Rebuilding the Family

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When John Evens was 10, his family home comprised of six people.
His father, mother, grandmother, cousin and himself. His cousin Bonnie came to live with them two years before that at the age of six because her mother had overdosed on heroin and John's father and grandmother we're the next of kin.
Up until that year, when John was 10, his life was fairly good and normal. His father was a successful investor and mother was a happy house wife. His grandmother spoiled him and he even liked having his little cousin around, as she adored him. Life was good, but things were about to change drastically. Weather they would be for the better or worse,... We shall leave that up to John and you the reader?

John's father Paul was a tall very handsome man, standing 6'3 and having lite brown hair, blue eyes and a strong powerful jaw that made most women lite headed around him.
These were also all traits he passed down to his only son.
John's grandmother, which was his father's mother was also tall for a woman, at 5'11. She was a nortic looking woman with Sandy blonde hair and curves like the mountains she was born in. Her breasts we're very large with a narrowing of the waist and large flaring hips that spoke of the two children she had passed out between them. Her legs were long and nicely shaped and she was the kind of woman who always looked feminine and we'll kept. Some would say that is why John's father Paul had chosen the wife he did out of all the beautiful women he had to choose from as a young batchler, because John's mother Kimberly was very close in appearance to Paul's mother. Their hair was a different color, Kim's being brunette, but there bodies were both very curvey and voluptuous, tall and statuesque.
Kimberly was very much in love with her husband Paul and I guess that is where the croocks of this story begins.
Paul was a good husband and father, he provided more than most for his family, but being so handsome and wealthy, always had women throwing themselves at him, he had many loves through the years, but always made sure to keep it completely away from his wife and family, as he was still very in love with his wife, just weak where it came to the bounty of beautiful woman in the world, and to that end it would be his down fall.

Two months before young John was to turn 11, his father was out with a woman he had been seeing for a few months. They had been at a new years Eve party and both had been drinking heavily. The women he was with ended up driving that snowy winters night and drove the car into on coming traffic and while she only came away with a broken arm and nose, Paul lost his life that night.

The family morned very hard as you might imagine, but John's mother was unconsolable. Not only had she lost her husband, but came to find the love of her life had been unsatisfied enough to take another lover, she shut down and drowned herself in bottle after bottle of Brandywine.
The women that was driving went on trial, but was out on bond. Kimberly became obsessed with her in a vengeful way. Her thoughts were jumbled and wine soaked. John was her only distraction. She started having him sleep with her at night.
She never let him out of her sight.
He was all she had left and if she adored him before, she was ten fold that with him now. She would spend hours in bed holding him to her breast and running her finger's through his hair, singing quitly while doing so. John loved this time with his mother and started to get strange feelings for her. He was 11 now and starting to notice women in a new way and non of them held a candle to the beauty of his mother.
More and more now he would become erect when laying on his mother's body as she caressed his and hummed her sweet little songs. She never said anything about it, even though it would have been impossible not to feel it on her legs or thighs. She was off in her own little world just holding the last living part of her devastated life. John felt horrible about getting hard with his mother, but alass he had no control over it.

As the months went on and the women's trail was coming to ahead, Kimberly became more and more in raged as she heard more about this home wrecker and murder.
Then came the night when in a Brandy induced rage, Kimberly waited outside of the women's appointment, and when the women walked out, Kimberly ran her down with her car and drove away.

The women didn't die, but she lost a leg. Kimberly went on trial and in the end was given 6 to 9 years, again the family was shaken to the core.
John's grandmother was given custody of him and his cousin Bonnie. Money was not an issue, Paul was very wealthy when he passed away, so John's grandmother had nothing else to distract her from looking after the two children.
After a year or so life for the family seemed to get back into some kind of flow. John loved his grandmother and he loved Bonnie.
He desperately loved and missed his mother, but the best they could do was the one a month visits at the prison. It would just have to do for now and the for seeable future.

Time went by and John was growing up fast. He was the spiting image of his father. Now 14 he was growing strong and tall. He was very popular with his school mates and quarterback of his schools football team. His grandmother took very good care of both children, but she doughted on John. She always told him he was man of the house now, head of the family and when the time came it would be up to him to make sure he had many children to carry on the family name and blood line.
She always made John feel very important and special when she said this to him. He still missed having his mother with him, but he found happiness with his grandmother and Bonnie, Bonnie now 10 yrs old and thought John hung the moon and stars all by himself.

As John was so very good looking and had a smiling personality, he was also popular with the young girls he went to school with.
He had made out with his fair share of them and had even felt a few pair of undeveloped little girl breasts in his last year or two, but that's as far as these young little girls had let him get and his cock had started to scream for more.

One night he had gotten out of the shower and put on his robe and walked down to his grandmother's room to say goodnight. As he opened the already partly opened bedroom door, he stopped dead in his tracks.
His grandmother was standing there with one leg up on a chair bent over rubbing lotion up and down her long beautiful leg. She was wearing a white silky robe that was open and untied. John could see her huge heavy hanging breasts and her little pooched stomach and finally got a clear view of her thick landing strip of dirty blonde public hair running down to her V. Within a second he was rock hard and pointing out of his bath robe. At 14 he was already 8 inches and very thick.
When his grandmother looked up and noticed him, her first instinct was to pull her robe shut. When John saw her look up, his blood went cold and he went to turn and run from the room. As he turned to grab the door knob, his grandmother mother called out, Jonny wait!
John froze!
Sweetheart, don't go, it's alright.
There's nothing to feel embarrassed over my love, come here and talk with me. His grandmother walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it and held her hand out for John to come to her. John was so embarrassed by the hard cock standing out in front of him, that he looked at the floor as he walked over to his grandmother's open arms and loving smile.

John dear, everything is ok, it is perfectly natural to be this way when you see a woman in the undressed state I was in, even if it was your old Gramma, she said with a little chuckle.

Your becoming a man Jonny and this is just part of that journey my love.
Then she put a finger under his chin and raised his face to look her in the eyes.
I want you to tell Grandma something and I need you to be completely honest with me Jonny,.. have you been with a girl yet?

John face went flush, he had never liked to his grandmother and he knew he couldn't now, he whispered out a no to her.
His grandmother just smiled and said, that's good sweetheart, that's good. What you have inside you is very special and very important to our family's future. You can't go giving it to any old girl, or for that matter, the wrong girl. When the time comes you will make strong beautiful children with a beautiful strong woman or women, who knows what may come. But for now, you must not seed a woman yet, your to young to be a father. I know it's hard, but maybe there are ways to help you wait. John I'm going to tell you a story, it's a story that must say between you and l, is that clear she said as she looked him in the eyes with a very serious gaze.
She waited for him to answer, then said, promise me John, in a motherly tone.
I promise grandma, the boy said.

Many years ago, when you're father was right around your age, I came home and found him in the back yard with a girl a new from our town. She was two years older than he and had a reputation for being loose with boys. Her shirt was opened and she was kissing your father. Well, to say I ran her off our property would be a understatement! I wasn't going to let that little hussy touch my precious baby boy! But your father being so young and frustrated, was nun to happy I ran her off and I understood his frustrations. So I offered him a salutation that day. I told him that when ever he felt the need or want of a women's affections, he could come to me and I would do whatever it took to satisfy his needs. Later on he told me that he had wanted to lay with me for many years but was to afraid to let me know. But from that day on, I kept him satisfied until he could find the right woman for him and to be honest, he never stopped coming to me over the years when he needed my love, even after he married.
Now I know I'm not as young and beautiful as I once was, I'm sixty years old, but I still see young men turn there heads to look at me and if you so desire, I will offer you the same love I gave to my son.

John was floored, all these pictures danced in his head of his father having sex with his grandmother and the thoughts of his grandmother naked made his cock twitch alot as he stood before her.
He he stroked himself many times thinking of his grandmother's voluptuous body and sexy aged face, now she was saying he could have her! His knees were shaking!
His grandmother put her feet up on to the side of the bed frame and patted her legs wide while still sitting up. She dropped her silky robe from her shoulders and showed John all her womenly glory. Her breasts we're huge and hanging with big puffy red nipples, her cunt was open to his eyes and beautiful in his mind. She smiled at him and asked, john... Would you like to be in me?
He couldn't believe his own ears, he nodded yes and with that his grandmother reached out and put her hands on his hips and directed him closer between her spread legs.
She took a soft grip of his cock, causing John to gasp in air as this was the first time a nother person had touched his cock. Then she asked if John would like to kiss her, again he just nodded yes. His grandmother leaned in and tenderly started to kiss him until they were softly dancing thier tongues together. As they kissed, his grandma rubbed his cock head on her velvety cunt lips and when she was wet enough, she put a hand on his ass and Drew him closer. All of the sudden John felt his cock begin to enter the most wonderful wet warm soft place. His breath released and in his instinct, he pushed in further, and further until he had all of him inside his sixty year old grandmothers body. His grandmother moaned out as he came to rest in her cervix. Oh my John, it's been so long, and you are so very large my love! Go slowly so grandma can become accustomed to you my love!

John began to pull in and out slowly, he was in a state of Nirvana at that moment. It was so much more pleasurble than he could have ever imagined!! He just stayed in the moment and kissed her neck as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her as he stood there and his grandmother sat on the edge of the bed with their arms wrapped around each other in a loving bliss.

John could feel his cum starting to build, his balls were tightening.
He began to involuntarily speed up and thrust harder into his screeching grandmother. She knew he wasn't far from filling her with his virgin sperm. His grandmother put her lips to John's ear and said, don't hold back my love, let go inside me, fill me with your love.
Make my body yours and only yours, I want to be the one you empty all your seed into. I'll always be here for you baby, I now belong to only you. Fill Mommy darling!! Fill ME!!

Hearing that pushed the young 14 yr old over the edge and his mighty young penis shot out load after load into his grandmother's welcoming womb as he yelled at the ceiling. She wrapped her arms and legs around him at just held him as he thrust everything he had in his body and balls into her. As he came to a rest, they fell back on the bed together and his grandmother held him to her huge breasts and kissed his head while they laid together in the moon light coming through the window.

John laid on his grandmother and nursed from her huge creamy breasts and slobber on her big swollen redish nipples and soon was hard again. His grandma massaged his cock between her thighs as her tried to feed from her breasts. She asked him what she could give him to make him happy. He shyly looked up at her and nervously said, could I kiss you down there grandma?? The elderly beauty just smiled at him and said, of course my love, just let Grandma freshen up, she slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean herself. John sat up on the edge of the bed and like a child waiting for Christmas, he happily waited for her to return.
As the bathroom door opened and she walked over to him, he couldn't believe how beautiful her body was!
She was a aged goddess to him.
He had seen many videos on the internet and he knew what he wanted to try with her next, it was what he always did to her in his fantasies that made him cum the hardest. He wanted to Barry his face in her big wide sexy ass! In his fantasies, he would have his mother and grandmother bend over and he would go back and forth sucking and licking thier assholes and pussies.
It was always made him blow the hardest loads until what he had just felt inside his grandmother's body.

When his grandmother walked up to him and stood between John's legs, he began nursing from her huge hanging breasts again, they were amazing to him, so white and with thick blue vains running up and down them and her red nipples were a mouth full by themselves. He would always want to suck on them he thought to himself. After a long while, John slipped down to the floor and kissed his way over her pooched stomach and down to her thick bushy landing strip and rubbed his face into her soft pussy hair before letting his mouth find her warm buttery cunt lips. His senses were in overload as he hungerly started to nurse from her pussy now, suckling his grandmother's large clit like he suckled her nipples.
His grandmother gasped out loadly and put her hands on the back of his head and held him to her opening as he desperately sucked on her.
She stood with her legs slightly spread and her pelvis trust out for his attention and moaded as her grandson had his way with her cunt.
John had no idea what to do when it came to pleasuring a woman with his mouth and tongue, but he latched on to her swollen clit and hood and was sucking it with all he had, and even more so when he saw the effect it had on his sexy grandmother. With in a few minutes she was trembling and shaking as she held him to her cunt, she looked down at him and said, get ready to drink from me my darling, I'm going to cum and feed you my love from my body. Do you want it my baby boy, do you want Grammas jucies!!
The wide eyed boy just nodded yes with his mouth full his grandmother's cunt, with that she screamed out and through her head back and released a flood of her sweet nectar into his waiting mouth as he let it flow over his tongue and lips and down his swolling throught. His grandmother was breathing very hard and had to pry his suckling mouth from her trembling pussy. When she freed her cunt from his mouth her was crazied with hormones and lust and he scuted around behind her and putting a hand on each butt cheek, he spread her and buried his face in her ass, causing her to fall forward to her hands on the bed as the crazied young man assaulted her asshole with his tongue and mouth. His grandmother was shocked by this in someone so young. In her experience, most young men didn't like to lick a woman's asshole or at the least we're to shy to attempt it. But her beautiful handsome 14 yr old grandson had his tongue as deep in her asshole as he humanly could and from the sounds he was making, he loved it!!
His grandmother reached back and stroked his head and said, do you like Grammas butt Jonny?? Do you like tasting Grammas big butt. I think you do! I think Jonny likes putting his face in grannies fanny and getting his tongue in grannies fanny hole!! Oh yes, he likes it doesn't he! That's it baby, take what you want from me, it's all yours my love!! I'll give you anything you need Jonny!! ANYTHING!

The young man couldn't get enough of her ass, he spent a half hour at least with his face up his grandmother's ass and his tongue digging into her loosening asshole.
John had put his grandmother's legs together while he fed on her ass and was using her legs to stroke his manhood between while he had his way with her rear end.
After a long time John finally couldn't keep away from her cunt any longer and told his grandmother,.. I need you Gramma, I need back in you, please!!!
His grandmother's heart melted when she heard the love and need in her darling grandsons plea.
She turned over on the bed and scooped herself up a little and then held her arms out to him beckoning him to her. She said, come to me John, come and be inside of me, let me give you what you need,my love!
John was on top of her in an instant. His grandmother took hold of his dripping throbbing cock and guided him into her soaked cunt.
John trusted as she guided him in, falling into her and bottoming out in one movement, making her scream at the top of her lungs as she felt ripped open! John stopped and looked at her, afraid he had hurt her badly.
Are you alright Gramma?? I'm so sorry!!

His grandmother soothed him saying, I'm fine baby, your just so big.
I'm yours Jonny, do whatever you want to me, take me! Take out all your lust on me! Take me now!!
That's all John needed to hear, he went into overdrive and began to fuck his grandmother with all his 14 yr old body could muster. He slapped his balls off her as her battered his grandmother's cunt and sixty yr old body with abandon and pure boy lust.
His grandmother could do nothing but try to hold on as she was stuck somewhere between pain and pleasure as her young grandson pummeled her aging womb and body with a crazied forcefulness. Tears rolled down her face as her head thrashed around, her jaw clenched tightly as she just did whatever she could to just make it through the assault. Just when she felt that she would pass out, she heard him Bellow out, IM CUMMING IN YOU GRANDMA!!!! OH GOD!!!!
She felt his big hose spewing his baby seed into the deepest reached of her womb and cervix as her trashed around uncontrollably on top of her battered body, climaxing into her. Her arms dropped from his back, her legs collapsed to the bed, her face fell to the side and her body went completely limp as she felt she would lose herself to the dark as he kept stroking inside her, finishing himself off in her.
When he was emptied, he fell on top of her and they both drifted off into the realm of sleep and slept intertwined with each other through the night.

Things from then forward went like that, whenever John felt the need, his grandmother indulged his every sexual whim. He sometimes wouldn't even wait to let her know. Sometimes he would just come up behind her and pull her dress up and pull her pantyhose down and bend her over and ravage her anywhere in the house she happened to be. She would never denie him his need. It got to the point when he was fifteen that they could not longer hide it from Bonnie as she started walking in on her cousin or brother as she called him, fucking his grandmother senseless.
After the 11 yr old saw them together, her grandmother had to sit her down and have a important talk with her about the ways that she had to care for John and the needs of the man of the house and head of their Family.
It was a long talk and her grandmother went over many things with her, such as the absolute need for privacy and secrecy about what happens in the family home and how special John was and how he doesn't have a mother here with him to take care of his needs like his father did. Bonnie seemed to completely understand and loved Jonny so much she asked her grandmother if she could help take care of Jonny's neededs so he could be extra Happy!
Her grandmother smiled at her and said, you are to young to help me with his needs just yet, but don't worry sweet Bonnie, you will be a great help to him in the near future. Then her grandmother paused and looked at Bonnie as if she was trying to make a decision.
Then she said, Bonnie.. you love John very much don't you?

Oh yes grandma! He's amazing!! I love him with all my heart!!

Well Bonnie, what if I told you that in a few short years, that you could do something that would mean the world to John and the family?

Oh grandma, I would do anything for Jonny! What is it Gramma, what can I do for him??

Can you keep a huge secret Bonnie, I mean it, you can't tell anyone!
Can you do that??

Oh yes grandma, I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, if I don't keep the secret!

Her grandmother just smiled and said, ok Bonnie. How would you feel if I told you when you are old enough, you could give Jonny a baby?
A baby for all of us to take care of together? Would that make you happy?

Oh gosh grandma, would Jonny want to give me a baby, there's sooo many girls that like him at school and they are sooo much prettier than I am.

Oh sweetie, you are beautiful and I know for a fact that John thinks you are much prettier than all those silly dumb girls.

Really grandma,!! Really he does!!

Oh yes Bonnie, that the pure truth.

Well then oh yes! I want to make Jonny Happy and give him a baby,.. but why do we have to wait??

Oh sweetie, your body is not ready yet, and you have much to learn about how to please John. But don't worry, until you are ready I will teach you and show you how to care for your sweet Jonny, I promise.

And with that time went on with much of the same, John's grandmother was his constant lover and little Bonnie watched in the shadows with her grandma's blessings. John caught her watching a few times, but he never paid it much mind and he kinda like her watching them. As Bonnie got older and became more beautiful, John began to wonder what it would be like to fuck her, but he never told his grandmother that, he wondered if she would be angry or even worse, jealous!!??
He kept these thoughts to himself and enjoyed when he knew she was watching him with his grandmother.
But there was one secret he shared with his grandmother, him burning desire to bed and be with his in prisoned mother. She understood his desire and told him she truly hoped he could have his needs met by her one day. But she did use mommy talk when they were in bed together and it always made him cumm very hard, and he loved her for it.

As a few years past and John was 17 and his grandmother was 64, she worried John's eye was wondering and even though he still loved fucking her, her knew it was time to give him the joy of a girl closer to his own age, but she'd be damned if some little bubble head hussy would take her baby boy away from her, so she thought know that Bonnie was 13 it was time she could start slowly teaching her to care for John's needs, and at the same time, give John a young girl to enjoy in thier love life. John was something extremely special to her. She loved her son Paul and enjoyed letting him use her body for his lust and loved him as her son, but over the years she had fallen IN LOVE with John and only wanted his happiness, but she also wanted to keep him at home with her. She had no intention of finding a woman for him to marry like she had done with her son Paul. John was her's! She would make sure he planted his seed and populated the family and was always sexually satisfied, but she would also keep him right by her side and home with the family.

So the day came while John was out with some friends and running some errands, that his grandmother decided to sit Bonnie down and ask her if she was ready to start learning how to care for Paul and his needs.

Bonnie was over the moon with excitement! Oh yes grandma, I'm ready and I'll do anything to help make Jonny Happy!! Anything gramm!!

At 13 Bonnie had become a beautiful young lady. She was the opposite of what her grandmother and Aunt looked like. She was short and very thin, at barley 4'8 and only 90 LBS, she was just a wish of a thing.
Her face was gorgeous and delicate, her long black hair came down to the her tiny heart shaped ass and her tiny cute feet matched the rest of her beautiful little package. Her breasts we're very small but she had nipples the size and shape of strawberries, with the color to match. To be quite frankly, she was breath taking in her innocent beauty and loving personality. She was also head over heels in love with John.
He was everything to her and she often day dreamed about marring him when she was of age. Though she never felt as if she was good enough for such a perfect man in her eyes.
So know that her grandmother was going to teach her how to please John, she was going to make it her mission to do it perfectly and completely. She would do anything for Jonny and now she would have the chance to at last!!

That afternoon Bonnie took along bath and played with her little clit while she thought about Jonny. After her bath she bushed her hair and put on a matching pair of bra and panties her grandmother had bought her for just this night. Over that she put on a short white nighty and little ankle socks.

A few hours later, John pulled in the driveway and Bonnie's grandmother told her to wait in her room until she called for her, Bonnie was so nervous, but so very excited, she could hardly wait!

John came in the house and his grandmother waited for him in the living room in nothing but a short silk robe and silk stockings.

John walked in and saw her and with a smile, became instantly hard in his pants.
His grandmother looked at him with a wicked sexy smile on her face and said, does Jonny want mommy to take care of of his big cock?
He smiled back and said yes Mommy, I need you to take care of me.
She said, mommy also has a surprise for her big boy. So take off those clothes and sit on the couch for mommy.

John did as his gran mommy asked.

When John was seated on the couch, his grandmother kneeled between his legs and massaged his hard cock in her sixty four yr old hands while looking into her seventeen years old grandsons eyes. So almost teared up at how in love with him she was. He was her whole world and would do anything for him,... Except let another woman take him away.

She stroked him and looked into his eyes,.. John, do you love me, she asked?

Of course gramm, iv always loved you.

Do you love me above all others??

Yes Gramma, I'm IN love with you!

If I give you a present to play with, do you swear to me that you will only play with it when we are together?

What do you mean gram, ... Um of course I promise. I would never lie to you.

I'm going to give you a special present for when we play together, BUY ONLY WHEN YOU ARE WITH ME!
Understand Jonny??

She was still stroking his steal hard cock.

Yes Gramma, I understand, only with you. What is it?

His grandmother reached over and picked up her phone and sent a text to her granddaughter in her room telling her to come to the living room and stand behind her facing John and wait to be told what she was to do.

John wondered what she did with her phone, but that left his head when his grandmother lowered her head and took his throbbing cock into her warm wet mouth and worked it with a mother's touch. He growned as she slowly sucked and massaged his organ with her wonderful mouth.
He was leaning back with his eyes closed and just enjoying the masterful work of his Gramma, so he didn't even notice his cousin/sister, come into the room and take her place behind her grandmother. She just watched as her grandma pleasured John, he looked so happy and peaceful lying there with his cock in her experienced mouth.

His grandmother sucked him in balls deep and then let his cock slip from her thick lips and gave his cock head a few licks and then said John, open your eyes sweetheart.
When John opened his eyes, he saw 13 year old Bonnie standing there with her eyes gazing at his hard dick.
At first his instinct was to cover his crotch, but his grandmother put a hand on his chest and said, it's alright John, .. Bonnie is here to help me and learn to please you.
John's eyes got big.

His grandmother continued to speak.
There are some rules we must go over first my love before we go forward.
Rule one: you will only play together when I am with you, you will never touch her behind my back, do you understand??
She squeeze his cock as she asked for a answer.

Yes gramm, I understand. He said as his eyes still wide and mouth hanging open.

Rule two: you can not put your cock in her vagina yet, she is to young for that and to young to be pregnant. Do you understand??

Yes, uh yes I understand gramm.

And last but not least, rule three: you are never to sleep in the same bed with her, do you understand?
You sleep in my bed and no other and with no other, are we clear??

Again, she squeezed his cock to make her point clear.

Yes grandma, I understand, I only sleep with you at night, I love you Grandma.

When he said that looking into her eyes, her heart melted with love for him, and the jealousy she felt as he was looking at the young girl, began to fade away and all she wanted was to make him happy in all things.

Bonnie was told by her grandmother to lie down on the couch and put her bare feet on John's lap. His grandmother knew what turned him on after all these years and many times John had licked and suckled her toes and feet while her pumped his cock in and out of her well used cunt.
She knew he would enjoy her Dante little feet while she sucked on his bloated rod.
Bonnie did as she was told and laid her little feet on John hard abbs as he lay back and enjoyed his grandmommies beautiful mouth.

John looked at Bonnie and she smiled back at him with nothing but love in her eyes. Bonnie took the initiative and rised one of her Danty feet to John's face and rested her red painted toes right on hips lips as his grandmother went to town on his rock hard cock.
John couldn't stop himself, he took hold of Bonnie's little foot and began licking and sucking her little toes. Then he took hold of her other ankle and held them together in his big hand and suckled and licked on both Bonnie's little feet at the same time, holding them to his mouth and face. His grandmother was driving him wild with her mouth on his cock and he was so turned on by adding his little cousin/sister to thier private time together. He had never been with anyone other than his grandmother and was very excited to explore his pretty little Bonnie.

As he worshipped her feet, his grandmother reached over and pulled up Bonnie's little night gown and exposed her little brand new pink panties to John's hungry eyes.
Then she took her mouth off of John's cock long enough to tell Bonnie to take her panties off and let John see her pussy.
She slowly pulled her feet from John's hungry lips and did as she was told and with a shy look on her face, she slowly took her panties off and laid back on the couch and presented her feet back to John for his pleasure.
John went back to sucking on one of her feet, but he laid the other leg to the side so her legs where spread and he could stair at her 13 year old pussy as he was serviced by his loving grandmommy and he enjoyed Bonnie's wiggling little toes, he was truly enjoying himself.
His grandmother felt his balls rise and knew he was not far from emptying his baby batter into her sucking mouth and wanted to make it special for him. She took her mouth from his cock and said, john,... Taste her pussy right now!
She said it with a mother's authority. He look at her to make sure he had heard her correctly and again she said, Taste Her Now!

John dove his face down between Bonnie's thighs and shoved his tongue into his little cousin/sisters little body.
Bonnie screecked out loud as John attacked her bald tiny pussy with a feverish lust. Bonnie just grabbed his head and let him have his way with her, she would not stop him from taking whatever he wanted from her, she had made her mind up to please him in anyway she could.
She felt so special in the fact he had desire for her. John was so handsome and loving to her, if he wanted anything from her, she would give it to him, willingly!
As John made a lust full meal of Bonnie's virgin pussy, his grandmother slid a wet finger into John's asshole and let him fuck her mouth as she rubbed his prostate.
He couldn't get enough of Bonnie's sweet little pussy and with the sensation of his grandmother's mouth he felt his orgasm starting.
He reached down grabbing his grandmother's head and kept his mouth sealed on to Bonnie's pussy as he loudly moaned into her soaking pussy and gushed out a monster load into his grandmother's sucking moaning mouth and power fucked her jaws until his bloated balls were emptied down into his Grammas belly.
John laid his head on Bonnie's little thigh and rested while his grandmother licked his cock and balls clean. He was truly satisfied and Happy in that moment.

Over the next few weeks, their grandmother showed and taught Bonnie of to pleasure John's cock with her mouth and tongue. She was very eager to learn and was so happy and proud the first time she made John explode into her little mouth.
John's cock was so thick that she could only get the helmet into her mouth, but her grandma showed her how to use her little hands and suck and use her tongue on John bloated member to pleasure him and make him blow his delicious cream into her little belly. She was blowing him six times a day during those weeks, doing it as much as possible to learn how to make him the happiest.
She loved him so very much and he loved her and she knew that most of all.

As months past, Bonnie's grandma brought home anal plugs of different sizes so Bonnie could start training her little asshole to someday take John long thick cock into her tiny pink asshole. That scared her somewhat, but nothing would stop her from making her body ready for him to enter her and use her for his needs and happiness. NOTHING!!

For months Bonnie spent every day walking around with a butt plug in her greased up tender asshole, gradually going a little bit bigger each month.

She was still servicing John's cock every day under the watchful eye of her grandmother. John would usually be nursing from his grandmother's huge breasts or feasting on her ass and pussy while Bonnie brought him to climax time and time again with her loving little mouth and tongue and tiny little hands. She felt so honored to be able to please John.
But at night John would always retire with their grandmommy to their room where he would put his face between her big ass cheeks and bask in her flavor before fucking her almost unconscious and then sleeping with one of her huge nipples in his mouth like a happy new born baby. This was their Happy home and close nit life. It worked well for them and non wanted to change a thing, except for John, her dreamed of the day his mother could come home and he would do his best to seduce her. He craved her touch and love, he craved her breasts and ass, he craved her lips, the lips she kissed with and the lips she dribbled her sweet piss through. Her wanted to consume her in every way.
Every month he would go to see her in that damn prison and every month he had to have his grandmother suck him off twice before he went in to see her so he wouldn't get hard in front of her. She was the most beautiful sexist woman that ever existed to him, it was just that simple.

It was a week since John's 18th birthday and Bonnie was 15 now.
All her hard work with the anal plugs had finally payed off, her grandmother said she thought it was safe to give it a try now.
Bonnie was over the moon with joy!!
Finally she would feel John inside her and even though it was her ass, he would be making love to her at last. She wanted to feel him make love to her so very badly.

That evening when John came home, his grandmother told him that if he so desired her could have Bonnie's tender ass tonight for the first time. He most definitely wanted to.
His grandmother brought her to their bedroom and Bonnie and her grandmother got into bed with John and both curled up on each side of him. His grandmother whispered in his ear, kiss me and then you can take her, be happy my love.
John kissed her deeply and then turned to Bonnie and they tightly enbrassed as they kissed passionately. Bonnie was soaking wet between her legs and it didn't take long for John to get his tongue up inside her tasty sweet little pussy.
He ate her and ate her until she had lost count of how many times she had squirted into his hungry mouth. After she fainted for a few minutes she woke up with him working his tongue into her asshole. She moaned as he massaged her rectum with his lapping lips and tongue. She knew what would come next and she was preparing herself for the massive cock hanging between his legs.
John kissed his way all over her young virgin body and spent some time sucking on her long puffy nipples then he gentaly rolled her on her stomach and bent down and tongued Bonnie's sweet little tender asshole to get it nice and lubed up.
He kissed his way up her back and up to her neck as he brought his swollen red angry cock head to rest against her puckered Rosey asshole.
Bonnie tightened her jaw and grabbed two fist fulls of the sheets as she started to feel the pressure of his cock starting to push into her.john felt his big cock head open her little hole and he pushed a little more popping the big head passed her anal ring causing Bonnie to force her face into the pillow and scream into it. John's grandmother told him to stop there and let her get used to it. John obayed her. He was propped up on his hands and knees above Bonnie as she laid flat on her stomach with John's cock head in her rectum. After Bonnie caught her breath, John's grandmother said ok John, ease some more into her, with that John pushed again but he lost his balance and fell down onto poor little Bonnie driving most of his massive man meat down and deep into Bonnie's tender stretching bowels. Bonnie screamed and cried out from under John's big body. John got up on to his elbows and was going to pull out of her, he felt so bad for hurting his beautiful loving cousin/sister. But his grandmother held stop!! If you pull out like that you will rip her open John, just stay still, it's better for her to just try to relax and adjust to you, just stay still and comfort her.
John put his face next to hers and kissed her teary cheeks and told her he was sorry and how much he loved her. Hearing him say this to her filled her heart as much as his huge cock fill her ass. She was starting to get used to the bloated invader.
She wanted so much for him to enjoy her body, she looked over her shoulder and said, please John, please do it inside me, my love to me John, I love you. John saw her need and want, he slowly started to move inside her, she cried out with every movement, but she begged him to keep going. Her ass was so warm and tight around his cock it felt like heaven wrapped around him.
He had never felt anything so tight on his cock before and see his big cock going in and out of her tiny little ass was turning him on so much that he knew he would be. Cumming soon, the sight of his swollen rod opening up that tiny little ass and the sensation of the tightness was just to much. He buried he's face in her neck and started thrusting in her as he felt his cumm working to blow out of him.
Bonnie cried out as he became a pumping machine and abused her rectum and battered her bowels.
She felt the releaf of the extra lube of his cumm as he emptied his seed into her body and robe her until he had pushed every last drop of cumm in her bowels. He slowly pulled his slimy dick from her rear and collapsed next to her on the bed and pulled her to him and held her shaking body close to him and told her how much he loved her. When Bonnie could talk, she raised her face to look at him and in a quiet mousey voice, asked him,.. did I make you happy?? He looked at her and said, oh yes sweetheart, I wouldn't have wanted to be with anyone else but you. Your perfect!
She smiled a big teary smile and put her head into his chest and his grandmother crawled onto the other side of John and all three slept in bed cuddled up together peaceful and warm. Life was good. Could it get any better? His beautiful mother crossed his mind as he drifted off into the land of dreams.

A nother year or so passed and at 19 John was all man. At 6'4 and 180 lbs of young mussels, he was a beautiful young man and with Bonnie about to turn 16 in a few days, their grandmother decided it was time for John to give Bonnie and the family a new baby. She also knew Kimberly, John's mother would be up for parole in a few months and she was worried what that would mean for her loving family structure. She wanted to make sure Bonnie was pregnant before Kimberly could be released. She knew how John felt about his mother and was worried about Kimberly finds out about how they all loved each other, but more importantly, she worried Kimberly would break John's heart when he showed her how he really feels about his mother. But before she could fix those problems, she needed to over see getting John's baby into Bonnie's young fertal body. That was the next important step, and after a long talk with Bonnie, she found that the young girl was more than ready to be seeded by her only love.
In fact, she couldn't wait to have him in her virgin pussy and to bare a child from him. She knew in her heart that it would bond them together, forever, and that's what she longed for the most.

That night she went to him. He loved her completely. He opened her womb for the first time, she felt pain and pleasure like she couldn't imagine. He kissed and suckled and licked every inch of her body. He came in her fertil womb over and over that night. He feasted on her breasts, her feet, her ass and pussy. He took her in every way and every position. He used her for his pleasure and he loved her for her sake. He didn't stop until she was passed out and he was fucking a limp, dead like body. He came for the last time and laid beside her for quite awhile. He knew his grandmother was expecting him to return to there bed, but he didn't want Bonnie to wake up alone. So he picked up her lifeless body and carried her to the bed he shared with his grandmother and put her in with him. His grandmother just smiled and laid her head on his chest and they went into a peaceful deep sleep.

John kept fucking and filling Bonnie twice a day, leaving his enough drive and sperm to please his grandmother as well. After 4 weeks a home pregnantcy test comfirmed all there hopes. Bonnie was with child.
That were all so happy that their grandma decided that Bonnie could start to share their bed at night so she could sleep next to her love, John. Everything was coming together for the Evens family.

A few months passed and Bonnie was now 4 months pregnant. Her grandma could not have been happier. At 66 see was looking forward to her first great grandchild. On the other side of that coin, Kimberly was up for parole in a week. If she got it, she would need a place to live and an address to give to her parole officer. John had already told her she would come home with him. I all honesty, Kimberly just thought he was being a loving son, and in a way he was, but he also had intentions of seducing his mother and claiming her for him and him alone. As much as his grandmother wanted anything for him that brought him happiness, she couldn't help but feel jealous, as she new this was different for John. He craved her like no other, even more than he had ever wanted her and it pained her heart, for she was so in love with John. But because of that love, she would do anything she could to make his wishes come true, and this is what she set out to do.

In order to make a long story short, with the help of the family and Kimberly's good behavior in prison, she was awarded parole.
She had many rules she had to follow, but in two days time the family would travel to the prison for the last time to bring John's beloved mother home. His grandmother had to decide how to handle this and make sure her love did not get his heart broken. He just believed in his young ignorance that she would love him the same way his grandmother and Bonnie have always loved him. He just couldn't understand that she might be repaulsed by the idea of laying with her only child and taking him inside her,inside the place where she once brought him out of. He just knew he needed to be back inside her.

The day came and John's grandmother told him they should take two cars so they could get more done on the way home, with shopping for his mother and such. John agreed and he and Bonnie took his car and his grandmother drove herself there, it was a three hour drive but after once a month for 6 years, they were used to it.
They arrived at the prison at 9am and 10 minutes later Kimberly was walking out the front and into the parking lot. John ran to her, wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and spun around in circles with her, he was the happiest he could ever remember being in that moment. He had his mommy back, his REAL mommy and he would never let her go again.
After the greetings, John got his mom in his car and his grandmother told John to follow her in his car because she had a little surprise for Kimberly. When they got in the next town his grandmother pulled over in a mini-vacation and got out, John pulled up next to her car. She said, come on girls, we are going for a beauty treatment. Hair nails the works!! Bonnie smiled and laughed, thanks grandma, Kimberly looked less excited up went with the girls and put on a cheerful face.
John used the time to go shopping and pick up some last minute things for his mother's homecoming.
He returned to the mall parking lot and waited for his three beauties to come out. When they did, he couldn't believe his eyes, he had never seen three more beautiful women in his life, and the transformation of his mother was leaving him breathless.
Her long black and grey hair was dyed a shiny black and had been curled, she wore a new sexy summer dress and had light makeup on. Her finger nails and toe nails were painted and Ruby red and she was wearing a pair of open toed sexy summer sandals. John started to feel his cock growing in his pants as he watched her walk up to the car.
You girls look gorgeous, he said as he moved behind the car door to conceal his hard-on. I must be the luckiest man on Earth to be escorting three of the world's most beautiful women all by myself.
The women all laughed and blushed at his praise of them.
Before John knew what was happening, his grandmother told Bonnie to drive back with John and told Kimberly to ride with her so they could catch up and talk about some things. John began to protest but his grandmother told him in a Stern Manor to get moving and with that she got in the car and drove off with Kimberly in the car with her.
Bonnie jumped in John's car all happy she would have him all to herself for a few hours. John got in and they started the long ride home.

As they got on the road, Bonnie couldn't help but notice the large roll in John's pants and she giggled as she took off her seat belt and went down into John's lap. She unzipped him a fished his half hard cock out and began a slow wet tongue filled blow job. Over the next hour she constantly got him close to cumming and then backed off to let his cumm subsided and then she would do it again, constantly edging him but not letting him cum. It was driving him crazy!! Over the last few years, Bonnie had become a oral expert when it came to John. She knew his cock better than he did with all the hundreds of hours she had spent with it in her mouth. After an hour or so of this, John couldn't take it anymore, he pulled the car off on to a old dirt road and into a old abandoned driveway.
He turned the car off and got out walking around the car and pulling Bonnie out of the car as she giggled. John turned her around and bent her over the trunk. He pulled her little summer dress up over her ass and roughly pulled her panties down with Bonnie giggling the whole time. He looked at her sexy little fanny and rubbed his cock on her wet little cunt lips. She stopped giggling and said, take me Jonny, I want you in me now! With that he started pushing inside her tight moist pregnant cunt with force.
She had teased him to long and he was despite to unload his load.
He pushed roughly until his balls nestled against her tiny clit and then began to roughly fuck her out there under the sky and trees.
He reached under her and let his hands run over her hard swollen pregnant belly while her rammed her from behind. Bonnie was moaning and screeching and begging for more as he took out his frustration on her weeping tiny cunt. He enjoyed the feeling of her pregnant belly and the knowledge that her made her that way, that she belonged to him, he had bred her and filled her with life he created. He felt his balls churn and grabbed one of her milky tits and grabbed her shaking pregnant belly with the other hand and hollered out as he dumped his raging cum into her already seeded womb and didn't stop banging her little ass until he started to get soft again. After they caught their breaths, Bonnie put her panties back on and they got back on the road with Bonnie laying her head on John's shoulder for the rest of the trip back discussing baby names for boys and girls cause they didn't know what the baby was to be yet?

Now in John's grandmother's car a whole different seen was unfolding.
She had found a nice quiet place to pull over and have a long uncomfortable discussion with her daughter in law. One that could make or break her family.
She started off by telling Kim how much Jonny loved her and worshipped her, how he had cried himself to sleep for a year or more after she went to prison and how he would never miss even one of their monthly visits at the prison. She told her how hard it was for him to grow up with out both parents and how great of a student and all around young man he was and is. By this time Kimberly was crying uncontrollably into her hands. John's grandmother thought this was probably the best time to work John's other feelings in while Kim was feeling guilty.
There's something else you need to know Kimberly. John is in love with you.
Kim looked up, of course he is, I love him too, he's my baby!

No you don't understand Kim, he's IN love with you and he always has been ever since he's had sexual feelings.
I don't know how you feel about that, but I'll be damned if I let you come home and break that beautiful boys heart again!!
I'd rather give you a enough money to start over somewhere and have you disappear than to watch you break his heart or make him feel ashamed of the love he feels twords you, that angel is my whole world and I won't let you hurt him!

Kimberly just sat there in disbelief and shock. She didn't know what to say or where to even begin??

Listen closely to what I'm saying Kim, I won't let you hurt my darling boy again by refusing his love.
I'm very serious about the money, I have plenty of it and I will give you more than enough to start a new life somewhere else and I will just have to come up with a story for John. It will hurt him, but not near as bad as you refusing him and him feeling like a pervert or something! Because he's not, he's perfect and beautiful and a king among men.
He the spiting image of his father and you sure as hell whated his bad enough! But if my Jonny isn't what you want or you can't return his love for you, we need to figure that out here and now. You can't hurt him again Kimberly, you just can't!

The two women sat silently for a long while and then Kim spoke up.
... your right, I can't hurt John again. He's the olny person in this world that loves me and he is the only thing that kept me going in there when I lost everything. I owe him everything and so much more.
I can't say I understand this, but I will do anything I have to, to stay in John's life and have his love. Back when I walked out of that place and saw him running up to me, I could have sworn it was Paul.
He looks so much like him at that age when we first met. He's beyond beautiful. I will just have to get past the incest part of it and give my baby what ever he needs, a mother can do nothing less for her son than to give him whatever he needs if it is within her power to do so.
Take me to my son, I have a lot of making up to do.

John's grandmother was quite surprised by her daughter in law, but very happy she would give John what he so desperately needed.
The old grandmother decided it was not the time to tell Kim about the sexual relationship between her and John, or between Bonnie and John.
After she had laid with him, it would go down alot more smoothly she thought. They got back on the road and John's grandma looked over at Kim and said, dear, I couldn't help but notice the large growth on hair under your arms when we were trying on dresses earlier. Kim felt very embarrassed, yes I know. The razors in prison are horrible and cut my skin to shreds so I never hardly used them except on my legs sometimes. I will groom myself as soon as we get home.

Oh no dear, you don't understand. Over the years I have seen magazines and videos John has hidden in his room and what I'm trying to say is, I know he will appreciate you having hair in places like that. I mean I know that he would want shaved legs, but as for your underarms and down below, I'm fairly certain he would want you to leave that be dear.

Kimberly started to wonder how a grandmother would really know such things, but with all that was on her mind it was quickly pushed aside for other more pressing thoughts.
All of the sudden, Kim said, oh no!
I'm not on any birth control!
I haven't been ever since Paul passed away!

Calm down dear, there's something else I should share with you.
From time to time I have gone through John's secret writing book.
It has all his hopes and dreams in it. One of his greatest dreams is to,... Well, is to have a baby with you.

Kimberly's mouth dropped to the floor! What!! For God's sake, we can't do that!!

Now calm down Kim, hear me out.
When I read this in John's book, I was taken aback as well. But I love John so very much, that I did a lot of research on the subject and I found out that all the two headed baby stuff is all non-sense!
Birth defects only happens when the same blood line has many generations of same family births. If by any chance you and John were to have a baby, there would be no more risk than any other two people making a baby, and that's the straight truth Kim. Besides, can you tell me that you don't want to have a nother baby? A new chance to learn from your mistakes and do it right?
And to make a baby with a man that you know would never leave you alone or ever hurt you for any reason.
I don't know Kimberly, that sounds pretty good to a old gal like me?

Kim went silent for an hour or so as they drove on.
.... Well, if I was to become pregnant,... How would we support the baby, I'm a felon now and John hasn't even applied for college.
Would your money be what we depended on??

Kimberly dear, my money is John's money, we share a bank account and between my late husbands fortune and the money John got from his father's death, we are quite wealthy. Yes, John didn't go to college and maybe I should of pushed him more, but truth be told, John never has to work a day in his life is he so wishes. I have hired the finest financial advisors and investors.
There will never be a need for you to worry about money as long as you are by John's side.

Kim fell silent again for many miles of highway.

As the two women pulled into the driveway, Kimberly said, iv made up my mind. I will give him whatever he needs from me. I just want him to be happy and him to feel as loved as he has always made me feel. If he wants a child, I will give him one. If he needs my body, I will give that to him as well. I'll do anything for Jonny, he's my rock and he always has been. Tonight when everyone is in bed, o will go to him and give him whatever he wants from me. And that is that. I guess I will just leave it up to you to protect our family privacy and make sure our secrets stay secret. I know you always have been very good at controlling the world around you, so I trust you'll be more than able to do what has to be done with this situation as well. Now let's go in, I miss my son.

They all had a wonderful evening sharing stories and old memories and just catching up. Kimberly excused herself to shower and freshen up and John grilled steaks and baked potatoes for everyone. They shared a great meal out on the patio over looking their private lake and all seemed right in the world to John.
But truth be told, he couldn't keep his eyes off Kimberly, her every movement intoxicated his every sense.

Later when Bonnie had went off to bed and John's grandmother had said her goodnights, John kissed his mother a little bit longer than a son normally should and said he was going to take a shower before bed.
He was to nervous to tell his mom how he really felt just yet, he was all of the sudden so scared she would reject him and he would lose her again. He went to his old room that they kept for appearance's, he certainly couldn't sleep in the room he shared with his grandmother for a while. He wondered nervously how this would all work out. He had a baby on the way for Pete sakes. He had wanted his mother home so badly that he never let himself give all of this much thought until now.
His mind churned as he showered.

As he got out and dried himself he walked out into his darkened bedroom with the towel on his head finishing off his hair. As he pulled the towel from his face he almost jumped out of his skin! There on the edge of his childhood bed, sat his mother wearing a short silk robe, he recognized the robe, it was one of his grandmother's. He then realized he was as naked as the day he was born and quickly dropped the towel down to cover his cock and balls from his mother's big beautiful eyes.
Mom! What are you? What I mean is, do you need anything??

John, I need to talk to you sweetheart. Earlier today, I had a long talk with your grandma and she told me something's that I hadn't realized before.

John's blood ran cold!

You know how much I love you son, and how deeply sorry for the mistakes I made that took me from you. You know that, don't you baby?

Umm, yes Mama, I know. John said with a shaky voice.

I would do anything to make what I can up to you and be the mother you need me to be, you are my special love, my baby. I love you unconditionally and completely Jonny, you know that, right son??

Yes Mama, I love you with all my heart to.

I know you do sweetheart, and your grandma opened my eyes to just how much you love mama and need her.

John now felt faint. What had his grandmother told her, was she trying to sabotage things with mom out of jealousy??

Your such a big boy now, you look so much like your father when he was your age. I could just look at you all day and all night my sweet love.
..... I know how you feel about me John, and I don't want to be worried about it for one more second baby, I just want your happiness.

With that Kimberly slowly spread her legs and showed her son John her deep black forest of public hair that afroed out from between her big milky white thighs.
.... Is this what you want baby, is this what you need from mommy??

John dropped the towel and stood naked and in disbelief. His cock rose hard at a iorn 45 degree angle.
His heart lept up in his throat and he felt faint at the perfect sight of his mother's crotch.
Kim ran her hand up and down one of her ivory big inner thighs and used to other hand to play with her huge bush. John was mesmerized by her.
She put her arms out to John, come to me baby, come to mommy.
John walked over to Kim in a daze.
She looked at him and said again, is this what my baby wants as she ran a hand between her legs.
John dropped to his knees between her spread legs and came with in inches of her sacred alter.
He went in face first in a wild hunger! Kimberly fell back on to her back on the bed as John took hold of her legs and lifted and spread them wide so he could get at every inch of her forbidden treasure.
At first he was met by a forest of thick public hair, but when her got to her open gash he lapped at her like a man dying of thirst. Kim wasn't quite ready for the onslot her son was unleashing on her long unused vagina. Her locked on to her big clit and hood and suckled like a vacuum lashing at it with his tongue inside his sucking mouth. His mother started to become over whelmed by the intensity of his hunger!
Before she even could comprehend everything that was happening, an incredible Earth shattering orgasm came flooding out of her spasming body as she grabbed hold of her baby boys head and flooded his suckling mouth with a gusher of her mother jucies that John so desperately craved. He drank and drank from her as she thrashed around as he kept a tight sucksion seal on her pussy, never letting her buck his mouth free of her. He would not let a drop of her bodies necture escape his hungry mouth. After his face rode a hell of a bronco ride on his mother's cunt, she made a hard push with all her leg strangth and broke free of his mouth sucksion and through herself to the head of the bed. Looking down at him while she desperately tried to ketch her breath, the orgasm her over took her and shook her to her core and her son mad hunger was something she wasn't ready for. When she looked down again at him he had a wild lustful look in his eyes as he sucked and licked her feet and toes.
She let him have his way with her feet hoping to by some time to get her trembling body under control.
He seemed like a wild beast now just waiting to ravage her to death!

He now started to lick and bite his way up his mother's leg and thigh. She couldn't take his mouth on her pussy right now so she forcefully grabbed his head and brought it up to her heavy sagging breasts and unleashed him on to them. He sucked on her with a intense need. He went back and forth between her big stretchy nipples as if milk would pour out of them if he just suckled hard enough from her.
Once her out of control child noticed the big patches of hair under her arms he held her arms above her head and lapped and sucked on her hairy pits. Her was lost in her! He couldn't get enough of her smells and tastes. He couldn't quench the thirst he had for her!!

As he feasted on her armpits and huge breasts, he was rubbing his throbbing tool on her afro of black pubes. Then he reached down and took hold of his cock and rubbed it on his mother's inflamed cunt lips, she immediately tensed up.
Oh baby, be careful!! It's been so long for me and you are so huge, you could rip me open!!
John barely Hurd her as he began to push his bloated head into her.
She cried out, he pushed in, she cried out louder and he pushed in more. He finally gave one big push and sank balls deep inside his shaking mother's womb. The womb her came out of 19 years before, now he had finally gotten back inside where he belonged, it was his birth RITE!
He began to ride her with completely abandon. He grabbed the back of her head and brought her mouth to his and ravaged her orally as well, latching on to her tongue and sucking on it like a little dick. He wanted to consume her completely!!
He pounded away at her as if he was trying to fuck right through her body. Kimberly lost herself in orgasm after orgasm. Her jucies were squirting out of her like a lawn spicket!! When his balls slapped her ass they splashed her jucies all over them and the bed. He was for all intents and purposes, rapping her. There was no consent for the onslot that he was putting her poor body through, it was if she wasn't even there and a wild beast was just having it's way with her corpse!!

John was in his own world, he had what he wanted most in life and it overwhelmed him. He went crazy with lust!! He loved his mother deeply, but at this moment he was talking out all his pain and grief and longing and need for his absent mother for so long, out on her voluptuous mother's limp body.
... And it was good!

John fucked her and fucked her and Kim screamed and came and screamed and came some more on her son's hammering cock as in battered her insides. She honestly didn't know how much more she could take, she felt as though she could go unconscious at any second.
.. would he stop then she wondered or would her just fuck my life less body to death?? At this point she honestly didn't know. He was a young man possessed with emotions and pure adrenaline lust coursing through his balls and brain.

John felt an incredible feeling, unlike any feeling he had felt before! It was his orgasm approaching, but it was as if his whole body was apart of it and he saw flashes of different colors in his eyes as he began to explode into his battered and abused mother's body!! It rocked through him as nothing had ever done before. He poured his seed into his lifeless mother's cunt and pounded it into her with all his young might until he had nothing left and started to slow to a slower trust and push in and out of her. When stopped, he dropped, half across her and half on the bed.
Kimberly had passed out a few minutes before and John passed out seconds after collapsing. Both mother and son lay there intertwined and completely dead to the world.

........ When Kimberly opened her eyes she was being held tight by her sleeping son. Her brain tried to comprehend what had happened?
She felt like a little girl that had been raped and fucked into submission. He owned her now and she knew it. He had given her pain and pleasure beyond her imagination.
He ate her soul and was her owner from here on out. From now on, she would be at his becken.

As she tried to slip out of his grasp to use the bathroom, he woke up. She was almost trembling in his gaze.

Good morning Mommy.

Good morning Jonny, I just need to go to the bathroom and I'll come back to you. She smiled as if to convince him of her truthfulness.

He released his arms from around her and the strangest thing happened?
She felt empty and lonely, right away she felt like crawling back into his embrass, back into his warm safe arms. But she got up away and started to walk twords the bathroom.
God how sexy her ass looked to him as she walked, he felt his cock rising and got up to follow her.

As Kim walked into the bathroom she didn't hear John behind her.
When she turned around to sit on the toilet, she jumped as she saw him standing there.

No mom, that belongs to me now as well, from now on before you piss, ask me if I want it first.
Kim couldn't comprehend what he was saying to her, her mind was spinning!
John took her by the hand and led her into the walk in shower.
He pulled her into his big strong arms and kissed her deeply.
There it was again Kim thought?
He is dominanting me in every way, but know I feel safe and loved in his arms, even needed.
That's something Kimberly had not felt in so long, safe, loved and needed. Now through her son complete take over of her body and soul, she was feeling those feelings once again and it felt right in some insane way.

John backed his mother into the corner of the shower and used his feet to push her legs apart.
He then crouched down in front of her and started lapping at her sore pussy. She got wet right away, she could feel her sex coming to life.
John stopped licking her and looked up at her and said, now you can pee mom, piss for me Mommy. Do it now!

Her sons demanding tone had a real affect on her, she felt compelled to obey him. A second later she released her blatter right there in front of him. John moved his face right into his mother's crotch and stuck his tongue right into Kim's piss stream. He lapped and lapped at her clit and through her waterfall of golden fluid. He was like an animal hungry for her essence, hungry for her every taste.
As he lapped and sucked her an intense orgasm rolled through her and she grabbed his head holding his against her pissing cunt as she rode his whole month and nose to finish her wave of bliss as she pissed all over her son's face and body.
John was so turned on by that, that when he stood up, he grabbed her by the hips pulling her pelvis forward and he rammed his purple raging cock up and into his mother's cunt as she held on to the railings to keep from falling down. John began to fuck her with purpose. He was banging her hard as they both stood there in the shower. Kim managed to get a hand free and she placed it on the side of John's face and said in a sweet kind voice, Jonny,.. your hurting Mama. John stopped in mid thrust.
His eyes began to water up as he saw the weakness in her eyes.
I'm sorry mama, I didn't mean to, I'll stop.
Kim looked at her handsome beautiful son and said, no baby, don't stop, just make love to Mommy, don't be upset with me, just love me. ..... With that John began to slowly and tenderly slide in and out of his mother's incredible pussy.
They kissed ass lovers and he massaged her heavy hanging huge tits as he worked his big rode deep into Kim's unprotected fertil womb.
John face showed all the signs of a boy about to blow,so Kim stroked his face and looked into her new lovers eyes and said, Jonny, put your baby in me.
John's head shot up and looked at her as if he didn't really hear her right. So his mother said it again.
Jonny, I want you to cum deep inside mommy and put your baby in her.
I'm going to carry your child in my body and feed you from my breasts again. I'm yours now John, I'm your woman. Now give Mommy a baby.

John's mind and cock exploded, he sent wave after wave of baby batter up deep into his mother's beautiful belly and held her in his arms for a long time before drying her off and carrying her to his bed. She was all he ever wanted, and now he had her.

He laid beside her for a long time just looking into her eyes and kissing her. After a while his mother said, I bet I know what my baby boy would like? And she got up and turned around and through her leg over top of his chest and backed her big fleshy ass right up to his face and said, lick mommies ass baby, put your face deep in mommies ass. John was more than happy to indulge her. He spent a few hours licking her asshole and cunt while she serviced his big cock with her mouth and tongue. She finally got on top of him and slowly rode him until he blew another load of baby batter deep up inside her waiting cervix.

Weeks past and Kimberly indeed became pregnant with John's child and John was in heaven nursing from both Bonnie and of course his loving mommy. Long after his baby daughter quite feeding from Kim, John kept suckling enough from Kimberly to keep her producing breast milk for many years.

In the end all four of us stayed together and made a home with our four children, 1 with Mom and three with Bonnie. I love each woman in their own ways and I have lived a blessed life up to this point.
I love my three ladies,.. life is good!!

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