Making and breaking of a cuckold - 21 The rest room

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I returned and poured champagne for them all and they had a few more whilst they chatted away. I knelt discreetly awaiting instructions, then was ordered to massage Empress Christine's feet as a "show of gratitude" for her paying attention to me.

Empress told me I was definitely in the 10% of "male peasant trash" who only existed to serve and suffer for their superiors. She told me if Sir Max and Mistress Gemma ever tired of having scum like me under their feet she would take over my floggings with pleasure. She was relentless and I had grown to fear her.

Mr Jones spoke, "Where's the rest room Sheridan? The champagne has gone straight to my bladder".

"Inside to the right, but you could just pee behind the pool shed if you want. The boys mainly go there".

Christy spoke, "You know Mark, it's about time you showed cucky you're an alpha-male and that he's inferior to you. Why don't you drag him with you and use his mouth as your urinal? That would put him in his place".

That was a horrifying thought and right out of left base. I was pretty sure he would say no cause he hadn't wanted to be involved so far. I had noticed a change in his behaviour though, emboldened by the alcohol.

"Haha, you're kidding, right? I've heard about it though, they call it a golden shower, don't they?"

"Come down to the Bordello sometime Mark. There are several shelves of books dedicated to the subject of water sports, as it's called. He won't be the first slave to drink the piss of his superiors. Go on, do it. Humiliate the fucker. Trust me, once you've used faggot as your toilet, he'll never be able to look you in the eye. You'll scar his psyche forever and he'll know you're the Boss in the relationship".

I'm just kneeling there seeing how this is all going to play out when Mr Jones addressed me, "Follow me faggot. Crawl behind me. We're going behind the pool shed, you and me". Fuck me, he was going to do it. How could I get out of it? Then I remembered the DreamLover again. There was no way out.

So a few minutes later I'm kneeling behind the shed with Mr Jones standing in front of me. I could see the women sneaking a look around the corner of the shed. I awaited my fate. Mr Jones undid his fly and out dropped his 8 inch monster. How come every other male on the planet had a decent sized dick except me? He spoke,

"Open your mouth wide cuckold. I'm gonna use your mouth as my potty. If you're lucky, I might start dragging you around with me to use as my portable urinal haha". Yep, the champagne had definitely kicked in.

The stream of piss started and he was inaccurate at first, with the urine initially splashing over my shirt then into my hair before he could localize it into my mouth. He pissed and pissed, his bladder was obviously very full, and I was having trouble swallowing it all. Then he stopped, seemingly in mid stream.

"Lie on your back pisstrough. It will make it easier for me to hit your mouth". So I lay on my back until he had drained the last drop into my mouth. He then flicked his penis a few ties to get rid of the last few drops, making sure they fell on my face.

There was clapping from beside the shed. "Bravo mark, you're the man", and then they high-fived each other. I lay there bedraggled, like a drowned rat.

Sheridan spoke, "You're a disgusting animal cucky, a real piggy. Now you can just kneel there till you've dripped dry. We don't want a smelly creature like you hanging around us. You're so revolting that I'm tempted to give you a flogging then lock you in the garage by your balls with the DreamLover turned up to 8". She walked over and kicked me in the face several times as I lay there "to keep me in my place".

They turned and walked off, leaving me there. Like, what had I done apart from following every order I had been given? This could all be so unjust sometimes it made me fume but they had rendered me totally impotent so there was nothing I could do about it, NOTHING.

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