Thief... as good as gold.

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I checked out your place last night.
You shouldn't leave your door's unlocked... you know.
You never know who might stroll in, while you are out.
You shouldn't leave your jewellery box lying on your bed... either.
Honestly... (If I can use the term loosely)... who does that?
You practically begged me to steal your stuff.
I cleaned you out, I stole it all.
You didn't even notice... did you?!.


My pockets were full of jewellery, and I was wincing as I walked away from the house... the sharp bit's were sticking into my bum. I left the house and started to sneak my way, off the property.

That's when my problem's started... a big dog wandered into view, on the far side of the lawn... I felt myself tensing up... it wasn't just big... it was fucking huge.
I watched it from behind the tree... tensing up as, just like me, it prowled through the night.. closer, closer..
It wasn't aware that I was here... not yet. I had choices... options, still... how should I handle this?

Not every house has a dog, and it doesn't happen with every dog that I see... only the bigger ones trigger the response inside me.
I can't help myself, when it happens.
Chihuahua... no
Cocker Spaniel... no,
Terrier's... no
Labrador's... yes
German sheperd's... yes
Saint Bernard... Oh god!, yes!
So it's big dogs that are a problem, with me.

He looked like an English Mastiff.
Fuck, he was big!
Damn... there go my emotions again.
The problem wasn't that big dog's scare me... no... well, they do... but even more than that is that instead of focusing on stealing peoples property and getting away... I stop and take precious time to steal the use of their dog, as well.
The bigger the dog, the better... and the stronger the attraction that I felt for them.
Furry one's look gentler to me, for some reasom... soft and cuddly.
The big short haired ones look meaner, more capable of doing what I wanted.
The mastiff was short-furred... and my pussy wanted him.
I couldn't help myself.

It was bad, it was insane... I bit my lip... fighting it... but wanting to go to him, get down on my knee's before him... crawl underneath him... submit to his wishes... let him slip it up inside me... let him have his way with me. Let him do anything... everything, that it wanted to do to me.
I closed my eye's, shook my head, trying to clear the images...
Damn it!

*** Feeling his front leg's gripping me tightly, feeling the weight of his body transfering on top of me, having to brace my arms and back, to support his weight.
Heavy, substantial... wanting his cock to be heavy... substantial, as well.
I wanted to feel his front leg's wrap around my chest, feel his claws and paws pulling on my shirt, pulling on my tit's... big, wide paws... the big soft pad's on each toe, on each side of me pulling up against me, toenails hard, hooked claws digging into my breasts, catching at my nipples, drawn over the areola.
Feel his breath, his teeth, on my shirt, my neck, the big ones at the front gripping me... catching hold of both the shirt and the skin on my neck... tightening on me, feeling my windpipe being constricted... feel the blood flow slowing... oxygen decreasing, my arousal increasing... his claws digging in now, pulling me back, he's ready for me, he's waiting for me... back towards it, back on to it, he transfixes me with the tip... my eye's open wider, I lick my top lip with anticpation... I feel him gather himself, I feel the bunching of his muscles as he prepares to pop's his new bitch's cherry.

Then, in a rush, the air is pumped out of me... my body, my tit's, wrenched suddenly backwards, my lung's fucked forwards, a fast series of withdraws and insertions, as he bucks it up into me. All of me stretching around him. Nut's slapping into me, soft furry ball's hitting my inner thigh's.
His cock. It lengthen's, thicken's, it's small, but it goes in deep. It's less than mansized, but it's getting bigger, fatter, faster.
I feel full and I'm wet, but he pump's on and on, I'm loving it... I'm so right for him, he's so right for me... on and on and on. Still my body stretches out more, for him.
His knot. It's against me, swollen large already... too big! It's too big! I squirm at the feel of it on the outside.... I resist him, it... but he pop's it into me, making me want to scream as it passes inside... there... that parts over... now I feel that fullness inside me... the one that no guy can ever match or offer me. Yes! that's what I wanted!... lock us together... I'm your's!, I'm your bitch!, you sexy beast!, I love it, I love you!, now do what you want with me!

He fuck's me across the lawn, I'm too small, he's too big... the pounding of his body into mine is driving me before him. I aim for the garden, I'll lead him out of sight and let him finish doing me over there.
Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump
Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.
More! More! More!
Harder, Harder. Harder.
Almost there!
I put my neck and shoulder against a small tree, to stop myself moving forward. Now he goes all the way up, now his true length is apparent and I'm smiling because he's wonderful. He feels the difference and goes all out at my body, and he... we... have a smashing time while he lasts.
Smashing me, mashing me... up against the tree, he forces little grunts of air, out of my lung's, out my mouth, he put's his mouth alongside mine and pants in unison with me, our breath mingling as well as our body's... he lick's my neck and I lift my head in ecstasy, giving him more... he's wonderful!. He sexes me up like I've never been sexed up before, I give myself to him, I lose my mind... but it's not mindless sex... so good ! so good! so good!
I love it! Make it end! Finish me off!
Good dog! Good dog! Good dog!.
Good dog!***


I open my eye's, shake my head again... the dog has gone... just when I needed him the most.
If he's only half as good as my imagination, he would be good enough for me.

I retrace my step's, I put the jewellery back into the box, on the bed...
You don't know that I've been here.
You don't know what I plan to do...

Your dog's worth more to me than all the gold that you own.
In fact, he is better than gold.

And now, I can steal him over and over and over.

Here boy!
Come here!
Good dog!

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