Company Property (Part4)

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As she walked, The overhead globe followed her, Sliding along the rail attached to the ceiling.

"F33, remove your garments and place them on the table. You will then lay on the bed and wait for the Doctor," the cold, metallic voice ordered.

Disturbed about being naked again, She reluctantly did what was asked of her, "Asked of her? They tell me to do it. I don't have a choice," She thought as she was again naked and climbed onto the soft bed to wait. She could hear the woosh sound of a door opening, and a male and female voice were discussing.

"This is f33?" A male voice asked.

"Yes, Doctor, She is ready for the examination. She's moved to PL2 serum and seems to take it very well. It's the best so far, in fact." The woman seemed impressed with Clair.

The male voice followed with, "Great, I'm going for total modification on this one. It might be my only shot at perfection. Where did Meyer find her?"

The woman seemed to hesitate as if scanning a document, "Ohh, Here it is. The company noticed her a couple of years ago, and they contacted her husband and made the deal. He's living in Tahiti now with his new wife, who was supplied by the company. I guess everyone has a price!" She laughed. "A lot of money and a mind-altered slave who never says no is all it takes to sell off the woman you love into servitude."

The Doctor laughed, "It's easy to alter a woman's mind, But he got the short end of the deal. This one is on another level. The company has authorized me to do what I want with her!"

Clair was beyond scared and hurt by the information. She thought she was saving her marriage, But it was all a scheme to get Rick to move into the good life at her expense!

The Doctor leaned over Clair, "Hello, little one," He said in a tone Clair found profoundly creepy, "I'm Doctor Sinclair. You are my extraordinary project." His hands glided over her nude frame, "Exquisite! You are perfect." He inspected Clair's teeth, " Nurse, She's adorable, but let's give her a stage 3 on dental. The eyes need a little blueing, say 4 points."

The nurse was taking notes as she listened. Clair lay motionless, listening to the Doctor ramble off numbers and procedures she would have to endure. He picked up her tiny hands to inspect the manicured fingernails she had just paid for.

"These look good. She'll never need any work there again. Toes are picture-perfect. Spread those legs 33. I need to see what I'm working with."

A jolt of shock raced through Clair, "Open my legs for him? Can I do this? Maria's voice rang in her mind, "Do what they ask, Or things will be bad." So she embarrassingly opened her legs.

Clair felt hands against her clitoris, and the nurse inserted a probe of some sort into her.

"She's got a reasonable depth," Then a strong force stretched Clair open further. "Good resistance, Doctor. Well within required spec, sir."

The Doctor was ecstatic, "Excellent, I knew she was the ideal specimen. Get a message off to the home office. We are proceeding with the next stage. Roll over 33. I need to inspect your little behind, filly."

Clair rolled over, and the nurse placed a pillow under her waist. This caused Clair's rear end to extend up, exposing the round bottom that had driven the farmhands crazy since she arrived.

"So symmetrical and tight," He said as his hands brushed over Clair's ass. "We don't need to bleach her. She's perfect down there, fresh and flawless. Let's give the first injection today. She will be out for a day, so inform the overseer, and he can make work arrangements to cover. She won't work at a staff job for much longer anyway." He said, eyeing her as she lay on her stomach, " It should give her a little more size in the breast area, not much, just enough for perfection." He swatted her rear end and cupped a cheek. Clair started crying a little from humiliation.

A few moments later, The nurse bent down and brushed the frightened woman's hair, "It will sting a little, honey. You'll sleep like a baby till Friday and feel rested and fresh."

Walking around behind Clair and injecting a large syringe into her right butt cheek. She drifted off a few moments later, With the sounds of people talking and doors opening, Then the dreams of her husband, of her life before this nightmare, and finally, Of riding Thor Across open fields, feeling the sun on her body and feeling the massive animal move beneath her. She woke in bed, The voice on her speaker informing her of "WAKE-UP" time, feeling slightly dizzy and wondering how long she'd been out. Clair reached her feet and realized they had put her back into the pink jumper.

"At least I'm dressed," she thought, wondering who had done the dressing.

The shower felt tremendous, but Clair noticed that her body and hair looked terrific before stepping into the water, "It's like I don't even need it; I don't smell, and I'm feeling so fresh, But the warm water was comforting.

The daily uniform was on the nightstand beside her warm, yellowish cream shake. A note read, "Finish breakfast, dress, and meet with Overseer1 at the stable for daily duties."

"Ugg, back to work. What will they have me do today? She sat on the bed with her breakfast and drank it as she looked at her body, "I look great! Look at my skin. Are my breasts bigger? How was this possible? That shot worked. I wonder if men can get it to help them down south?" She laughed and was surprised at her little dirty joke, Not something she was used to telling.

The clothes for today consisted of a white laced half top with short puffy sleeves, Her perky breast held together and her nipple only just covered, a gold belly chain, and a brown leather skirt emblazoned with the words Filly33 and a black outline of a horse hoof on it, Thigh high thin white stockings with a ruffled band, And no panties seemed to be supplied. A cowgirl brown leather hat was also provided. She put on the attire and stepped in front of the mirror.

"I look a lot like those women in the magazine." She posed with one leg up and exposed the roundness of her bottom. Then catching herself and scolding the loss of control, "Why are you acting like a magazine slut? This stops now!" As the calm return of control covered her, Clair noticed the label on the right side of her neck. It was the same emblem on her skirt, along with a small bar code. "What? They branded me like a pack of cigarettes. Those bastards think I'm an animal!." She began to cry again and rubbed the mark like it might come off with some coaxing. She then started worrying about the time, "The last thing I need is to be late and get spanked again." Out the door, she traveled swiftly to the stable, making sure not to move so fast that the skirt lifted, flashing the whole ranch.

Daniels was waiting, smoking a cigar and nursing a beer in front of the stable door, "Finally decided to come to work, I see. Geez, you look good, baby doll. The Doc has been working his magic!" His eyes wandered up and down Clair's body.

She looked back at him shyly and replied, "Yes sir, thank you, sir."

"We are in a hurry, so I want you to get going pronto. I need you to clean out these five feed bays along this side of the stable. The feed is old, and we never skimp on the stallions, grab that little hand broom and dustpan, and climb in there to sweep them out."

Nodding her head, she picked up the tools. The feed bays were pass-through from outside to each stall. Clair would have to crawl into each portal on her hands and knees to perform the task.

Realizing she wore no underwear caused her to hesitate.

"Get going, filly. You want to get the whip next time?" He threatened.

She frighteningly hopped up into the first portal, bending and crawling till only her feet were visible. Daniels reached beside her with a flashlight and showed her what to sweep. His other hand rested on the round bare ass presented to him.

"Gosh, I love this ass. I could rub it all day. Get sweeping, Baby, I'll watch from here." She felt his tongue swipe the crack of her bottom, "I just want to bury my face into it." She felt another swipe of his tongue, "Tastes like heaven, baby."

Clair continued to sweep the portal and removed herself from the rear-end assault her boss gave when she completed the first stall. Daniels reached in and grabbed her waist, then lifted her out, holding Clair's little body in his arms.

"You are such a prize, If I thought I could get away with it, I'd claim you for myself, baby, But I ain't dumb enough to try on a Branded Filly; they'd bury my ass 6 feet under. This place keeps me supplied. I don't get top-tier, But they are higher than most. It won't be long, and you'll live the good life. At least, You'll think it's a good life."

She looked at him, more terrified than ever, shivering at the thought of what could be in store for her.

"Let's get over to the stockyard. We have some cattle to move, But first, I want to get you brushed off. Those stalls were dusty. Hold your hands up, and I'll get the brush."

Clair stood there and extended her hands high, lifting the skirt past her ass, making her feel like a stripper asking for more dollar bills. Daniels held the brush and wiped her white stockings.

"They must be made from special material," she thought as the dust fell right off, and they became bright white again.

Daniels looked under Clair's skirt and directly at her pussy, "MMM, You tempt me bitch, I could give you my long hard one, but I don't think I'd last very long. So tight, and just looking at your body can make me cum."

Clair was genuinely scared of her situation; being raped would be more than she could take from this place.

"Your shivering, Are you scared Big Daniel will grab you and violate that little pussy with his great big black cock? Honey, you don't know half of what I'd do to you, But like I said, You're off limits to me and any other farmhand around here; we get to watch you."

Remarkably, that vulgar remark did comfort her a little, and she stopped shivering.

"Now, follow me to the stockyard. You might get a kick out of what a lower-tier life is like for a female at the ranch." Daniels said. He knew the full details were still not open to Clair, but a little new information would keep her in line, Especially now that she thought she was safe from violation.

They entered the stable and proceeded along the hallway; as they passed Thor's stall, she looked in to see the giant horse.

"Oh, he's out today, Doing a shoot up North. Layla finally gets to work and returns to the kitchen. She pulled a couple of All-nighters, keeping him happy." Daniel smiled, " She's close to being switched from House Servant to a BM designation."

Clair thought Layla was lucky to get a fun job tending to the enormous kind horse." I wonder what BM stands for. It's gotta be better than House Slave," she thought.

They walked down the hall and arrived at a sternly marked door: " Authorized Personnel only!" Daniels pulled a key ring out of his front pocket and opened the locked door. "You never go in here unless someone authorized is with you. Fillys like you don't usually deal with the stockyard, but we have some organizing today."

The image she was presented was of a round dirt-floored pen and many side gates. A large structure was to one side, and Clair had seen one before on a school field trip to a farm when she was a child, A breeding stall. As they entered, she noticed a woman walking around the far side of the pen. She was clad in leather headgear and a mouth bit like a horse's, long leather boots that went up to her thighs, and two straps around her waist. Besides that, the woman was nude.

"Grab a leash from the wall over there and attach it to the P40s harness. I'll grab P47."

The stunned little woman immediately rushed over and grabbed a long black leash. She read the tattoo on the rear of the Ponygirl and hooked the strap to the neck ring of the poor woman, Noticing the beautiful face and body of the enslaved person. Clair realized the woman was in some daze.

Her face had no natural reaction as the leash was attached, and the young woman seemed okay with her situation.

"These Ponys are going to pasture today. They got some males over there that need to be relieved," Daniels took the leash from Clair. "I've got other things to do, so I need you to walk them down the path. It's a mile, so don't get off track; stay on the trail; they'll walk with you; when you get there, ask for Jacobs. He's got some PBs and PGs to bring back; I'll be here when you get back, and we can put the others in their stalls. Get going," He said, handing her the leashes or "reins" for a better term.

Clair responded, "Yes, sir," and pulled the reins as she started down the well-marked pathway to the pastures.

As they walked, a sense of calm lay over the three. Clair enjoyed the trees and beauty of the walk. It felt nice to get away, and she appreciated that she was being trusted to perform independently; plus, not being groped by that creep Daniels made this a pleasant escape. She waited until the Stables were far behind and turned to inspect the poor women walking naked behind her. Both were looking ahead and maintaining obedience,

"What are your names? She asked in a sensitive tone."

"P40, mam," the smaller Blond said," Her muffled voice was hard to understand with a bit in her mouth. "P47 doesn't talk anymore, mam. She's been converted all the way."

Clair stood a foot from number P47 and studied her almost black eyes, "Converted? Into what?" She asked.

P40 answered, "Into a full pony, mam. I'll be there soon if I keep my training. Master says I need more correction, And I'll need more breeding to become a full pony."

"Breeding? What kind of breeding?" Clair asked, disturbed.

"We breed with the Ponyboys. The Doctor has improved them, and they cover us whenever needed. That's why we're going to the pastures; It's breeding time, mam. P47 and I will get pumped full of stallion sperm to help us, and She's been excited all morning after we found out it's our turn to serve at the pastures."

With a shocked glance, Clair spoke to P40, "Are you poor women telling me that you are being used as sex slaves? I can cut you loose, and we can run from this horrible place? I don't know what to do!"

The Ponygirl said in a scared voice, "Nooooooo, Don't even speak of such things. We always love being ridden by the Ponyboys. I long for their huge cocks. Never would I try and run. Please tell them I would never try to run again."

Clair realized P40 thought she was testing her and trying to catch the poor girl in some violation. Not wanting to upset her further, she played along with the scenario, Thinking now was not the time for rebellion,

"Good answer, P40. You have pleased the master." She smiled as the girl relaxed.

"Thank you, mam," she said through the bit, "I've never met a Filly before. We are just lowly ponygirls, and you are lovely mam. I bet the stallions love you dearly."

Still trying to play along, Clair said, "Yes, they all love me, And I must say, You are a stunning Pony. I'm sure your stallions enjoy your company."

A bright smile appeared on P40s face, "Oh, thank you, mam. That means a lot coming from a top-tier filly. I've been working on my abilities since the correction. Should we continue? Mam. There is still much distance to cover."

The walk continued down a shady trail. Clair couldn't believe she was part of an institution of modern slavery, leading two brainwashed women to be bred with enslaved men. It seemed like a trash novel her sister would read. She didn't know what to say as they walked, so she treated the situation as if they were ponies; this made the trip pretty uneventful. "At least I'm performing my task. No reason for punishment. I don't want to end up like these two."

After half an hour or so, A fork in the road indicated the way to the pastures. The other direction was suggested as "Studios." She tugged the reins, and the women hurried to follow her. And just a few minutes later, they arrived at a series of barns and open green fields. Lush trees hung low with a pretty bubbling brook running the length of one side.

"This is beautiful, girls. I can see why you like it here." They rounded a corner, and Clair saw her first PonyBoy. The Ponygirls pulled at their leashes and tried to run to meet the Large Stallion Black man. He must have been 6 foot five and was built like a bodybuilder, with Headgear and bit in his mouth and a tail inserted into his rectum, but Clair was focused on the thing between his legs.

To say the man had a large penis was a massive understatement. It hung thick and pitch black, accompanied by two of the most enormous testicles Clair had seen on any animal, let alone a human.

"Oh dear!" She exclaimed, The Ponygirls pulled hard on their reins, "Girls, girls! Stop this!" Clair commanded. The Ponys let up and just stood staring at the male, Whinnying and cooing, "Just calm down, ladies. I know you are excited about him, But I must deliver you to Mister Jacobs." Clair looked around and tied the reins to a wooded post about 20 feet from the male's pen, She walked over and tried to ask the enormous black man where to find Jacobs, but all she got in return were grunts and snarls as the male became more excited and his penis enlarged to the size of a police baton.
"There there, big fellow, I'm not for you. You'd break me in half with that thing of yours. She noticed a tingle between her legs as a creeping lust began in her tummy. She was only a foot away from pure, driven sex and the ultimate pleasure he had pointed at her. She lifted her skirt and was in a trance of desire, becoming lightheaded as a man's voice called out.

"Hey, get away from him, bitch! You're driving him crazy, flaunting that pussy of yours. Don't you know better than to get around a male on serum? He'll rip this place apart trying to fuck you silly!"

She shook her head and tried to clear her mind: "Ohh, Ohh! I'm sorry, sir. I couldn't help myself! Please forgive me."

The man approached Clair and said, "You must be new. I see you're a Filly, So I take it you didn't know about the pheromones these fellows produce when on serum. He'll mess your head up, and next thing you know, a little girl like you is face down with ass in the air, getting the plow of your life."

Clair was still apologetic, "Yes, sir, I didn't know anything about how it works. I would have never acted like that. I couldn't control myself."

He looked at her, smiling, "You Females take a little time to understand yourselves. This stud has all the power. I see it all the time. It's not hard to break a woman's will when she sees a dong like that! Since he's so wound up, I won't take him to the milking stall. I need some help. Grab that white bucket over there. It's clean, But first, you need to take a whiff from this inhaler to counter the scent So you don't lose it again."

He handed her a small blue inhaler, and she stuck the two nubs into her nose and pressed a button, "Sniff it in. Otherwise, while you're helping, you'll just slide up and impale yourself on that cock of his. Last week, a little gal forgot to prepare, and when I checked on them, she was between two barrels, yelping like a stuck cow while this one pile drove her. Must have pumped a gallon into her before we could separate them. That little pussy of yours is already wet and wants some black mamba."

Clairs, a look of shock, caused Jacobs to laugh, she was so embarrassed, Forgetting that her pussy was barely covered, and he more than likely got a good look while she was distracted.

"Okay, the plug in his ass is used to stimulate the prostate. He'll squirt like a fountain when I turn it on. I need you to bend and hold the head into the collection bucket. Clair looked at the massive penis before her, the ponyboy had bent over the rail, and she resisted, Timid as to the first step.

"Squat down there. He won't hurt you. Grab that meat filly. It should be nothing for you. Well, you're new, so maybe it's still impressive to you now."

She looked up with frightened blue eyes and then looked back at the giant cock head, "Yes, sir." She squatted down, Again exposing her wet pussy.

Jacobs was impressed at her beauty, Thinking, "She's the hottest female I've ever seen. I'll have to watch her when she's training; it should be something to see."

Clair's little hands touched the black bulbous head, and she was reminded of a huge, warm apple. Instantly, the head and thick shaft grew in her hands.

"Oh, he likes you," Jacobs chuckled. Get that head into the bucket and hold it steady." She did as she was told, gently holding the tip into the bucket, and began petting the shaft like a wealthy celebrity petting her prized poodle.

"There there, big boy. We want you to relax." Her hand moved to the dangling black orbs in the sack between his legs. They swayed back and forth, hypnotizing Clair for a short instant.

"Good girl," Jacobs seemed impressed with her help calming the animal/man. I'll flip the switch. Get ready."

A buzzing sound followed, and the cock in her hand jerked. A spray of fluid like a fire hose began filling the bucket. Clair began to feel the urge to drink from the hose but held herself back. Watching the white cum flowing became mesmerizing, and she slipped a hand down to her crotch. Her fingers found their mark as she started pleasuring herself in front of Jacobs.

"I see you like the show filly. Looks like S90 here turns your crank." Clair blankly looked up at the man staring down at her. As she orgasmed and bucked her hips, Reality set back in quickly, and she was aware of what had happened.

"Ohhh, Please, sir, forgive me. I need help understanding what's going on. What am I doing? This is so humiliating!"

He again laughed, "I told you. You women are all strong-headed till you see and feel a cock like that. You are just animals, and that's why we treat you like this: lick the end clean, and we can move on."

Without a second thought, Clair lifted the head up and licked it clean, A small amount of cum was still pumping out, and she sucked the tip like a pacifier looking up at Jacobs.

"See, It's easy. You didn't even hesitate to taste him. You'd let him stretch your little hole out all day if I didn't control things."

She stared at the huge black shaft connected to her mouth as she sucked. What was she doing? Had she just lost all control? But even in her moment of self-shaming, Clair still remained latched onto the penis and savored every pump of sperm.

"Your little hooch is quivering. I'll give you a little treat," Jacobs said and flipped the switch again. Clair felt the head expand, and the tip she was sucking became a fire hose again. Wave after wave of hot sperm shot into her mouth, and she wasn't willing to pull away. Frantically drinking sperm while any she couldn't keep up with washed across her face and down her body. Jacobs was pleased with his actions and watched intently as The tiny blond showered in cum.

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