In all her glory

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Then bedroom was filled with warm air coming in through the big double door of the balcony. The distant noise of crashing waves of the sea had let her fallen asleep on the covers of the vast plushness of the bed. He liked the image when he entered their room, being greeted with her back, as she had fallen into the land of her dreams on her stomach, naked save a little thing of a thong. He savored the sight for a moment and could not help but to feel getting excited at the sight. His cock went quickly to attention at this vision. He stepped further to the bed, kneed on it and pushed her cute rounded ass further up by gently sliding a big pillow underneath her belly. It wasn’t enough to achieve what he aspired to, another pillow went under her. Now her two mounds were nicely exposed and he could see her pussy peeking out of the strings of her thong. She had been waking up through the process and was looking at him still filled with sleep in her eyes. „Hey love, like what you see?“ she said with her throaty voice, he loved so much. He did indeed. And his bulky swimming trunks proved that. She knew he liked the sight, he simply liked to devour her from all kind of angles. Excitement filled her up as to what he would think of this time to make her scream with pleasure.
He wanted to see her glorious vulva in full and gently pulled her thong down over her legs to let it finally fall down on the floor. He was rewarded with her red flower of a pussy opening up to his gaze as she was positioning her her legs to give him more access. All the time she watched him with her big Sea colored eyes. He felt her appreciation by its intensity. They didn’t need words.
As always she was already damp for him, he could see the moisture glistening at her vaginal entrance. Slowly he touched her dew with the reverence he felt at being given the gift of her excitement. With gentle moves he started to spread it all over her sensitive flesh, making sure to include her lips as much as her clit. As always her hips tried to egg him on, she tried to help to get more caresses but he wasn’t having of that yet. Seeing her nice little mounds moving rhythmically gave him another idea. Tentatively he moved a finger to lubricate her perineum. She gasped. “ Honey!” She threw barely out, but he knew it was in pleasure. He could hear it in her voice and see it in her lovely blazing eyes. He dipped back into her now flowing pool of liquid and moved further to caress her little rose of an anus while keeping up his work at her pussy. Her hips now clearly told him to enter her. So he took the hint and slid with two fingers into her hot and tight canal. Her movements got erratic . “ Hon, now! Give me your cock!” She yelled. He wasn’t quite ready to give up his delicious caressing but, boy, was his cock hard like stone. So he dropped his trunks and pushed into her with one strong move . She screamed in pure pleasure. “ Keep up the stroking of the little hole “, she demanded. So he did. And that filled him with some other desire. But he still waited to go down that route.
Sobbing with pleasure she demanded him to move a bit quicker. She saw stars. “ Hon, I need you to fuck my pussy now! I need your strong power there !” , she gasped. That was so much what he wanted that he quickly changed the mode of his thrusting. Pushing into her hot juicy canal again he got quickly crazy with pleasure at the sight in front of him and pumped into her with maximum force making both of them cry out. But he wanted to pursue his other idea so he grabbed the lube he had seen on the night stand, a leftover of last night, and used some of it to cover her little asshole with the liquid stuff. Enough that she would welcome his dick. He resumed the rhythm of pushing into her lovely fuck hole and then With the next move he pulled his cock, thickly coated with her juices, out of her vagina and very gently teased her other hole with its head. The anticipating was immense, he knew the moment he entered her the pressure would feel crushing , causing high voltage of arousal. He waited for her consent , which came by a small but decisive move of her hips. Inviting him in. He followed that invitation. Gently pushing into her anus and getting hit by that high voltage of pleasure in an instance. The tightness was pushing him to his limits . He had to hold back until they were both ready to fly.
She gasped at the pain his entry caused in the first moment. It was mixed with so much pleasure, he was still caressing her clit. Both intense sensations together made her weep. She couldn’t hold it anymore and fell into a climax as explosive as a volcanic eruption. Quickly followed by him with a loud cry of release.

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