A lucky encounter

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Early March I found a rare part I needed for a restoration I was doing. But it was local pickup only no shipping and so I drove to the state where it was and checked it over. Which allowed me to check it over before paying for it first, it was raining on my arrival and my plan to start my return afterwards wasn't looking that good. Anyway, the part was almost perfect and was indeed the one I wanted. The only part of it that was missing, I already had. So, I bought it and we loaded onto my pickup inside the warehouse, and I covered it for the return trip. I drove out to the street and parked to locate a motel to stay in that night. Being a Saturday afternoon it was very quiet, and the warehouse had only been open to allow me to pick up the part. While checking my cellphone for nearby motels, a lady approached me. She was living on the streets and was desperate, she offered to give me a blowjob so she could get something to eat. I'm 28 and do okay with women I think but hadn't a girlfriend then or now and financially comfortable. Couldn't be called handsome, but I'm okay looking. Anyway, the woman I now know is 50 was soaked a looked okay. My cock stirred at her offer, and I decided to press my luck as they say. Alone in a strange place, I asked her about staying the night with and sleep in a warm place out of the rain. At first, she was quiet and hadn't refused straight away. So, I knew she was thinking it over and me adding breakfast would be included sealed the deal. Picking a motel on the way out of town suited me and we got a room. She didn't have much stuff and I hadn't a change of clothes as I was planning to return home not stay overnight. While she had a hot shower, I got a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor and takeout. I was back before she finished showering and we had our meals, and I shaved her pussy and then we showered together. I fucked her in the shower and twice more that night, in the morning another fuck, and showered together and while we had breakfast. I asked what her plans were, no plans she said, and I asked her would she like to return home with me and see if a change of area would improve her life. Adding you could stay with me until you found something to suit you. She answered why not I've nothing here, so we headed off to my home. We were delayed slightly on the way by water over the road. But we just fucked while waiting on arriving at my home she slept with me and still does now. Only real change in her life she gotten a job at the local supermarket and lives with me still as we get on really well. Regular sex is part of our relationship and is for our mutual satisfaction and not mandatory. I still date other local women and she can date if she so wishes and as of now, she doesn't.

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