Aunt Cassie's Dog

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It wasn't the same without him, but I was doing the best that I could.
It was too soon to replace him and no two dog's were ever the same, so it would be impossible to try to do anyway.
I had good memories of our time together. I kept using them, even though they were tinged with bittersweet emotions, that threatened to make me cry, at times.
Still, I was as close to finishing off as I'd managed recently, when Aunt Cassie pulled up, outside. The noise of her car tyres crunching on the gravel was better at announcing her arrivals than any doorbell I'd ever owned.
This was yet another one of those inconvenient, unscheduled, unannounced, visits that Aunt Cassie was so good at. The ones where you had to drop everything and go and spend time with her, as if you didn't have anything better to do. I know she meant well... but I just wanted to be left alone.

So, instead of a quiet orgasm on the end of my finger's, I had to abandon it where it was and run through the house to answer the front door, only having enough time to adjust my undies and wipe my fingers off on them, dropping the front of my dress back down, as I went. I opened the door, feigning a different sort of pleasure and hiding my sudden change in interest as I saw that Aunt Cassie wasn't alone. She'd brought a dog with her... a male golden retriever. Aunt Cassie didn't own a dog.

I was unable to say more than a few words of greeting before Aunt Cassie grabbed control of the conversation, as usual, and took it over.
She knew how much I liked dog's... such a shame about my last one, dying like that!.
But she had to get her hair done, at the salon and she knew I wouldn't mind looking after her's, for a little while, he'll really be no trouble at all!, he's such a darling, after all!. She wouldn't be more than a couple of hours. Thank you, so much for doing this for me! Bye, Toodles!, Kissy kissy!, be a good dog for Mummy!...

I swear to God, it only took her two seconds to get back to her sporty little Lexus, start it and depart, wheels spinning slightly in the loose metal of the driveway, as she not quite gunned the engine, as she went... leaving both the dog and I both staring after her, as she disappeared, in wide-eyed surprise.
Only when she was out of sight did the dog's eyes swivel back towards me.
Now what?
Well, I hadn't been left much choice, had I?
I stood aside, silently inviting the dog to enter my house.
He looked at me, looked at where Aunt Cassie had been and then looked at the house again... before turning and trotting inside, cautiously looking around the corner of the door to check it was safe... not realising that the only hazard was standing behind him. I stepped through the door, after the dog... closed the door... locked it also, then I leaned my weight against the door and checked the dog out.

Big... he was big and shaggy, he would be big, and I hadn't been shagged for a while.
How good would it be, I wondered, how good would it feel, to be shagged by him?.
I hadn't had a dog in months... and now Aunt Cassie had casually dropped this golden opportunity, right onto my lap.
She'd indicated that I'd have time to do whatever I wanted with him... and, as it did when I encountered any good looking mutt, my mind was turning over the prospect of having sex with him.

I judged his weight to be about 70lb, heavy enough for me to feel him pressing down on me, with legs long enough to hold and claws to grip... pulling me back, onto his cock, as it pierced me. He was sturdily built, with a big and powerful musclalature... I imagined he would be neither have a greyhound's speed or a Great Dane's fit. He'd still be a nice, solid fuck, his fur cushioning the action somewhat, but that would allow me to focus on what his cock was doing, up inside me.
An unexpected, but welcome, shiver of anticipation went through me, at the thought of it.
Perhaps it wasn't too soon after all.
Perhaps right now was a good time... and my body was letting me know what it thought about the prospect of getting it on, with Aunt Cassie's dog... assuming I could get him to do what I wanted him too.

I lifted my dress and started to rub myself, thinking about the fun to come.
Oh yes!... he had a lot of potential... and because he was attractive to me, he wouldn't be getting out of my house, not without me trying to persuade him to mate with me. I was reasonably sure that I could seduce him... I'd never found a dog that couldn't be tempted to try a new species... I could usually encourage them to rise to the challenge.

As it happened, I didn't need to make a move on the dog, because he came to me... nose raised, sniffing the air on each side of me, before, with a challenging look, he pushed his snout under my dress and up against the gap in my thighs. He buried his nose between them and as the muscles parted, he inserted his nose and sniffed at me. Little ripples of his breath running hot, over me, meeting the heat of my body pushing back out at him.
Now the soft fur around his muzzle came into contact with me, now we were skin on skin... then tongue on skin, it slipped between the gap in my thighs, delicately slipping upwards, the dog tasting my thigh's, pulling my damp and slightly tangled undies from between my pussy lips, towards his teeth. He nibbled at it, then grabbed hold, trying to yank them down, like he knew where he wanted to go and what he had planned for me. His bobbed his head up and down, as he tried to drag them out of the way.
As eager as he was, I pushed his head away, then moved the undies to one side for him, wanting him to get in at me, unimpeded. He dove his head in at me, lapping at my pussy enthusiastically. I manipulated myself, so I benefitted from his actions, riding his tongue and his face with my own rising sense of pleasure. I clenched my fingers but couldn't stop myself, I had to put my hands behind his head and pull him in closer, guiding his snout, showing him where I wanted him to be, showing him how I wanted him to do it, whimpering softly as I got him to lick the good parts... and all the while that big tongue of his was pushing the outer lips apart and caressing, engaging, with the inner ones.
It felt so good, so right. I was so fucking horny for something, just like this.

Suddenly, being tongued and teased wasn't enough anymore... I needed him, in me.
I didn't want to waste any more time... there was no time to waste.
I bent over and he pulled away, circling to my rear, his tail fluffing up, his nose grazing my hip, following the curve of my butt around, the nose going up, onto my lower back. The long fur on his front touched my bum, then compressed as he pushed his chest against my arse... he bounced off the ground with his front leg's and his top half slid onto my back. He reached forward with his front paws, gripping the bodice of my dress, using his claws to grab at my ribs... they found no purchase and scraped over the cloth, down to my waist, he tightened his grip on me and pulled me back, as his hips thrusted forwards. I felt his thighs bouncing of my butt cheeks, the violent compaction sending my head and body bouncing backwards and forwards. The dog was all business, now, and my eyes widened in anticipation as he brought his cock into contact with me. I couldn't see it, but the hard, sharp, point of his thing slid into my crack, stabbing around the soft skin of my arsehole, hard enough to make me wince at the pain of it. I reached back, under myself and tried to grab it, as it slipped wildly around, gyrating, trying to acquire, enter, exploit me. I got it into my hand, then struggled to control the hot and slippery, thin and pointed thing... the dog was pounding it up at me but I just couldn't guide it properly with the dog going at me like he was. He was just too big and strong for me to gain any measure of control over what he was doing, especially while he was on top of me. With a gush of hot liquid, the cock dimpled my arsehole inwards and, perhaps sensing the extra warmth and softness compared to elsewhere, the dog plunged his meat up into my arsehole.

I felt the sharp taper of the tip flare me open, then there was the sudden rush of his hard shaft being driven into me, it made my eyes stand out and my face grimace with pain. He fucked his way deeper... too many inches, too fast, too deep, stabbing at my body. Not ready for that sort of penetration, my body instinctively rebelled against the rough intrusion and I stood up to escape it. The dog slid off me, his cock came out of me... he circled, tried to take me again... I put my hand over my sore bum, both blocking his way and feeling myself too. I turned so the dog was in front of me and then surveyed my hand, happy that there was only clear liquid, from the dog, on it, not blood from inside of me. I looked at the dog... he was going to take some getting used to, after all... if I was going to let him do me anally, we'd have to do it in steps... later, we'd try again later.

I looked down at my dress and, while the pain in my arse subsided, decided that I would take it off... it would be a shame if it got ripped up by this overly enthusiastic animal.
"Come on, dog" I said, inviting him to follow me further into my house.
He followed me to my bedroom, nudging me with his nose as we went, reminding me that he was still interested in what we had started. I took off my dress and the undies, watching him watch me, feeling naughty, feeling nice. The dog stood in the doorway, blocking it, he had me boxed in here and he wasn't going to step aside.
That suited me just fine. I turned and bent over the bed, wiggling my arse invitingly at him... he came over and licked my butt again, then nibbled further underneath, catching at my pubes, his lips on mine, his teeth rubbing at me. Once again, I pushed his muzzle upwards, teasing him, teasing me.

I rotated and made him come at me from the front, lying sideways on the bed, my feet on the ground, spreading myself with the fingers of one hand and using the scruff of his neck to pull him closer, with the other. The steady lapping of his tongue, at me, was unbearably good, I was soon squirming, putting myself out there, for him, wanting satisfaction, wanting relief, wanting release from the torture he was inflicting on my increasingly sensitised snatch... I was at the point when only the dog's cock would be able to reach deep enough to cure the need that he'd awakened, inside me.
I asserted myself over him, using my hands to pull his face up and away from my now tongue-tender cunt. It ached for him, I wanted to feel him stretching it open, around him, feel it going deep. I needed him to take me, use me... enjoy what I had for him... I'd let do anything he wanted to, as long as he satisfied my own desires. The lust that I had for his cock was seated deep. Only he could reach it, stroke it, stoke it, tease me, please me, satisfy my all-consuming need for him.

Up, I pulled him, lifting his head above my groin, the bottom of his jaw pressing down on me, onto my belly, higher... his legs straddled my waist, his lightly furred sheathe slipped against my wetness, I felt him surging out of it, into me... his eyes lighting up as he felt me around him, his body pressing forward, his cock guided by my willing muscles, my lubrication aiding him to start off with, before the forceful injection of his own liquid. It gushed into me, flooded me with the juice from his nut's, I could feel them dangling, erotically, rhythmically rubbing up and down the skin by my arse.
He wasn't deep enough yet, not even close.

His knot was forming... slipping in, slipping out. I hooked my ankles under his tail and pulled him too me, held him in tight, making sure that it wound up staying inside, when it was fully formed. I stretched wider and wider as I made him go deep, feeling him hit the right spot, over and over. I was close to coming... he was big and fat, rubbing sensually inside, driven by both his own desires and my sense of urgency. Slowly, slowly he slowed down... the dog was done, even if I wasn't. I kept on working at his body, working on fulfilling my need. The dog was stuck in me, he had no choice in the matter, huffing and puffing as I pushed and pulled on him, feeling his meat extend, retract, extend... over and over... I was going to come... in five more pumps...4... 3... 2...
I stopped, right on the edge of it.... quivering, wanting to finish it off, but wanting, waiting, to make it better still.
Calm down.... calm down... let it go...
All tensed up, I held both the dog and myself still... when the urge to come had passed, I relaxed, breathed out softly...

Carefully, gently, I rolled him onto his back, feeling the weird unnatural movement of his locked in dong, doing strange things as I shifted my position to being on top.
When I had safely straddled him, I started over again...
the dog was at his maximum size now... he felt massive, within me, I created new pressure from knot, along his thickened shaft and up to the thickly tapered tip. I made it stroke where no man or dog's cock had ever been before, I excited parts of me that had never experienced cock before. Tapped them, stroked them, shafted them. He lay quietly, looking up at me, content to do all the work, now... I bent down, letting him lick the perspiration running down my tit's, the salty dampness seemed to be to his liking. I pushed him in more tightly and he gave a soft groan as the pressure went onto the base of his sheathe, the fur on the tip of it tickled my clitoris, as I filled my entrance with his furriness.

I wanted all of him that I could get, I used all of him this time, so when I came, it would be because I'd taken all that the dog could give... more... more... more... more... I want it all... let me have it, dog, let me have it... faster... faster... faster... FASTER... FASTER... FASTER... he was looking at me now, probably wondering if I was going to break him, as I desperately worked to make it happen... 3... 2... 1...
I clenched him to me, loving him, body and soul... he was such a good dog!
Good dog!
Good dog!
Good dog!
My mind exploded and I convulsed around on top of that massive cock of his, in control, out of control, fucking it into me, ramming it up there, squeezing it tightly as I banged it around inside me wildly, whining in ecstasy as I shook and shaked the canine body underneath me. I stretched him for him, so he could lick my my nipples, he roughened the areola up, I shoved my tit into his mouth, using every part of him that I could, until he started to whined in submission.
He was mine... mine.

I'd calmed down by the time he could withdraw him from me.
Once he was back on his feet again, I took the time to pat him... hug him, thank him, apologise to him.
He licked me clean and then carefully cleaned his erection, the outside of his sheathe was soaked, the fur dripping wet. He licked at his the fur until it looked normal, if somewhat damp. His cock retracted.
Everything returned to normal.
Everything reset.

I'd have to wash the bedsheet.
I'd have to have a shower before Aunt Cassie returned.
I'd have to clean the smell of dog from myself. I'd have to check that his fur wasn't stuck anywhere obvious.
I'd need different undies... same dress though... I don't want her questioning why I needed to change it, from when she'd dropped the dog off 'til when she'd picked him up again...
I'd really enjoyed that.
It had been wonderful!

How long did I have?
Long enough!
I offered the dog my arse, as a reward for his good behaviour.
He was ready again, but I think I might have tired him out, earlier.
He took me, not gently, but not as hard as the first time.
I whined like a bitch for him as he used my arse, letting him enjoy me, but making sure he didn't knot inside me, this time.
He filled my arse with come, not as deep as the first time... but deep enough for the both of us. When I had been pleasantly stretched, reamed and filled, I got him out of me, hugged him again and went to take that shower, that I needed...

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