The couple in the restaurant

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Sitting at the table in a fine dining restaurant not far from their office Amelia and Peter were discussing the choices the stylish menu offered. They had been discussing the options of contributions they might bring into their group over the lunch breaks the last week. Lunch that was usually a simple salad or a sandwich or something equally filling but boring. Today they wanted to do something different. Whether that would help along their work for the summer party was questionable, and they knew that, but they didn’t care. They wanted to explore some other sensations, maybe some creamy soup or spicy meat accompanied by vegetable that speaks of sun and water, and some dessert that could drown them in fruity sweet bliss.
They had called ahead to book a table and even got lucky with work as well as it had been a slow day. So they slid away for an early lunch. And most likely a long one considering the type of menu they studied right now. Peters eyes kept wandering off though. Amelia looked delicious today, her blond hair waving in liquid moves around her delicate face brought the sun into the room. The deep blue of her clear big eyes let him feel like he could drown in them. Her plush red kissable lips, cleverly accentuated by some lip gloss, made him want to kiss her. Not one of these nice kisses, were you get a warm cozy feeling; no, the type of kiss that left both breathless and his trousers would get tight.
She wore a tight black skirt and hot pink blouse that looked very business like but he had the suspicion that underneath she did wear some alluring and interesting lingerie. The time they had sex in the kitchen of the office during a lunch break he was flattened, or rather hardened, by the classy and yet playful lingerie she had worn. Alas, he could discern anything. “Back to the menu” , he thought. After all they were here to eat.
After several minutes of exchanging ideas they finally settled on a promising looking tomatoed scampi soup, a juicy beef steak with grilled Mediterranean vegetables. Just with dessert they had to go in two directions, Amelia wanted to devour some glazed lemon crepes with ricotta and Peter wanted a blueberry brownie. They called a waiter and placed their order with him. As drinks they just wanted mineral water. The waiter left with a new purpose and they started chatting about their ideas of he summer party and what the others feel their group had already accomplished.
Suddenly Peter heard a faint rustling under the table and then he felt a butterfly light touch along his left ankle. His eyes flew up to search Amelia’s face. She looked totally unperturbed. Was he imagining it? No! There, it was again. That little minx, she played with him. He was totally captivated. What would she do next ?
He wasn’t left guessing long. A toe covered in silky tights kept sliding along his skin under his trousers around the ankle. She couldn’t go further as they had decided to sit next to each other on a bench as the chairs looked somewhat stiff and uncomfortable. After all, sitting on the bench allowed them to watch the other people in the restaurant. They could entertain themselves with making up stories about the others. Like the couple in the far left corner. They were a bit older, maybe pensioners. They didn’t talk much, it seemed. Amelia suggested that they didn’t talk because they could communicate via telepathy. They simply didn’t need words. Peter thought that very alien but simply enjoyed Amelia’s ingenuity all the more. Still he needed to come up with a story about them as that was how they played. So he suggested that they were spies and listing to the guys two tables further on. Amelia liked that idea a lot. She even went on to spin a story out of this. While she talked he felt safe to let a hand slide down her thigh along the fabric of her skirt down to her knee only to come up again pushing her skirt up with the movement. He felt safe doing that as the table cloth protected them from any gazes. Amelia didn’t stop in her story but she did push her leg into his hand. It slid further up. When he reached the junction of her legs he let the two fingers slide over her covered pussy. Slight pleasures shock waved through him as he could feel the dampness of her sex even through the tights and slip. As to the slip he guessed that she was wearing one of her nothings of a thong she was so very fond of. Rubbing slightly over the sensitive area he did get an reaction, but one he wasn’t expecting. She pressed her legs together and hissed. Telling him between her closed teeth that the waiter came with the food. “What an inconvenient moment”, he thought. He still fought against his own hardened cock ruining his flat trousers line.
Nevertheless, the soup was there and it looked delicious. They both finished in quick time. Soon the steak arrived and they kept talking about the summer event. After a deliciously scrumptious dessert they picked up the bill and left the restaurant . Soon Peter noticed that Amelia seemed to be looking for something. Suddenly she pulled him into an overgrown entrance to some back yard.
Amelia wanted to continue what they had started in the restaurant. She pressed him against the greenery to keep them hidden from the street view. He didn’t wait long, repeated exposing on of her legs and by doing so pushed her skirt perilously high for him to finally find out what she wore. He was right a nothingness of a thong. His hand was quickly sliding the skirt over her hips. With one hand he steadied her while the other found her way into the tights and to her pussy. He felt along the hot cleft until he could feel the wetness of her vagina . Pushing one finger into her he intensified the kiss they had been sharing . She helped along by grabbing his head at both sides and making sure their lips were glued together, or rather their tongues were.
His clever fingers were playing and teasing her pussy and clit with excruciating intensity bringing her closer and closer to her climax . Yet, there was still a tiny thing missing to let her come. But Peter had still one ace up his sleeve. He pulled free from her grip and bit into the base at the side of her neck. That kicked her over the brim into one hell of a blazing inferno of bliss. He held her during her little death and found her face the most beautiful sight of the day.
When she came back from her heights she wanted to give him the same courtesy but that’s not what he wanted. Not now at least. He wanted more but later that day. Wanted the anticipation to build up . So he dared to ask her wether she wanted to meet in a hotel room later today. Amelia’s face told him the answer before he heard it.
Oooh, he was looking forward to seeing her again that night. She wouldn’t know what hit her.

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