The Burden of woman

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It was a strange and new time in my life. I was fifteen and all I could do was think about girls, women and my constantly hard acking cock!
I had been cursed by some unknown force of nature to be thrown into a perpetual state of acking throbbing animal like sexual hunger.
I guess doctor's call it puberty, I called it torcher!
I was jacking off 8 times a day just to ease the suffering I felt.
I was constant and brutal.
I was horny non-stop every damn day!
I was a ok looking kid, a little bit husky I guess, to be honest.
I was popular at school but I didn't have any girls letting me feel them up yet and I felt like I desperately needed a girl to fuck soon or I was going to lose my fucking mind and just blow my fucking out the top of my head and by God,..put me out of my misery.
I know it sounds a bit rash,...
But kind reader, please keep in mind that I was a blooming fifteen year old boy, wrestling with a beast in my loins that was going bat shit crazy to be free. Pussy was my every waking and unconscious thought.
In short,... I needed to be serviced.

My name is Robert, and when I was fifteen it was just my mother and I, living together in the house we got after my grandma died, and we where happy to have it.
My mother Cindy, started going blind when I was about 9 year's old.
By the time I was 13 they took away her license to drive. She could still see well enough to walk around and stuff, but her eye sight was getting pretty bad.

In our state, if you have someone in your house hold that is leagly blind, you can get your license at fourteen to help drive them to where they need to go. They have to be in the car with you at all times until you turn sixteen. So I got my license at fourteen and in those days I started to become a helping force in my mother's life.
I was more than just Man Of The House, I was the one person she had to depend on, she would have been lost without me.
Mom got disability cause of her eyes, plus child support from Dad, and I mad a nice chunk of change from selling weed to half of the kids all around town. We weren't well off, but with not having to pay any rent anymore, were doing ok.

Mom isn't what most guys would say is a pretty lady. She's 5'10, and was probably about 170 to 180 lbs.
But too be fair, each one of her breasts weighed 10 lbs each. She was a 44 FFF, and each one of her ass cheeks weighed 15 lbs each, so you have to try and see the picture.
She had pretty sexy regular legs until it came above her knees and then her thighs and hips and ass were HUGE!! But then over her hips her waste tapered down giving her what looked to be a thin waste for her frame. She had short spikey red hair and soft China white skin.
Mom was one of the many women I thought about when I abused my untamable beast. What got to me the most was she was right there!
I mean come on man! She is right fucking there!! She has a pussy!
She has a mouth! She has big juicy tits to nurture me with!!
WHY Can't I HAVE SOME????!!!!!!!

It was driving me nuts!!
She was right in front of me every day and night and I took care of her! I was her rock, I was her eyes and I was her protector.
At 6'3 and 245 lbs, I was not a young man you wanted to fuck around with. I had been in my fair share of fights and I knew well how to put a beat down on someone. Mom could sleep well at night with me in the house, and a loaded 12 gauge in my closet never hurt either.

My point being, inside I started to feel like I had the right to be satisfied by her. It just seemed like I was being cheated!
I wasn't a virgin though, and in this part of the story, you may find your self not rooting for me as much.
I lost my virginity to a slightly mentally challenged girl next door.
We grew up together and always lived next to each other our whole lives.
Her name was Beth and we were the same age. It started with her giving me hand jobs in the woods behind our houses. I showed her my dick one day and she told me it was really pretty. I asked her if she wanted to touch it and she shook her head yes.
She walked over and with both hands she started to hold it and move it in her hands as she inspected my tool. When I became hard she started to laugh and say, Robby's got a stiffy, Robby's got a stiffy!!
She got a real lick out of it and we were both laughing pretty hard out there in the beautiful fall woods. Sitting in the leaves, leaning back again and 100 year old Oak tree, feeling the cool fall air blowing through the trees.
After we laughed our selves out I showed her how to jack my cock up and down, and it was off to the races!! We were good friends and jacking my cock and eventually sucking my cock became our favorite pass time. As soon as we got off the bus, we checked in with our parents and then it was out to the woods!
Now for a very long time, I never got to see Beth naked. She did not want to take off her clothes and I respected that. She just Loved to jack and suck me off!! She got to really like eating my loads! It's the honest to gods truth.
For a while I had things good.
That is until her dad was offered a great job on the other side of the state. We only had two weeks before we would probably never see each other again after all those years.
It was hard. We were very upset.
We decided to make love before she left, it was magical.

It was a beautiful late summer night and the weather was perfect.
I brought out a big comforter off my bed out to the woods to the spot we always went to. It was a hollowed out giant oak tree and it made a great little nature bungalow.
I fixed us up a nice little bed and we laid down and looked at the star's, it was a wonderful experience.
After a while she moved down and opened my pants and pulled them off me a then she came back up and laid across my stomach as she lowered her head and took my swelling cock in her warm loving mouth.
I laid back looking into the sky and thought about how many times Beth had done this for me?
I mean, if you think about it, she sucked me off anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day for a long time! That's a LOT of cum!!
We were the only two at the bus stop in the morning, so she blew me once every morning and 3 to 5 times almost every day. She has probably drank enough of my sperm to fill a water tower I would think?!!
I wondered if this would be the last time? This was my thought as I grabbed her by the head and pumped my cum shooting cock into Beth's hungry mouth, filling her belly with my young lust.
After she suckled on my deflated dick a while. She came up to me and we just cuddled a while, I was happy at that moment in time, out there in the forest on the edge of a beautiful field. Life was good.
A while later Beth sat up and reached under her dress and pulled down her panties. I followed suit and quickly got my pants and underwear off and Beth laid back with her legs spread wide and I just staired at her beautiful virgin pussy.
After a few moments Beth took my arm and pulled me up on top of her and we started to kiss. She was a very soft and passionate kisses.
I started to try and get my dick in her but I had a bit of trouble at first but eventually I found her moist lips and started to push into Beth's opening.
As I broke through she tightened up and winced in pain and I froze.
She loosened her grip on me and gave me a kinda forced smile and said, keep going Robby. I started sinking in more right after she said that. She tightened and gasped again. I didn't stop this time, I drove my boner deep and true until I rested my groin to her's.
..... It felt like I found heaven on Earth!!! Her pussy felt like a second skin on my throbbing erection. After she caught her breath and gave me a ok look. I started to pull in and out of her.
I could think of anything else that I ever wanted to do other than this.
I had found my calling.
We kissed and I pumped, we kissed some more and I pumped some more trying to hold off my orgasm. It was had to do, her warm cunt was like a cast mold on my cock, like a flesh vise. Her lips pulled hard on my dick as I tried to pull back before driving it back down into her depths. Shortly after I couldn't hold back any longer. I locked eyes with Beth a yelled out as I exploded in her virgin womb, filling her with life. We were so stupid back then. It never even crossed our minds to use condoms. We never did with the blow jobs, ya know?

Anyways, it was wonderful and we fell asleep together for a while and went home later. Two days later she was gone and I have been out of my mind crazy in lust ever since. It had been 9 months since Beth moved and I was loosing my fucking mind in frustration and acking want.

This brings is back to me at fifteen, I was a month from sixteen and thinking of a reason why I shouldn't just use my mom to take the pain away? My mind, and I mean the mind between my legs said, " she's right there, just waiting for you"!!!.... That's what I remember anyway?

I was sitting in my room in a chair stoking myself and looking at pictures I had taken of mom when she was sleeping. I had some really good ones. But the more I looked at them and stroked, the more I got fed up with it. I needed a woman!! A live warm woman!! I got up and put my robe on and headed to the living room where mom was doing her crochet.
I had my robe on but it wasn't closed. I left it laying open and my hard cock flying out like a battering ram in front of me.

Now as long as something is like 3 or 4 feet away from my mom she can see it. Any farther and it's just a blur to her. So as I got into the living room, I stopped about 10 feet away from her and said, hi Mommy, how are you doing?

She said, Mommy? You haven't called me that in a while? You must want something. Than she laughed and said just joking baby, what's up?
I was standing 10 away and she couldn't tell I was half naked and fully hard in front of her.

Mom I need to talk to you about something, and I need you to help me. Mom I REALLY need your help.

What is it Robert, are you in trouble or something? What's wrong baby??

No mom, I'm not in trouble.

Well what's wrong then sweetheart?
Tell Mama!

Mom, I'm a good son, right?

Of course baby, I don't know what I'd do without you, you know that?
What's that have to do with anything?

Well maybe, do I take good care of you and do I take care of the house?
I fix anything that needs to be fixed, don't I? And I do a lot of chores around here and I make sure we are safe and secure around here, right mommy?

Yes, yes of course Robert. Please sweetheart, just tell mama what's wrong. Your starting to worry mother.

Just answer me this mom,... Do you consider me the Man Of The House around here?

What?? Huh, yes, yes of course baby. But I don't understand what you mean?? What's wrong??

Well mom, if I'm the man of this house and I am doing all the things that make me the man of the house, than why don't you treat me like I am??

What on Earth do you mean, baby??
What did mommy do? Did I upset you Robby?? Just tell me what I did hunny, whatever it is, I am very sorry baby, just talk to me and we can work it out. I promise hunny!

I just think that as Man Of The House, I should be treated as Man Of The House.
And with that I walked over to where mom was sitting and walked up about a foot and a half away from her with my bobbing cock only a foot from her face. Even with her poor vision, she could see my cock as clear as day.

She gasped and put a hand over her mouth and as a jerk reaction, she smacked my boner with the other hand, causing me to wince am take a half step back.

Just as she did it she looked sorry. As a reaction she almost reached out as if to soothe the organ she just assaulted.
OH ROBERT! I'm so sorry!
I never meant to hit you DARLING!
I...I.... I was just taken by surprise Robby. Are you ok sweetheart? Did I hurt you??

Kinda!! Why did you hit me?!!

Oh I'm sorry Robby!, You just shocked me, that's all! I'm sorry.

That's ok mom, I guess I did kinda sneak up on ya.

.... Then I just looked at mom.
She looked in my eyes and then at my semi-hard dick, bobbing in front of her.

Then I heard mom say, as if only saying it to herself,... Well, I guess he's not my baby anymore, with a sad tone to her voice.

I just stood there.
She just seemed to gaze at my cock with a blank expression on her face.
I didn't know where to go from here?

Then she said something that floored me!

.... Well, if I let my brothers and daddy have there way with me, how on Earth could I turn you away?
You are my everything. I never thought you would look at me in that way, but your becoming a man now, and men are men after all.

With that said, she turned around on the couch and got on her knees and pulled up the back of her robe up over wide giant ass and said,...
Ok Robert, get your business done.

I didn't know what to say or do??
I was in complete shock!
Not in a million years did I expect her to do something like this!
My eyes took in the sexy beauty of her Titanic butt. I should have been one of the 7 wonders of the world!!
I had to make a decision and I had to make it fast!

What's wrong son, isn't this what you wanted? Isn't that why you brought your erection to me.
You made it very clear that you are the Man Of The House and I understand that you have urge's and your right, it's my duty to take care of them. So go ahead and use my body to release yourself. I'll be ready from now on. When ever you are in need. Just come and take what you need. We don't need to talk about it, just take what you need from me.
I owe you that much, you take good care of me and hardly ever think about yourself. Your Mama's good boy.

I dropped to my knees and got right at the giant crease that ran down her rear.
.. There it was! This was a monumental moment for me. I was about to step out of this world and step through the doors of Valhalla!!

I spread her cheeks with my hands and dove my face inside!
I lapped and sucked and rubbed my face all through her deep valley.
When I got to her ass hole, I made love to it with my tongue and lips.
I tasted what no son should taste, and I felt like a junky feeding my out of control habit. My senses and mind were over whelmed in lust and pleasure. I wanted to devourer her completely.
Man gasped loudly when I shoved my face in her ass.
She said, OH MY GOD SON!! What are you doing!! You can't do that!!!
Oh baby, just put it in me!
You don't have to do anything like that!! Just take what you need sweetheart!

But I wasn't listening, I was licking and sucking her ass and cunt. She tasted like she was made just to my taste. A gift from God that was always meant for me when the time came.

I started to really concentrate on mom's big clit. I was sucking it like it was a little dick in my mouth.
When mom came, it was like she pissed on me and she was screaming at the top of her lungs,.. OH DEAR GOD SON!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!!!!! OOOHHHHHHH GOD!!!!!!!!!

Her head and shoulders dropped down into the couch and I wondered for a second if she had passed out?
I couldn't stop myself long enough to find out!
I jumped up and started to line my throbbing cock up with her soaked cunt from behind her.
I had my dickhead resting at her dripping lips when all of the sudden her brown eye puckered and seem to wink at me. I shit you not! It looked like it winked at me!!
Too this day I don't know what came over me, but I lost it and shoved my cock head in her brown poop chute!!
She screamed and her hand came underneath us and grabbed the rest of my dick that was still sticking out of her ass hole.
We both went STILL.
I thought I had screwed everything up and she was going to stop!

I said, mommy, do I have to stop?

She took a long deep breath and relaxed a little and said, No baby, you don't have to stop.
Your my man now, I belong to you.
My old body is yours to take and get your pleasure from. You just caught mommy by surprise is all.
You what you need to, just please try not to hurt mama, ok pudding?
Ok mommy, I love you.
Mommy Love's you to baby boy.
Now do your business and get all that stuff out of you. It feels like you know where you want to put it into, so take me baby! Take what you need from mommies body!

So, I did just that. With a few pumps and thrusts, I sank balls deep in mom's tight buttery ass hole.
She took it as well as can be expected. I could tell it was hurting her and any other time that would have really affected me.
But at that moment my animal lust took over and I just started to jack-hammer into her like I was drilling for oil.
The feeling on my cock can not be described in any proper fassion I know of. Let's just say I wanted to crawl up inside her and say forever!
I was becoming over whelmed and knew I was about to blow in her velvety bowls. I growned out load,..

She said only one thing.....

I blew off like a shot gun!
It was intense to the 10th power!!
I emptied myself into her bowels and it just kept pumping out of me uncontrollably and non-stop for what seemed like a far too long time to be real! I calaptsed on the floor and just tried to ketch my breath.
Mom stayed in the same bent over the couch position for a few more minutes ketching her breath as well before sinking to the floor beside me and laying her head across my crotch. She actually had her cheek resting right on my limp cock.
I thought life had just peaked for me. Shirley it could never be this good ever again, Right?
We just laid there together in silence for quite a while.

.... I finally broke the silence.
Mom, can I ask you something personal?
Yes baby, you can ask me anything.

Mom, what did you mean before when you said you let your brother's and Daddy do it?

Mom took a deep breath and said, well... I guess I mine as well tell you, the cat is out of the bag anyhow. I didn't even realize I said that out loud.

Well, here it goes if you really want to know.
You know your uncle Tim and Dan are a few years older than me.
Well they were horny little bastards back then,..
.... Then she paused saying in a lowered voice,"and still are".

Anyhow, as soon as I had a few periods they were at me. They told me I couldn't come along with them anywhere or play with them anymore if I didn't let them use my coochie as they called it. So I gave in and Dan took my virginity and Your uncle Tim was in me one minute after him.
They rode me raw every day. We would go up in there tree house and let would pass me back and forth between them for so long I felt raw to the bone some days.
One day daddy came home early and caught them both in me at the same time and screamed at them.
They got off me a ran for there lives! I thought daddy was going to be mad at me to, but he just picked me up and carried me into the house and took me to my bed.
I thought he was going to wash me up after he brought a warm wet wash cloth from the bathroom and started to clean my sore little pussy, but when he was done, he unbuckled his pants and pushed his giant thing up in me Deep and hard for what seemed like a very long time. He rode me hard that day and every day for many years straight. I barely found time to shower in between having one of those three shoving there peckers up in me. I seemed like in those days I had a non-stop flow of man jucies always running out of me and down my young thighs.
But they were my men and it was my duty to care for them and be there for them when they needed me, and I always was, ... Just as I will be for you, my baby boy. I love you so much more than ever them. I will give you anything you want or need if it's in my power. You mean everything to me, Robert.

My heart broke and healed all at once. I was so in love with her in that moment. I rolled over and took her in my arms.

Mom, I don't want to just use your beautiful body, I'm in love with you Mommy. I want you to be my wife.
I want to be with you forever and ever mom. I need you and I will always need you.

She smiled such a graceful and beautiful smile as she cupped my cheek and said,.. Oh baby, your so sweet. But one day you will meet a woman who you fall in love with and you will want to be with her and start a family of your own. I won't keep you from that, I want to to always be happy.

Stop mom, I don't want some other girl, I WANT YOU!

She looked deep into my eyes as if she was reading some in grossing novel. Then she said, really baby? Is that really what you want?

Yes Mommy, your mine and only mine.
You belong to me now and forever.

She wrapped her arms around me and started to cry hard. She was mumbling stuff that I couldn't understand. I just held her and let her cry out her emotions. I was in no hurry.

After a while I started to get hard again. I whispered in mom's ear, mommy.. I need to be inside you.

She lifted her head out of my chest and said, of course dear. I'm here any time you need me. But sweetheart can I ask you one thing?

Sure mom, what is it?

Son this is very hard for a mother to ask her baby boy, but if I belong to you now, your the only one I can ask.

What is it mommy?

You know, I haven't been with a man in thirteen years now. Well except for daddies once a month visits.
He comes over once a month and we sit down in the kitchen and have coffee. He takes his little blue pill and when he is ready, he bends me over the table and rides me until he finishes inside me. I still have been letting him cause he really seems to need it. But the main reason I still let him have his way with me is because for the last few years I have been wanting have a nother baby so desperately and I had hoped daddy could get the job done, but he hasn't and I know it's not me because I have been checked, and even though I am running out of time at my age, I am still fertile the doctor said.
My sweet baby, do you think you could try to give mommy a baby?
Could you do that for Mama?
I promise I will never take my attention away from my first born and my man. I'm running out of time sweetheart, please?

I didn't even have to think about it, yes mother, yes.
It will happen tonight.
And you will never let grandfather touch you again, DO YOU UNDERSTAND.

Yes, my love, only you. Always you.

I told her that I would speak to grandpa to insure it was Perfectly clear too all involved.

Then I kissed her hard and long.
The kinda kiss that almost feels like you are fucking. I got her completely naked and she nursed me from her giant udders while she stroked my heavy rod in her hand.
Her tits we're so big and laced in blue vains. Her nipples were thick and long protruding out of her breasts. I nursed from her for quite a while before I crawled on top of her and sank my cock in her very hairy warm cunt. I made love to her slowly and patiently, out waiting two of her orgasms. Feeling her woman jucies bathing my stroking baby maker. I was also very happy to see mom had not shaved under her armpits in quite a while and I spent a good long time lapping at her sweaty hairy armpits, I loved the tangy salty taste and womenly smell coming off her underarms.
When I came up for air, she stuck a titty in my mouth and I suckled while I stroked in and out of her velvet motherly womb. Life just didn't get any better than in those moments. I was back home were I came from and about to put new life in the mother-wife I loved. All was right with the world.

I could feel my balls rising and my cum boiling inside them.
It was time to seed and breed mother's unprotected belly.
I told her I was close.

Oh yes my love, please cum in me!
Please cum deep inside mommy and make me over flow with your sperms!
I want it all inside my body baby!!
Yes, fill me, fill me, fill me, please!! Oh god fuck me hard and deep my love!!

I couldn't hold anymore and the damn broke and the title wave of cum rushed it's way deep into mom's body where her warm eggs awaited there cum bath. Fucked into her like a mad man, driving my cock through her in a crazed state of bliss and raw lust. When I had finished inside her, I feel on top of her and we shook together and held each other, my cock still laying in you cozy womb where it belonged. Where it came from and now found its way back to sixteen years later and until this day many years later.

..... Mom got her wish. She was pregnant. We lived as we always did as far as the outside world was concerned. But at home we were husband and wife and also Mother and son. It was the best of both worlds.
I spent years nursing milk from her giant breasts. Even after our daughter was off her breast milk, l kept her lactating by suckling her every day. I was so intense to have milk play in our sex life, that I couldn't bring myself to give it up until mother nature made me.
Mom and I are completely in love and lust together still and it's been 15 years now. She gets more sexy to me with each passing year. As soon as I am done here, I am going to feast on her hairy 59 year old pussy until my jaw can't work.
She just tastes so fucking good.
.... Hey listen out there, if you ever get the chance to taste your mother's pussy,.. grab it brother.
It will spoil you for all other pussy in the world and you will crave it like a drug. I kidd you not

The End.

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