Company Property (Part11)

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Kelly orchestrated a brilliant deception in a strategic maneuver to further safeguard Clair. Using misdirection, Kelly devised a plan to release false information suggesting that F33 had been transferred to an overseas company branch, A research facility hidden in the remote Siberian wilderness; this misinformation was strategically disseminated through carefully selected channels, throwing off Abdul's quest to kidnap her. Clair would also be disguised as an intern around the facility.

Her name is Misty, and she is the daughter of wealthy company backers. Kelly had thought out the scheme by the time the women reached the wardrobe department. She could leverage her position within the company and discreetly access resources to assist in concealing Clair's identity. Altering Clair's appearance and implementing enhanced security measures, Kelly believed she could thwart Abdul's nefarious intentions.

Dr Kelly walked Clair into a small room that contained racks of clothing and two women working sewing machines.

"Ladies, I need your help; this is a matter of utmost secrecy."

"Yes, Ma'am. Of course, What can we do for you?" The women couldn't take their eyes off Clair.

" Janet, we have an issue, and I need to conceal this, Filly; you can see how incredible she looks, and right now, I don't want her to draw too much attention. The cover will be an intern; nobody must know the truth."

The women dropped their projects and approached Clair.

"We can cover her with a Lab smock And some thigh-high stockings," Said Janet, "Marla, Run down and get Q; tell her we need a black wig."

Marla ran out the door as Janet removed Clair's clothes. "Oh, I've heard about her, but she has to be seen to be believed; she is simply amazing!"

Doctor Kelly nodded, "And we have a potential security issue; certain parties are interested in acquiring our prize here. Some influential people want our Filly here to breed with their Stallions and will stop at nothing until she's entertaining guests filled to the brim. That's not going to happen! "

"Oh dear, That won't happen if I can help. We'll get this little Filly looking like a fresh intern!" She put a pair of black thigh-high stockings on Clair.

Doctor Kelly still wanted Clair nude under the nurse-type smock. The loose fit helped a little to hide the incredible shape of her body. Jan put Clair's blond hair up, and then an older woman named Q applied a short black wig. She Finished with plain black dark-rimmed glasses, and Clair could pass as a super hot nursing assistant.

"That's about the limit with such short notice, Doctor."

"It'll do fine, Thankyou ladies, and I need to ask you not to speak of this, please," Kelly insisted.

"Of course, Ma'am, we understand."

She looked at Clair, "Well, Filly, Let's go and meet Miko the Sleeve; it should be interesting."

As they walked, The Doctor informed Clair of her fake identity; she would be Misty, and Clair would pose as an assistant to the Doctor.

"Yes, Ma'am," she replied, excited about the cloak-and-dagger approach.

"We don't want Abdul and his associates to know where you are at any given time; since you are a top property owned by the company, they'll think we have you stored away at one of the facilities. Never thinking, of course, that we would keep you untethered and walking around."

Stopping at a receptionist station, the Doctor introduced Clair as "Misty," the daughter of an investor.

"So nice to meet you," the receptionist said. My, you are a pretty young woman; where do you go to school?"

Clair was stunned, "Go to school? How old did she look? College was years ago! I guess the treatments have de-aged me!" She thought.

"Misty goes to Hawkins U," said the Doctor; she's a junior.

"Yes, I want to be a doctor someday," Clair added.

"Oh, you can't get a better mentor than Doctor Kelly, and I'll bet you'll love working here. There are lots of fun activities for a young woman."

The receptionist handed Clair a clipboard, and the two women walked off, chuckling, "I guess that cover story works!" Said Kelly; "Excellent work."

Clair felt happy knowing she had performed well; It seemed to her that being the property of an organization like this suited her well.

"They own me. I want my owners to always be pleased." In the back of her mind, she realized there was some clinical diagnosis for such a mindset, but she didn't care anymore.

"I've filled false transfer orders stating that you have been moved to one of the remote company facilities; your new quarters are in the main building, Along with the V.I.P interns; you'll need to maintain the guise for a while."

Clair nodded; "I understand, Ma'am."

The hall ended in a round room. Two men sat at the front desk, and behind them were tall storage lockers,

"Yes, Doctor, What can we do for you today?" One of the men asked, looking at the Doctor and staring more intensely at Clair.

"My new assistant and I are here to pick up number 4. This is Misty, a Student intern on spring break."

He smiled, " Wow, the girls didn't look like her when I was her age; a little woman like that must drive the boys nuts at that college of hers." He managed a creepy smile.

"She's the daughter of one of the Master's close friends, so you had better behave in your best way, my friend!"

His creepy gaze instantly turned to mild fear, "Oh, I'm sorry, Ma'am; sometimes it is hard to remember how to behave in front of free, attractive women, Yourself included."

She chuckled, "Okay, no harm done, Misty. It seems you affect people."

Clair blushed, "I guess I'm flattered," she said, smiling at the men, "I don't really know much about boys, But they are sure cute sometimes."

The men smiled at her and were smitten with this new, pretty intern.

Doctor Kelly had to interrupt the trance-like stares and ask again about the female in stall 4, "We need the Sleeve. She's got an appointment in the fitting room."

The younger man stood up quickly as some sense returned, "Yes, Ma'am, I'll be right back with her."

He rushed out one of the large swinging doors behind the desk; the remaining man asked Clair, "Do you like working here so far?"

Clair looked at Kelly and then back at the man, "Yes, Everyone is so nice. I find the different aspects of the institute fascinating and pretty exciting."

She pulled herself up straight, exposing the tops of her thigh highs and a tiny bit of skin; he stared back with his mouth open.

"I hope to see you around the grounds; so nice to meet you, Misty."

She gave a big wink and smiled, "Sure thing. Nice to meet you."

Just then, the other man entered, holding a chain. It was attached to a beautiful nude asian girl.

"Here she is, Doc, I Don't know what they're fitting her for, Pussy is so stretched. Ain't nothing going to fit!"

Both men howled with laughter, And Doctor Kelly joined in on the laugh. "Yep, They have a leather harness for her; she's just the right size for her mate but still tight for him.

"That must be something to see, Both men agreed, She's super hot, and I still can't believe her little body can take something like that," He grabbed Miko by the ass, "You like having that meat in you, Sleeve? How does it feel to be a piece of clothing?"

Miko hung her head down, Ashamed. Clair felt a tingle of sorrow for her but remembered that this was her punishment for attempting to hurt the company. Clair was handed the chain, and the women left the room.

Both men politely said, "Goodbye, Misty," as they exited.

The Doctor looked at Clair and said, "You have power over men, And you're a good thinker. The Master was right about you."

Clair smiled and was warmed by the high praise."

Noticing a sound as they walked, like a leather purse being opened and slapped shut repeatedly, she turned and looked at Miko. Then, down to the noise source, she said, "Oh my, she really is open down there. Isn't she?"

Miko looked at her with sad, pleading eyes. It's because he's so big, Ma'am; my mate, I was normal before they made me his Sleeve."

Doctor Kelly said, "Yes, Little Sleeve here rides him all day and night. The Doctor has given him some more inches for her to enjoy. We have a new harness for you, too; it's reversible and can hold those little legs up out of the way past your ears if he wants."

They walked into the central square, where many groups of employees were having lunch.

"Hey, Sleeve, I bet there are more than a few people here who remember you. Let's go meet them."

Miko pleaded, "Please no, Ma'am, I'm naked."

"The Doctor gave an evil-sounding laugh again, "You should have thought about that before you mistreated them and tried to ruin the company; I say this is the least you deserve!!"

The three walked up to a group of professionally dressed men and women at a picnic-type table.

"Hello everyone, my assistant Misty and I are out for a walk with this Sleeve; she's part of the giant green retarded Orcs wardrobe; he's being modified a little more for her."

The people at the table went wild. "Well, hello, Miko. Remember me?" A man asked," Not so high on the horse now, are you?"
A laughing woman added, "Well, it's not a horse, More like an immense green cock! Look at the size of the gap in her pussy!"

They all took turns getting a closer look, "My goodness, It flaps when she walks, ten men could fuck her at the same time, and none of them would feel it!"

Miko was crying and trying to close her legs to hide the open hole.

She was the center of a group session. Clair watched with disgust and excitement at the spectacle, and Kelly seemed to encourage the humiliation. The employees, who each had a grudge to settle with Miko, told her how low she was on the totem pole. One woman even inserted a can of soda into the humiliated woman to watch it fall back out again.

"She's not even human anymore! Fucking gaping whore!"

Clair assumed that the woman had a real vendetta. And was getting some therapeutic release of aggression.

Kelly finally stepped in as one man attempted to fist Miko. "Let's let her Orc have his fun." She pulled Mikos's leash back. "If you want to see her on the job, She'll be reunited with his cock later today, and the two will be on display in the rotunda tonight."

The crowd thanked Kelly for the opportunity to address their issues, and as she walked away, they broke out in a chant of goodbyes to the cock sleeve. Miko continued to cry as she was led away; Clair listened to the rhythmic slapping of the sleeves pussy and smiled at the thought of the situation.
"She's still a tight fit for him. The Doctor stopped further stretching so The Orc could hold her better. Nothing like a convulsing sex toy whimpering on his cock all day to keep him happy." Kelly was enjoying Miko's shame.

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