Reward given, reward received.

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Thanks to the training that I have given her, from when she was young, she knows what to do. She knows that she will get a reward for her effort's. She is happy to do this for me... but not as happy as I am. I call her to me... and we begin.

She wraps her paws around me, the pads of her feet touching on both the front and the back of me... her blunt claws press firmly into my flesh, dimpling the skin... her nails rake it, up and down, ever so slightly, as I harden up.
She gum's the head of my cock, gently takes it into her mouth and nibbles on it until I want to grab her face and fuck it... I keep my hands at my sides, although my hands clench and unclench uncontrollably.

I'm hard now... so fucking hard, she lowers her feet and uses them to hold me up to her mouth. She distances her mouth from me and starts to lick at my stiffness, like it's a lolly pop. Slow, lanquid caresses, from shaft to tip, her tongue rolling as she does it to me... just like she is lapping at water, instead of my cock.

From just above my ball's to up and over the head of it, her tongue follows the shape of me... her taste bud's feeling both rough and smooth... in seconds I'm having to stifle the sound's that I want to make... you'd think I would get used to it... but I never do.
The tongue rolls around the shape of me, from front to back, from base to tip, she knows what to do, she knows what I like, I trained her, she's my bitch... of course she does what I want... and she enjoy's doing it to me too.

Within a minute, I'm leaking and I can't help but let her hear the moan's that I want to make...
She know's what's happening, she can taste my pre-come on me, on her tongue, she's licking it from off my head... faster, faster, faster... she wants her reward, she wants me to come, she loves it when that happens, at least as much as I do.

My breathe is coming in short pants now, my heart speeding up... I start a low groan as I try to last a little longer, but the dog goes at me without pausing... speeding up even, sensing and reacting to how close I am to ejaculation...

It spurts out of the top of me, and I have to pump myself into the air, as I release it. It lands on my shaft but the dog's tongue whip's it into her mouth before it can fall any further... she loves the taste of it... she wants it all, very little of my come escapes her, as it continues to shot out of me.
She catches it in midair, sucking it in greedily...
She licks me clean, getting every bit of it, nuzzling my balls around, licking my wetness from my skin, my hair...
I'm finished, my enjoyment over.
I give her a hug, in thanks, and milk the last of my come out of my cock, so my dog can enjoy it.

Reward given, reward received.

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