Making and breaking of a cuckold - 19 The bar B que two

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Mistress Gemma beckoned for me to tend to the bar b que and I could hear them all talking. Miss Christy asked a question, "So Gemma, how's it going this whole cuckold thing? Are you and Max happy?"

"It's fantastic Christy. I've completely destroyed peepee as a man, and with Max's help I've stripped out all his pride and dignity, and totally trashed his manhood. He lives his life in my service now, don't you faggot?"

"Yes Your Highness, it is a privilege to serve at your feet".

"And he serves your family, don't you faggot?", chimed in Princess Sheridan. "Yes Your Majesty, it is an honour to be your slave too". They were working me. From past experience, I knew intense humiliation lay ahead but I just kept cooking on the bar b que.

Christy spoke, "I notice he's not wearing the DreamLover any more Gemma. What happened?"

"It's not necessary Christy. He's a fully broken cuckold slave and Max and I prefer to have his balls dangling free for us to crucify with our killer right hooks if we feel like it".

"Right hooks?"

"Our kicking feet. Here, I'll show you. Assume the Position faggot". I knelt in front of Mistress and she drilled a vicious kick deep into my ball sac then repeated it just as mercilessly. I remained motionless. I heard Miss Christy and Mr Jones gasp.

"Holy shit Gemma, how does he survive that? And he didn't even move. What, have you replaced his balls with steel nuggets or something?" she laughed.

"No, it's been part of his training from the very beginning and Max has made it quite clear to him that his balls exist purely to be target practice for his Master. He also knows if he groans or falls the punishment following will be much more severe".

Mr Jones spoke, "So it's partly obedience and partly survival instinct. I honestly don't know how he put up with that Gemma. You were brutal. Full credit to you for training him so well. Tell me faggot, does Max kick harder than Gemma?"

These were dangerous moments for me. The obvious answer was "Yes" but that would piss off Gemma and make her want to prove me wrong, so I answered,

"Thank you for the question Mr Jones. I don't think of it that way Sir, it is just a privilege for me to be of use to my superiors as their kicking dummy". Please, let's move on, I thought to myself.

"That's strange, I thought Max would be much more powerful. Any man would be. Hey Christy, have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts before?"

"No, not really Mark. I electrocuted peepee's balls at the Bordello which was a hoot, but I haven't done anything like what Gemma just did. I thought you'd kill a man with kicks that hard".

"You're welcome to practice on cucky, Christy", said Gemma.

"I don't think I have the strength to hurt him properly. Hold it, what if I wore Mark's boots? Do you mind if I borrow your boots Mark?"

"No Christy, this I've gotta see. I'll take them off for you".

"The cuckold will do that for you Mark, won't you boy?", chimed in Sir Max.

"Yes Sir". Shit, in all that was going on, I'd forgotten the menacing presence of Sir Max. I carefully removed Mr Jones' boots being careful not to "slobber " on them then went and knelt before Miss Christy.

"Well, what are you waiting for fuckwit?", she said. I placed the boots on her feet and did up the laces. They were a little large but fitted OK.

Christy turned to Max and said, "Do you mind if I borrow the cuckold for just one kick in the balls?"

"Knock yourself out", was Max's rely

Oh dear, I was dreading this. I was usually busted bare foot and that was bad enough. And the build-up had been excruciating and exhausting. I knew which words were coming.

Gemma spoke, "Assume the Position faggot … in front of Miss Christy".

I did and she looked me up and down with contempt then spoke, "I've only been her for 10 minutes faggot but you've already licked my feet and now I'm gonna kick your balls with these boots. You're not much of a man, are you? Don't answer that, your Mistress has already told me she has taken away your manhood. Maybe after this, you'll treat me and my man with proper respect".

Miss Christy was a dreaded toe kicker. She unleashed a devastating kick with her heavy boot, the toe of which trapped my left testicle against my pelvis, again. The next thing I knew I was lying at her feet dry reaching while everyone else was cheering. Through the mists I heard Princess Sheridan's voice;

"Back to the bar b que cucky. I want a few more shrimps then I'm gonna use your tongue again. You know how it turns me on seeing you get slaughtered, especially by the boots of another man".

I limped over to the bar b que and did what I was told, then massaged Princess Sheridan's feet as she ate as instructed. When she was ready, she dragged me by my leash on my knees into the downstairs bedroom. She was a little bit drunk and somewhat euphoric from having her sadistic urges stimulated.

Princess Sheridan lay on the bed in only her bikini top, having removed the panties and dangled them over my head "to get you in the mood". She spread her legs wide and ordered me to bury my face in her pussy. She was already moist from seeing me hurt and degraded by the others and came hard on my face several times.

"OK cucky, it's your turn. Drop your duds and lie under my feet. Ooh, your balls are all swollen and you have a split in your dick. That's either from my sister's foot or Mark's boot. Who cares anyway, life's a bitch, eh? Start pulling yourself germ".

It felt wonderful being under her soft beautiful feet again and I was rapidly approaching a climax when I heard her voice; "Stop cucky, get your hand off your dick. NOW!!"

I was very close to cumming and nearly ignored her order but thought better of it, removed my hand, and lay there with my weenie peepee flopping about wildly in the air wondering what was going on.

"I nearly forgot faggot. You have to get permission from 2 of the 3 of us to cum. Let's go out and ask them, shall we?" Please, not in front of Miss Christy and Mr Jones, surely.

"Yes Your Majesty, whatever you say" I said meekly, defeated again by this gorgeous vixen.

I was dragged out poolside again and ordered to kneel at the ends of the recliners. Princess explained what had happened and gave me the thumbs up to have an orgasm, so now I only needed one of Max and Gemma. Max was next and said,

"I admit I have been pandering to you girls in this matter Sheridan and Gemma but, as a general Rule, I don't allow my cuckolds to cum. Full stop. I consider they are lesser beings who should focus on service to their superiors and not their own selfish needs". He turned his thumb down.

The attention turned to Gemma. Surely she'll let me have this one little thing after everything I've given her and, after all, I am still legally her husband. What about conjugal rights? I waited anxiously for her response. She spoke,

"There are various things to weigh up here so I'm not taking this decision lightly. Firstly, his Master has banned peepee from cumming ever again, but Sheridan and I enjoy the power of having cucky cum using only the soles of our feet on his face. So those two considerations cancel each other out".

"Fascinating", said Christy, "Please go on. I'm learning something here today". For the record, I didn't find it fascinating kneeling in front of these 5 people being treated like an object as I squirmed with embarrassment under their quizzical gazes. Gemma continued,

"There are health issue in favour of regular orgasm but emptying the sacs can be achieved by prostate massage so that need is eliminated. You know, at the end of the day, I think it's a question of fidelity. What do you think about that faggot?"

"I have accepted your right to have sex with Sir Max Your Highness so I don't have a problem with it".

"I'm not talking about me you idiot, I'm talking about you. The marital bond should be sacrosanct for you but you chose to break it by having sex with my sister; well, with her feet, anyway".

There were titters all round. Fuck me, this was a bit rich considering that Max was ploughing his huge penis into her morning, noon and night while the only relief I had been permitted in weeks was two orgasms. I actually felt a bit angry as I looked around at the group and saw how they were all mocking me. Gemma continued,

"Well, speak up cuckold. Do you have any excuses, are there any mitigating circumstances? If you can explain to this group why you have broken the marital contract, I might give you the thumbs up".

The tittering turned to laughter as I knelt there, the subject of their utter derision, the source of their afternoon's entertainment. Max started to move and I could feel a flogging coming on if I didn't get this answer right. But, honestly, what could I say? I was lost for words but just started blurting out the first words that came into my head,

"I didn't really have a choice when Princess Sheridan told me to cum under her feet Your Highness; you have all made it clear that I am the family slave and have to obey orders. Anyway, I don't see how it can do any harm if Princess lets me cum under her feet occasionally. It's not really being unfaithful to you".

It was the first resistance I had shown and, after the words come out, I feared for my safety. But it felt good, I had to say. I felt liberated.

There was silence for the first time that day. They all looked at me gobsmacked. The worm had turned, as it were. Max started to rise from his recliner and I thought I'd make a run for it. But he just grabbed Gemma by the hand and headed off saying, "I'll leave you to sort this out Sheridan".

Princess Sheridan shifted down her recliner and gently rubbed her right foot over my face then said, "Lie on your back cucky". She then placed both feet on my face and wiped them back and forth. The fires of lust in me raged and all my resistance drained. After 5 minutes, she said, "Follow me into the downstairs bedroom peepee". Fantastic, I was to be allowed to cum.

We arrived there and once again she placed my face under her feet. "Will you do anything I say faggot?"

"Yes Your Majesty".

"Good, I want you to put your CB6000 tube and your DreamLover back on for me. They're in the top drawer". This was a line in the sand. I really badly needed to cum and was happy to then resume my normal slave duties and even accept punishment for my defiance but I didn't want to go back into that fucking contraption again.

"Please Your Majesty, if only you would let me cum first".

"Who owns your balls cuckold?"

"You and your family do Your Majesty".

"Well, I want my balls locked up again, and I want them full of spunk so I know you'll be an obedient little peepee. Do as you're told like a good cuckold slave".

Dammit. I hated myself for my weakness but I found myself almost involuntarily crawling over to the drawer and removing the items.

Then I heard her voice again; it was like I was hypnotized and had no will to resist.

"That's the boy. Slip your little pecker and ball sac in and click the padlock shut. Then you can crawl over and hand me the key. Good boy. Now, let's see if the batteries are still working, shall we?"

And with that, Princess let my balls have a 10 strength jolt for 5 seconds. It was agonizing and I rolled around on the floor whimpering.

"Good. It still seems to work alright. Crawl out to the pool faggot. You're gonna put on a little show for Mark and Christy".

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