Making and breaking of a cuckold - 14 The devastating reality of my life

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"You realize this wouldn't have happened to you if you'd stayed in your own social class cucky. There's bound to be sluts out there who would have let you have sex with them in return for a house and car. But not me, I wanted more but I knew I could dominate you from our first date. You were just too stupid and filled with lust to see how I was manipulating you. Well, you've paid the full price. A life of servitude awaits you loserboy".

Her words were true. I had finally reconciled my position in my own mind. I was a fool to pursue a beauty like Gemma; I knew in my heart from the beginning she was way out of my league. If, as she said, I had stuck with my social class this wouldn't have happened. Like Icarus, I had flown too close to the sun and now would pay the price for my hubris.

Interestingly, I obviously had deep submissive feelings which I had suppressed and had been brought out by Max and Gemma, then finally put on full public display by Sheridan as she cruelly crushed my balls in her beautiful strong hand. There was no turning back. I placed a gentle kiss on the top of Gemma's right foot then looked up at her.

"You own me Mistress Gemma. I will dedicate my life to serving you at your feet".

"I believe you faggot. You're a dickless wonder and this is the best deal you're ever gonna get. By the way, I have good news. Max is moving in. We both want you around as a servant so you can still stay in the garage. He'll be here shortly. You know what to do".

So there I was again, kneeling inside the front door about to prostate myself at my Master's feet or get a severe flogging. It had become a very easy choice! Max let himself in and I grovelled. He was dressed in a singlet, shorts, and thongs and had obviously been working out. He patted me on the head in his usual condescending manner, treating me like a child.

"You've heard the good news cucky? I'm moving into your bedroom so I can have better access to my woman. You'll have more clean-up duties than before which I'm sure you'll love".

"Yes Master". I hated clean-up duties!!

"By the way bootlicker, from now on I want you to call me Sir and Sir only. It is the usual form of address by a subordinate when addressing his superior so I think it will be a good way to herald this new chapter of your life being a live-in slave to an alpha-male".

"Yes Sir. Whatever you say Sir". It was so unfair. When I had accidentally called him Sir in the past he had given me a beating and banned me from using the word. Now I knew if I accidentally called him Boss or Master he would punish me.

"Your Mistress also told me about your little episode and that she has released you from your tube. I've given my consent for the new arrangement where you will be permitted release under her feet on occasions. That's a real treat for a fuck-up like you, isn't it?"

"Yes Sir. I am very grateful Sir". I was still on my knees inside the front door as he continued.

"There is one condition though cuckold; if I permit you to be free of your tube, it means you will make your balls more accessible to me if I choose to discipline you. My preferred method whilst my cuckolds are in chastity is to squeeze their testicles in my right hand, as you well know. But, when you are ‘free-balling', so to speak, I prefer a good solid kick in the balls, like this".

And, with that, Sir kicked me in the balls for no reason. I went down in pain.

"Up". I scrambled to my knees. "Firstly, you will stay on your knees in my presence as usual but now you will also keep your legs spread wide apart at all times so I can injure your balls at my whim. I like to keep my cuckolds in their place".

This was just meant to be a quick greeting at the door but it was becoming a very uncomfortable encounter both physically and mentally. But what could I do but answer, "Yes Sir".

"There's more. Listen for the words ‘Assume the Position' cucky. When I order you to Assume the Position, you will kneel, spread your legs as wide apart as possible, thrust your pelvis forward and hold your chin up with your hands behind your back. When my foot drives into your ball sac, you will not make a noise or fall. You will keep my target still so I can dispense whatever punishment I feel you are due. Am I clear slave?"

"Yes Sir".

"Remember, your balls exist purely as target practice for my kicking foot from now on. That is the price you pay for me allowing you freedom from the tube. Inferior low-life scum like you must always suffer and learn to endure. It's your lot in life faggot. Now, Assume the Position. And don't forget to count and thank me after each kick".

Sir Max then kicked me hard in the balls 5 times and I just knelt there and copped it, no noise, no falling about. It wasn't easy but his telling me that if I broke his Rules he'd start the count over was a good incentive.

He patted me on the head again. "Good boy cucky. Don't forget my Rules. They are not flexible and nor am I. No yelping, no falling, and always count and thank me when I bust you up or I'll just keep kicking your balls are until they're crippled and I've gelded you. Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes Sir".

"Good. I have spoken faggot so that's the end of it. Complete surrender is what I want from you; total and utter capitulation from my cuckold servant. Anything less than that, I ruin your balls first then I ruin your life, even more than I already have. Clear?"

"Crystal clear Sir".

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