A mother's sworn duty.

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Jimmy Decker sat in his room looking down at his lap. He held an angry scowl on his face and his hands were balled up in fist's.
It was happening again,he thought. It's happening again and there's nothing I can do about it!! How am I going to go back to school this year if this is always happening to me??

Jimmy was looking down at his lap and helplessly wondering how he would go through school everyday with this hard thing in his pants that everyone would be able to see!!?? He couldn't!! He wouldn't!!
He'd be damned if he let them all laugh and point at him. He would just have to tell his mother that he was dropping out of school until this thing stopped getting hard every two seconds. He hoped she wouldn't ask to many questions, after all, he thought. I am the man of the house mom said?

Jimmy didn't know what to do to make this acking, throbbing, paulsing pain go away? It was making his life miserable.
It all started this summer, not long after his 13 birthday. He woke up one morning and his will you was all hard and swollen up in his undee's. He hard heard about this from some of the older boys, but didn't really know it would be like this. It was agony. It was a intolerable itch that he could not scratch! He wondered if something was wrong with him. There was no possible way other boys could feel this bad. If they did, no one would be at school, he thought. Something must be wrong with him??
He pulled his pants down and let his acking boner free to stand tall.
He just couldn't keep it pent up in his tight jeans any longer!!
He began to think to himself, no matter how humiliating it would be, he might just have to tell his mother about this and go to the doctor or something. He wouldn't be able to take it much longer, and even more disturbing was some of the thoughts about his mom that have been go through his head lately when his thing gets all hard. Thoughts he knew were wrong and a son should not think about his mother.
But alas, he still thought them when his pecker would get hard, which was all the time these days.

As Jimmy laid back on his bed with his feet on the floor, he couldn't help but think about his mom. Cathy Becker was 40, with shoulder length black hair. She was a tall BBW, but carried all her pounds in the rite places. She had 44 EEE hanging tear drop breasts, very wide hips, a narrow waist with a huge fat ass and thick thighs on her long shapely leg's.
Rite now, Jimmy was thinking about that time he looked through the bathroom key hole and saw his mother getting out of the bath naked. It was his first and only naked woman to lay eyes on, even until now.
Jimmy laid there thinking of her wet nakedness, but could do nothing about it. You see, Jimmy had not learned to masturbate yet and in here lied the problem and the reason Jimmy felt like he was loosing his mind.
So there laid poor little Jimmy, all hard in his bed. With visions of mommy naked in his head. When who in his room would appear, but his doggy princess, her tail wagging in rear.

Princess was a short haired black lab, 4 year's old.
Jimmy didn't hear princess come through the bedroom door, but she smelled the pre-cum bubbling from Jimmy's cockhead and made a beline right for his hard twitching dick and began to lap and lap at his tool.
At first it shocked Jim, and his first instinct was to push princess away. But just as he was going to, he felt the wonderful sensation of her warm tongue licking across his acking dick and he just froze and let her continue her work. Princess went to town on his prick, and soon there was doggy drool running down Jimmy's balls and into his ass crack. Jim just laid there enjoying this new feeling that was helping the pain in his thing.
While he laid there he thought of his naked mother, but his mind also wondered to last fall when he saw the dog from next door mount and fuck his little princess right in front of Jim. He remembered how that red dog thing went into princesses thing and this made Jim curious and gave him his next idea.

Jimmy got off the bed and down on to the floor to pet princess and scratch behind her ear as she still licked and lapped at Jim hard cock.
Then Jim let his hand go behind her and Jim felt her doggy pussy and how warm she felt to his probing fingers. Then Jim decided he wanted to try to put his thing into princesses thing and see how it felt. So he got on his knees and got behind princess and put his slobber coated cock up against her warm doggy pussy and tried to push in. It was a little hard at first but then it just slipped halfway in and he couldn't believe it. It felt so fucking good!! So he pushed more in and all of the sudden, he began to shake and his balls acked up into his stomach and he felt stuff pumping out of his thing and into princesses body. Just out of instinct,Jim began to pump in and out of the dog and finished pumping his boy cum into her before he fell backwards on his ass and breathed deep in amazement. It had open his eyes. This is how he could make his thing feel better when it got hard, now he had the answers he had been looking for!!

Now Jimmy wasn't stupid, he knew boys are supposed to make love to girls and not doggy's, but he was just learning, he thought to himself. He would need a girl, but first he needed to learn what and how to do it. He had 3 hours until his mother got home from her hair and nail session with the other women and he had homework to do.

Jimmy got on the internet and for the first time had the courage to look up adult sites. Jim spent the next 2 and a half hours watching men and women fucking and sucking each other and decided he wanted IN !!
Jimmy's next mission was to find a girl to have sex with, any girl.

He was very excited and couldn't wait to tell his mother that he had decided to find a girlfriend, he knew she would be so happy for him. His mother only ever wanted for Jim to be happy, he thought.

Kathy Becker had been alone for 8 year's now since her husband ran off with a nother woman. It had changed her deeply inside and now her entire world revolved around Jimmy, her beautiful baby boy, her everything.
Even that day she had gone to get her hair and nails done because she wanted to look nice for Jimmy, her little man. He always said how pretty she looks after she comes home from her make-over days and it always makes her feel so good when he did. All she lived for was he son and his happiness.

That evening Kathy arrived home and came through the door to find her son fresh out of the shower and in his bathrobe. As always he had a big hug for her and a big kiss on the lips as usual. Kathy had gotten Chinese food and they sat down to eat and talk about their day as they always did over dinner.

Kathy talked about her day to Jimmy, but she could tell he wasn't really listening to her and seemed to have something on his mind?

So Kathy asked her son, is something on your mind baby?

Yes Mama, there is. I've made a big decision and I want you to be the first to know!

Oh? Ok sweetheart, what is it??

MOMMY, I've decided to get a girlfriend.

What?? What, EM', what made you decide this all the sudden??

All Kathy could think of was some little trollop stealing her only child from her. Taking her baby boy away for ever and leaving her to die alone!!

... Well Mama, I'm a man now and I need a woman to make love with. My thing is getting painful hard all the time now and I need a woman to make it feel better.
Your happy for me, aren't you Mama??

Kathy couldn't speak. Her boy was growing up so fast and soon he wouldn't need her anymore,... Soon some other woman would steal him away just like one did with his father. Some day soon, she would be all alone in the world.
She felt sick. She got up and went to her bedroom and closed the door and cried, leaving Jimmy in the living room completely confused.

Jim got up and went to his mother, what's wrong Mama, did I say something to hurt you??

Kathy opened her arms to Jim and he ran into them as she held him on the bed.
No baby, it's not your fault. I just don't want some girl to come and take my baby away from me.

Oh mom, I'm not going anywhere, I just need to have a woman to help me when my thing gets hard, that's all.

You don't understand sweetheart, a girl will want you to leave me and be with her, that's how women are. I'll loose you.

No mommy, I promise you. I just need help with my thing, that's all.

Do you love mommy with all your heart and soul and promise to say with me forever, Jimmy??

Yes, Mama, I love you with all my heart and promise never to leave you.

Oh thank you sweetheart!!
You know, mommy is a girl too, and if you want, mommy will make it all better when you're thingy get hard.


Yes baby, I will do anything for you.

Well Mama, it kinda hard right now.

Oh really? Well, roll over on your back next to mommy.

Ok mom.

Now just relax and enjoy this.

.... Kathy opened Jimmy's robe and took his penis into her warm mouth and slowly serviced the boy as he watched in Awh!

Oh mommy, that incredible! It's so much better than princess!

Kathy was taken back by that but didn't stop her warship of her son's young cock. A few minutes later Jimmy emptied himself into his mother's mouth and shivered in pleasure as she curled up next to him on the bed.
After a few minutes, Kathy asked Jimmy what he meant about princess and Jimmy told his mother the truth.
In her eyes Jim could do no wrong.
All she said was, next time could mommy watch you with princess,baby??

Yeah mom, of course!

Then Kathy got undressed and spread her legs for the 13 year old so he could explore her womanly body for the first time. Jimmy kissed and licked her everywhere. He finally sank his rod in her hairy cunt and fucked her hard and fast until her put his boy seed inside her and made his mother pregnant on their first night together. Jimmy had his woman.

The End

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