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I'm from a well to do family and was awkward and nervous around people almost all the time. With a bad stutter, I'd been made fun of most of my life. My mother had little time for me as I was an embarrassment to her, and my father avoided me as much as possible. When I had to be with them, being totally unavoidable. Like visiting my father's mother, she had always looked out for me and had gone into a retirement village due to her many health concerns. They had to visit her at least twice a month with me as she wouldn't hesitate to cut them out of her will if they didn't. My parents were in their late thirties when they had me. Both my mother's parents were gone by the time I was 11 and my father's father died when I was 6. Both having no siblings like me and grandma sitting on a very sizable wealth, they at least made the effort twice a month. On my 18th birthday (2015) my grandmother gave a large sum of money unbeknown to my parents on the condition I enjoy myself. Not being a party goer nor do I drink alcohol or take drugs. I prefer trekking and keeping to myself, it was while on a trek thru a national park. I then 20 came upon a farm just outside the park, it was a bit rundown, and I thought abandoned. So, I went to look it over, I thought it would be a great place for me away from everybody. Ther farm wasn't abandoned just rundown, the owner a woman in her late forties had a slight disability. It made walking slow and awkward for her, but after we got passed my uninvited arrival. We clicked you could say, she told me the farm would be sold for back taxes shortly. I decided there and then to buy off her; after paying the taxes she would at least have something left over. She was agreeable and also unsure where she could go after, and I said she could stay here if she so wanted. Adding I liked talking with her, albeit slowly due to my stutter. My stutter had improved over the years but came back when I was nervous. With her I could relax, and the stutter was minimal, and she thought it a good idea. After buying and do so renovations and moving in, only leaving to visit my grandmother. Then in 2019 my grandmother passed away just after my 22nd birthday. Her estate was split two ways and seeing my parents became a rarity and then they both died in 2020. Not due to pandemic, but light plane crash both my parents liked flying and crashed due to a bird strike. Now alone except for friend on my farm, we were running the farm not to make an income but to keep it working. We worked as a team; I paid the bills she done all the talking with whoever else was involved. During the lockdown she had joined me in my bed and taught me how to satisfy her sexually. In late 2022 she hired a woman 23 to work on the farm. A quiet woman who was very quiet around men and said she had no other family. By the start of 2023 she was comfortable enough around me she would talk with me, and I was able to talk to her as well. In June 2023 she joined in the sex with me and my lover/teacher and in November 2023 we married. Getting pregnant January 2024, the 3 of us still share the same bed and have no plans to change that. My life has improved greatly since moving to the farm.

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