Picnic Time

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If you are like me, living at home, with no place or room for a dog of your own, then finding one to have sex with can be a bit of a challenge.
Encountering the right dog, at the right place, at the right time, is like hitting the jackpot... you can't afford to ignore it, if the chance offers itself to you. So as soon as I see a good looking dog, you can be sure that I'm working out a way to be with them, alone. I'm not proud of it, but I've used friends dog's, family dog's... dog's while baby-sitting, dog's while house-sitting. It's fair to say that it's easier to find a guy wanting to fuck me than it is to find a dog that is willing to do the deed.

If only guy's could give me what I needed... wouldn't that be grand! But no... they can't, they don't... they just don't have what it takes. For me, nothing compares with doing it with an animal, for me, it's the only way for me to truly enjoy it.
You can see that I've learnt to make the most of any opportunity that arises, while still maintaining a level of discretion. Anywhere, anytime, I would be thinking about it, ready to do it, even if the right circumstances weren't being met... waiting for the chance to do it again.

So, when the dog showed up at the picnic area, right on lunch time, I watched it... feeling that ache start up, inside me.
He was wandering around, sticking his nose where it didn't belong and generally being a nuisance... sniffing around the picnic basket's, sniffing around the people. I watched the others wave their arms at it, to drive him away, but he hung around in the area. No owner called out to control it, no one appeared to claim it. Unloved and unwanted... except by me, of course.
I kept my eye on him, even though he was over the other side of the picnic area... too far away for me to make out any details, apart from the fact that it was a big dog. Really big.
That was OK, I like big dog's. I like them a lot, they are just so... big.

He was hanging around the women, as well as the food.
Checking out the sunbather's, the book reader's... sniffing at their jeans, their bathing suit's, sniffing at their skirts, trying to get his nose in under there, too.

I thought about how nice it would be to have a big bad dog, like him, today. My lips curled up into a small smile and I bit my lower lip softly, as my body reacted to those dirty thought's of mine.
I started looking around for a place to go... somewhere private, somewhere safe... in amongst the tree's, maybe... or on the other side of the river. I would lure the dog over there... he would screw me, hard and fast, satisfying both of us. After we had done it, I could come back to the river, clean off, cool down, after I was finished with him.
I like that plan... it was a good one.
I rolled over onto my stomach, still watching the dog... letting myself slowly hump the towel I was lying on. Slow enough, not to be obvious, fast enough to get my creative juices flowing, up and down, around and around, feeling the change inside me, as I thought about what we would do.
Once I started thinking like this, I had a one-tracked mind... as long as that dog was in sight, I wasn't going to let the idea go. I wanted sex... I ached for it, I burned for it.
Come over here, boy!. Come and see what I've got for you! Come and get a piece of me!
It was turning into a good day, I was nice and warm... inside and out, and I had a dog to fuck, in my sight.

He was really pushing in close to the other women now, brushing past the hands that tried to deflect his attention... not aggressive, just assertive, ignoring both their hand's and voices. Working his way through the groups of people... as each one rejected his advances.
I should of felt the same fear or anger or outrage, at a dog's intrusion into my body-space as the other women did. But I didn't... I'm different.
Watching them make's me want it from him, even more, because I know what they are missing out on.

They could tell what the dog wanted from them, they thought of it as a violation, his cock going into them, fucking them hard, their body's being jolted around as he left his seed inside their body.
They didn't want that. Bad dog!, bad dog!, bad dog! Yuck! Go away!

Maybe some of those women were fancying the dog, just like I did... surely some of them were just like me... hot and horny for him, too.
But, for them, it was the wrong place and wrong time, even if the dog was a sexy bundle of meat, fur and muscle... for them, there were too many people around... they were being inhibited by the presence of husband's, boyfriend's, children...
What's the Bad dog doing to you, Mummy?
What are you doing to the bad dog, Mummy?
Bad Mummy!
Sad Mummy!
Bad luck for them... good luck for me.

I had no such inhibitions, I wasn't going to say no to him, not today.
I lie on my towel, fucking his body with my mind, fucking his mind with my body, watching him coming towards me.
Coming closer.
Come closer!
Closer!, big and strong, pushing past the hand's that tried to deflect his attention. I watch him getting rejected by each one, turn to the next, do it to them as well... working his way through the selection that had congregated here, leaving embarrassed women and girls in his wake.
He was looking for someone, something... no... no... no...
Coming closer.

Only a few more people between him and me.
I knew what I should do, when he got to me.
I should do what the other women had done, turn my body to the side, deflect him with my leg's... my hands, I should avoid his nose and wrinkle my own up in revulsion, as he pushes it in at me. I should make it so he couldn't get to where he wanted to go. Make it so he couldn't get his muzzle, up between my legs, couldn't draw my scent into his nose, couldn't sample what was just inside me, threatening to leak out between my pulsing, swollen pussy lips.
I shouldn't want it, shouldn't ache for it, I shouldn't be ready to welcome it. I should avoid him.
People are watching him, do they see me, too?
I lower my head and pretend I'm asleep... waiting, hoping he will find me.
I hear his feet, circling around me, coming at me from behind... the touch of his whisker's, an inhalation of breath, the cautious lick of his tongue, right where I want him to be. Then another, another. He tastes me, he knows what I am, he feels the acquiescence in how wet I am, how I smell, how I feel, his muzzle presses in harder... he's interested in me, a fresh rush of warm lubrication washes through me.

Now I react in the way the watchers think that I should... I sit up and put my hands on his chest and push against him... he pushes back at me, as keen to continue as I was to let him. I stand, pick up my towel and head towards the river, the dog following behind closely, sniffing at me. Some of the people are watching us. We fade from people's view, they turn back to their lunches.

Down the bank, to the river... I look around, there is no one in sight. Too risky to do it here, but I want to keep the dog interested... I want to see it, I want to feel it, I want to keep him interested. I reach down and take his sheathe into my hand... pump it, feel him hardening up, watch him attempt to mount my arm. Feeling the power behind the thrusts, wanting it to be aimed somewhere else. Feeling the sense of urgency... hurry! hurry! before the dog loses interest and wanders off to find someone else who is willing, easier... I don't want to miss out on having him.
I take him by his collar and wade across the river, making sure he is with me... on the other side, in the tree's, I let him go again... I'm looking for a place, any place, that will screen us from people's eye's... my eye's are flickering around, searching... the undergrowth is sparse... too thin, too easy to see through.
Through to the other side of the tree's... paddocks, sheep... an old hay-shed. Good!, it's nearly empty, with only a small stack of last winter's hay bales, in a corner.
I'm in a hurry now, but even here, I take the time to take some precautions. Dropping my towel, I pull some bales of hay out from the rest and build a screen, two long, three high... dodging the dog as it watches my effort's... they're heavy and I'm breathing harder... I'm even hotter now, sweating from the effort and the burning inside me. The sense that I'm running out of time is upon me. There, no casual passer by can see what I'm getting up to, in here, with the dog.

I yank down the bottom half of my swimsuit, put it to one side and get down behind the screen, finally ready for the dog. I slap my arse twice and he's on me, trying to tap his dick up into my bum hole. I grab it before it goes in all the way, pull it out again and put into my pussy instead, there might be time for a butt fuck later, if he's good. The dog, doesn't mind, my pussy is wet and welcoming and he quickly set's about exploiting it. I wrap my hand over his back and use it urge him onwards, inwards... fill me, fuck me, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster! Oh God, yes! Like that!

His knot is pounding at the entrance and I push back it, to get it inside me. The more of him in me, the better it will feel! He is bulging larger and larger as everything swells up. Thicker, longer... I catch the liquid that is running out of me and lick it off my finger's... loving the sweetness, the saltiness of it; the taste of success, the dog is mine!
He's doing exactly what I want him too... from the crazy pumping of his body at me, the slapping of our flesh meeting, to my pussy being deeply reamed, the knot pushing and pulling at me, the feel of the dog's fur rubbing on mine, the weight of his ball's making his scrotum gently tap against me, the two of us panting, his paws digging in, pulling me back, onto it, his tongue licking the sweat from between my shoulder blades, he tastes me as he takes me... as always, I was transfixed by the speed and intensity of our mating, once again held in thrall by what a dog could do to me that a man could not.

Good dog!, good dog!, good dog! I pant at him, my neck stretched taut, my head held high, I still feeling it bobbing around as the impact of the dog fucking me over is transferred through my body... so hard and fast that my breathing is coming out in little gasps.
My world contracts until it's just me and the dog. The sound of our mating muting the sound from outside.

I was being stretched wider, deeper, the knot swelling up to it's full size, his cock flexing as he fills me up... coming and coming and coming! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! He slow's to a stop, but I do not, he's fired me up and I'm gonna fuck him until I come too. Faster, faster fast... my earlier humping of my blanket has primed me for this moment, I am close to coming... so close, so close, so close... I'm losing control, my need is too great to contain... I don't even try to last longer... I don't want to miss out on it. Now!, now!, now!, now! now!... I'm screaming it inside my head, I'm whispering it to the dog. He knows it's good for me, he's licking my ears, my neck, he loves me, I know he does.... I love him too, little shudder's of delight are running through me, I make his cock shimmy around inside me, even rougher than the dog is... it's my body, I know what it need's. Not gently, not now... Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me... hard, you dirty fucking animal!
I drive myself onto him, right now, it's all about me... me having sex, me having an orgasm, me satisfying my need's. I take him hard, I use him, I call him names, I call myself names... both of us enjoying it to much to stop.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
He doesn't care that I'm using him... he's using me too.
Take it bitch... take it, like it.
My orgasm peaks, passes.

I'm done.
I'm happy.
I'm satisfied.
I had a good time.
I smell like the dog does.
The smell of good sex.
The best kind of sex.
I smile again.

I wait for him to withdraw, my senses extending once more to outside the hay shed, listening, more fearful of being caught, now that I've got what I wanted from the dog. Later I'll replay it in my head, along with my other memories... for a time, that will be enough... until the next dog comes along.
He fall's out and I look at how big he is still... monstrous, massive... glistening wet from inside of me. Come's dripping off the end. He lick's the taste of me from his boner. He likes it. He likes me. I like him. The cock shrinks back into his sheathe. Gone. It's over... I'm a little sad to see it go.
I get him to lick me clean of what he has squirted onto me and what is leaking out of me too. Closing my eye's, as his slow licking start's to turn me on again. Stop. Stop. No, dog, stop! His tongue lightly kicks my fingers when I try to get him to quit licking me, his tongue is soft and sloppy and wet on me, and I'm soft and sloppy too. I'm getting wet, inside, again.
I look over the top of the hay bales... all clear. I listen, I hear only bird's... skylarks... why not? I think to myself. Make it a quickie this time, though. Make the dog happy.

I guide him up my arse, this time. The outside is already lubed up. In. Up. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Pain... good pain, more come being injected into me. I keep the knot out of me this time... this is for the dog. It's about thanking the dog for his services. His reward for being good.
Thank you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, dog!
Can he tell the difference? My arse feel's like it's stretched so tight around him... does it feel tighter, for him? It must do. Now my arse has been filled up too. His knot is straining to get past my finger's. His cock, the entire dog, is straining to get more into me and I love the intensity of his insistence. He loves it, he loves me. I'm his... I hold his knot in my hand's, keeping him inside, keeping him on top of me, until he is done. Then I let him slip out of me, his long tapered erection silently withdrawn, his ejaculation following, my arse is so wet with it. I move into a squat and squeeze as much out as I can, then put my swim suit back on, easing it over my wet skin.

Time to go. Time to get away from the scene of the crime. I throw the hay bales back into place and leave the shed the way I found it. No one will be able to tell what has taken place there. Picking up my towel, I head back towards the river. I rub my back and check out my hand... his fur is on my finger's, he has probably shed all over me... I need to wash it all off... the fur, the come, the hay... the smell of a dirty woman and a dirty dog. I find an empty pool and wade in, dunking myself repeatedly under the water. There... I'm clean again... as clean as I can be without showering... no-one should be able to tell what I've been up to.

The dog follows me back to the picnic area as I walk along, drying myself off.
I feel good. I'm happier now, I try to keep it from showing... but I'm sure the woman can tell. I'm sure they will work out why, too. I'm going to leave, I've got all that I wanted, anyway. More than they have.
The dog is still following me.

People are looking at the two of us walking through them now. They know. I know they know.
I move faster. I have to escape, before they come for me and the dog. I don't want them to hurt him... he's a good dog, it wasn't his fault.
I open the car door for him, he jumps onto the seat, like he belongs there, I close the door and hurry to the driver's side... we leave, the dust on the road starting to rise up behind us.
The dog and I make our escape.
How do I talk Mum into letting me keep him?
The dog, my dog, leans over and starts to lick my inner thigh... I'll find a way to convince her.
Good dog.
Good dog.
Good dog.

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