Legend of Zelda

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Legend Of Zelda

Cute and white, Tim relished knowing he was sexist prior to his twenty-first birthday which he and Joshua, his black, 22-y/o friend, celebrated at The Depot on a September, Thursday night.

But it didn't occur to them that Zelda, Tim's divorced, 35-y/o aunt, would provide the entertainment until they entered the bar's foyer and saw a poster announcing: - “Legend of Zelda, the world's raunchiest stripper.”

'I'm sure she lives up to her reputation,' Joshua remarked.

'I hope she does,' Tim said as he noticed a table in the front row.

Nevertheless, she excited his lust since her bosom was firmly well-endowed; she had a saucy rump, trim legs and an immense insatiability.

In fact, she'd employed a 9-dick, 2-hour gang-bang to finalize her separation.

Tim wished he'd been there, though a blonde waitress gave him a curious look when he ordered coffee.

'Caffeine will get us horny,' he smirked.

'You naughty boy!' she'd scarcely giggled before The Third Polovtsian Dance from the opera, Prince Igor, started playing as Zelda glided onstage in high-heeled shoes, a frilly bra and lace panties

Being she rejected anything sensual, she tore the garments to shreds. With that done, she launched into a vulgar bump-and-grind.

After the music ended, she stunned Joshua and Tim by holding a toilet plunger's suction cup between her thighs, relieving her bladder into it and drinking the foul beverage,

You fucking pervert!' Joshua shouted while the other audience-members yelled obscenities at her.

Thrilled, she next went to the backstage dressing room.

'Let's punish her!' Tim advised Joshua while the studs marched down the hall and opened the door.

Once they had, Tim repeatedly spat into Zelda's lovely face and bit her nipples.

'Aaah!' she gasped, then: - 'Abuse me!'

'I will!' Tim promised before he inquired, 'You wallow in crap, don't you, pig?'


'You detestable creature!' he disparaged her

'You don't hate your sweet aunt, do you?' Joshua mirthfully asked.

'Should I?' Tim retorted.

'I think we should trample her dignity, IF she has any!' Joshua replied.

'Sluts never do!' Zelda answered as her nephew clutched her brown hair and towed her nakedness to his truck in the parking lot where he lowered the tailgate and shoved her into its bed.

'The cops won't arrest us for mistreating this whore, will they?' he grinned.

'They aren't as corrupt as she is!' Joshua chuckled.

'Oh, god!' she whimpered while the hunks boarded Tim's vehicle, with him driving into the woods a mile away.

Having disembarked the truck, they dropped their jeans to expose Joshua's 1o-inched cock and Tim's 11-inched phallus.

However, she sensed that they meant to dehumanize her.

And she was right, because Tim rolled her over, straddled her and forced her to kiss his butt.

'The skank's rim-jobs are amazing,' Joshua noted as Tim jammed his spear into her oral pit.

'I'm going to pound your brains to mush!' he snarled before Joshua knelt and punched his tool into her anus.
'Destroy her guts!' Tim crowed.

'Hell, yeah, you dumb bitch!' Joshua brought her to a climax.

Ten minutes later, he jizz-defiled her dung-chute and Tim her mouth.

'You adore incest, don't you?' he asked.

'Yes, I do,' she purred.

'Well, nothing's better than laying such a sleaze-bag!' Tim remarked.

'Really,' Joshua said before he and Tim transported the tramp homeward and continued subjecting her to copulation.

Not surprisingly, the damn hussy enjoyed it!

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