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"Breakfast duties faggot". I was released and made breakfast for Gemma and Max then lay with my face under her feet as usual. Max spoke;

"Uh uh cuckold. Get your face under my feet".

I shifted and Max lowered his large, powerful manly feet onto my face. It was quite a sight, lying on my back under the table, seeing these massive plates of meat slowly enveloping my face. He rested one foot across my lips and the other across my forehead.

The sensation was quite different to Gemma because of the size of his feet and the weight they exerted on my face. But I knew the Rule. No moving under any circumstances. They chatted away but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Max then spoke to me;

"From now on, when we eat, your Mistress and I will share you as our footrest faggot. It's the job of a good cuckold to be of use to his Master".

I replied with a muffled, "Yes Sir". It was annoying because I loved being under Gemma's warm soft feet but I hated being under Max's big ugly feet. I knew the situation wasn't up for discussion though.

Gemma spoke, "We're both going to the gym for a few hours cucky so you can attend to your household and yard duties while we're gone. Sheridan is coming over for a bar-b-que lunch so I want you to go to the supermarket and buy seafood suitable for that, say some prawns and fish plus salad. Check on the liquor supplies too. We want daiquiris by the pool this arvo. Dismissed".

Lunch time rolled around and I had completed my prep. They all returned from the gym and had a swim to cool off, then sipped daiquiris lounging by the pool. What a life, I thought to myself, especially compared with my life of servitude. Oops, don't let those thoughts intrude or there'll be a flogging heading my way. I tended to the bbq.

I was instructed to serve the meal and knelt beside the outdoors table as they took their seats. I was conscious of Sir Max's directive and waited till they were settled and moved beside him, waiting for him to order me under his feet. He just pointed under the table and I crawled under and made my face available as a footrest for my Master.

Sheridan spoke, "Gee I admire you Max the way you have completely fucked over that loser under your feet. You have got him so intimidated he just shits himself whenever he's in your presence. You can see the fear in his eyes and even smell it on him. I'd love to see you in action intimidating him and, maybe later, show me how you bust him up".

"Yeah, that would be great. Seeing a cuckolded straight male pull himself under a woman's feet is a power trip for the woman, but having cucky fucked up by your big Masterful feet would be the ultimate humiliation for him, even worse than the Walk of Shame", chimed in Gemma.

"It will be a pleasure for me to provide you with that entertainment ladies. We'll get faggot to clean up after lunch first cause he won't be much use to us for the rest of the day after I give him a punishment level ball kicking. You do want to see the more serious end of the ball breaking spectrum I gather, don't you Sheridan? Gemma has already seen it".

"Oh yes, definitely Max. I want to see you hurt faggot and I want to see him beg".

"Oh I'll make him beg alright Sheridan but not what you're thinking. I'll make him beg for more punishment, harder kicks in the balls. I have a special way of handling cuckolds so they really want to co-operate with me. Faggot will do anything I say, including begging me to destroy him as a male. You'll see soon enough and I think you'll love it".

These were words I definitely didn't want to hear but knew resistance was futile. I cleaned up after lunch then returned to the pool and awaited my fate.

Mistress Gemma spoke, "Good news faggot. I just got a text from Miss Christy and she wants to come over for a drink and lunch so we're gonna put off your flogging from Max. She's bringing her new boyfriend Mark. I hope you bought enough food dipshit".

I could hardly believe my ears. I was to be spared, today at least. My heart jumped for joy. "Yes Your Highness, I have enough food and drinks".

This was a new development. I had grown used to Max exploiting all my frailties but I wasn't sure how I'd handle being exposed for the weakling I was in front of another male. But, as usual, there was no point lodging an objection or I would be subjected to that punishment level flogging Max had talked about.

The doorbell rang. Here we go. I looked like a complete fucking idiot dressed in my leather harness with my middle aged belly hanging over the jockstrap. I opened the door and there stood Miss Christy, looking rather lovely I had to say dressed for a pool party, with her handsome young boyfriend.

"Hello Miss Christy", I said then fell to my knees and kissed her feet as I knew would be expected of me. Then I waited for her instructions.

"Faggot, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Mark. That's Mister Jones to you trash can. Kiss his shoes". I did, of course then waited again.

"What is this Christy? Why is this weirdo kissing my shoes?"

"Don't worry Mark, this is peepee and he's the slave of Gemma and Max. He used to be married to Gemma but now he's her cuckold"

"What the fuck is a cuckold Christy?"

"Well, basically, peepee here is sexually inadequate as a husband cause he's got a 4 inch cock, according to Gemma, and that's on the horn. Yes, 4 inches! So, Gemma now denies him access to her pussy and she has decided to fuck Max only. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of Max's ejaculate".

"Wait a second, ejaculate? You mean sperm. This guy licks another man's cum from her pussy. You've got to be joking".

We were all standing at the front door at this stage or, more accurately, I was kneeling while they talked and it was becoming very uncomfortable because the neighbors would have to notice sooner or later so I spoke,

"Excuse me Miss Christy, would you like to come inside?"

Crash. Her right hand slammed across my face. "Shut the fuck up loser. I'll come in when I'm good and ready. Lie on your back". She then placed her right foot, wearing a flip-flop, across my throat and pushed down firmly. My hands instinctively came up to protect my breathing.

"Hands by your side fuckwit". I complied, of course, then concentrated on trying to breathe as Miss Christy continued to talk to Mister Jones.

"It's an unusual lifestyle Mark but I see this sort of thing all the time working at the adult shop. Once you get used to it, you realize that creatures like peepee exist just to be exploited by the likes of you and me. As a matter of fact, I've started advertising as a Mistress on Craigslist and I've had a few enquiries. I'm gonna take a few slaves of my own".

"How does that affect you and me Christy?"

"Nothing changes; these freaks will give me money for beating them up and if I find a suitable one like peepee, he will serve us both. Trust me, it makes your life better having a slave who is your house bitch and maid, chauffeur and human ATM".

Miss Christy had become distracted by the conversation with Mr Jones and had unknowingly increased the pressure on my throat. I started making gurgling noises as she crushed my larynx. She finally noticed and spoke to me,

"For God's sake faggot, man up will you. Make yourself useful by licking the dirt from the soles of my thongs. And no fuckwit, we're not going inside till I've finished this conversation with my man. Frankly, I don't give a rat's arse what your neighbors think of you. They already know what a nerd you are. Come on, lick lick".

I did what I was told. It was such a relief to be able to breathe again though the soles of Christy's shoes were filthy. Mr Jones spoke;

"OK Christy, this is all new to me but I'll take your word for it. I think I'd be happy to use faggot as my servant but I don't want that creep slobbering on my shoes."

Christy kissed him on the cheek, "You'll get the idea after a while Mark. These losers need constant reminders of their place in life, which is at the feet of superior beings like you and I. You heard him cuckold, keep running that loser tongue along the soles of my thongs. Mr Jones' boots are off limits to you. Good boy. You see how easy this all is once they're broken Mark?"

"I do Christy. I can see that it is quite a power rush having another human being groveling at your feet. It doesn't worry you if a few of the neighbors see this fat boy licking your shoes?"

"Naa, they already know he's a freak show, an inferior being. It reflects poorly on him, not on me. Where's the downside?"

Gemma appeared at the door. "Come on you two, we have daiquiris for you and cucky is gonna bar-b-que you some shrimps and stuff. Crawl behind us faggot".

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