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Dons mistake turns to fun part four the warehouse whore
genre: group sex
Don’s mistake turns to pleasure:- Chapter four:- the warehouse whore This is the fourth chapter in Amber's story, it is mainly fantasy on my behalf and I am enjoying every minute of it. I intend to turn my Amber into the filthiest whore I can, for us all to enjoy. Maybe then I can write some of her true stories milder but still...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun part three
genre: group sex
Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the noise from downstairs sounded loud and excited. She new what was going to happen, only that morning she had signed a contract, a contract originated by her husband Don and her sexual abuser Ray. She signed to say she agreed to be complicit in further adventures, sexual adventures. She and Don had talked...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun part two
genre: domination
Dons mistake turns to fun :- chapter two...please read chapter one, hope u enjoy Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the last twenty four hours were like a blur she blushed has she remembered all the filthy events. She had been given by her husband Don to a complete stranger, Ray a workmate of Don and a big man had used her like a slutty sex...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Dons mistake turns to fun
genre: domination
Amber stood at the top of the stairs, she'd done this many times in her twenty year marriage. It had become a part of there fantasy world. It had started about five years after they were married, Don had asked her to wear sexy outfits for him when they made love. Over the years this had moved on to Don taking a few naughty digital photographs,...
wrote on 2024-04-10 | by Don.Green
Made one mistake
genre: incest
I'm not great at dating but have had some success mainly with drunk women. I (31) came home from interstate (2022) to start a new job and was staying with my divorced sister (29). Neither of us had children and our parents were deceased (Covid 2020), didn't take care and believed the bullshit. My sister had recently divorced her husband, mainly...
wrote on 2024-04-09 | by Wrong Assumption
Hotwife’s Mistake
genre: funny
My husband and I have been living in a hot wife relationship. as his hot wife, I have fucked many men of all races. Although I would say more, Mexican men have had my pussy, more than any other race. We often chatted with men online and they would come over and fuck me. The ones that fucked me really well. We often gave them an open invitation...
wrote on 2024-02-25 | by Gennygurl
My dearest haappy mistake
genre: zoophilia
Hi my name is Sammie. I am a 21 male. I come from a shady mob family. So I have this thick ass sloth named Luna. She is the best thing that happened to me. I noticed how she was so sweet to me and kind. I knew I couldn't love women the same way I loved her. She was So Tight and wet every time we fucked. She and I knew that she couldn't move fast...
wrote on 2024-02-06 | by Soni
One mistake and your branded for life
genre: incest
So, I then 26 fucked my drunk cousin then 20 and got her pregnant, it could've been anybody. But she was a virgin, and I took her virginity and got her pregnant. Our families blamed me, because I had taken advantage of her drunken state. So, I moved interstate, and I wasn't on talking terms with my family or hers. Only 3 years later I found out...
wrote on 2023-07-02 | by The Incestuous One
My Three Mistakes
genre: incest
I broke up with my girlfriend or rather she broke up with me. So, I was feeling very low and started drinking a bit too much first mistake. At the same time my sister Elsbeth had been dumped a few weeks before and joined me drinking and I let her let her second mistake. We got drunk and feeling sorry for ourselves and lonely and so we ended up...
wrote on 2022-09-19 | by Robert sister fucker
My Three Mistakes
genre: incest
I'm Susan 37 divorced 1 son Lionel 20, last May I was at a party alone drank too much. That was my first mistake, I got home very horny. So I joined Lionel in his bed and fucked him, that was my second mistake. Third mistake I didn't get him to use a condom and I wasn't on anything myself. I'm now pregnant to Lionel and the baby is healthy and...
wrote on 2022-07-20 | by Susan is Pregnant
One Mistake is all it takes
genre: incest
Last year in May I went out drinking to celebrate my promotion with friend getting home just after midnight, not working for 2 days as it was Friday night. I'm David 31 and I live my sister Miranda 28 nurse. She got a job at the local hospital and move in with me on arriving in the city. I bought my 3 bedroom house on starting work after...
wrote on 2022-07-06 | by David Miranda lover
Mistakes Happen update
genre: incest
Harry again since last time, I've been fucking my cousin Jane every chance I get and got her pregnant. Martha Jane's mother isn't very happy and nor my parents and the rest of the family. But the family don't believe in abortions and Jane is to have my baby in February and it's a boy and all test show he's healthy. Martha isn't frilled that we...
wrote on 2021-09-17 | by Harry M
Mistakes happen
genre: incest
Last March I went to a party with friends, just about everybody was there. An end of lockdown party, after several hours everybody was start to leave. I had been chatting up a girl and went to get another drink for us. But she left by the time I returned, then I heard a noise in bushes in a dark area of the backyard. Thinking it was her I headed...
wrote on 2021-05-09 | by Harry M
Tom's Mistake
genre: S&M
Chapter One: An unexpected arrival. Mum had gone away for a few days, leaving me to fend for myself. Luckily I'd always had an interest in being able to make the food that I liked, I was able to ransack the Kitchen over in the Main house... I was eating like a king! . . . The blonde entered the Guesthouse without knocking. I looked up,...
wrote on 2020-10-25 | by Mostly Harmless
Sara's mistake One.
genre: romantic
Sara’s mistake one… I am Sara Brown, I am twenty-two years old, naked on my back and being fucked in a motel I have visited several times. I pretend to enjoy it, but I am not. The man that is fucking me is in his sixties, and smells like my grandpa. That isn’t even the worse, his cock is only three inches long and about the size of a hot...
wrote on 2019-09-29 | by R.L.B.
genre: cheating
MISTAKES… Can all mistakes be overcome???? I came home at my normal time on Friday and was surprised Susan my wife wasn’t home yet. I got off at five o’clock and was always home by five thirty. Susan got off at four and was home before me all the time. I assumed that she was going out with her coworkers after work. She did that a...
wrote on 2019-07-19 | by R.L.B.
Frustrated so I look to my son and his friend - Big Mistake
genre: incest
My life is so fucked up. I am 35 and have a 16 year old son Dillon. My husband fucked off with a bottle blonde bimbo aged 19 so sex is in extreme short supply. Dillon is old enough to be left in the house and his friend Benjamin, Benjy for short stays over when I go out at weekends. One Saturday night I had gone looking for some Male...
wrote on 2019-06-19 | by GaynorBlue
I got my Mom Pregnant by mistake
genre: incest
It was last christmas holidays I was home from college and I was staying in our guest room over the garage. As we had alot of relatives visiting. Guest room that stretching it. It was attic on top the garage used for storage. It had a old bed and a tap with a basin with a small window about 14 inches square. You got into it by an outside...
wrote on 2017-10-04 | by Fred
Mistakes were made
genre: fetish
Renea's big mistake was a simple one. One day she was reading a story on Fetlife. Aroused by the power of his prose, Renea sent some feedback to the Author. The story was called "You Will Submit". It is about a young woman being attacked in her flat, then reluctantly being fucked. The man wore no protection. The chances were high that he made...
wrote on 2016-09-15 | by ova9bbc
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