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Very Bored one rainy afternoon
genre: incest
I'm Alex 23 recently I was home with my sister Joanne 25 and it was pouring with rain. Nothing to watch on TV or the internet as everything was down due to the thunderstorm. Power was also out and I just asked Joanne for sex to pass the time, expecting No as her answer. But she said Alright I feeling horny and I'm on the pill and it will pass...
wrote on 2019-08-20 | by Alex
Afternoon meal
genre: cheating
Sitting on my lap, Mandy looked at me with her gorgeous hazel eyes. She leaned forward briefly and put out a cigarette without releasing her gaze from me. She seemed to study me as much as I studied her. Her young face with high cheeks and a slightly upturned charming nose was such a beautiful sight. I found it exciting to have her so close and...
wrote on 2019-07-13 | by Lovingfama
Cash troubles aside, afternoon delight in mind
genre: straight
I was waiting on line at the bank and feeling pretty glum. Working as an actress is hard in this recession, and I lost my waitress job. I was shifting money from my rapidly dwindling savings account to my checking so that I could pay my bills. I guess the cute guy behind me picked up on my mood, because he started making remarks about how slow...
wrote on 2019-06-02 | by Dirty-Doll
Sex after Erotic Bus Travel
genre: bisexual
Sex after encounter in Bus Part-2 Well folks I want to share with you what happened after I got down from bus. Read Part-1 (Erotic Bus Travel) if you have not. Just to tell you in short what happened in Part-1. I met a lady with two kids in bus and we enjoyed touching each other while me sitting behind her. We got down and all started going...
wrote on 2019-05-15 | by Chitrasen Mohan
A little spice after a night out
genre: romantic
Liz was sleeping. She woke up by a noise she couldn’t quite place. After a while she guessed it was Nat saying something in his sleep. He was doing this sometimes. A funny habit of him, funny because you couldn’t understand a word he said but he could be very loud and confident when talking gibberish. It was so contrary to his daytime habits...
wrote on 2019-03-24 | by Laura Ellric
Stranger in my bed - The aftermath
genre: domination
After the show where even Dave had to shit because of all the food he had eaten earlier I showered and put on white paper suits for our walk back to Nev's place. Dave said he was sorry for using me as a toilet. That's what I was there for I told him. Did you cum at any time he asked? Lots of times. The best was when you did it. The look on your...
wrote on 2019-02-13 | by GaynorBlue
Irresistible Temptation After A Hard Working Day
genre: group sex
It’s been late in the evening on January when my colleague Marc and I were almost alone at the office. Some weeks ago we had a little sexual adventure after the Christmas party with a fellow colleague. I knew for her it was a one-time event, but for both of us, it became a secret game of teasing us sexually from time to time. It was all the...
wrote on 2019-02-10 | by Lovingfama
After Work meet up part one
genre: bisexual
True story of what happened to me after work today. Friday’s I am usually kind of horny and more relaxed. I checked on a dating app that helps you find men close by. I found a decent looking guy in his fifties. I am 35 and I like older men. After talking a while he invited me over to his hotel room, which happened to be on my way home. After a...
wrote on 2019-02-02 | by Jude
After my Divorce
genre: straight
I'm Richard 34 now divorced no children, my divorced was final in September. My ex wife Robyn wanted to marry her law partner. But she didn't take me for everything, just her stuff and half our assets. I moved away and started working at the local hospital in my new town. I'm a GP and was happy to be away from the city life, the only down side...
wrote on 2018-11-25 | by Richard
After the Accident
genre: straight
I'm David 32 married 2 children 5 and 3, my wife Pamela 30 was in accident early last year. A car crashed into a store my wife was working in and was trapped by her legs. The old lady driver had blacked out and run off the street and into the store. Pamela had to have several operations and left in a wheelchair. Pamela's mother Joanne 48...
wrote on 2018-11-16 | by David
After wife there's mom.
genre: incest
Hello, my name is Ty. I guess my story begins when my wife of five years left me. I really wasn't that broken up about loosing her, but the stress of taking care of our four year old by myself was a lot to handle. This is how it came about that my mother (Silvia), came to stay with us. I really needed the help and mom couldn't pack her...
wrote on 2018-11-11 | by Ty Maximus
After the Divorce.
genre: incest
I'm David 50 widower 3 grown children who have all left home. I sold the family home after my late wife passed away 2 years ago and downsized to a 2 brm cottage. My sister Jane 41 got a divorce from her husband Luke, she found him in bed with his business partner's wife. They have 2 children both a university, so after the divorce Jane came to...
wrote on 2018-08-31 | by David
Nookie after a long spell inside.
genre: funny
You can say I love older women at least a good decade or so. If I were to ever choose to be married to someone it's going to be with an older woman by 15-25 years older then me. Why? Well after this story I guess you will get the picture. This was one of a life time opportunities I had. I had just gotten out of the Pen two weeks earlier from...
wrote on 2018-06-02 | by G.F
After University
genre: straight
I'm Alan 27, when I finished university I was unable to get work for a while. So I used to work as a male stripper to get by. I would strip naked and women would throw money at me. The best night I had, I made 950 dollars after the houses commisson. I also took private jobs with some women, it was more cash no commission. I met a woman named...
wrote on 2018-05-07 | by Allan
A cigarette after sex
genre: group sex
My wife and I have been happily married for 22 years. Over the years we have experienced a very active sex life with each other and several exciting adventures with other playmates. We plan to share some of our more memorable encounters here. Our first adventurer happened about 15 years ago. We had been married for about 7 years, had become...
wrote on 2018-01-10 | by Americanxtacy
One black cock after another
genre: gay
I was away at college and stayed there for the summer as I had a good job. I had just purchased a car and as I had gone by a strip of all night porno shops downtown in the business district several times, I decided to pay them a visit on a Saturday night about 3 A.M. after the bars closed. I was 21, raging horny and dying to taste a hot cock in...
wrote on 2017-04-18 | by reesielover
What Happened After Shayne Kissed His Mom
genre: incest
Copyright 2016 Kirstie Taylor All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over. Shayne was walking home from town with his mom. They’d been out having a drink. He didn’t make a habit of going out for a drink with his mom. She usually went out drinking with the boy’s dad, but this...
wrote on 2016-11-21 | by Kirstie Taylor
After the talk
genre: gay
All day long I anticipated the talk from my Pops when he got home...I could hear him telling me of how he worked all day and I did nothing and he would not stand for me having my little girlfriends over. If he only knew the truth, I could imagine how his face would have looked if he had came in to break up the little fuck party he thought I was...
wrote on 2016-11-12 | by d4david
After A Long Day
genre: straight
I’m just on the ferry heading back home. I’m thinking lots of coffee – maybe via an IV drip – and a slice of pizza or two. But mostly I’m thinking of what will happen post-caffeine and sustenance while I’m suggesting all this to Dan, who’s closer to home and already done for the day! As I walk through the door and drop my day job...
wrote on 2016-05-26 | by Panzerbastard
Afternoon in the Pool
genre: group sex
My name is Amee. I am 24 years old and I am currently working as a volunteer in a remote community educational project in Southeast Asia. The conditions are very Spartan and the nights are long, my only enjoyment being my thoughts, fantasies and fingers. Like many girls I suppose, I remember every delicious second of my first sexual encounter...
wrote on 2016-01-16 | by WildAshley
Sex after birth
genre: witness
Every woman experiences motherhood differently so naturally our return to sex after birth will differ. I felt alone when the women around me were talking about how horny they were hours after giving birth. I felt there was something wrong with me. I never want another woman to feel that way. No matter what is going on you are not alone. This...
wrote on 2015-08-28 | by Abby Theuring
Raped at the after party
genre: domination
Every year that the Grammy Awards come around, I always look forward to them, but probably for different reasons than everyone else does. It is allegedly the biggest awards show the music industry has, but the thing that I always look forward to is getting to work as a bartender at one of the numerous Grammy after-parties that take place, and...
wrote on 2015-07-03 | by Garces 1980
What can you expect after a long tiring day?
genre: straight
You have been alone and single for too long and rattling about that house with no-one for company; not real meaningful and loving company anyway. I said those words to you when we got serious, do you remember? But that is going to change my Darling, now that I have moved in. I know you have heard these words a thousand times from those you...
wrote on 2015-05-06 | by ExPer8
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