Company Property (Part6)

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Clair spoke softly to Maria. "I've discovered the most terrible things in the last few days, Maria. There is a poor woman here who has sex with a dog, and her husband is a pony slave!"

Maria looked at Clair, indicating she was fully aware of the situation, "I know her, Clair. She loves her new life and is getting more love now than she ever did with Kyle. The dogs are all modified for size and endurance. They keep those Puppygirls quite busy."

"She likes being a dog wife? why didn't you tell me about this stuff earlier?" Clair asked, a little hurt.

"I can't tell you any more than I'm allowed. You found out, and Just like the sperm shakes, It's for you to discover when they decide it is. Margo knew you'd most likely talk to Kyle, and he'd tell you about his wife, Janet. So it's all working the way they envisioned it would. Keep playing the game. I've never seen them so smitten with a new prospect, Clair. You're knocking it out of the park."

They arrived at a door labeled V-Disiplinary. "This is where they hold problem females before they are finally broken." Maria opened the steel door, and the two women entered. A large black man named Moss sat at a central desk watching pornography on his monitor. Maria cleared her throat and said, "Hello, sir. F33 is here to see a new arrival named Vicky. She has some information to share with her."

The large man stood up, Staring at Clair, "F33? Dammmmm, A level 30 Filly, right here? Look at those nipples, and what a body! Her face is like a fresh sunshine morning. It is the first one I've ever seen in real life, not just whacking to pictures of one." He reached a hand out and brushed Clair's erect nipples.

"Sir, These orders come from Margo herself," Maria said, intending to stop any further offense from happening to her friend.

"Oh yes, of course," The guard said as he quickly pulled his hand away. I'll buzz you in and go to room 4."

Maria looked at Clair, and both women were visibly relieved. "Thank you, sir," they walked to a buzzing sliding door. "OK, go in and talk to her. Tell her about the job with Jacobs, but don't tell her the other things we discussed. There are no real details; it's just about her work ethic and stuff."

Clair wanted to scream. Of course, she wanted to spill the beans to the poor woman, but the punishment prospects kept her in check." OK, Maria, Thanks for getting me away from the creepy guard." Maria nodded and walked away, leaving Clai alone to talk to a troubled girl and explain that she is now a slave to a perverted institution. "Just great," Clair thought.

Vicky was a black-haired, pretty 19-year-old with dark makeup under her eyes and pierced eyebrows. She angrily looked at Clair and asked, "What do you fucking want? Whore! Nice nipples bitch."

The greeting startled Clair, "I'm here to try and help you adjust to the ranch, honey, and I'm not a whore. This was my uniform for today; I didn't choose it."

Flipping her middle finger, Vicky snapped back at Clair. "I don't need help, especially from Barbi! Where did you go to school? I'll bet some private rich kids paradise, right?"

Clair shook her head, getting irritated at the attitude of the bratty teen. "I'm 27 years old, Vicky. I'm out of school." Angered and unbelieving, Vicky stormed back, "Bullshit! You're younger than I am, Little bitch, I'm not stupid, Look at yourself!"

Clair walked over to the mirror on the wall and realized the treatments she was receiving had seemed to de-aged her. She looked younger.

"I'm serious, Vicky. I've been out of high school for over nine years. The treatments have changed me, but you need to listen. You need to be prepared for what is expected of you."

"I don't need any help. My fucking parents have tried sending me to 3 rehab shitholes so far. They should have learned that nobody tells me what to do; I got my eyelids done last time and my tattoo the time before; they want me to stop seeing my boyfriend, and I told them to fuck off."

Clair sat in a chair and tried to speak as clearly as possible. This isn't a detention or rehab center. Things are different here, and the punishments can be very severe. Don't cause issues, or things will go terrible; you seem like a bright, pretty, nice girl; if you play by the rules, They'll go easy on you."

Vicky laughed like a tough girl in a bad movie, "Let those fuckers try to punish me. They can lock me up and take away privileges. I'll outlast them. Works every time." Clair could see that this woman had no clue about the gravity of her situation.

"I'd be surprised if you last a week without getting corrected harshly, honey. I'm done, but remember I warned you, and you didn't listen. I'll see you around, Vicky."

The smug young woman looked at Clair smartly, "Get lost, little whore; I'll kick your tiny ass next time I see you."

Clair walked out and back towards the main hall, thinking," She's out of my hands, I tried. Good luck to her."

The great hall had cleared, and Clair took that as meaning she should return to her room for the night. She showered and climbed into bed. She dreamt of Thor, her tummy full from dinner, warm and naked in the sheets.

The following day, she awoke to the mechanical voice instructing her to consume her morning sperm shake and get dressed for the day. Her outfit was a thong bikini bottom, a leather suede half jacket opened in front, a matching hat, and her belly chain. She put on the items, fixed her hair, and proceeded to the main hall as per instructions.

Jacobs was entering the hall when Clair arrived. "Hello, little Filly. I'm going to get a new helper today. They have a couple I can choose from. It won't be anything close to you, but getting a new toy will be nice. "

He smiled, and Clair got the creepy feeling she had opened the door for a poor slave girl's new life. "Good Sir, I hope you find a suitable worker."

Jacobs rested his hand on Clair's rear end, "Margo told me you'd help me get the new female back to the Pasture, So follow me while I pick one out. Feels like car shopping!"

Clair followed Jacobs into a lobby-like area where five females stood waiting. One of the women was Vicky, Looking pissed off and rolling her eyes when she saw Clair.

"I see the little Barbie is tagging along with some old man. Probably gives him blowjobs to get special favors. Don't you bitch?"

She smiled only long enough to be sternly spanked by Daniels standing behind her. The other girls all stared straight ahead and didn't react.

"You will shut the fuck up, or I'll get mad!" Daniels yelled at the shocked Vicky, "You will stand at attention and do as you are told!" He picked her up and stood her in line.

Jacobs seemed to enjoy the discipline show as it unfolded, Leaning over to Clair and saying, "I like the fire in that one. Breaking her will be challenging, and she's cute as a button!"

Clair felt a little sense of I told you so toward Vicky and whispered, "Yes sir, That would be a good choice." She smiled and looked at the crying Vicky rubbing her bottom.

Jacobs walked among the girls, "All of them are attractive, But I think the little dark-haired girl is the one I want. Get her prepped and have her over to the pasture by tonight."

Daniels agreed and Told Clair to take the girl to the clinic for primary treatment. Also, the girl's new I.D. was to be listed as S70: "That's a general stock number. She has no real design. You can use her for whatever you need." Daniels informed Jacobs, "She's yours now. Enjoy her, Sam. You've earned her."

Jacobs shook Daniel's hand and thanked him. He then placed a leash on Vicky and gave the end to Clair. Looking at Vicky, he said, "You do as This Filly says. She's got total control over you today. If she has trouble, I'll find out, and things will be tough for you!"

Clair felt sorry for the frightened woman. She led Vicky into the courtyard as they began the walk to the clinic.

"I'm not going to fucking work for that creepy old man!" Vicky said, "They can fuck off!"

Clair pulled the leash hard. "You are going to cooperate, Vicky. I'm not getting in trouble because of you. This part is easy: A spa day, and you need it. A pretty girl like you made up to look like a goth clown? how pathetic!"

Vicky pulled back at the leash but thought twice about it when Clair threatened to yell for help.

She followed Clair into the clinic, and Vonda greeted them, "Oh, Hello F33, Who is this?"

"Her new designation is S70; she needs basic treatment." Clair sounded like this experience was an old hack and a regular interaction.

"Oh," said Vonda, "A Stock unit." Her voice sounded derogatory toward Vicky, "I'm sorry a Filly has to deal with such low-order animals. Please sit and relax, F33. We have new reading material, and I'll give you a fresh shake to sip on. There are headphones available for some relaxing music. Benson will take the stock unit into the stall area for conditioning."

An ugly old orderly took the leash from Clair and pulled Vicky away into a small alcove behind the desk area. As Clair sat in one of the oversized cushioned chairs, she again felt like a V.I.P. waiting to get her car serviced at a high-end dealership. "I love the clinic," she thought. It's so relaxing.

Vonda handed Clair a drink, "It's got a little French draft in it this time, all top stallions, of course."

Clair responded with a playful snobbishness, "Of course."

Vicky was screaming in the back room. The orderly was removing her clothes and forcing her to stand with her hands up. "Fucking pervert!" She shouted, "Get your hands off of me. Please let me go!"

The orderly spanked the girl's tight little bottom," Shut your fucking mouth bitch, or I'll muzzle you. I don't give a shit if I have to tie you up and beat some sense into your dumb fucking head!."

He made a fist, and Vicky stopped protesting. She stood there while the orderly finished stripping her clothes off and placing them into an incinerator duct, "Ain't gonna need clothes anymore, little bitch." He smiled at the humiliated teen girl. "You got a nice body, baby. They don't think you have any real use, so they give you to the old man for his fun. You'll be a little lap dog in no time. He's a hard-ass bitch breaker."

Vicky tried to cover herself as the orderly led her across the room and over to the medical bays. Everyone watched as she held her head down, not wanting to look at them.

"Let's get that pussy shaved first. Then we'll get you marked so nobody thinks you anything but simple Livestock." He laughed and spanked her bare bottom.

She cried as they exited down the hall. Clair watched and felt disconnected from the poor girl's fate, "I'm just glad I follow the rules, She thought. "I wonder what new magazines they have available." She began browsing the selection.

The first magazine that grabbed her attention was "Farm Family." It had an image of a beautiful cottage on the cover and a gorgeous woman wearing only a tiny fur boa standing with a shiny black horse in the front yard. "Life among the humans," the subtitle read.

Inside were the usual advertisements for strange riding and equestrian gear. Then she reached the cover article, which was informative on how your prize horse can adapt to living inside your home.

"Very strange," She thought. "How would it fit down hallways, and where would it sleep? It's not exactly like a dog or cat in the house."

The accompanying images showed the woman sitting in her living room as the horse sat on a padded chair structure beside her. It depicted the two at a dining table, the woman seated and the horse standing, with plates of food to eat. Then, in what appeared to be a wedding photo, Clair didn't see a groom, and the bride's gown was very revealing. The final pictures were dedicated to the wedding night. Showing a large bed, the woman was sleeping beside the horse, embracing his neck as they lay under the covers.

"How kinky. They are using a perverted way to sell their bedroom products, I guess," And she turned the page to show the horse supported by pillows on the bed. He was on his back, and the woman was riding him, suggesting they were in the act of sex. The covers were conveniently positioned to cover what was happening, but the apparent suggestion was that they were consummating their marriage!

She felt a little embarrassed and, at the same time, a little titillated at the scandalous idea of a woman marrying a horse.

"I'll bet she will always remember her first time," Clair chuckled at her joke, "But it can't be a real thing; I mean, I've seen crazy things lately, but a woman and a horse is something for internet hoaxes."

She turned the next page, and a very pleasured-looking bride lay smiling beside her new husband. The final image was of the wedding rings. A beautiful diamond ring is on the petite finger of the bride next to an expandable band on the....." O.M.G.! It's the horse's penis! This is an ad for unique cock wedding rings for your horse?" She tried to let this sink in, "I'm at a loss for what to think!"

As Clair curled up her legs, she felt warm. Sipping her horse sperm, she realized that this might be a thing for some women.

"I just don't see how it would work physically. They are as big as my leg, for gosh sake!"

"Are you enjoying the wait, Miss Filly?" Vonda's voice broke Clair's intent to study the images.

"Ohh, yes, mam, It's relaxing just sitting here waiting."

Vonda nodded, "I love working here. So laid back, and we get all the good benefits. I see you like the magazines. They are brought in new every week. I can send some to your room when we replace them if you like. I have several back issues, and they are yours if you want them."

Clair, trying not to seem like a pervert, answered, "Well, it would be nice to have some reading material. Might help me fall asleep, So sure, send them over, Thank you."

Vonda smiled, seemingly relieved, "Great. Otherwise, I'd be throwing them in the shredder. I'll have an orderly bring them over this afternoon. I love the photoshoots. The locations are amazing, and The articles can be so good."

Clair agreed," Yes, they are very well put together. I'll enjoy reading them."

Vonda opened a cabinet and started placing magazines into a box. Do you want all of them? We have different types."

Clair wasn't sure what Vonda was getting at, "Sure, I'll check them all out."

Vonda rolled her tongue, "OOO, OK. They get a bit saucy, but I have a stash too. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. My sister is actually in several of the ads. She's gorgeous. I'm jealous of her life.

Clair enjoyed the conversation: " Oh, wow. A model? That's so exotic. I bet she's pretty."

Vonda nodded again. Yes, she's a supermodel in the alternative world and loves life. That's her in the ad you were looking at. She always plays a bride or a cowgirl. And always with the horses."

Clair was about to ask more questions, but the phone rang, and Vonda was soon involved in what sounded like a personal family phone call, So Clair went back to her milk and reading. A man known as "The Doctor" was interviewed in an article. This interested Clair, and she started reading. This was the man who had examined her a few days before. The article got technical and was full of long medical terms that she wasn't aware of, so much of the story went over her head, But she understood that his techniques were being used to increase the libidos of humans and animals massively.

Also, physical modifications on human and animal test subjects suggest a varying range of creatures now modified for his unlimited perversions and fetishes, How he catered to the wealthiest clients, and how he was protected from binding laws due to the political power of the elites involved. The magazine praised him for freeing up ultra sex for the rich.

"Incredible, Gross, but incredible. How can someone so smart and talented be so perverse and strange? I don't understand, but I'm knee-deep in his world now." She wondered what other types of animals the Mad Doctor had modified, "If I do some more investigating, I could find out. I need to read every magazine I can get and understand my situation."

Clair also realized that last thought might be an excuse to see more images of Horses with their lovely brides. It was enticing, and she started getting a little wet again.

Vonda hung up and asked Clair, "Do you want a bath and massage? S70 still has a lot to get through. She's being a real headache for them, so they hog-tied that little bitch."

"A bath? Clair asked, Not even listening to the part about Vicky being Hog-tied, "Sure sounds nice."

She followed Vonda into the rear of the building, "You get full use because of the elite status they awarded. Enjoy yourself, and I'll call on the com when S70 is ready for transport." Vonda sounded so pleasant. It was a harsh contrast to others here.

"Thank you, Miss Vonda, I'll enjoy this. So relaxing."

Vonda smiled. "Get naked and up on the table. You'll get a full massage and a hot bath. I always enjoy them. I think you will, too."

She walked back to her desk, and Clair lay nude on the table. A door opened, and a deep male voice asked, "You ready? I'm Theon."

Clair tried to cover herself, Never thinking the masseuse might be male.

"Oh, Ah," he laughed, "Don't be shy, honey. It's my job. I'm rubbing down on women all day. I got the magic touch," He held up two enormous hands.

Clair relaxed and wondered why he was shirtless, with muscles rippling and a broad chest. He was not as big as the Ponyboys, but he was still a huge black man. She uncovered herself and tried to relax as he warmed his hands with oil.

"You're a prize, Filly. How new are you?" He asked.

"I've only been here a week, sir, still learning the ropes." She tried to sound confident.

"Oh, So you're still early, I get it." He grabbed her feet and rubbed them with great skill.

Clair began to melt as the man massaged her feet and legs perfectly. She felt so warm and flushed.

"You got the nicest body I've ever seen, honey, and your face is perfect. I know why they designated you so high. It's rare to get something like you in my hands."

His deep voice seemed to make her little body tingle with delight. Moving to her neck, his hands flowed down until they arrived at her breasts. Wasting no time, He began rubbing them.

"So lovely and natural! Damm, baby, those nipples respond fast. I like it. He reached down and removed his outer pants, exposing a tight speedo with a massive bulge. "I like to be comfortable when I work."

Clair didn't have the strength to worry. His hands had her in a near-dream state. The sight of his body and bulge only added to her excitement. Theon moved to her belly and felt her hips.

"I hear you get the finest sperm in this belly. It suits you, baby." As he situated himself to massage her pussy and began rubbing her gently. An involuntary response caused Clair to open her legs so he could get full access. "That's good, baby. Let me take care of that pussy for you." She felt his lips on her womanhood; an expert tongue worked its way between her folds, and she started writhing in ecstasy.

"So petite and tight. It'll be a beautiful thing when you are a full-blown filly." His tongue licked upward from her ass, "You taste like a creamsicle, my lovely." Clair's wiggling indicated she was close, so he stopped, "Roll over, baby. Let's not forget that ass. She popped back to reality and became red with embarrassment.

"Don't get all shy on me now, honey. My tongue was just in your little pussy."

He placed a pillow under her stomach, and Clair's rear end presented itself at a vulnerable angle. A moment passed, and when she looked to the side, she noticed his speed was off, and the man sported a substantial black erection. Again, it is not like the stallions but impressive in its own right.

"I ain't no stud baby, but it doesn't seem to disappoint. Do you like it?"

She stared doe-eyed, studying the monster, "Yes, It's beautiful," She said lovingly.

"Aw, I love it when white girls go all goo-goo for my black cock. They stare, and their mouths water," He rubbed Clairs round bottom, "I wish I had the power around here to pound that sweet pussy, baby, but all I get to do is feel you, A little white dove like you is out of my league." His fingers entered Clair as he spoke.

"Look at how hard you made me; this pussy would milk me dry, baby." She bucked her hips, trying to push his fingers in farther. "Look at that, trying to get my whole hand in!"

He stroked her a little deeper, knowing the strict rules. He made sure to keep it shallow. Clair pumped her waist earnestly until finally climaxing and reached her lips over to suckle his huge cock.

"Oh baby, That's not allowed he tried to push her away, but the latching was strong, and Clair fought his attempts to pull out, "OK baby, but I won't hold out long," She grabbed his large balls; and pulled them to her, taking his whole cock head into her little mouth, her tongue worked the tip trying to penetrate, and his legs shook. "I'm going to cum baby, Clair prepared for the spray. As it came, she drank deeply, not spilling a drop, And continued sucking until he was begging her to let go. "Damm, honey, I've never been sucked off like that, you are out of my league for sure."

She smiled and thanked him for an excellent massage. After he left, she climbed into a warm tub to relax.

"Yes, I think I could grow to love this ranch," She thought as a well-deserved nap overtook her.

An hour later, the speaker in the room rang in Vonda's voice. "Did you have a nice time? S70 will be ready in 15 minutes for your departure."

Clair dressed and walked out into the lobby, Welcomed by a knowing smile from Vonda, "Looks like you enjoyed yourself. I hope my choice of masseuse was to your liking?"

Clair managed an embarrassed smile, "Yes, he is equipped to make a girl feel relaxed. Thank you."

Vonda rolled her eyes like she remembered her personal experience, "Oh yes, He's equipped. The ladies here enjoy their spa days. S70 will be out soon. She's been a big problem, but the Doctor controls her now."

Clair nodded, understanding Vicky must have been a nightmare back there. She suspected some pharmaceutical intervention. The door opened. An orderly with a scratch on his face led a nude but harness-restrained Vicky out into the lobby. The familiar buzz of the control plug was noticeable, and Vicky appeared to be in a trance-like state.

"That plug got her all calm. Shouldn't be an issue anymore."

Clair took the leash and thanked everyone for their help, "Did they leave me any instructions for after she was ready?" Clair asked like a pet owner leaving the vet.

Vonda walked out from behind her desk to inspect Vicky, "Well, If it weren't for her terrible attitude, She would have a decent ranking around here, nice breasts, a toned body, a round ass, and quite a pretty face. Too bad she's such a pain! The message said to get her to the pasture after she's treated. In this condition, I'd imagine she'll walk with you with no issue. It's set pretty high, so she's just feeling a bit horny and mindless right now."

Clair smiled and Said goodbye. The two walked out the door and onto the long path to the pastures. With a friendly smile, Clair guided Vicky to the ranch's rustic wooden gate.

"You get to go to your new home now, Vicky. Mr Jacobs is eager to get you working with him."

Vicky was a city girl, and Clair knew it. The ranch's location was remote and very different from what the woman had ever known. Vicky's plug was working, but the girl managed to speak to Clair as they walked.

"I'm naked, and they threw away my clothes. How can they do this? My family sold me!"

Clair responded with a stern tone, "Yes, You've been sold off as a slave. I'm a slave, too, honey. I told you this. Stop fighting it, and They can get ruthless here. I don't think anyone will save you, so accept it and do what they ask!"

Vicky was crying and moaning from the tail plug stimulation, "Ahhh." She half doubled over with pleasure, "This thing in my bottom isn't letting me fight back. It gets stronger when I fight and makes me shiver inside."

"That's why they put it in you. It'll stay there until you start to conform to the rules," Clair was trying to be frank and not give any wrong advice to the poor girl, "Your skin turned out nice, Vicky. You are beautiful, and They said if your attitude were better, you'd be higher up on the chain. Work at it. You may enjoy life a bit more. I think they've given up on your prospects of being an asset. Mr Jacobs is crass and seems mean, but if you win him over, You might be able to manipulate him into promotion."

"Why am I naked? What's that old perv going to do to me? Vicky sobbed.

"I don't know, but it's going to happen no matter what you try to do, So do what he tells you. This is all the advice I can give you." Clair pulled the leash, and Vicky stumbled behind her, crying and whining to the pasture.

"We're here," Clair remarked. Let's go see Mister Jacobs, and remember, You are S70. That's the only name you have here."

Teary-eyed, Vicky nodded her head. The two walked into the front office, where Margo was waiting. "Hello, Little Filly, nice to see you today. Is this Jacob's new little toy?"

Clair turned a half spin and presented Vicky, "Yes, mam, this is S70."

Margo walked over to Vicky and said, "I'm told you are a bit of a headache for them. Jacobs will get you in line, child. I can assure you he will not put up with female high-jinx. You will get a drilling around here in many more ways than one!"

Vicky tried to talk, but Margo shushed her, "You will never speak unless told to speak. Do you understand?" She nodded her head. Reaching around the girl, Margo pulled the plug with a load "Plop!" Vicky was relieved from the pressure.

"Ooooh," she whimpered and looked up to make sure Margo wasn't angry from the reaction. Margo removed the harness, and Vicky stood before them completely naked. Let's go and give Jacobs his new toy, shall we? Clair was hoping Vicky wouldn't try to run and correctly assumed the reason Margo had freed the girl from the plug and bindings was a test.

"Vicky's fear is keeping her in line so far. For her sake, she better keep it up." Clair thought.

The three exited out the rear door of the office, and two male farmhands were repairing an air conditioner. Vicky tried to cover herself only to be swiftly spanked by Margo, "Hands at your sides! S70, Unless you want to be whipped tonight!"

The men looked Vicky up and down. " She looks like a fresh little one. But look at the Filly beside her, Holly cow! A real Filly. She's perfect!"

Clair smiled and whispered "Thank you" to the excited men.

"This little Servant is Jacob's new toy. Have you seen him lately?" Margo asked the men.

"Yes, mam, he's getting her place ready beside his cottage. Lucky Man, someday I hope I get little thing like that to play with."

Margo smiled at him. "Jacobs has been with the ranch for 40 years, and He gets a nice bonus for years of loyal service. Keep up the good work, and I'm sure you'll get yours, too."

They walked down a stone path toward an area labeled "Cottages." it was lovely and peaceful. Several cute little homes dotted the clearings between large oak trees.

"This is lovely, mam," Clair chimed.

"Yes, dear, Valued employees get to live here for free. Jacobs cottage is just over there." Margo's voice seemed friendly toward Clair.

Jacobs rounded the corner, wearing a large red hat and gardening clothes, as they arrived at the little yellow cottage. He looked like an older retired man taking care of his garden. "Well, Jacobs," said Margo, "Here she is." She handed the leash over to him.

"Wow," She looks perfect. Thanks for everything, Margo, I'm so happy. As he spoke, his hands were exploring poor Vicky's body, causing the woman to flinch in revolt. A loud "Slap' sounded as Jacobs spanked her rear, "Stop fighting me!" He reached a hand between her legs, "Smooth and soft, beautiful, I'll get her milking stallions tomorrow. I'm going to show her off at the club tonight. I've got all kinds of things for you to do. Going to be fun!"

Vicky was crying, and her little body jerked every time Jacobs ran his hands along her skin. "I'll have this one barking like a little puppy within a week!"

Margo smiled, "It's so nice to see you happy. I'm glad the company's gift is to your liking. Anything else you might need?"

Jacobs thought, "Well, I will take her to the club tonight. Can you get the girls to do up her hair and make her look pretty? Like high-end classy, It'll impress the guys, me with my high-class bitch naked on a leash, she's going to crawl on all fours most of the time, Boys better keep their dogs in line, or they'll be fucking her."

Margo told Jacobs that the females would be over shortly to give Vicky a good going over. As they walked away, Clair saw Jacobs lean over and begin sucking on the protesting woman's nipple.

"She's gonna learn one way or another." Margo remarked, "She'll be a different girl next time you see her."

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