A Walk in the Woods... Part 2

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“Sure, go on in, I can’t wait to hear how you explain your outfit to Tina and her friends! Though we both know my sister will be the only one shocked to see you. I just thought maybe you would like to try it out on me first?”

My imagination is flying off on tangents. First, I do not exactly relish the idea of walking in on Tina naked. Well maybe I should clarify that, as I have already said, I have actually fantasized about walking in on Tina naked. Yet somehow she was always the one without clothes, not me! And to be fair, I never imagined a bunch of other people around at the time. Then it registers that Beth said something about me trying something with her? I’m at the point where I am so hard that I am beginning to suffer and my mind just can’t focus.

I guess this is evident in my face somehow because Beth grabs my dick with a hard squeeze and hisses at me, “Listen, you need to focus! What the devil are you doing hanging out in the woods with those girls naked? And don’t try denying it I saw them and you from my room. You’re lucky Tina doesn’t already know you’re out here.”

This is bad. She really thinks I was intentionally doing something with the neighborhood girls. Young girls, several years younger in fact and she is mad! Grabbing my dick certainly got my attention, too bad she let go almost as suddenly. Regardless I am back in the moment.

“Look Beth, I was just coming back from a walk and those two stumbled across me. We weren’t really out there together, it’s not like it looks.” I stutter out.
She looks me up and down, “Really? I guess maybe I should take you inside after all and maybe the three of you can explain. I would have already if Tina wasn’t home. I just don’t know what to do about her.”

“Why don’t you let me go get my clothes, OK? Then we can sort this out and maybe no one else has to get embarrassed. Please, I’ll do anything you want. I’ll pay you!” I offer.

“Where are your clothes anyway?” Beth asks.

I tell her that the Lindsey claims they put my clothes under her shed alongside their storage barn but to be honest I don’t know. That could be a ruse to get me to run through the yard naked looking for them and get caught. This hadn’t really occurred to me until now and I am getting mad thinking about it. Robyn never actually said where they were though I am sure she knows.

“So, I guess it is best that you don’t go looking till we know for sure then.” Beth decides. “Stay here, don’t move” she says, and she is back indoors before I can say anything else.

I stand there, not quite as hard as I was, almost flaccid really. Out of pure reflex I start and cover myself as the door opens again. This time Beth is grinning, “Here ya go!” she says, handing me a ball of cloth that is light and thin. “Put this on and get in here, the girls are in Tina’s room but I can’t promise they will stay there.”

Gratefully, I grab for the clothes, wait, this isn’t… “What the Fu..” I say.

“Shush,” Beth hisses, “unless you want to call everyone in here? We do have a brother so the odds are good Tina won’t be too shocked, I guess. Just that it’s you, and that you appear to be going door to door streaking! Haha!”

“But this isn’t Wendell’s,” I say, holding up the flimsy thing she handed me.

“No, it’s mine, if you must know. You can always give it back.” She says with exasperation grabbing for the garment. Which turns out to be an old wore out night shirt.

“OK, fine” I say as I slip it over my head. The thing is short, real short. Just the sort of thing I would love to see her wear but like nothing I have ever actually imagined wearing myself.

“Follow me quietly, and make it fast.” I hear as I watch her back retreat into the house. I close the door behind me and manage to make it into her room. This is a first for me actually. I have been in the Henderson’s’ home of course, but into Wendell’s room only. The girls usually keep their doors closed yet upon closing the door behind myself I cannot say that I am surprised. Typical really, boy band posters, messy dresser covered with hair and makeup stuff. Lots of clothes around, though nothing I want to exchange into at the moment.

“Sit,” I hear, as Beth directs me toward the only suitable place in the room, her bed. “OK, at this point I think we need to get one of those girls away from my sister and make them get your clothes. I am not sure how to do that exactly. But it would be better if Tina doesn’t see you like this, especially now that you’re in my room!” She begins rummaging through drawers, which appear to be mostly empty. “Here” she again thrusts something at me.

This is a little better at least. They appear to be a pair of boxers. Girls’ boxers though, with little pink hearts and no fly just a short zipper at the waist. It appears that she wants me to put these on, so I try. The result is better perhaps than nothing since my penis is currently at parade rest. These things do not fit me for sure but between them and the T-shirt I feel much better for the moment. Beth and I decide that she will ask Robyn to come in here for a minute while I move out of direct sight, then we can get her to retrieve my clothes while Beth tries to keep the other two girls busy. Beth even finds an old book bag to put the clothes in so they will be inconspicuous.

As she leaves me in her room she gives me a stern look and says, “Two things real quick, no snooping around while I’m gone, and remember, you owe me, big time for this!” With that she turns and leaves me alone in her room. I sit there for a minute or two, listening intently, looking around.

How long is she gonna be gone? I’m still on her bed. I glance around a bit more. Snooping… really?
What is it that I might find, if I dare to look? It occurs to me that we didn’t really decide where I would be hiding so I stand and quietly move about. I am not snooping; I’m trying to find the best place to be when they return so as to not be easily seen from the hall. I wonder if she keeps a diary. Might I have time for a quick peek? Dangerous thoughts, I know. In my mind it’s her fault for prompting my curiosity. I lift the pillows on the bed, harmless right? I look over the night stand and on the floor nearby. OK maybe this is snooping, a little? Should I check under the mattress? Which drawer did these boxers come from?

There is muted conversation in the room across the hall. Wendell’s room is at the end near the bathroom. I have no idea how long it has been but I’m sure I have time for a quick look under the mattress, but that’s so obvious. Can’t hurt to look right? I slide my arm in the split between mattress and foundation. Eureka! I have something. As I pull it out I have my doubts it is a journal. It feels like a magazine? No, more than one actually. Dread creeps in as I debate pulling my treasure out, should I?

If I am quick and careful, she’ll never know. I pull them out and see a GQ and Teen Beat with some guy on the cover. These I shove back as I give up on my search. I don’t want to risk getting caught in an even worse situation after all. Continuing to narrow my options I move to the other side of the room. I decide to step into her closet and wait.

Some minutes later, thankfully before my knees give up and I have to move again, I hear voices coming closer as the door to Beth’s room opens. I can’t see who is there so it is a given that they can’t see me. Robyn is behind Beth at first. She walks around the foot of the bed just as Beth turns back to close her door, Robyn spots me in my new outfit.

“Oh, My GOD!” Robyn exclaims, somehow far more loudly than when she discovered me naked, lol, simultaneously bursting out in laughter.

“Be Quiet!” Beth hisses

As I say “Shh…!”

“What are you doing in here? What are you wearing? Why didn’t you get your clothes?” Robyn fires off in rapid succession.

Beth and I are attempting to gain some control on the issue when the bedroom door burst open and Tina is demanding, “What’s going on? What is who wearing? What’s that about… Eddie?”

Over Tina’s shoulder I glimpse Lindsey coming across the hall. “Eddie Jones?” She says, when did he come over?”

Tina’s eyes have made a complete circle of the room and are back on me. “What are you, wait, are those mine?” She demands, storming forth and snatching at the tail of the T-shirt/nightshirt pulling it up. It is already insufficient to offer much covering and I find myself struggling once again for modesty.

“Elizabeth! Why is he wearing my underwear? Why is he even here? What the hell?” she screams, as she starts to pull the boxers off of me then realizing what that will do jerks her hand away. Turning to her sister, Tina assumes a pose that somehow places her in charge at the moment.

For my part I am terrified. Will I now be asked to disrobe immediately? Is there any way out of this mess? Will someone please go find my clothes? I just want to go home.

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