Merry Christmas...

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It had been a busy day, and the pace had picked up, even faster, in the afternoon... the boss and her daughter, Melanie, wanted to head away to their show jumping event... the horses were waiting, ready to be loaded onto the truck, and the two women were wanting to clear the schedule, and then leave... but it wasn't working out, it would be dark before they got away at this rate... you just couldn't pack as much into the shorter Winter days as you could in Summer.
Four to go, three to go, two to go...

It was all new to the young mare, tied up in front of me... I watched as she switched back and forth between wide eyed innocence and flirtatiously lifting her tail so she could rub her wet swollen twat, up against the stallions nose. He snorted at her, rubbing back at her with his muzzle, licking her with his tongue.
The mare was fretting, knowing enough to recognise that she needed the stallion to do something, but not knowing what it was that she wanted... she certainly wasn't about to submit to him... the stallion had encountered this sort of innocence before, he knew exactly what to do about it... and it was my job to help him achieve his goal... I pulled rope tied around the mares tail, moving it to one side, letting him speared her with his cock, right there, in the centre of her convulsing vulva. I felt it, through the rope's tension, as he took her for the first time, his erection rubbing the rope as he slid past it and into her... a sort of vibration that passed from him to me, through my hands, into the top of my thighs where the rope dangled down, curling around my legs, touching me lightly, gently infusing me with what the male desired and the female feared.

The mare had a surprised look on her face when he first filled her, but by the time he had pushed it in deep and finished impregnating her, she knew there wasn't anything to be frightened of... no, she was a slut for it, now... revelling in having his cock stretching her fully, slipping around inside her and making her juicy with his come... I was feeling pretty wet by then too... watching animals doing it always brought out the female in me, also.... especially first time mares.

I imagined myself as a mare... curious about how it would feel to have a stallion... lose my virginity to a horse. I wanted it. I could feel it! I knew it would be good!
My mind, forever filthy when it came to the prospect of having sex, pictured me being shafted by the stallion, stretched out tight, moaning and writhing in ecstasy, accompanied with a silly little grin of satisfaction as he he offloaded his come, plastering it all over me, feeling him in me, on me, feeling it slowly dripping off and out, of my body. I was horny for it, dripping wet with sweat, as my body reacted to the thought of it... liking it, wanting it, wanting him, body and soul...

When the stallion finished, when he withdrew from the mare... I was ready and waiting to see his 2 foot long boner as it came slithering out of her... knowing it would feel better than anything I'd had up until now... longer and thicker than a man... not able to get stuck inside you like a dog and, to top it all off, the stallion had a nice, slow, pumping action. I imagined it would be a big... slow... comparatively gentle... sexing... me... up... I knew that I'd be able to get off, using a horse.

The boss and another groom lead stallion and the mare away, in different directions, the horses would be back for additional sessions, after they had rested. That was the usual cycle, here at the stud facility, where I worked.

I was still thinking about sex while I waited for the next horses to be brought in to the breeding shed... the reality was that horses were too just big for a woman my size... I'd managed to sneak back into work and do a few experiment's, loving the feel of their skin on mine; big, rubbery, long baton's of horse cock, sensuously touching me, using them to open myself up, easing back onto it... nice and big... so big!.... too big... MUCH too big! OW! NO!... it would be better if I stayed with getting stuck on the end of dog cocks, I thought to myself, and although the idea of toying with their cocks kept repeating itself, inside me head, it didn't gain any traction... it made me horny, but not stupid.
The horniness faded as I waited for the next horse to be brought in to me.

One to go...
I heard the next horse... I tilted my head, listening as it approached... something was wrong with the sound... it was trotting, the handler should have been running, to keep up... but wasn't.
1000lb's of horsemeat, on the move, didn't sound like that.
The boss led the last horse into the shed... it didn't weight 1000lb's... it would have been lucky to weigh 250lb... but for all of it's diminutive size, it was a fully grown, mature, stallion.
The Falabella!

I hadn't realised that the Falabella was on the schedule for today... they were rare still... and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him.
Melanie followed her mother into the room... "I've loaded the horse's, Mum" she told the boss... who nodded her thanks to her... and then said to me, "We'll leave now, Sally... start getting him used to being handled, over the weekend... when I get back next week, we'll do more, I'll see you then" I nodded to acknowledge her instructions. She nodded back and then said "Let's go, Melanie!", the two of them left. As I had suspected... the daylight was fading into dusk.

Back to work, Sally...
It was the Falabella's first time, in a Breeding shed. We'd be extracting his semen to use it in artificially inseminating Falabella mares. Getting it out of him would be the tricky part. I'd be introducing him to the process, getting him used to being touched... handed... manipulated in ways that were foreign to him. There was no telling how he could react. He might not mind... he might kick me in the head.
I put the helmet on... just in case.

Hot water... lots of it, a bucket full... silicon pads... applying water to his cock, tease it, ease it, out and down from his body, the wrinkles of skin unfolding, tightening up as he slowly lengthened. Wiping the smegma off him, out of the folds of skin where it joined with his groin.
No kicks... "That's a good horse!", I tell him... busy cleaning him but appreciating what he's got at the same time... it's in keeping with his frame size... he's only 12 inches long, so shorter and more slender than the standard thoroughbred stallions that I'm used to handling.
It's far, far bigger, than the biggest man. His skin is thicker, firmer, more durable too... like smooth oiled leather, the water flows off it, my hand's flow down it... feeling it, liking it. Come on... come on!... good boy!.... yes!... that's it, that's it!

As I hold his meat, as I manipulate him, I feel him tentatively begin to pump it as I hit the speed that is right or him... faster than a regular stallion... I stay with that speed... and vary the length of the stroke, like he's pushing it somewhere warm, somewhere wet... somewhere that he wants to go... I squeeze my legs together, I know where I want him to be. I lean my shoulder in against him, so he can feel the resistance of my body, pushing back at him, as he pump's... he feels the heat coming off me, he smells my sweat. His head reaches down my back... past my butt, he sniffs and nuzzles me down where I want him to be... it's sheer bliss.
I know it could happen... if I let him.

I want to do it right away... but I have to check that it is safe, first... and to get ready for it, as well.
Trying to look casual about it, I walked outside, over to where everyone parked their cars... only my battered Landrover sat there still.
Good!... everyone else had gone home!
I was alone here... it was just me, here... me... and the Falabella.
I'd been left in charge, I could do what I wanted.

Over to the staff toilets... I have a pee, I take off my jeans and panty's, put my overalls back on again... I'm ready for action, now.
Back into the stable... I close the door's and slide the bolts... shutting the rest of the world out, separating myself from them. Thinking about doing it, without the worry of being caught. Focussed, horny, I slip my hands through the holes in the overalls and I use my hand to get close to coming, looking at the little horse and imagining what he's going to be like. Good... better than just good, he's going to be great... I can't wait any longer...

I go back over to the horse.
I unzip the overalls and tie the sleeves loosely around my hips, I can move, but it won't take much to make them fall down...
I kiss his cock... I take it into my mouth. I've washed it, cleaned it... It tastes of nothing as I draw it in as far into my mouth as I can, using my tongue to feel it's smoothness... It moves, flexes... I grab it in one hand and go to work on it.
He likes it... all males like their cocks being sucked... he snorts in his breath and blows it out over me, taking a few steps to my side, circling me... I suck on him until the sideways pressure makes his cock pop away from my head. He backs up, his hard rubbery appendage sliding backwards, touching my skin, I fell it stiffening up even more, in the time it takes to travel from my mouth to my bum. I yank down the overalls and present myself, excited, more than just ready to receive what the horse has for me.
With the overalls down at my feet, I'm like a hobbled mare, the only place I'm going to go is onto the end of the Falabella's shaft.

The Falabella rears up on top of me, his hooves drop into place and his cock slips forward, up between my leg's, I tease the both of us by wiggling my bum around, feeling him slipping through the gap in my thigh's, his long cock rubbing sensually against me... up and into me. The horse bucks and fucks himself deeply inside me, I'm stretched in every direction, a glorious explosion of nerve endings being stimulated simultaneously... I fuck myself back at him, wanting, needing it... my arousal at the point where I'm driven to finish it off... he'll only last 30 seconds... and I won't last as long as that... here it comes! Here he comes!
My pussy, my body, everything, clamps down on his meat... providing resistance to the horses efforts, he likes the feel of it, he buck-fucks his way into my core, speeding up, shoving my tightness right back at me.
There's a feeling of wetness... he bucks himself into me again, harder, more insistent, I feel a gush of come exiting him, deep within me, again again, again, again he continues to assault the tightness... I'm shuddering with delight, the head of his cock is flaring out, it sucks at me when it withdraws, it moulds me to it's shape when he thrusts and I happily impale myself on it in order to enjoy what it's doing to me... I'm fucking the horse faster than he is fucking me now... riding his erection, milking him for all the pleasure that I can... I can tell he is enjoying me too.
My eyes are closed, my body bouncing off his, I'm aware of my tit's as they swing heavily to and fro. I'm aware of the horse... his weight on top of me, his thing moving inside me, the wetness, the pulsing of more of it entering me, the slow flow of it running down my legs... I want him to stop... it's too good, I'm overloaded with the amount of enjoyment he's giving me... much to much of a good thing... I want to stop... I lean forward to escape it, but the horse uses his mouth to grab me by the hair, yanking me back, so I have to take more of his exquisite pussy pounding. I'm wailing now, between the thrusts that are forcing the air from my body, in a series of grunts... my head is being held backwards... I'm not getting enough air, hypoxia is setting in... but it feels so fucking good, I don't care what the horse is making me endure... I'm coming harder, longer than I've never come before.
Make it stop... don't ever stop, you beautiful bastard... don't stop... don't stop... don't stop...

The horse finishes using me, and relaxes... he let's my hair loose... slips out and off of me... I can breath again, I can think beyond having, enjoying, sex with him... but all I can think about is how good it had been... short and sweet, long and hard. The best sex that I've ever had... and I'm in charge... for another four days.
It's going to be a very Merry Christmas, Sally!

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