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She was the hottest woman in my life. She moved next door with her husband when I was in junior high. Her husband was much older than her and they both were from Germany and she married him so she could come to the states. A couple of years before the story he had passed away and she became very good friend with my mom so I got to see her a lot. My bedroom was on the second floor and my window looked down at her house and I could see her backyard and into her house thru the big window. And me being a very horny boy I looked out my window looking for her to have little to nothing on sometimes I just heard loud moaning thru my open window. She didn’t have a man that was in her life so I just thought it was her playing with herself and I wanted to see her in action doing it. She’s always had me working around her house cutting grass and raking and I always got to see her and talk with her about different stuff. I’m sure she knew why I wanted to spend time with her because she’s a very hot and sexy woman for her age. She’s a big woman that had a bodybuilder frame and very massively huge boobs and very big nipples that were always hard and they were showing thru her shirt and her shorts are showing the size of her clitoris and I can see that it’s huge because of the outline of it. Like I said she was the one I jerked myself off to the fantasy of her.

So this is where my story begins. We were the only 2 houses on our street and we were at the end of the street and there’s a huge state park behind us so I saw a pack of dogs 5 of them coming and going in the park and a few times I had seen a dog catcher waiting for the dogs but he never caught them but he told me they had gotten into a women’s yard and she had a female dog in heat and she left her dog in the back yard and the dogs got in her yard and they fucked her dog almost to death. I told my neighbor that we were going to my grandparents because grandma was very sick and we were leaving tonight so from Thursday night until Monday she told me my mom told her that we were going. But what she didn’t know was I wasn’t going with them and I had a plan that maybe I would catch her doing something. When my mom and dad pulled out and were gone I set my room up to see everything and my window is open and I could hear what she was saying I wanted to see her and hear her. I saw her spraying something on the front yard next to the mailbox and she sprayed it on the grass and walked towards the gate and she made a trail to a low slanted bench and then she took her shorts and top off and for the first time I got to see her naked and she looked magnificent and she sprayed it on her whole body and she went to the gate and opened it and carefully closed it making sure it didn’t latch and it could be opened by pushing the gate. She filled a bucket with water and she was putting a box of treats and she got on the bench with her head at the low end with her head hanging off the end and she was using duct tape and she taped her legs to the bench and she taped her waist and she made a loop and she put her hands through it and then she made it tight and I thought she had lost her mind and then I had another thought of me going over and fuck her. From my window I can see up and down the street and what got my attention was I saw the dogs trotting down the street and heading to the woods but the alpha dog was a Rottweiler and he stopped in his tracks and he had his nose up and was smelling the scent that interested him. I figured it was what she sprayed that got the dogs attention and I was right because all 5 dogs were heading right to the gate and I said to myself what was she doing she had set the whole thing up to attract the dogs in her backyard what was she doing. I saw the Rottweiler push the gate open and all the dogs were in the backyard and when the gate closed because of the spring it had to close the gate it latched it self and would have to be opened by someone to let the dogs out. Then I remembered what the dog catcher told me about what they did to the ladies dog and I thought the dogs would do something like that with her and it’s a good thing I was there if she got into any trouble. I got very very excited about what I might see happen to her. So I went and got my dads binoculars so I could see everything up close and I heard her say something like she was glad they were there and they could fuck her senseless and she said her pussy hasn’t been used in a very long time and I saw a pack of dogs circling around the cum dump 1 was the Rottweiler and were black Labrador and 1 looked like a Jack Russell. So with my binoculars I can see the Rottweilers cock is out and showing her what she was going to be in her hole and he was licking her cock hole and I can hear her moaning and talking very nasty and degrading things about what she wants them to do to her she said that the dog needs to get his tongue deeper into her hole and she said that if they do a good job on her she’ll be leaving her gate open for them to use her and i watched them make her a complete and total dog slut I saw the dogs fuck her in a train fashion one after another after another they fucked her all night long. At one point I saw her and she had passed out and the dogs just kept going on her and another dog took over and she was still out cold and when she did come to she said they’re not going until she lets them out and they took a break and they ate some food drank some water and then I saw them one at a time walk up to her and lifted a leg and peed on her face and she opened her mouth to let them piss in her mouth and she tilted her head and said that her mouth needed a dog dick in it and I heard her say that she had hoped to get her throat for them to use. She had been a submissive perverted nasty slut for the dogs for almost 12 hours she said they fuck her and she said now that they know her they can come back and use her anytime they want i wonder if they knew what she was telling them and she got up off the bench and she held the Jack Russell and she said that she felt sorry for him because he really didn’t have a chance with her because the bigger dogs pushed him away and she rolled him over and played with his cock and she told him she is going to suck him off and she swallowed his load.
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