Making and breaking of a cuckold - 16 Princess Sheridan rules

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One hour later I was kneeling beside the pool, in my harness, at the ends of the recliners Mistress Gemma and Princess Sheridan lounged on nonchalantly in their bikinis. Princess spoke,

"So Gemma, we've fried his balls with electricity, squashed them in our hand till they popped, and kicked them so hard they ended up lodged behind his tonsils but this freak still continues to defy you. He obviously loves pain, particularly of the testicular variety. I think we need to dream up some more punishments that he won't enjoy so much, don't you?"

"Yes Sheridan. What do you think? Caning or whipping?"

"Or trampling in our stiletto heels with both of us walking over him together and ripping his flesh with the tips, especially his nipples?"

"Or, water torture by holding his head under water with our feet on the back of his head till he nearly drowns? Kinda like water-boarding".

"How about we send him over to the neighbours dressed in his harness begging for a cup of sugar?"

"Haha, that's a hilarious thought. Maybe he can volunteer to clean their toilet with his toothbrush and mow their lawn with scissors".

"Hehe, oh these are all great ideas. Another would be bondage in a horrible position, like tied to a stake in the backyard by a collar, kneeling and blindfolded with his arms and legs bound and a vibrator up his arse. The neighbours might like that".

Mistress Gemma thought for a while. "You know Sheridan, none of these punishments are quite as emasculating as a good ballbust. You know, it's kinda up close and personal, brutal, no implements needed, a punishment that can be delivered in an instant, and rips the male ego to shreds and takes away his manhood. I get a trip out of seeing them convulse with the pain too".

"Very true but it's a skill set I haven't fully acquired as yet".

"Well surely this is your big chance now that we have a family test dummy, a kicking bag kneeling down there at our feet. What do you say faggot, are you prepared to sacrifice your balls so my sister can learn how to put inferior males in their place?"

"Yes Your Highness, my balls only exist to be target practice for you and your family". I was repeating the words Sir Max had used a little while ago thinking they would be sufficiently submissive for Mistress.

"Hmm, Max will be interested in that reply".

"And Sir Max naturally Your Highness". Mistress was an expert at manoeuvring me into dangerous territory.

"He calls you Your Highness Gemma. What's that about?"

"As Max has explained, once these subs have been broken, their Owners start to become their universe. So we are his religion, we are the Royal Family to him in his mind. It's an involuntary form of address which emphasizes our position in his world".

"In that case, I would like to be addressed as Your Majesty from now on. Have you got that faggot?"

"Yes Your Majesty".

Mistress spoke, "OK cucky, go and rustle us up some snacks".

I hurried out to the kitchen relieved that little ordeal was over without me suffering in any way. Sheridan walked into the room looking dazzling in her bikini. I fell to my knees and kissed her feet. "How may I serve you Your Majesty?"

"Gemma tells me you're an expert clitty licker. Is that right faggot?"

"I am very experienced Your Highness". Crash. Her right foot lashed out into my ball sac. As ordered, I remained motionless.

"That's not what I asked loser. Answer my question".

"Yes Your Majesty, I'm an expert at licking pussy".

"Follow me into the downstairs bedroom cucky". I crawled behind Sheridan into the bedroom. She locked the door, dropped her bikini bottom then lay on the bed with her legs spread. "Get your head in there cuckold".

Sheridan kept me between her legs licking her pussy and clit for maybe half an hour and had several orgasms during that time. Naturally, I was aroused but still had my trousers on so it wasn't obvious. She left the bed, sat on the toilet then returned and pulled on her bikini bottom.

"That was very satisfying faggot. I'm beginning to see what my sister saw in you. She tells me she makes you cum under her feet. I've never seen a male do that. So, here's your big chance. Get under my feet and pull yourself. I'll give you a few minutes".

Honestly, it was utter paradise under the feet of a gorgeous woman like Princess Sheridan and I spilt my load quickly. I licked it up without being told then knelt before her.

"I used to hate you faggot but now I see we're gonna get along just fine. As my sister says, it's not like a creep like you is our boyfriend or lover, you're just grunt, and who cares if a slave is fat or old or anything as long as he does what he's told".

"It is an honour to serve you in any way you want Your Majesty".

"I don't have a boyfriend at the moment so your cuckold tongue is gonna spend plenty of time buried in my fanny, faggot. It's much better than a vibrator, and it was a power trip for me seeing you get off just using the soles of my feet so there might be more rewards for you there too if you play your cards right loser".

"It was a privilege to be under your feet Your Majesty, your feet are to die for they are so beautiful". She had my measure and there was no point holding back. Sheridan glowed with the praise and the recent orgasms.

"Finish up the snacks cucky. And bring out three champagnes, I just heard your Master arrive home".

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