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I shouldn't be out here, doing this... but I can't help myself.

Black is the best colour to wear. Black blends into the shadows...
A snug fitting top, but with looser trousers' for unrestricted movement, that's what I was wearing..
On my head I have what looks like a beany, just something to keep my ears warm... for now, later I'll roll the balaclava down fully.

I've walked to get back to the park, leaving home after dark.
No car keys to drop or lose...
no "Beep-beep" sound to attract unwanted attention to myself.

I ease into the park's shadow's and stand there, looking, listening... apprehensive, but excited too.
Don't do it... you'll get caught!
Sex... sex... sex... sex... my blood, my brain, whispers to me, my heart pulsing the urges through me.
Sex... sex... my need is too strong to ignore.
I move off, through the tree's, towards the woman's house.
Across the Park... to the gate belonging to the woman that I'd seen earlier.
Thinking about what I planned to do as I went.

I hadn't picked her out because she was my age... or that she was quite attractive... although I had thought that, when I selected her earlier.
It wasn't because she had given me a small smile and nodded to me...
Nor was it because her property backed onto the park... with a low gate that she had neglected to lock... opening the way for me to go and do what I wanted to... exploiting the opportunity that she had presented to me.

No... earlier, when I walked past her, in the park, her dog had wandered up and licked my hand, suffered me to pat him... friendly, her dog was friendly... and that was all it took for me to choose to follow the woman back to her home... for me to fix my attention on her.
But it isn't the woman, vulnerable and unable to stop me, that I've targeted for tonight... it's her dog that interests me.
I plan to use her dog.

I roll the balaclava down into it's proper position, as I approach her gate. I open it stealthily, ready to back away if he's different at night... no growl's, no barking... good!.
I open the gate and walk through it... now I'm a trespasser... uninvited, in an enclosed yard... I shouldn't be here.
I creep closer to where I'd seen the dog box, my heart thumping, posed to run. The limit of the dog's reach is delineated by a circle of dirt, darker than the surrounding grass... black with the night, rubbed smooth from the constant movement of his chain across the surface.
I stand just outside the point where he can reach me... just in case he lunges out at me.

Wake up!, Dog.
His chain rattle's as he lifts his head up.
Now he's seen me! But he doesn't lunge, he just watches me. I hold out my fingers to him again... both frightened and excited by his nearness.
Will it be teeth?
Will it be tongue!
He doesn't move... so I go to where his head is protruding from his box.
A small lick!
He remembers me, from this afternoon!

"Good dog!" I whisper to him... and, at the sound of praise in my voice, he wags his tail, thumping the side of the box... it seems as loud as a drum, to me. I take the black Lab's collar into my hands and draw him out of his home... now his chain rattles like an anchor being dropped, loud, a clattering of links, over the raised entrance of the box. It can't be helped, I keep drawing him away from the box until all of the chain is resting on the dirt, outside.
I join him there, kneeling down beside him, positioning myself so I can see both the gate and the back door of the house. I let him sniff his way around my body, let him explore me, as my hands start to explore him too. Patting him, rubbing his chest... I will work my way down his body, getting him used to my touch, before progressing on... to the part that interest's me the most.

The dog sniffs at my neck and, liking the feeling it give's me, I offer him my throat. He lick's me through the balaclava and I close my eyes, enjoying the tenderness of it. Soft, gently stroking me, like a lovers hand, I stayed like that, enjoying his touch... but, all to quickly, he decided to move on... heading down my body. His nose touches me, pressing into my clothing, tracing a path lower... lower.
He slips a paw over my back, his chest follow's and his sheathe is suddenly nestling in the right place... it catches me by surprise... he made his move so quickly... then I realise... this dog knows what he's doing, he's already wanting me!
I hadn't been expecting it to happen so soon!, I'm not ready for him!... I scramble to catch up, to get ready for him... it... as the dog begins to hump my body with his, demanding that I respond quickly.

I feel his cock slipping out of his sheathe, rubbing between my leg's... my pants are still up, my crotch already getting soaked with the liquid he's squirting out. I feel it dripping down my thigh's, even as I wrench my pant's down for him. Now his hot wet cock rubs between my leg's, he is manoeuvring blindly, rubbing, prodding me with it... uncontrolled poke's of hard cock dimpling my butt cheek's, gushes of wet stuff jetting out of him as he stabs it around, searching for the way inside. He's clawing me, he's raking my flank's, raking the skin on my bare thigh's, he's bouncing up and down in his enthusiasm to take me. I leaned forward slightly, my mouth opening as I exhale sharply in anticipation, spreading my leg's wider for him.
The dog keeps on pumping, stabbing at me, madly. I cannot guess where his dick will impact on me next... connect with me next... INSERTION!...

My arsehole flares apart and split's around the tip of his cock... my eye's open wider and I involuntarily lean away from the pain that I know would be coming next, as the dog cement's his exploitation of my body.

Feeling the increased heat from my body, the dog drives himself up inside my tight arsehole, his feet bouncing forward so his body partially aligns with mine. My colon stretches, then moves to accommodate being shafted, it allows the cock to travel along it, deeper, deeper, his thigh's pressing into my butt-cheeks, bouncing off me, his nut's bouncing off me too. I hold in the whining sound that I want to make... demanding silence when all I want to do is let out a groan of pain. It hurt's so bad! So deep inside me. Ow ow ow ow ow ow OW OW OW! as the dog goes into overdrive, I'm grimacing now... I can't take it! I can't take any more of this! I clench my teeth... make him stop! Make him stop! Make him stop!

I close my eyes now, as the pain bite's deeper and deeper inside me... inches of cock are being sent sliding in, out, in, out, of my orifice... the overall effect of it is that it's being buried deeper and deeper inside me. His sheathe, stubbly fur rubbing against my arse, is replaced with the dog's knot, a small hard bulging lump of flesh that the dog wants to follow the pathway his cock has taken. It presses in too, the skin at my entrance puckering up around it's burgeoning circumference, the dog firmly pressing it inwards, upwards.
No!... not here!... not now! It is no part of my plan to let the dog lock me in place, down here in the dirt. I need to remain free... free to run, free to hide... if I see someone coming.
I open my eye's again... resume scanning the area. I look at the gate, I look at the back door... all clear.

I encircle the dog's knot with the finger's of my right hand, I feel it bulging, filling my palm, my fingers forced wiser apart as the dog tried to stick it up my bum.

Take it!


T A K E I T!

T A K E I T A L L, B I T C H ! ! !

Not today, dog. Not today.
I keep it out of me... keep at least that much control over the dog's actions.
The knot continues to swell up, it's filling my hand up.
The rest of him is swelling up as well, nearly at full size, soon he will stop pounding my bum, soon he will settle down to the point that I will take over, start fucking him, instead of him fucking me.
See!.... he slowing down.... good thing too!. My butt is stretched to it's limit, full to the brim with him.
I'm full of cock, I'm full of cum and now the dog is slowing down... his dreadful pounding of my arse diminishing.

I've weathered his assault I'm looking forward to the next part... the part that I like the most.
The Back door of the house open's. Instantly all my attention is focussed on it. The light from inside doesn't reach as far as the dog and I are, but someone, the silhouette is wearing a dress... the woman is coming out to where the dog is copulating with me. I feel him swivel his body towards her, he starts to wag his tail... pleased to see her. I'm not!
She's heading right for us! She knows where he is... she would be seeing his tapetum lucidum, reflecting the light from inside back at her, but she'd not be able to see me... not yet... I am hidden, by the darkness of the night, by the darkness of the dog that is covering me. I use my hand to pull him out, quickly worming his cock out of me, the door to my arse closes gently behind him, as he exit's. I'm on the other side of the dog, away from the approaching woman. I get to my feet, stooped over and pull up my pants, then get down low again and assess my option's.
Run away?
I crawl over to wall, curling into a ball... afraid that it won't be enough... but maybe it will be enough.
I can still run, if she spot's me.

Thankfully the dog is focussed on her, not me, as she approaches... and no wonder!
"Dinner time!" she announced, and I heard her place something on the ground... whatever it was, the dog hoed into it.
From where I was lying down I could see the dog's cock, glistening wet from being inside my bum, it was blatantly exposed, just waiting for the woman to discover it... once she noticed, she would know I was here... that someone had been fucking around with her dog... would she think about me? Remember me, from the park?

She gave the dog a couple of pat's.
Did she just reach around and touch his boner?
Did she whisper... "Mmmm... soon"
She waited until he was finished eating and then unclipped his chain, leading him away from me... she took him inside with her.

Once they were gone, I walked back home... imagining that the woman was getting... doing... what I had missed out on...
Damn it!
I walked home aware of my sore, squishy, cum-filled arse... swearing to myself over missing out on the good part.

I walked across my backyard, to the tall fence between my place and the next house over.
I turned and pressed my bum against the fence paling's, rubbed it up and down to get his attention... and waited.
I heard him coming closer... heard him sniffing... the smell of me and tonight's dog mingling together...
There! That is what you are missing out on...
He whines and paws the fence... want some of that, do you?
One of these days, I'm gonna jump this fence...
Yes... one of these days... soon... I promise him... I promise myself.
But not tonight... I walk into the house, strip off my clothes, my undies, examine the dog fur stuck to the back, trace the dog's cum, still wet on them... on me... in me.
Imagine it happening again...

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