Making and breaking of a cuckold - 11 Pool duties

Written by , on 2015-12-24, genre domination

As soon as we returned home, Mistress Gemma spoke,

"Take off your clothes and clean up the back yard in your harness faggot. Clean the pool too cause Max is coming over this arvo and we're gonna have a swim and a laze around the pool. Chop chop".

I hurried to tidy the yard and vacuum the pool when Gemma appeared in her skimpy bikini. I almost fainted she looked so gorgeous, so delectable. She noticed my arousal and smirked.

"Off limits to you cuckold except the filth on the soles of my feet. Go and kneel by the door, your Master will be here soon".

Max soon arrived and I humbled myself at his boots as I had been instructed to do. "Nice outfit cucky, it makes you look like a real faggot. Maybe you'll get some attention after all if some of the gay boys in the neighbourhood see your BDSM gear. Go and grab a couple of champagnes".

I scurried about and poured the Dom Perignon the Boss had made me buy and handed them the flutes. "Now get some cream peepee, I need a nice long foot massage. I've been at the gym all morning working out and instructing".

I felt a proper fool kneeling at the end of Max's recliner massaging his feet as they chatted away ignoring my presence. Then the doorbell rang. Mistress looked at me and signalled with her head for me to go answer. I hesitated given the way I was dressed and she reached for the buzzer and hit my balls with a 5 second zap on 8. It hurt like hell. So, full of trepidation, I opened the door.

There stood Gemma's younger sister Sheridan who, by the way, was also stunning but a brunette. She looked me up and down and said, "What's this Peter, a fancy dress party? It doesn't do much for you, that outfit, with your belly sticking out. Where's my sister?" Sheridan had never approved of me and had advised her sister not to marry me. She always treated me with disdain.

I ushered Sheridan out to the pool where she and Gemma hugged. "You know Max from the gym, don't you Sheridan?" They shook hands and started to chat so I just stood there.

Then Max clicked his fingers and said, "Champagne for our guest peepee". I ran out hoping Sheridan hadn't heard what the Boss called me and praying she would leave before she found out about our "arrangement". I presented her with the flute and headed off to tidy up the kitchen, anything to get away from there. I had taken 3 paces when I heard the Boss' voice.

"Have you forgotten something faggot? You were in the middle of giving me a foot massage. Back to work boy". I picked up the cream, knelt at the end of the recliner and resumed massaging my Master's feet carefully avoiding eye contact.

"What the fuck is going on Gemma?" asked Sheridan. "Why is Peter dressed like that, and how come Max calls him faggot?"

"Calm down Sheridan. I've cuckolded peepee, it's as simple as that".

"I told you not to marry him Gemma. He's a short fat loser. You could have done much better".

"Think about it. I own this magnificent home, drive a Mercedes Benz coupe, I don't work, not even around the house, I have an amazing sex life with Max whose has the biggest penis you've ever seen and knows how to use it, and I don't have a husband anymore, I have a servant".

"A servant? How's that?"

"Well, peepee is now my servant and maid, butler and chauffeur, cleaning lady and slave and, in fact, anything I want him to be. He is totally under my control, thanks to Max and the DreamLover".

"Slow down Gemma. You now call your husband peepee?"

"Or cucky, faggot, bootlicker, cuckold, he'll respond to any of those names. He calls me Mistress and Max the Boss, Master or my Lord. He refers to me as Your Highness as well. I think we'll make him call you Princess Sheridan. Would you like that?"

"I think I would. I never liked the little germ anyway. Did you hear that faggot, I'm Princess Sheridan to you from now on".

"Yes Princess Sheridan", I replied.

"Hey faggot, after you've finished massaging your Master's feet you can do mine. And get me another glass of champagne fuckwit".

"Yes Princess Sheridan". I scurried off after checking with the Boss.

"So tell me about the DreamLover Sheridan". They were words I didn't want to hear because, needless to say, I was used as a test dummy that afternoon as Gemma schooled Sheridan in the use of the device. They both treated me like shit, like a sub-human animal as they took turns torturing my balls.

"Combined with chastity and regular floggings from Max, the DreamLover has turned cucky into the perfect husband, just like it says in the advertising blurb. You should see the look on cucky's face when Max grips his balls with his right hand and squeezes. Honestly, it's hilarious seeing his face all contorted with pain and the begging in his eyes as he pleads with his Master to let his puny nuts survive".

"Oooh, I'd like to see that Gemma".

Max spoke, "Stand up faggot. You have permission to look me in the eyes".

I knew what that meant; the Boss was about to crush my testicles with his iron grip to impress Princess Sheridan. I knew better than to embarrass him in front of her by trying to resist in any way so I just meekly complied.

He gripped my balls and I eyeballed him from inches away as instructed. It was the only time he permitted me to raise my face to his, as you will recall, dear reader. This was going to end badly for me but the line of least resistance was the safest I figured. They were all a bit wired from the champagne and that was also hazardous for me.

The Boss began to squeeze and I began to squirm. God he was strong and the pressure was becoming unbearable, yet he was gradually able to increase it till I thought one of my balls must surely pop. I was sweating profusely and about to pass out from the pain. I heard the girls clapping.

"Bravo Max", said Sheridan, "It must be my turn". Princess stood up and swaggered over to where I was standing, having been released from the vice-like grip of my Master.

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