Sensation at a kitchen cupboard

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She was standing in the kitchen, grabbing some glasses out of the upper cupboard. Suddenly there was a male presence behind her . She could feel the warmth, she could smell the masculine fragrance. But more importantly she could just sense the body behind her back. The tall presence of a very masculine body. Warm breath went along her exposed neck. It felt like an endless ever so tender kiss. She stopped with grabbing the glasses and let her hands rest on the shelf, waiting. Waiting for what would happen next. Warm strong hands slid along her torso sides along her upper belly to the sensitive area of her under breasts. Slowly cupping her softly rounded mounds from below and encompassing as much as these hands could manage. The breath on her neck got hotter as the lips blowing it on her skin drew closer to her neck. Hovering just over her skin.
The heat at her butt increased as well as a very excited cock, yet still hidden in fabric, sought the sensation of touching her back.
She leaned back, closing the small gap between their bodies.
As her arms were still lifted up on the shelf those wonderfully strong hands had full access to her breasts, they took advantage of it and gently teased her nipples, while still holding the weight of the now aching flesh like a bra.
Powerful tingles shot down to her lower belly. Just a little bit of teasing and all her neither parts were already on fire. Her nipples responded keenly. Peeking through the soft lace of the bra and her T-shirt, giving as much access to these nimble fingers of him as possible.
Suddenly the nimble fingers disappeared, but the bereft feeling she had didn’t linger long. She felt the heat of his hands along her hips. Slowly sliding up under the fabric of the shirt. Skin touched skin. She drew her breath in. For a moment the hovering lips on her neck held the breath as well. In that moment the air around them felt cool on her neck and caused goosebumps along her body. Then the deliciously hot and moist breath was back.
The slightly rough skin of these noticeably male hands caused a softly scraping sensation on her skin. The goosebumps came back. Said hands found their way along the surprisingly sensitive skin of her upper belly, exposing it to the air by sliding up the fabric of the T-shirt. He swiftly pulled it over her head and outstretched arms, making her gasp as the air kissed her skin all over her upper body. She let her arms settle on the shelf again. And closed the gap between their bodies. She couldn’t resist to press her buttocks against his loins. Slow ever so tiny rotating of her ass brought her closer to his bold erection. She could even feel it growing inside his jeans.
While she was concentrating on her ass she nearly missed the gently pull on her bra cups. It was easy for his purposeful hands to free her nipples out of the embracing, nearly transparent , soft cups. They jumped at the chance to stretch to their full size. Slowly a finger stroke over each nipple. Testing the texture and the hardness. They responded immediately, leaning into the finger, growing hard and dark in colour. That was the moment those lips of him found the sensitive skin just beneath her right earlobe. The tip of his hot tongue teased the tender skin and laid a feather light path down the side of her neck. These strong fingers of his twirled her nipples. It was an unbearable tease. Her hips kept rotating in an increasing speed. She wanted the friction of his cock at her butts but also the one between her legs deliciously caused by her thong and jeans.
Both their breathing filled the kitchen with sound. She grabbed one of his powerful hands and pressed it against her belly and felt the friction of his skin on her skin directly in her pussy. Pressing down on his strong hand she led it towards the button of her trousers, and further down into her thong, straight toward her pulsating wanting flesh. She could feel his gaze, following their hands. The trousers become to tight so she opened them with her other hand.
Leading his middle finger into her hot needy cleft , even she could feel the moisture around their joined hands. His other hand had stopped playing with her nipple. Both of them concentrated on the new sensations. He must feel her stubble hair. She wondered briefly what he thought about it , how it would make him feel. And then he slowly slid along her clit, further along her inner lips. Dipping into her honeypot, which was already so wet, his finger had no difficulties to use the ample moisture to slide in agonizing slowness around the slippery lips. It wasn’t enough. Suddenly these lips were touched by air. Trousers and thong pushed down to her thighs to get better access. Again he proved the dexterity of his strong fingers. Every centimeter of this sensitive skin was explored in excruciating thoroughness. Her hand was still on his hand accompanying his adventurous excursion. It was an amazing feeling. The emotional and sensation connection it caused between them was intense.
She let go of his hand when he entered her honeypot, pushing a finger, then two into her. Making her gasp as well as getting needy like hell. She felt an urgency, the urgency to be filled with more than just that. Barley able to vocalize it she somehow managed to give him the right hint. His hand disappeared, she heard rustling and then she felt a steely heat at her canal entry. It was like a single spot of heat. Delicious expectancy. Slowly said head stretched her entry and pushed into her. It was so slowly she could literally feel each centimeter until his cock was finally settled into her. A pause of experiencing the sensation of filling and being filled between them. Then he withdrew and pushed with strong thrusts back into her. The tension was building with incredible speed. She could feel the friction. It made her cry out. Louder and louder. He stroked her walls with intensity and power. Every centimeter was covered and attended. Nothing left out. She exploded. Loud. Both of them breathing hard. He had managed to hold back. Just. It was the absolute maximum. He waited a few moments and then started to move again. She was picking up the rhythm quickly. Her pussy needed another go. She was ready to be pumped into. Powerful. She felt like itching in her hot canal. She needed his scratching. He knew what she wanted. Could feel it and see it. Rotating a bit while pumping into her they came
Together in a crushing explosion. Finally she turned around her head and met his soft lips for a kiss. Languidly they kiss each other, treasuring the afterglow.

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