Making and breaking of a cuckold - 10 The sex shop

Written by , on 2015-12-23, genre domination

I parked outside the The Bordello, an adult store downtown, and entered with Mistress. Sure enough, the salesperson was a young female, early 20s, dressed punk-style all in black with heavy make-up, a pierced lip and nose, and a bad attitude, probably from dealing with all the perverts like me who visited the store.

She sneered at me and said, "Wadda you want mister?" Then she then noticed Mistress and her demeanour changed as she ignored me and chatted politely with Gemma. I just stood there waiting, eyes down.

"So this guy is your slave and you want a leather jock strap and harness, right? And the jock strap has to be extra large. Why, he doesn't look like he's well hung. Oh, I see, he's wearing a chastity tube. With a DreamLover! Wow, you've done well Gemma".

"Thank you Christy. I've cuckolded him too. I've seen you at the gym, haven't I? Well, my bull is Max, you know, the big blond gym instructor".

I had been through a lot since Max and Gemma had taken charge but this was right up there in terms of being humiliating. I stared at the ground, not game to make eye contact.

"Yeah I do know Max. He's an impressive specimen and I like the look of the bulge in his crutch. He should be able to satisfy a woman unlike this pathetic cuckold you've dragged in here today. Actually, I've never seen a DreamLover in action even though I've sold heaps. Any chance of a demo Gemma?"

Five minutes later I was running my tongue over the black Doc Martens boots Miss Christy was wearing begging for mercy. And yes, I had been instructed to call her Miss Christy.

"Wow, that current through his balls really made the freak squeal like a pig, especially on 10 Gemma. And I loved seeing it convulsing all over the floor; it's such fun knowing there's no way he can escape the pain. It really makes him ultra submissive too. Look at the way he can hardly wait to get back to my boots and grovel in the hope I'll take it easy on him. No chance loser".

Miss Christy then placed her boot on my throat and turned the dial to 10 and held me there as I writhed in agony under her feet.

"Very satisfying Gemma. Send me a few pics of the cuckold working in the yard in his leather harness, would you? I'll use them to make some sales and make myself extra money. Trash like him should be exploited to the max, if you'll forgive the play on words haha".

I skulked out of the sex shop with my head down and wearing my harness under my clothes.

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