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Wife Services Her Boss
genre: cheating
My wife is 27 with long reddish blonde hair and considered by most very sexually attractive. As I have been her husband for the last two years I can attest that she also has a healthy sexual appetite. She has on occasion went out with the girls to get an occasional fuck from other men. I always have found this very erotic and it keeps me so...
wrote on 2024-03-16 | by Gennygurl
Fucking the Boss
genre: straight
I'm 27 single and work as an electrician, my bosses are both in their fifties and are married. But the husband travels a great deal as they run businesses in several places, his wife runs my work area, and they have 5 employees. She does all the bookings and allots the work to be done, on a slack day nothing much on. She had me do work at her...
wrote on 2024-02-12 | by Always willing
Bosses Privileges
genre: straight
During my early career I realized bosses could get away with a great deal, if they were careful. Over the following years I was promoted and got married had 2 children and then at 37 got divorced. With alimony payments and child support, I would struggle to make ends meet. But working for a large international company, I could get a job overseas...
wrote on 2024-01-06 | by Horny Boss
An Escort for my Boss 2
genre: cheating
When I got home. My husband greeted me as if he had not had sex in a year. He was so happy and excited. He took me straight to bed. He pushed up my dress and pulled down my panties. I can see his penis was hard, and he was filled with excitement. It was obvious he wanted to fuck me I cooperated and opened my legs allowing him to enter my...
wrote on 2024-01-01 | by Gennygurl
My Lady Boss
genre: straight
I left school at 15 and worked different jobs to make ends meet, still lived at home with my mother. Who was always busy, she sold real estate and was very good at it. Anyway, I finally cracked a better job working in a hardware store's warehouse, I was 22 and tall at 6'3" and muscled from working laboring job and average at best in looks. I did...
wrote on 2023-12-31 | by Willing Employee
Being an Escort for My Boss
genre: cheating
An escort for my boss I am 27 married and my husband and I have two children. My boss is a distinguished looking man in his early 50s. I have worked for him at that time for a couple of years. He approached me one day, and said he had a couple men coming that were considering investing in his business. He went onto explain. He said they had...
wrote on 2023-12-31 | by Gennygurl
The Bosses Wife
genre: straight
My boss 59 the know it type and very arrogant and to top it all off is a born-again Christian pain in the butt. The type who tells you how good he is and how bad you are. He is against gambling and is always railing against it. So, when his wife 54 lost a fair chunk of money out of her house keeping allowance, she wasn't willing to tell him...
wrote on 2023-12-17 | by Bosses Wife Fucker
Fun with the Bosses Wife update
genre: straight
After the birth of our daughter, we were all still fucking regularly in threesomes with Fiona. Then Lucy got pregnant again May this year and Fiona since moved in with us as Donald had a little too much drink and fell down the stairs. Nobody was there except him at the time, and he passed away. Not wanting the bad memories of her old house, she...
wrote on 2023-10-19 | by Herman L
Caught my Boss
genre: straight
I work for a small printing firm, and it's owned by a woman 49-years-old. A widow and had no children as the accident that took her husband took her 2 children as well. I'm nothing special in looks or build and was the gofer of the firm. I 30 done all the fetching and carrying and most of the cleaning up after as the youngest of her 5 printers. ...
wrote on 2023-07-29 | by Horny Printer
My boss asked me to provide Sex
genre: straight
I wasn't in any relationship and had been engaged, but it fell apart. So, at 31 and living alone, my boss decided I would be perfect. My boss I call Marion 51 widowed, had a son who I'll call David 33 single and she wanted me to seduce him and make him a man. I was shocked at first and all I could think to ask why me. She said she believed she...
wrote on 2023-07-28 | by Breeder Wife
Sleeping with the Boss
genre: straight
At the age of 31 is started for me and I'm now 36. I got a job straight from university and was rising slowly in the company. The company was privately owned and the widowed owner 56 had remarried 2019 and had no children yet. But he wasn't the most active person alive and could lose 40 pounds or so, he had married a younger woman 36 and was...
wrote on 2023-07-23 | by Willing Assistant
My Boss
genre: straight
I'm 33 now and 2 years ago, I was just a low-level employee and with no advancement options. I wasn't in any relationship either, my life was dull and I'm centerfold model just a plain Jane. That all changed when the boss 48 needed his lake house cleaned asap and the cleaners, he used usually were too busy at short notice. So, he asked for...
wrote on 2023-06-12 | by JoBeth.....
Boss's Dog
genre: zoophilia
I hadn't realised that my boss owned a dog... not until she brought it to work after it's yearly check at the vet. She'd left it out in her SUV (windows down) until work was over for the day. I saw the dog on the way back in from lunch and, being interested in big dogs, I wandered over, as casually as I could, to take a closer look. Oh! He...
wrote on 2023-06-06 | by Mostly Harmless
The Boss's Son
genre: straight
I'm the boss's son and now work for my father's company and I'm not a girl magnet as I wish I was. I'm quite awkward around younger women and get tongue tied, not so much mature women. But I'm lucky as my father's office manager Hazel 55 likes sex and as my father travels a great deal for company business. I was still a virgin at 26 joining the...
wrote on 2023-06-06 | by Thomas......
I married my boss
genre: straight
I got job at 16 and worked on a property just outside of our town, working with horses and property caretaker. After 5 years the property was put on the market and sold, my parents and 2 siblings had moved interstate the year before and I stayed put as I was earning good money. With the property sold I lost that job, but the owners I had worked...
wrote on 2023-05-30 | by Happy Husband/former employee
I had sex with my boss’s son
genre: cheating
I’m a house maid in Panama and I’ve worked for a family for 10 years now. 6 years ago I started to notice that my boss’s son started to look at me in a very different way. He started spying on me when I showered after I finished working, when I bent over when I cleaned or even looking at my breasts. At first I didn’t know what to think...
wrote on 2023-02-27 | by Trish Maine
Fucking my boss's wife
genre: straight
My boss is a very arrogant man and thought himself too good to dirty jobs. Not a hard worker either and like to pass himself off as a pillar of the community, as long as it didn't cost anything. His 2 children were at university, and he played golf. Neglecting his wife, I worked as his maintenance man and done any repairs at his business and...
wrote on 2023-01-11 | by Maintenance man
My Boss's Daughter
genre: straight
I married the boss's daughter; I was regular fucking his wife and it was her who decided I should marry her bookworm of a daughter. Which shocked me at the time, but I agreed anyway, so with her mother help we married. I got the daughter quickly pregnant and became her mother's assistant. Working wasn't high on my list of things to do list and I...
wrote on 2023-01-01 | by MIL Toy
My boss wants me
genre: cheating
When I first started working for my boss we all went out to a party and I took one of her friends home because I don’t drink, and we made out and she suprisingly gave me a blow job in the car. She told my boss about it and now here I am, at a hotel bar on an overnight business trip many months later talking about that night. My boss said that...
wrote on 2022-11-23 | by Juee2020
My Former Cougar Boss
genre: straight
After leaving university I went to work and had to start at the bottom in the office. Of which I was the only male, the office manager showed interest in me. At first, I thought she was making sure I got to know the work I was to do. But I soon found out she was interested in me for sex, as she had me stay back and we ended up fucking. She was...
wrote on 2022-11-16 | by Harny for Matures
Boss's Daughter
genre: straight
I work for a large firm and the boss's daughter also works there also. She is married and has 2 children; her husband is a few years older than her and had started to neglect her sexually. I'm the only single male working for the firm and several years younger than her. She had me join her on a case and it led to her asking me for sex, I was...
wrote on 2022-10-21 | by Horny Colleague
My Bosses
genre: straight
I'm 28 and work a low paid job and was hired to move heavy items and do deliveries. My 2 bosses are in their late thirties and are lesbians. Married to each other as soon as it was allowed and then started thinking of starting a family together. Neither are centerfold models nor dress to impress, like me a little overweight. Unknown to me they...
wrote on 2022-10-18 | by Employed Cock
My horny Boss
genre: straight
I'm 23 and work at the local hardware and the owners are 53 and 48. He goes away a great deal and leave her to run the store. As it's in a small country town they close at noon on Saturdays. During the summer he likes to go fishing and doesn't turn up on Saturdays at all. I was finishing up closing the store and all the other staff were already...
wrote on 2022-10-10 | by Very Willing
The Boss
genre: cheating
When my husband returned from one of his so-called seminars, which allowed him to slip away from home for three days, he told me that he had invited his manager to lunch on Sunday at noon. He was hoping for a promotion, but it depended a lot, he thought, on the welcome we were going to give him. Of course it turned into an argument. - You...
wrote on 2022-10-04 | by Trixie
Sleeping with the boss for a better life
genre: straight
I'm Margaret 34 have 2 children, those I'm not married I live with Martin 59 single successful businessman. Who up and till 4 years ago hadn't any children or thought he might have any children of his own. He wasn't a ladies man and had put his first and then he met me. We were waiting for our flight, the plane had a problem and was being fixed....
wrote on 2022-06-22 | by Margaret
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