "Messy" part is between those little legs. You are slumming around for a Filly. Ponyboys are usually reserved for Ponygirls and Rich white wives. You're so new to this, I'll bet they keep you in the dark about things, But today you got a real dose of life around here, And believe me, honey, A top tier 30 series filly wouldn't be caught dead with a ponyboy, No matter how good he tastes." 

Clair nodded as if she had been scolded for taking too much candy at a Halloween bowl, "Jacobs said I need two plugs for the Ponygirls, mam. Then I need to get cleaned up." 

The woman reached under the counter and produced two black bulbs with a dial on one end, "These should do the trick. When he lets you go, Come around to the rear of the building, and we'll get you cleaned up. We don't have a filly area, so the standard cleaning must suffice. I'll call the stable and let them know you'll be here for a while, and we are working on organizing your return." 

"Thank you, mam. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I might have caused. I'm still learning the ropes. 

Clair tried to sound confident. The woman only chuckled and told Clair, "Well, we use ropes around here, too; you'll learn about those soon enough, honey." 

After returning to Jacobs, he was in the process of bending the ponygirls over two barrels. They were antsy and prodding against their reins. 

"Seems your show rilled these females up, Might be a little pissed you involving yourself in their relations with that big ponyboy," Jacobs seemed amused at Clair's embarrassment. 

She looked at P40. "I'm sorry if I overstepped my boundaries. I couldn't help myself." 

P40 snapped back, "You are a Filly. You get everything. Why take from us? " 

Clair felt low after that comment, "I'm so sorry. I know you don't have much to look forward to. I'm sure you'll have some fun in a bit." 

She didn't know how things worked or if her insane words made any sense, but the girl calmed down. Jacobs rubbed lube onto the plugs and inserted them into the vaginas of the ponygirls. Adjusting the dials, Clair could hear an audible hum coming from each plug, and the women began gently moaning. 

"That's right, little ones, relax and let it work its magic." Jacobs looked at Clair, "These things put um in a coma. It's the best invention ever. It makes my life easier anyway. They'll be fine for a while now. Did Margo talk to you in there?"  

Clair snapped to attention, "Yes, sir. She said when you are done with me, I should get to the wash station." 

"Well," He said, "I guess I'm done with you for now. I like having a sexy little helper. It makes me think of grabbing one of the new lower-tier females up at the main house and using her. A pretty helper could be useful. A sexy little thing. I got some great ideas for her. I'll do a little shopping tomorrow; she's gotta be just right." 

Clair felt sick to her stomach, Hoping she didn't just invent a new degrading job at the ranch for some woman to be enslaved into. Around the back of the office was a series of bays equipped with brushes and hoses. Margo was waiting for her with two Asian women who were completely nude. 

"Hello again, Filly," Margo chirped, "We need to get you all pretty again. A dirty cum covered Filly is an insult to what makes this place number one. There is a time and a place for you to be messy, Little one. Get over here and take off those crunchy clothes." 

Clair stepped into the bay and nervously removed the filthy garments. The two Asian women helped her remove her top and pulled the stockings off, followed by the skirt, 

"Looks like these will be too dirty for spot cleaning, but we'll make sure your little hat is good to go," Margo took the hat and licked the brim, "Umm, Ponyboys do have a nice flavor, "She said and walked into the office. 

"Stand up, please, mam." The slight voice of one of the Asian women seemed tiny and timid. 

"Okay, thank you for helping, I'm Clair." 

The woman looked stunned at Clair, "You don't need to talk to us, mam. We're just Barn Girls, and We've never even seen a Filly up close. You are lovely, mam." 

Startled, Clair responded, "I think you're both adorable too. Why can't you be Fillys also?" 

"Us?!" The little woman asked with a gasp, "Oh no, mam, we are not assessed to be more than Barn girls. The Doctor inspected us and deemed we weren't compatible with his procedures. We're level 1-Bs. Thanks for your kind words, mam, but we do odd jobs and don't even get to taste the stallions. We milk them and keep them clean. Sometimes, they give us to the farmhands for a night as a bonus for their excellent work. Once, I was assigned to an older janitor for a whole month before he retired. I did a good job and spent my time well, pleasuring him daily." 

Clair was at a loss for words, managing only to say, "Well, I'm sure he was thrilled with such a pretty woman to keep him company." 

The petite woman smiled, feeling pleased and comforted. Clair was aware of these women's fear of breaking the rules or saying the wrong thing, so she wanted them to know she was no informant or threat to them. 

"What's next?" she asked, standing nude in front of the women. 

"We don't usually work with such a beautiful subject, mam; B20 and I will be very careful. Please let us know if we do something wrong." 

The girls started dribbling warm water onto Clair's breasts, gently rubbing her body. "This sperm is good for the skin, But your skin is perfect, unlike anything I've ever seen, and the roundness of your bottom is exquisite. It's a pleasure to be of service to such an asset to the ranch." 

Clair felt very flattered, "Thank you so much. I must say, your hands are soft and feel nice against my skin." Then she wondered, "You say you wash the Ponys here?"  

B22 smiled excitedly, "Yes, mam, We wash the males and females. The Ponyboys are our favorite. By the time we get them, they are very docile from all the breeding and are tired, but it is so exciting when their penises react to our hands. I dream of one-day breeding to a Black Ponyboy, mam."

Clair reacted like she had just heard a student dream of becoming a veterinarian: "I hope someday you will. Keep your dreams, and I think you deserve to be happy." 

D22 giggled with delight, "I like how you speak, mam. It makes me happy. D20 just returned from a month at a barn in Italy. She fell in love with a farmhand there and was upset she had to leave. 

Clair looked at the quiet girl, "I'm so sorry. Being away from the one you love is very hard." 

D20 looked at Clair, crying, "I miss him. I miss the way he tasted and crawling at his feet." 

Reality set in again, and Clair was in shock, Thinking, "I'm in a bizarre world of dystopian decadence. There isn't any sense of logic or decency." 

She was lathered up, and the females washed her whole body, making sure to rub her ass crack and pussy to remove any dried sperm. Rinsed, Clair felt as relaxed as after a good massage at the club. 

"If you sit in the chair, mam, we can do your hair." She sat and was pampered with a foot rub, and D20 braided her hair in what Clair decided was a Ponylike style, Exact and beautifully done. 

Margo returned and asked Clair to stand up to get a good look at her, "My Goodness, You are stunning. Without the sperm bath, We don't get units like you around here. They want you to wear something for your return, so I've brought you some clothes." She handed Clair a small bundle. Put them on, and I'll set you up for the return trip." 

The two girls helped her with the new outfit, A tight gray dress slit up the sides and rear. Both ass cheeks were wholly exposed, as were her nipples protruding over a bustled area, causing her breasts to assume a perky attitude. Clair wore her belly chain outside, and Margo placed the now clean hat upon her head.

"Very nice. Are you ready for dinner when you get back? I'm sure everyone will be watching you. We don't want them to think this branch is incapable of top-notch work." 

She put on her slippers and walked, following Margo around the office. "These Ponies need to be returned to the stable," Margo said, pointing out two Ponyboys and a petite ponygirl. She handed Clair the reins. 

She stared in awe at the black male creature calmly standing before her. Margo introduced Clair to the Ponys, "This is PB100. He's the largest Draft pony stallion on the ranch. He pulls carts, and they use him for heavy work; P39 is his for the week. The other white one is PW 99. He's only used for small carts and rickshaws. They are all plugged for travel and shouldn't give any trouble." 

Clair heard the hum of the plugs whirring away in the orifices of the ponies. "Okay, mam, I'll get them to the stables." 

The males' leashes were attached to their members, and when Clair pulled to start them moving, they lifted straight. With a soft grunt, they all started walking. 

As the pastures dropped out of sight, She began inspecting her guests; first, The female was pretty and innocent looking with black hair and a fit curvy body, slightly taller than Clair, So not very tall, really; the white male was hairless and tan, Fit and his small penis made Clair involuntarily chuckle, "I can see who doesn't get the ponygirls very excited, especially next to PB100!" His eyes dropped in shame, and Clair felt a little sad for him. Then she turned attention to the star of the trip, "You must be 7 feet tall, and your arms are bigger than my waist!" She said aloud, "And look at that penis, Holly cow; it's bigger than my whole arm! Hey! P39, Do you think you can handle that monster?" Clair asked with a tone of authority. 

P39 timidly answered, "I think so, mam. She shook a little from her plug. I'm frightened of him, and they say her never stops when he gets started. I've only ever been with a small pony." Her voice sounded meek, and Clair was caught off guard. 

"I'm sorry, P39, I was just kinda joking. Are you terrified?" 

"Yes, mam, "she answered. The Doctor said I'm ready for him, But just look at how big he is. I think it'll rip me in half!" 

Clair bent down to inspect the enormous penis. It was even larger than the Ponyboy she had handled earlier. "It's tremendous, but If you relax, it'll fit. If you don't do it willingly, I'm afraid they'll force you. And when he gets the serum, He'll overpower your concerns; I know, that stuff made me horny as ever." 

The woman nodded and said, "I guess you're right, and after I have enough of it pumped into me, They say my mind will be obsessed. That scares me, too." 

Clair accepted the situation. She couldn't change this woman's fate, "Don't resist, and they won't hurt you. The other women here seem to be okay and learn to look forward to coupling. I know that a male like that is a dream of many women. I can tell he likes you by the way his cock is throbbing just standing next to you." 

The girl looked at the cock, "It is massive. Most women never get something like that." Thank you, mam. I'll be okay, I think." 

Clair looked again at the Black man, "So beautiful and hung like a tree." She touched his grapefruit-sized balls, "And so full." 

"Resist, mam," The white Ponyboy spoke for the first time, "The serum remnants are still affecting you, so don't rile him. He'll take you right here, and nobody could stop him." 

She instantly cleared her mind, "Ohh my, I must get control over that. Thank you." 

The white man smiled and nodded, "My name is Kyle. I've been here for two years. I'm just a cart puller." 

Clair was happy to hear a kind voice and began chatting with Kyle. "How did you end up here?" she inquired.

"I ran up some debts, and my wife and I had to sign onto the farm to pay it off. Only you never really end up paying off anything here." 

She then asked, "So they made you a ponyboy? What happened to your wife?" 

He blushed and told her, "I started as a handyman but got caught trying to visit my wife. She was a house servant. To punish me, I was sent to the Doctor to see if I was worthy of becoming a stallion, He did treatments, hair, skin, and tone, But he couldn't get another inch out of my cock, mam, It's small around here, and that's not very useful." 

Clair put her hand on his shoulder. He was shaking, trying to fight the numbing effect of the plug in his ass. She looked down at his cock, It seemed so small, and his balls looked like two marbles. 

"I'm so sorry, Kyle. She reached down to his balls, holding them tenderly. What happened to your wife?"  

"Taken to the Kennels. My wife is beautiful, and they thought she would be a good puppy girl. That is her life now." 

Clair listened intently, rolling Kyle's balls in her hand like dice at a crapp table. She was very wet and kept thinking about the control she held over this man and how hot it was that she could contain his entire manhood in her little hand. 

"How humiliating it must be!" "She's a puppy girl? Do you ever get to see her?" 

"Yes, They assign me to the kennels to move carts occasionally. She is active over there; her new husband is incredibly well-endowed, and I sometimes have to stand there and watch them. She mocks me for being so little. It's terrible." 

Clair looked sad-eyed, Feeling excited and pitiful. "It must still be the effect of the serum. I need to fight it. I'm a very nice person." 

Kyle looked at her understandingly, "I know; that stuff brings out all kinds of behavior." 

She continued rubbing his balls and now was pulling his cock, "It's so tiny, Cute little thing," She said, slipping into decadence again. 

"Mam, I can't hold back anymore. I'm going to cum, stand back. I don't want to get you in trouble by soiling your clothes." 

She moved to one side, and Kyle shot out the end of the sleeve that contained his cock, three small spurts were all he could muster. 

"Good little boy, Clair said. It's so small, but it's still fun to play with. Thanks, Kyle, for looking out for me." 

She kissed him and started walking again. They made their way along the path and, after a while, reached the stables. It was getting late, and the Overseer grabbed the ponies as Clair opened the stall doors designated for them. 

Daniels looked at Clair and whistled, "Dam! They dressed you up nice, honey. Margo said you performed well and helped out. Just got a little dirty on the walk. That's cool; it's a long way. Get in and get some of your food. I got these ponies. PB100 will get to try out his new girl in the morning. He's pretty out of it now." 

Daniels grabbed the poor ponygirl, "Looks like you get the big one in the morning, honey. 100? My Big boy, Don't mess around. He'll wear you like a sleeve! Everyone is coming to watch. Hearing a newbie yelp and seeing her buck when it stretches her wide is always fun. Get a good look at that tight pussy. Ain't going to be tight long, my boy 100 leaves um gaped light a fucking tunnel." 

He ran his fingerers along the poor woman's pussy, and cupped her rear end. Clair watched and started feeling nauseous; clearly, the serum had worn off. The humiliation of the enslaved people fully sickened her. 

"That poor woman is going to drop from fear, And her fate will be so much worse than the taunting." She thought. Daniels was sucking the girls' nipples and having a fun time. 

Clair walked over to Kyle, who was watching the violation. "I am sorry you suffer so, And your wife is horrible for taking another husband. I can't believe she mocks you!" 

He shrugged, "It"s okay. I've accepted my situation. At least she's happy. I never thought a dog would replace me, but It happens, I guess."  

Kyle's words still raced through her head as she walked to the main hall. Had Kyle's wife married a dog? Was he kidding? She knew from her time at the ranch that decadence walked about every inch of this place, But had it slipped so far into another dimension that Beastiality was occurring? The idea shook her to the core, and the thought of a woman coupling to an animal was too much to take. Not knowing how to get the facts about the ranch, she kept her outrage subdued and did not raise waves. She would investigate independently and keep up her cooperation with a false smile. 

The great table was set, And Margo rose from her chair when Clair entered the room. 

"Dear Filly, Come sit next to me. I want to speak to you about your day!" Clair followed the order and sat beside the finely dressed, smiling woman as Margo examined up and down. "I like the dress, dear. From what I hear, they took good care of you." Maria, Bring Ms. Filly her Shake; she earned it." 

Clair was happy to hear of the Shake. She hadn't eaten lunch that day. "Well, it depends on what you call lunch," She thought. The stallion had filled her belly pretty well. She smiled, thinking about it. 

Maria placed a large Beer mug in front of Clair, and everyone watched as she sipped her Shake, "Oh she said, "Is this the same blend as I had in the clinic?" 

Margo nodded knowingly, "Yes, dear, You had a good day, and we consistently reward good behavior. This is a costly and rare Pfalz-Ardenner Kaltblut mix. The Doctor has added your supplements. He is thrilled with the results, as everyone is. You are a stunning filly, my dear." 

Clair looked up with big sea blue eyes that almost glowed in the soft light And kindly said, "Thank you, mam. I like the results, too, and I'll keep working hard. I won't let you down." She managed a lingering smile as she placed the large mug to her lips and enjoyed the frothy, warm fluid. It was becoming her favorite flavor of Shake. 

"I'll hold you to that. Now, you may want to wipe your upper lip. That big mug left a white mustache on your pretty lips, and Your nipples are getting hard, little one." Margo looked at the men around the table, "She likes her shake fellows. Her nipples are erect; see how the female laps up the milk?" 

Clair realized her nipples were exposed but held in her shame. It was not the time for trouble; the Shake had made her whole body tingle. She kept smiling as the men ogled further, making minor remarks she couldn't hear. 

"A warm mug of sperm makes your little body melt, Doesn't it?" Margo clearly intended for that statement to shock Clair and wasn't disappointed. 

Clair put the mug on the table and stared at it in terror. "It's sperm?" she asked with a shaky, unsure voice. 

"Yes, dear, and the particular blend comes from rare German draft horses. You are being treated to the finest semen on the planet. Finish your cum, honey. The men get a kick out of females drinking it, and it's your only source of nourishment from now on." 

A round of laughter rose at the table, and remarks of "Little cum bucket" and "finish it all, baby" tore at Clair's ears, She hesitated, but the look on Margo's face made it clear she had no options. She picked up the mug and wondered how many generations of horses she had already consumed. And why did she like the taste so much? 

"Chug! Chug! chug!" The chant began as the men encouraged her to intake the sperm deeply. Frightened of disappointing an entire room of people who had complete control over her life, she obliged and gobbled the spew. Slight lines of overflow trickled down the sides of her mouth, and she tried not to think of what was happening, focusing on the rush of sensations rippling through her little body. 

"Good, dear. Your little tummy will be so full. I bet you dream of massive stallions tonight." Margo's voice sounded excited.

After she finished and placed the mug down, the room went silent. Clair looked into the men's eyes and then back at Margo. 

"You constantly impress my little Filly. You must have impressed Jacobs. He now wants an assistant full-time. I have just the female in mind for the job. I'd like you to help prepare her for the duties she will be performing. Maria, please show our little Filly to the V-dorm. The female in question is named Vicky for the moment." 

"Yes, mam," Maria answered, taking Clair's hand and leading her out of the room and towards a separate wing of the building.

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