Making and breaking of a cuckold - 20 The interrogation

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I was dragged along by my leash and paraded in front of Christy and Mark, ordered to wiggle my arse then cock my leg like a dog and pretend to take a piss, then ordered to kneel at the ends of their recliners, at their feet. To say it was a source of great amusement to them would be an understatement.

I felt deflated as I looked at them, so young and beautiful with their superb physiques all proudly on display as they lounged in their swimming costumes, while I was fat and old and ugly ... and defeated, not by my Mistress or Master this time, but by a proxy.

It was so unfair; I hated being locked up again knowing my balls would be fried regularly by my Dominants both for their own amusement and to punish me at their whim. And, worst of all, God only knows how long it will be to my next orgasm, if ever.

Why couldn't Mistress Gemma just have given me a thumbs up then put me back to work for them all?

Miss Christy spoke, "So tell me Sheridan, was it a thumbs up or a thumbs down? I need to know".

Sheridan replied, "Well, it didn't quite happen like that. Faggot decided that his balls were so sore from when you toe kicked him with Marks' boot he preferred the protection of his CB6000 so he begged me to lock him up again. Isn't that right cucky?"

"Yes Your Majesty. I'm most grateful". Damn these people, that is a complete fabrication, a complete distortion of the truth except that my balls were severely damaged by the boot kick.

"So it looks like he's wearing the DreamLover too. Maybe we could experiment with that this afternoon Sheridan".

"Definitely. Peepee's nuts are full of cum since he didn't want release so we'll get some interesting reactions when the current courses through those plump balls. It was foolish of you not to beg me to allow you to empty your sacs under my feet, wasn't it cuckold?"

I burnt with humiliation and shame. Why did she have to taunt me when the truth was the exact opposite? I had begged her for release and she had insisted on placing me in chastity again. Once again they were all lying there tittering at my predicament.

Would I say something again or just suck it up? Then I noticed her twirling the dial to the DreamLover and the awful reality of my situation dropped on me like a tonne of bricks. There was no place for defiance with that evil device wrapped around the base of my balls.

"You are right Your Majesty, I am a fool. Please forgive me".

Sheridan grinned like a Cheshire cat; this was the first time she had humbled me on her own without Max and Gemma around and she was lapping it up. With Christy and Mark there as an audience, I knew she was about to put me through some hoops. But what?

"OK Mark and Christy, you've probably never had a slave before who you can fuck over to your heart's content. What would you like to do with faggot? Use your imagination and there's no need to hold back; Max and Gemma don't care how much you damage him".

"I love the idea of an interrogation, having him kneel before me while I bitch slap him silly and verbally degrade him. For a start, that is. There are much more diabolical things I'd like to do to this piece of shit. What about you Mark?", said Christy.

"I'll just watch what goes on for the time being. This still all seems pretty weird to me".

"You heard the lady peepee. Kneel before Miss Christy".

Miss Christy got off the recliner, stood before me and did some stretches. She was lithe and supple, lean and well-muscled from her gym work, and pale and Goth looking though dressed in a bikini. She was a gorgeous young woman but I already knew how dominant she was and that she had a sadistic streak a mile wide. She addressed me,

"Nervous, are we?"

"Yes Miss Christy".

"I think from now on you can call me Empress Christine, faggot. More befitting of my royal status, especially when dealing with low-life scum like you".

"Yes Empress Christine, whatever you say Empress".

"I like it when you're all submissive and grovelly scumbag; it pleases me, which is what you should be aiming for given what damage I could do to you in the next half hour".

"I will try hard to please you Empress Christine and it will be an honour to suffer for you".

Smash!!! Her right hand crashed across my face. She was more powerful than she looked and it rattled me. "Thank you Empress Christine".

Smash splat!! A forehand and backhand, both super hard, both super painful. "Thank you Empress Christine".

Empress was positively glowing with the effort, obviously relishing the power she had over me and the grief she was inflicting. She spoke,

"So, tell me fuckwit, do you like getting beaten to a pulp by young women, does it turn you on?"

Smash!!!! "Thank you Empress Christine. Yes Empress, it does turn me on being beaten and humbled by a beautiful young woman like you".

Smash splat!! "Well enjoy this beating scumbag cause it's not going to be nearly as pleasant when I electrocute your balls later this afternoon. I'm thinking level 10 for 10 seconds, that should separate the men from the boys".

"Thank you Empress Christine".

"So tell me fuck-up, when was the first time you realized that the only way you can cum is under a woman's feet after a flogging?"

Smash smash!! "Thank you Empress Christine. Mistress Gemma introduced me to the concept".

"Tell me more faggot. Expand on that answer. What part did Max have to play in it? And I want a full explanation or I'll really go to town on you loser".

Smash splat!! "Thank you Empress Christine. Sir Max broke me initially Empress. He did what you're doing to me, smashed me in the face until he had me on the ground at his feet, then he squeezed my balls in his right hand so hard I thought they'd pop. Mistress Gemma then locked me up and tortured my balls with the DreamLover until I accepted that I was her slave. But it wasn't until Princess Sheridan crushed my balls in her right hand that I made a full confession that I knew they were all superior to me and it was my destiny to be their slave for eternity".

"A very satisfying answer cuckold. See what I mean Mark, there are a percentage of males out there, maybe 10%, who can be controlled by people like you and me if you know how to do it. Think how much better our lives would be if we had a servant like peepee to beat up on, use and abuse and turn into a human ATM".

Empress continued to interrogate, beat and emasculate me for the next 30 minutes. I couldn't tell what the others were doing because she was my whole universe during that time, forcing me to endure the pain, answer her questions and just stay upright as the dizziness and disorientation set in. She finally ordered me to worship her feet then lick the dirt from the soles. It was heaven after what she's put me through.

Then I heard her say to Mr Jones,

"What do you think Mark, was that fun?"

"For you Christy, not so much for peepee".

"Would you like to hit him. Maybe lick your feet too?"

"Naa, you've done a job on him. Why don't you get him to bring us more drinks? I wouldn't mind a champagne".

"You heard Mr Jones cucky, more drinks".

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