Company Property (Part7)

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They could still hear Vicky's squeals as the two women returned to the office.

"I guess Jacobs likes his new toy. It makes me feel good knowing the old man is having fun." Margo quipped.

Clair kept nodding. The reality of the situation was that Vicky had no options. The sooner she gave in to her new life, the better for her. Resisting was what Jacobs wanted. She saw it in his eyes when Vicky fought back. Margo couldn't help but smile with contentment. Clair had been nothing short of exceptional in recent days. She could tackle every random task with unwavering determination and took it upon herself to give blunt instructions to S70. With a heartfelt compliment and a warm hand on Clair's exposed rump, Margo acknowledged Clair's success.

"You've done a fine job," Margo said, "You deserve a well-earned break. Enjoy the rest of the day off."

A radiant smile adorned Clair's face as she accepted the unexpected gift of time to relax. "Thank you, mam." She responded with a smile And walked out the door toward the path back to the stables. She stopped at the gate and witnessed two female stable hands bending Vicky over a padded barrel. The nude women had the girl lathered up in short order; Vicky's leash was tied to a wooden fence rail, and she was whimpering.

"Good girl, Just let things happen." Clair felt confident Vicky's new life would improve and started the long walk home. When she arrived at the fork in the trail, she stopped. "Should I explore the other areas or return to my room and relax? Expanding her knowledge of the ranch further was tempting, but she remembered the magazines Vonda had promised, "I can learn a lot from them. I'll study tonight and explore later."

Returning to the main stable area, Clair noticed a group of men and a few women cheering and watching an event. She wandered over, and the closer she got, the more her ears picked up the sound of powerful grunting and the soft whimper of a female in distress. Working her way into the crowd, Clair realized what was taking place. The little ponygirl she met the day before had been given to the enormous black ponyboy.

It was a carnal spectacle that Clair was not ready for. The ponygirl was face down into the dirt, her head turned to one side, and her rump lifted high. Large men held her reins as the immense Glistening black ponyboy took her from behind. Powerfully thrusting deep into the wiggling body of the poor woman, Her eyes met Clair's as she bounced forward and back with a pitiful look of terror. The two black orbs that were the ponyboy's testicles made an almost comical "Slap!" each time he drove into her. The excited crowd was counting down as if it were New Year's Eve, and the ball was about to drop in Times Square.

Fighting the urge to run in and stop the violation, Clair was frozen, watching a transformation from assault to an act of lust, as the little woman began to pant, and a smile grew on her face, "She's enjoying this!"
With that thought, Clair watched as the ponyboy began pumping his little mare with sperm, So full that it started running down the woman's legs and pooled at her knees. The cheers from the crowd still rang in her ears as she walked away from the scene and headed for her room.

Thinking deeply about what she had just witnessed, A slight twinge of jealousy worked its way into Clair. "Lucky girl! She gets to enjoy him all week." Stopping herself, she wondered if it really was her thought or if it was induced by the medication she was receiving. "Either way, I'm fucking envious of the fun that ponygirls having!"

Her heart swelled with joy as she entered her room, greeted by a delightful sight. The stack of magazines Vonda mentioned had arrived, their glossy covers beckoning with promises of taboo stories and breathtaking photographs.

Beside the magazines lay a large fresh mug of her favorite warm drink, sending tendrils of comforting aroma into the room. It was precisely what she needed to accompany her reading, and she couldn't help but appreciate the considerate gesture. The most enchanting discovery awaited her as she looked at the nightstand: A plush bunny suit. Its softness and warmth enveloped her in a cozy embrace, Tight fitting though open at the breasts and rear end. She felt amazing in it, making her think cuddled and sexy. It was as if her room had been transformed into a haven of comfort and contentment, the perfect place to unwind after a day of hard work.

Clair donned the bunny suit, wrapped her fingers around the warm mug, and sank into her cozy bed, reading Breeding and Brides magazines spread all around her. As she turned the pages and sipped her drink, she couldn't help but smile.

Reading intently, she drifted off to sleep after a long day; she was just so tired; the warm bunny suit felt like a hug as she dreamt of her horse husband lying next to her, His massive penis between her little legs.

She woke when the loudspeaker blared the message to shower and don the day's uniform. Clair showered and stood in front of the full-length bathroom mirror. "I look incredible," she said aloud, "like a storybook princess. And I don't even need makeup! My skin tones are perfect! The doctor is an incredible man. I can't wait to see him again."

The usual morning mug of fresh sperm sat next to a neatly folded skimpy nurse costume. The message read, "Enjoy breakfast and report to Med Office 12".

"I've never been inside that building before. I wonder what they have planned for me today. This outfit is sure on the short side!" She chuckled while getting dressed.

The smock only reached the top of her ass crack, leaving her very exposed to any onlookers. The outfit also included a tail plug with L.E.D lights and a bottle of S-lube for easy insertion. "This must be more of the doctors doing," She thought as the lubed plug entered her tight hole, "MY whole body is tingling!"

Powerful sensations increased as Clair walked down the path to the central courtyard and stopped at the facility map displayed in the center junction. Several men walked by, and everyone stared longingly at her body. She instantly became very self-conscious, and a strong sense of humiliation overwhelmed her once again.

"Hello, pretty Filly. Are you lost?" A voice said from behind her.

"No, Sir, I'm just getting my bearings for Med Office 12," she responded.
Turning to see an older man with a significant smile.

"Looks like you're in for a treat today, little lady. That's the research and development dept. If you're free to travel on your own there, I'm guessing they must trust you. Which is unusual for a Filly who's just learning the ropes. That place tests on lower females only, But oooh boy, do they get down to some dirty stuff; you'll be wet and heavy after today. It'll give you a whole new perspective on sex. Go on down the path to the left." He walked up and patted Clair's rear end, "So nice, I'll bet they have big plans for you. I can't say I blame them. Never seen a Filly of your status."

Clair wiggled her rear end instinctively in the man's palm, "Thank you, sir; I'm looking forward to the insight into how the company operates."

He held her cheek, "I love how warm and firm it feels. I hope you get the drilling you deserve, little Filly; I want to watch when you ride, baby doll!"

Clair blushed and smiled. He walked away, rubbing his hand on his face, savoring the warmth from her bottom. "What a nice old man," she thought, "If I had more time, I would have made him feel even better. Oh, dear!! Why do I have these thoughts now? It must be the Jell I put into my rear, Some stimulant that gives a woman deviant thoughts!"

The sign outside Med Office 12 read, "Modification and Arrangements."

"This will be an eye-opener; I'm curious how much I'll be able to see while I'm here?".

As she walked in, Shocking graphic animations covering the walls greeted her. Giants and strange fantasy beasts depicted with large penises and scantily clad slave girls by their side.

On the greeting desk, a large sign read, "This is the doorway to Fantasy; Welcome to Marlai, the Land of Dreams." "Marlai? I've never heard of such a place; I'm more confused than ever now."

A dark-haired woman with a curious face asked, "What is your designation?"

Clair straightened up and responded, "F33, ma'am. I've been ordered to report here this morning."

The woman's eyes brightened, "Oh, Well, good to meet you, little Filly. I've heard so much about you, I must say. You are every bit as adorable as I've been told; please have a seat, and an assistant will be out to guide you shortly."

Clair turned and sat in an oversized soft leather chair. More magazines of an adult animation style were on the table, and they were graphic and very naughty; she was instantly drawn to them. Leafing through them, she was impressed at the detail: Orcs were walking down grassy trails with nude chained slave girls in tow. The story's title was "On their way to a slave auction."

"This is so hot," she thought, "They look so realistic; I'd love to see a whole animated movie based on stories like these."

A few moments later, a young Indian girl in a light blue outfit approached her and said, "F33? I'm Kelly; I need to get your hair up before you get to work today; please follow me into the prep area and sit."

Clair sat in a padded salon chair while Kelly put her hair up in a bun. "This should keep you from messing up your hair. Sometimes, the action in the lab can get a little messy, and it's policy to have long hair up to prevent some of the subjects from grabbing and pulling. You get too close, and they don't care if you are the test subject or not; they'll go for you," Kelly warned a concerned-looking Clair.

"Oh dear!" Clair murmured, "I'm a little scared about what's happening today." She whimpered while looking up at the girl finishing her hair.

"Oh, don't be; this is a day of learning for you. The company has plans for its number one filly, and the doctor wants to let you in on some of its secrets. This is a scarce opportunity that is only available for people in the know and the most prized properties of the company. It'll be an amazing experience for you!"

Kelly sounded very enthusiastic, which relieved some of Clair's concern.

"You need to inhale this inhibitor spray so you can control your urges in there. It'll be difficult to hold back, but this will help'" Kelly inserted two flaps from an inhaler device into Clair's nostrils; breathe it in, she ordered in a soft voice; you may feel light-headed and then be out for a few minutes, don't be concerned."

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