Making and breaking of a cuckold - 8 Clean-up duties

Written by , on 2015-12-11, genre domination

The Boss was holding a bag and he then reached into it and produced two items, a collar and leash, and a blindfold. He handed them to Gemma.

"Strip cucky, then kneel again", she said. Mistress then placed the collar around my neck and pulled the blindfold into place. "Follow me loser".

Mistress dragged me up the steps and into her bedroom.

"You will kneel there until your Master and I have finished fucking cucky. We want you handy in case we need to make use of you. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress". The shame burnt bright. How had I ever let myself get into this position?

"By the way cucky, the Boss has decided you need your balls jangled so you don't lose concentration while we're pleasuring each other so I'm dialling your ball collar to 4 and leaving it there till we're finished. Enjoy".

The current starting passing through my testicles and was most uncomfortable. It wasn't excruciatingly painful but it was an unpleasant sensation you just couldn't ignore. And it went on and on ... and on. After one hour I was in trouble, aching from kneeling in the one place so long and exhausted from the electrical relentlessly current passing through my balls. Please, this had to be over soon.

Then I heard one of them get out of bed and use the toilet. I sensed someone standing in front of me.

"Did you have as much fun as me cucky?" It was Gemma. "Yes Mistress". What else could I say? I knew she'd have the dial in her hand just busting to turn it up and cripple my balls.

"I have a surprise for you peepee. Turns out I've missed having your tongue on my clitty. So I've talked it over with your Master and he's putting you on clean-up duties after he's fucked me. Yay, you're finally gonna have access to my pussy again. What do you say?"

This was terrible. Much as I loved my wife's vagina, the thought of licking it full of semen deposited there by another male was repulsive. Then I felt the current passing through my testicles start to increase in intensity. There was only one way out of this.

"Thank you Mistress. I would love to lick your pussy".

"Yes I know that silly, but what do you say to your Master? I mean he's the one who has to give you permission to touch me. Here, I'll hand him the dial in case he's not happy with your answer. Better make it good cucky".

This wasn't quite life and death but there was a lot of pain heading my way if I didn't snivel enough.

"Thank you for allowing me to touch my wife's pussy again Boss, I am most grateful. You are a very generous Master to allow a worthless cuckold like me such pleasure. I just can't thank you enough ... "

"That's enough fuckwit. You're gonna make me puke in a moment you're such a pathetic faggot. OK, get to it. I'm taking a shower. What do you want the dial on Gemma?"

"Five please Max, a little extra incentive to perform, eh?"

So then it happened, I buried my face in my wife's vagina and licked away, lapping up copious quantities of the Boss' sperm whilst targeting her clitoris. It was utterly revolting and I felt ravaged by being forced into such a demeaning act. Gemma had several orgasms then was spent after 20 minutes. She pushed me away with her foot like I was a sack of garbage and spoke,

"You can go downstairs and make us coffee cucky. We'll be down shortly. No, don't put your clothes on. You're to wear your chastity tube and collar and leash only when you're home. Get moving loser".

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