Making and breaking of a cuckold - 12 Princess Sheridan forces a confession

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"You'll be pleased to know that I pump iron at the gym too faggot. I'm stronger than I look, as you're balls are about to find out. Look into my eyes. I'm gonna ask you some questions and I want completely honest answers. If I suspect you're lying to me, I'll make you a eunuch right here and now today. Understand?"

"Yes Princess Sheridan". She gripped my balls firmly in her right hand and exerted pressure which was very uncomfortable. I maintained eye contact as she spoke.

"You knew you were never good enough for my sister right from the very beginning, didn't you faggot".

"Yes Princess Sheridan".

"Yet you pursued her as if she were your equal. Why was that?"

"Because she is so beautiful that I hoped I could make up for my inadequacies by giving her financial security Princess". The grip tightened slightly.

"You think that a fat wallet can make up for a 4 inch dick, do you faggot?" I wished she would stop calling me that extremely derogatory name.

"No I don't Princess, but I hoped that oral servitude might have compensated for my small penis".

"Ha, even a girl can lick pussy. We're expecting men to shaft us with their penis, like Max does. But you're not really a man, are you cuckold?"

"No Princess Sheridan".

"What are you then peepee, what use are you to your superiors? I'd be careful with this answer if I were you faggot".

"I am everything my Mistress Gemma and Master Max have told me I am which is a cuckold, a faggot, a bootlicking pansy who is a slave to his superiors and a maid, butler, chauffeur, cleaner, butler, servant, footrest and test dummy to be exploited to make all your lives better".

That was it. I had shot my bolt and confessed every deep secret and desire I had while staring into the eyes of this beautiful, dominant young woman who so obviously had my measure. Her grip on my testicles eased slightly.

"Well, well, well, it seems you do have some insight after all cuckold. Keep looking at me. Now, I want you to tell me, and your Master and Mistress, how you feel when you walk with my sister on your Walk of Shame. Yes, loser, she has told me all about it".

"I feel proud Princess Sheridan, proud that I am taking the woman I love to be satisfied by a real man who can give her the sexual satisfaction I'm incapable of. I feel proud that the Boss allows me to present my wife to him, proud that he lets a wimp like me be a part of his life, even if it's only licking the dirt from the soles of his shoes and serving him".

This was horrible and cathartic at the same time. I was saying words which I meant, disclosing feelings that I harboured which I had previously been unable to admit to, even to myself. It was exhausting though and the pain in my balls was radiating into my back and making me feel faint.

"Maybe my sister was right to marry you after all cuckold, you're going to be a lot of use to my family. I'm sure Gemma will share you around so we all benefit from your pathetic weakness. Now get on your knees and worship my feet pansy".

Princess released my balls and I fell to my knees and covered her feet in kisses in sincere submission to a truly superior female. I was spent, there was no dignity or pride left, my ego and manhood had finally been totally shredded by these three people.

Max spoke, "I think this calls for a celebration. More champagne peepee". I poured 3 more glasses then knelt before them all.

"A toast. To the beautiful people, long may we reign over scum like peepee". They all clunked their glasses together and took a swig of champagne.

Mistress Gemma spoke, "You know, I'm amazed by how easy this all was. I knew cucky was a wimp but I thought he'd put up some resistance. But no, turns out he's a gutless pansy just like I thought when I first started leading him on. Yes, that's right faggot, this was all a set-up, right from the beginning".

I burned with shame at my wife's words but I had to admit, deep down, I knew from the start she was way out of my league.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself fuckwit, how do you feel about my sister playing you for a patsy?", asked Sheridan.

"Every moment I have spent with Mistress Gemma has been pure pleasure, Princess Sheridan. I don't care about all the pain and humiliation she has put me through, I'm still part of her life and I'd rather have what I have with her than anything else with any other woman. I will always love her and now my role is to serve at her feet to the best of my ability".

Max chimed in, "I've seen this before, total defeat, the complete subjugation of one human being by another. His ego will never recover, but I'll bet he has one last attempt at reclaiming his manhood sometime soon. Once you have squashed that Gemma, there will be no need for the CB 6000 or the DreamLover, cucky will be your utterly devoted subject and slave. The time is close".

They all finished their drinks and I was locked in the garage. I'm not sure what went on for the rest of the afternoon and night but I suspect a ménage-a-trois in my old bedroom from the muffled squeals of delight filtering through the garage door.

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